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(Austin Statesman)   Texas: Don't freak out. We'll have plenty of electricity this summer. Unless it gets really hot. In Texas. This summer   ( divider line
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530 clicks; posted to Business » on 17 May 2022 at 5:33 PM (13 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-05-17 3:03:59 PM  
They were already having trouble in the spring lol
2022-05-17 3:09:13 PM  
Republican governance on display for all to see.
2022-05-17 3:18:25 PM  
Just wait until Texans start getting arrested for "harassment" over complaining about rolling blackouts on social media.
2022-05-17 4:00:46 PM  
Texas power companies make huge bank when there's power shortages.  They get paid extra for failure.  If there isn't rolling blackouts, they're not getting the extra return on investment that their shareholders demand.  You understand how it is.
2022-05-17 4:07:52 PM  
Why would any business want to open a store in Texas when Texas can't even keep the lights on?
2022-05-17 4:14:48 PM  

Weaver95: Why would any business want to open a store in Texas when Texas can't even keep the lights on?

Skylight store.
2022-05-17 5:31:58 PM  
Electing all those politicians bought and paid for by the oil companies is really working out for you guys.
2022-05-17 5:39:03 PM  
Don't worry Ted Cruz will be able to flee back to Calgary.
2022-05-17 5:59:50 PM  
As long as Ted Cruz can flee to a more comfortable location, you'll all be OK. That's how it works.

Enjoy not having electricity while your governor makes it illegal for women to get health care and tells all the websites they have to be nice to racists.
2022-05-17 6:09:28 PM  
Utilities: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Youtube C-YRSqaPtMg
2022-05-17 6:13:09 PM  
Have you considered investing more in grid infrastructure, and less in farking highschool football stadiums?


Sweat and wither then.  I'm sure you'll scream for fed bailout money anyhow.
2022-05-17 6:25:27 PM  
Idiotic. Texas is supposed to be an energy state, and wants to be a technology state. What happens when Tesla opens It's new factory? I hope it makes this sound.

Millenium Falcon hyperdrive fail sound fx (with tone)
Youtube 1nzwdLjnIug
2022-05-17 6:30:36 PM  

Obituary Birthday: [YouTube video: Utilities: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)]

As someone who spent 5 years working for a state utility regulator (not one of the ones mentioned in the story), he misses a lot of nuance. And his conclusion that power companies are natural monopolies because that was the incentive to get them to build is wrong.  They're natural monopolies because you don't need or want competing grids - having every building served by 3 different systems is entirely inefficient. His overall conclusion that public power would be best is probably correct, but even then it's not a magic bullet and has its own flaws.

Now none of that applies to Texas because Texas and ERCOT are their own unique island doing their own farked up things.
2022-05-17 6:54:52 PM  
30 years ago, I lived in Clark County (aka The Strip), NV. I had two heat pumps* and they were both setup with the Utility's load-balancing program.  They installed remote shutoffs and never shut the units off for more than 15 minutes a day each.  I never noticed, as the units had 11-minute restart delays, so not much of a difference. But it made a huge difference to the grid.  Of course, that technology might be a bit advanced for ERCOT today.  I do remember reading that the "free" thermostats ERCOT was passing out allowed them to control the settings remotely.  Not a very good way to do things, because you can still have too many A/C units kicking in at the same time.

*I also had two evaporative coolers, but they are useless once the outdoor temperature hits 105F.
2022-05-17 7:05:59 PM  
My Texas relatives like to brag about how they don't have a state income tax. I brag about having reliable electricity and water.
2022-05-17 7:29:55 PM  
They've been filling fields with solar, which should help during the day, provided they can actually shift that much power. Winter was a failure to put glycol in the cooling loops, summer is just a matter of overheating aluminum power lines until they get stretched, and aluminum has a limited lifespan.
2022-05-17 8:47:25 PM  
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2022-05-17 8:48:40 PM  
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2022-05-17 9:49:37 PM  
when are stupid voters gonna wake up?
2022-05-17 9:57:06 PM  

E_Henry_Thripshaws_Disease: when are stupid voters gonna wake up?

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but they are awake. They don't just drool in their sleep.
2022-05-18 8:15:27 AM  
"If you enjoyed freezing to death a few winters ago, you're really gonna love dying of heat stroke this summer"!
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