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(CNBC)   So let's get to it - we're (not) burning daylight   ( divider line
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651 clicks; posted to STEM » and Main » on 18 May 2022 at 4:33 PM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-05-18 4:49:35 PM  
Someone needs to print this all out, bind it into a hardcover book, and beat manchin with it in the head until he gets it (he will be dead, thats ok)
2022-05-18 5:25:07 PM  
Downside: we'll quickly be exhausting recoverable deposits of rare earths even lithium before it could end the reign of ICE and coal terror - and those that will defend both until the death of civilization.
2022-05-18 6:17:52 PM  
I always was cheaper you goddam farking idiot liars.

lifeslammer: Someone needs to print this all out, bind it into a hardcover book, and beat manchin with it in the head until he gets it (he will be dead, thats ok)

Pointlessly repeating the last 50 years is the same as giving up. There is no reason to continue trying to convince the liars, since they offer no soluions anymore. Their abilities are long past useless. Manchin simply needs to be excluded, as does anyone working for coal or oil. They are no longer important, or even capable, of ensuring or insuring property, infrastrcure, of financing.
2022-05-18 7:21:36 PM  
This kind of green journalism has been taking a vacation, or maybe I just stopped going to those sites. I am not sure which, but boy, is this story a crock. Probably.

A "report" by a "energy consulting firm" called "TransitionZero" makes a bold claim for the whole planet, weighted and averaged, etc. with SURPRISING FINDINGS.

That is not peer reviewed. Opaque methodology and data seem to show that what is driving their findings is "Europe."  In fact, many countries and areas show minor differences between coal/gas switching and coal/renewable switching. US, Vietnam, Philippines all show result counter to the report findings. The UK, which is separate from the EU of course, shows similar findings to those from Europe.

What does it mean? Well, nobody wins but confirmation bias here. I am glad I do not have to stick up for gas. TransitionZero has overstated its case so much that I don't see that it has met a burden of proof here.

This is the kind of stuff that I think of when someone yells, "LOOK AT THE SCIENCE!" I point to CNBC and TransitionZero and say, "What science?" This is some lobbyist and donor money and lazy college kids cobbling together some numbers and calling a "recent grad" journalist on the phone with a big scoop.

On the topic of Europe being in a pickle, well, I am doubting that sufficient renewable can be ramped up before winter. Sufficient wind to hydrogen would have improved the gas grid by this point, and would have alleviated the necessity for batteries, but that ship sailed with Elon Musk press releases of a decade ago. Europe might lack land area enough for solar and wind, anyway.

Germany would be in better shape if it had not shut down nuclear, which is another ship that sailed.

What might have saved Europe is a NATO like requirement that every nation produce a surplus of electricity instead of just getting by and relying on "beggar thy neighbor" methods to meet supply shortfalls. If every country took care of itself and watched out a little for the other guy, things would be different.
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