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(NewsNet5)   DJ Livin' high on the hog gets sued by PETA after slaughtering wild hog on air.   ( newsnet5.com) divider line
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2002-02-25 07:31:42 PM  
2002-02-25 07:32:16 PM  
Killing pigs in mid-air is a great American tradition... fark PETA and all who harbor them.
2002-02-25 07:32:35 PM  
He killed Rosie O'Donnell on her own show?
2002-02-25 07:32:48 PM  
I wanna hear you squeal like a pig.

Sorry.. I was talking about deliverance an hour ago with the guy down the hall.
2002-02-25 07:33:57 PM  
I say that PETA are the asinine ones.

... if that wasn't intended.
2002-02-25 07:35:14 PM  
Headline: PETA gives some DJ more publicity than he ever dreamed possible.
2002-02-25 07:35:44 PM  
Bubba (aka Todd Clem) in court during jury selection:
[image from sptimes.com too old to be available]
2002-02-25 07:37:07 PM  
Where does it say that PETA is suing him?

I submitted a better article about this saturday and it wasn't posted. Damnit.
2002-02-25 07:37:30 PM  
While im not vegatarian, or that big of an animal rights activist, the dude went to far, slaughtering a pig for shiats and giggles (plus ratings) is WAY over the line. The DJ should serve a month in jail or some heavy fines for that shiat.
2002-02-25 07:38:21 PM  
huh? you guys dont care at all about what they did?

slicing and dicing a live pig on the air if only to get more listeners is farking lame. hope these guys get convicted and shacked up with a big black dude named Bubba. then they'll know what squealing is like!
2002-02-25 07:40:04 PM  
This is ass, they should be able to kick the hog on the show, on tv radio on the internet in movies and pron. it is thier right. if they cought it, it was in season, or whatever. then kill the farker. not that I am down with killing just out of the killing kill KILL KILLLLLL ALLL KILL EVERY FUKING ONE OF YOU! ALL FARKERS DIE!!!!!!!
2002-02-25 07:41:02 PM  
Would i listen to this guy's show? No. Should he be sued by PETA (the dumbest, most sensationalist organization on the planet save Congress)? NO! It's just a pig for cripe's sake. He wasn't slaughtering baby pandas or ocelots or panthers! It was a PIG! A pest that has destroyed more endemic species than anything else saving possibly rats.
2002-02-25 07:41:12 PM  
sorry, got al ittle lost. I meant this is ass. people are stupid and this is just wasting public money.
2002-02-25 07:43:51 PM  
"Bubba the Love Sponge??!??!?!?!?"
I asked some of the ladies ron hur. They said he's not spongeworthy.
2002-02-25 07:43:56 PM  
[image from courttv.com too old to be available]
2002-02-25 07:44:42 PM  
I'm not one to stand on PETA's side, but killing a hog for ratings on air is gay.
2002-02-25 07:45:35 PM  
Is it for killing the hog? Killing the hog on the air? Or for some sort of mistreatment WHILE killing the hog on the air? The article makes it sound like the second situation. There is some legitimacy if it's the latter, though.
2002-02-25 07:46:47 PM  
It should have been you, Gordon.

[image from erica.hudik.net too old to be available]
2002-02-25 07:46:58 PM  
I'm more in support for killing morning zoo DJs myself...
2002-02-25 07:47:08 PM  
I am surprised that Bubba the Love Sponge was not mistaken for the hog and killed by mistake.
2002-02-25 07:47:46 PM  
who gives a silly fark?!? it's PETA for the love of god...
PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals :)

2002-02-25 07:48:08 PM  
Anyone see the Insomniac Drunk Guy in New Orleans? He was shooting large rat like varmits in the canals. At the end of that bit he said, "animals WERE harmed in the making of this film." Funny stuff.
2002-02-25 07:48:36 PM  
I love meat, I'll eat a steak any day, but this is hogwash. Throw him in the cell with the acid freak who tortures bears.
2002-02-25 07:49:46 PM  
Ah, why bother.

We expect this of PETA.

Bad taste is NOT ILLEGAL, nor should it ever be.
2002-02-25 07:49:53 PM  
I can vouch for Hoosier's retelling of the Insomniac in N'Orleans.
2002-02-25 07:56:10 PM  
I saw that Insomniac too. Stripper with one tooth. Ewww.
2002-02-25 07:57:07 PM  
...nowhere in the article does it mention PETA...or if i remember correctly, any animal rights activist groups.
2002-02-25 07:57:44 PM  

I live here in Tampa right now, his show is the Farkin Best!

Bubba Rocks!
2002-02-25 07:58:08 PM  
"On the look out for vegetarians, hunters and people who couldn't watch a tape of an animal being slaughtered, attorneys for Bubba the Love Sponge Clem began slowly draining the jury pool Monday."...

Not much news on this until the trial starts, I guess. The only thing funny about Bubba's show is the old Fah-Q skits (you can find them with Morpheus or AG).

Bubba's home page.
2002-02-25 08:00:12 PM  
Did you people even read the article? I couldn't find one mention of PETA.
2002-02-25 08:00:46 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-02-25 08:00:52 PM  
Hey pig. Piggy pig.
2002-02-25 08:03:55 PM  
Look, I think PETA is silly, too, but they have nothing to do with this case (other than probably pushing for the death penalty for the defendant). PETA is not suing this guy (yet). He is being put on trial in a criminal court for breaking a law, and it is a law supported by a great number of people, of which PETA clowns are a very small minority.
2002-02-25 08:04:30 PM  
Y2a: How do you like the monsters of the midday?
2002-02-25 08:05:33 PM  
[bothers to read article] Oh dear god. Wild hogs in Florida are like farking rats. They're pest animals--they breed like rabbits and they tear up the ground everywhere they go. It's legal to hunt them year-round (they may be pests, but, hey, pork is pork). How farking stupid.

And can anyone tell me why the flipping fark this is news in Cleveland?
2002-02-25 08:09:06 PM  
It was on Mycfnow.com too and I was going to subit it but it is old news around here and thought that it wouldn't past muster with Fark.......who knew?
2002-02-25 08:09:13 PM  
PETA would not get involved with this because it's just a single event.

PETA would much rather target something like fishing or drinking milk.
2002-02-25 08:10:47 PM  
They where having a pig roast on air at his restaraunt if I recall correctly. They killed the pig on air. They also played some pig squelling sound effects which made it sound much worse than it really was. Which I think has been the defense sinse this happened last year.
2002-02-25 08:12:36 PM  
PETA are a bunch of tree-hugging hippies.
2002-02-25 08:13:48 PM  
[image from hogettes.org too old to be available]
2002-02-25 08:13:52 PM  
i hope this guys rots in jail. killing anything for fun is shiatty. people like that are a waste of humanity
2002-02-25 08:13:59 PM  
I wanna know how they're convicting him of a crime he did not yet commit?

It's for their broadcast back on Feb. 27, in which a wild hog was killed.
2002-02-25 08:18:24 PM  
Geez, killing things for fun and profit. Not my bag. Though I don't care what PETA does with their stupid time, good lord, this doesn't deserve to be brought to trial. It was a really lame idea, though. I just don't get off on things being killed while I'm driving to work--we get enough of that in the news. As for pigs, though, amen, they are freaking parasites in Florida and need to be controlled. Just not killed on the air.

and as for Bubba the Love Sponge, goll damn is that one ugly man.

2002-02-25 08:30:23 PM  
The perfect face for radio.
2002-02-25 08:31:16 PM  
Finally a Fark tag that makes sense. Yes, the DJ is asinine.
2002-02-25 08:32:50 PM  
its kinda funny to see people say that the hogs are pests and that "they breed like rabbits and they tear up the ground everywhere they go." sure sounds a lot like what us humans do doesnt it. ergo, it should be legal to kill humans for fun. thats just not a reasonable argument.
2002-02-25 08:35:11 PM  
Hm, you do make a good argument, Revolutiontoast, ina very liberal sense. I personally said that the pigs need to be controlled, not outright killed. Unfortunately, human instinct goes directly to killing as a means of control. I respectfully bow out of this argument now, as I'm not sure whether I'm devil's advocate or not.
2002-02-25 08:37:50 PM  
You know, a lot of what is good and right with our legal system (and nowadays, that ain't much) stems from the assumption that human beings are superior to all other forms of life on earth.

Without that, we might as well all be Jains...
2002-02-25 08:38:44 PM  
Dolphins enjoy sex just as much as humans.
2002-02-25 08:42:48 PM  
I'm a vegitarian and i find slaughtering animals for ratings quite childish. However, I wish PETA would just shut the fark up, stop trying to control other people's thoughts and actions, and quit embarrasing anyone who wants to support being kind to animals.
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