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1150 clicks; posted to STEM » on 18 May 2022 at 2:43 PM (13 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-05-18 11:56:14 AM  
Here's a one minute computer voice trailer.

Official Launch --- BeTRITON (Z-TRITON 2.0) --- Market-Ready Version! Z-Triton 2.0
Youtube gUDy9QgQ0Fg
2022-05-18 12:01:22 PM  
The GMC Pacer of Recreational vehicles. A real babe magnet!
2022-05-18 12:04:59 PM  
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2022-05-18 12:09:12 PM  
You pedal, I'll take photos and snack.
2022-05-18 12:16:21 PM  
Spirit of... whaaa...?

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2022-05-18 12:20:30 PM  
$15k seems a little steep for that, but when you consider it'll also work as a casket after Bubba in his lifted 2004 Chevy Silverado flattens you while texting and driving, it's a bargain!
2022-05-18 12:36:51 PM  
Meanwhile here in the USA...

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2022-05-18 2:55:57 PM  
I put my considerable intellect and resources to work on creating cool new toys for rich people with lots of free time on the hands.
cause clearly i ain't making any money off this asshole
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2022-05-18 2:57:12 PM  

Badmoodman: Spirit of... whaaa...?

[Fark user image 850x411]

Extrodinary is a perfectly cromulent word.

Dinary is like binary, except for dinosaurs.  So this is what a gender non-conforming dinosaur uses to cross the swamps.
2022-05-18 3:02:19 PM  
This is a joke, right?
2022-05-18 3:17:24 PM  
I wanted one of those quadskis, but they didn't really last as a market.
2022-05-18 3:44:47 PM  
Does it mine Crypto while you are traveling?  If not, he's missing out on a big market.
2022-05-18 3:51:35 PM  
I like the folding kitchen.
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2022-05-18 3:56:00 PM  
I think it's kind of cool.  ( ._.)
2022-05-18 4:25:51 PM  
It's been done better. This one you don't need to pedal, and was probably cheaper to build:

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Even had an upgraded model:
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2022-05-18 4:32:13 PM  
Much more effective for hanging my laundry on than my treadmill.
2022-05-18 4:55:28 PM  

Great_Milenko: This is a joke, right?

"Incredibly talented change makers" don't joke
2022-05-18 5:02:20 PM  
Judging only from the pic, I'm gonna say no.
2022-05-18 5:11:48 PM  
Meh. I'd rather just change my Argo over to electric
2022-05-18 5:23:16 PM  
Nice invasive plant.
2022-05-18 6:07:18 PM  
No worth it. Looks designed to mimic the designs of new US navy ships. fark that Nazi tacticool crap. Idiots.
2022-05-18 6:27:26 PM  
Ok I watched the video. Pretty cool but still no.
2022-05-18 7:46:16 PM  
You might think this is a stupid idea, but that's a mistake.

It's actually hundreds, if not thousands, of stupid ideas wrapped up in one blazingly stupid package.
2022-05-18 9:38:16 PM  

Circusdog320: The GMC Pacer of Recreational vehicles. A real babe magnet!

Because our vehicles are just extensions of our penises? I guess some of us need more "extension" than others.
2022-05-19 1:01:44 AM  
2022-05-19 3:05:37 AM  
Seriously, give these to homeless folks who are not drug addicts. They will be put to amazing use.
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