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2002-02-25 02:12:29 PM  
They ought to hold the 21 y/o old student down and pour acid on that asshole to see if he's intelligent.
2002-02-25 02:12:48 PM  
He should be sentenced to live the rest of his short life in the bear cage.
2002-02-25 02:13:01 PM  
That's farking cruel.
2002-02-25 02:13:31 PM  
Y'know what? That really pisses me off.

*punches person next to me*

*files lawsuit against McDonalds*
2002-02-25 02:13:59 PM  
guess its time for that zoo to invest in some burquas.
2002-02-25 02:15:16 PM  
You know, I dropped my sister in acid once to see if she was intelligent.

She wasn't.
2002-02-25 02:15:24 PM  
I hope that kid gets the FARK beaten out of him while he's in jail!
2002-02-25 02:15:49 PM  
"I wanted to test whether or not they really are stupid," says the jackass who pours acid on bears.
2002-02-25 02:17:33 PM  
MY money says that the bears are more intelligent than the kid. This is the kinda shiat that pisses me off. Good thing I'm not there to beat the living shiat out of him question him.
2002-02-25 02:17:33 PM  
"Mommy, why are the pandas melting?"
2002-02-25 02:18:16 PM  
You know, this is one occasion where I hope those stories about human rights violations in Chinese prisons are true.

Just for him, though.
2002-02-25 02:19:22 PM  
Huh? I can understand valid animal psychology/inteligence testing, but this just sounds like random cruelty. What was he hoping to learn? Bears don't like having acid poured on them?
2002-02-25 02:19:25 PM  
[image from tavie.com too old to be available]
"Listen here, buddy. First time I hit the link it tried to get me to register... second time I did it, all was ok...
I want explanations, you hear, Explanations
2002-02-25 02:19:45 PM  
jail terms of up to or exceeding 10 years

That really narrows it down...
2002-02-25 02:19:48 PM  

Bear-maiming student:
Hole in chest where heart should be
Fill it with acid
2002-02-25 02:21:10 PM  
Yeah, and John Wayne Gacy was testing whether little boys were really filled with a chocolately center or not...
2002-02-25 02:21:39 PM  
It was this kind of acid right?

[image from web1.caryacademy.org too old to be available]
2002-02-25 02:23:27 PM  
Anyone ever heard of bile bears?
2002-02-25 02:24:11 PM  
[image from mciris.com too old to be available]

I hope that dude becomes someone's bi*ch in prison!
2002-02-25 02:26:19 PM  
He'll be the first defendant in the Arena of Judgement
2002-02-25 02:26:52 PM  
is rape part of the punishment in Chinese prisons? Somehow I think not...
2002-02-25 02:28:06 PM  
That is horrible. What a self-important, misguided little prick. Throw him in jail.

And check out the list of weird stories on the reuters page next to that, Ecstasy smuggling oldsters, heli-sex, managers slaughtered by underlings, gangster dead in hospital bed...the fun never stops.
2002-02-25 02:29:38 PM  
That guys was definitely not 'smarter than the average bear.'

[image from aristotle.net too old to be available]
2002-02-25 02:31:11 PM  
farking little prick should be burn alive!!!!
2002-02-25 02:33:34 PM  
Vexhex: Who? Fb-?
2002-02-25 02:35:39 PM  
Can't wait till his fellow prisoners do an experiment on him to see if he's any looser than other inmates, haha !
2002-02-25 02:36:34 PM  
What a jackass.

You persecute Christians in China, not bears.
2002-02-25 02:37:34 PM  
Well, I was thinking the guy from china but fb- and his off spring would not be a bad idea either.
2002-02-25 02:38:21 PM  
Though LSD given to bears, that could be intertaining...hehe
2002-02-25 02:38:21 PM  
there is the popular belief (or knowledge) that criminals who are convicted for abusing women or children become either prison biatches or some1's initiation murder. i'm wondering if anything similar happens to people who are convicted of abusing animals?? god knows there must be some skinhead who has an inordinate fancy for his pitbull equate it to all animals, therefore going on a cherry popping rampage.

any ex-con farkers willing to confirm or deny?
2002-02-25 02:40:18 PM  
Do we have a Dipshiat tag?
2002-02-25 02:40:28 PM  
what does being an electromechanical major have to do with anything.. couldn't he just have asked someone about the smell thing. he's a total idiot who needs a rod up the rear.
2002-02-25 02:41:19 PM  
Am I the only one wondering how the HELL you test intelligence by pouring acid on a bear?
2002-02-25 02:41:56 PM  
Carrion - Love the haiku!
This guy will rot in hell...after rotting in a prison cell getting butt raped by other chinamen.
2002-02-25 02:47:23 PM  
Ah...the classic "Chinese Butt Rape Torture"
2002-02-25 02:47:56 PM  
I don't think the article said he poured acid on them... didn't he feed it to them, testing if they were smart enough to eat it?
2002-02-25 02:52:08 PM  
This guy will be serving free pu-pu platters to many men.
2002-02-25 02:52:33 PM  
2002-02-25 02:53:38 PM  
Some young guy, hung low.
2002-02-25 02:55:31 PM  
2002-02-25 02:58:34 PM  
Thank you, Actual Size. You have a rare and discerning intellect. For you, another 'ku:

Lying in prison
Anus bleeding, fractured skull:
Rethinking bear test
2002-02-25 02:59:26 PM  
its strange how much more sadness i feel when a few bears are wantonly harmed then i do about the WTC bombing. im no misanthrope, but humans seem so much more expendable than captive animals nearing extinction.

pepito pea
2002-02-25 02:59:59 PM  
This mutha' fugger is a prime candidate for torture.
I will gladly twist the screws, too.
2002-02-25 03:03:48 PM  
5%Nation - That was the impression I got, too. I think he fed it to them, then was going to feed it to them again to see if they were smart enough to recognize the smell.
Not a particularly conclusive test. I'm sure it's nothing more than a flimsy excuse to be bastard.
2002-02-25 03:05:56 PM  
what a farking idiot. Does anyone understand wtf the experiment was to prove? And why did an EME need to do this? I think they should pour acid in his bung hole.
2002-02-25 03:06:50 PM  
there should be a retard tag for this guy
2002-02-25 03:07:10 PM  
This is once when even China's sentence for a crime just doesn't seem enough. Tear hisnads off and pour acid on him.
2002-02-25 03:10:40 PM  
I think Pepito Pea should have acid poured in his eyes. Go away. Please. Bastard.
2002-02-25 03:12:40 PM  
02-25-02 02:52:33 PM Kylie

Check your e-mail baby, that'll make you feel better. I promise.
2002-02-25 03:14:52 PM  
"I wanted to test whether or not they really are stupid," Xinhua quoted him as saying.

"despite the agony of wounded bears," planned a second experiment

I think the intelligence test was a success...this kid is a freaking moron.
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