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2002-02-24 10:03:38 PM  
Time to go buy some liquid nitrogen!
2002-02-24 10:04:57 PM  
Heh, you could freeze your balls off... literally!
2002-02-24 10:05:22 PM  
inhaling its fumes because everybody will make eyes on you exhaling.

I am not Mr. Potatoe Head.
2002-02-24 10:07:03 PM  
2002-02-24 10:08:49 PM  
Preserve boobies for later use!
2002-02-24 10:09:50 PM  
"It's good fun watching little paper boats float on it for minutes"
2002-02-24 10:09:56 PM  
#1002: Blow it out your a$$.
2002-02-24 10:10:40 PM  
I'm gonna have some fun next weekend :P
2002-02-24 10:11:13 PM  
imagine some stupid fecks freezing something important off
2002-02-24 10:11:15 PM  
Where do you get this stuff?
2002-02-24 10:12:38 PM  
you can put some in your mouth then blow out a big plume

(the lydenfrost effect protects your tounge)
2002-02-24 10:15:08 PM  
sorry, meant 'Leydenfrost effect'
2002-02-24 10:15:31 PM  
ROFLMAO!!! A lot of those are from my physics teacher! We didn't do nearly this much when we had liquid nitorgen!
2002-02-24 10:16:09 PM  
more like 10
2002-02-24 10:16:36 PM  
In the course of studying physics one is officially taught that liquid nitrogen is simply (and mainly) used to cool things down to 77K. But everybody who once has observed students in practical courses "working" with this stuff knows that this is not true.
My intention is now to tell the truth about what is really done with liquid N2 before its remains are taken and used for cooling.

How queer.
2002-02-24 10:17:04 PM  
"one word: marshmellows"

one word: spell check
2002-02-24 10:22:38 PM  
Babelfish translation of the German "anecdote": " we here besides also discovered ' ne application. Actually we wanted to set and then as rocket high-shoot a water-filled PET bottle (Cola) under printing. With inflating we achieved unfortunately only 5 bar. Therefore we filled into Colafla approx. half with water and then approx. 100 - 200 ml LN2 admitted and the cover closed. In the cover a hole was into which we a bicycle valve (only the outside tube without the actual valve insert) had put. There in it was a rubber plug. Actually it should rausdruecken with achieving the final printing (whatever that should have been) the plug and which is raised rocket by the water jet. It tore however the entire cap off. The water went rather fast raus and the rocket nevertheless is up to 7. Stick (approx. 30m) flown. "


2002-02-24 10:22:51 PM  
Five words: "spell check" is not one word.
2002-02-24 10:24:14 PM  
OK, two words: "anal retentive"
2002-02-24 10:26:16 PM  
That thing about 2 cans of shaving cream would fill up a car sounds like a bunch of shiat. But it would be fun to try.
2002-02-24 10:26:16 PM  
Hot dog "finger" smash, banana hammer, golly I wish I could be a nerd. Oh wait...nope. I'm not. Two words: I'm a geek.
2002-02-24 10:27:20 PM  
That's 3 Crackpot....

2002-02-24 10:28:12 PM  
Nono, Mytwocents, that was pretty stupid of you. I commend Spacecow.
2002-02-24 10:31:39 PM  
Freeze a can of shaving cream and then peel the can away from the cream. Put the canless cream into someone's car. Let the oven-like heat from the car's sitting in the sun defrost the shaving cream.
2 cans will fill an entire car.

I am soooo doing that if I ever get my hands on some of that stuff (shaving cream that is).
2002-02-24 10:32:54 PM  
Woohoo! My 7th article - And aren't I special?

As for obtaining LN, check your yellowpages for chemical supply. Note: you'll need a dewar flask to contain your LN; you can't just pour this stuff into a bucket.
2002-02-24 10:41:34 PM  
It really expensive? :)
2002-02-24 10:49:42 PM  
A few years ago a dofus thought it would be cool to take home some from the local Uni. Note to idiots: Do not put liquid Nitrogen in a tightly sealed glass coke bottle.
(Boom--Screaming and paramedics ensue). This has been a PSA. Thank You.
2002-02-24 10:56:19 PM  
You think the shaving cream thing is shiat? Get ready to be amazed... I've actually tried this. Shaving cream is really pressurized. There's TONS in a can. Now, admittadly, the two cans have to be the large economy size, and it wont fill, say, a Suburban, but it WILL fill anything up to a midsized sedan. Also great for tossing in people's lockers when they aren't looking.
2002-02-24 11:00:40 PM  
Oh wow, I know what to do at work tomorrow.. we just got the liq N2 refilled in the lab... schweeeeet!
2002-02-24 11:01:13 PM  
Gotta seperate the thinkers from the dewars.

I'm tired.
2002-02-24 11:01:20 PM  
SpacecowFive words: "spell check" is not one word.

Four words: Learn to count, fags.
2002-02-24 11:02:28 PM  
wasn't there a thread earlier about some kind of lawsuit, let some moron stumble across this page and there's another one waiting to happen.
2002-02-24 11:03:02 PM  
I think that spacecow was commending "spell check" as one world, hence the quotes.
2002-02-24 11:05:27 PM  
Thanks SFOTW, i appreciate the confidence. Nah, I actually mean it. They say that girl goes to UNC Chapel Hill. Well, I go to the University of Virginia. Same academic quality, near-same location = same population of hotties.
2002-02-24 11:06:39 PM  
shiat, that belongs in the Chapel Hill hottie thread. Mods, delete it please.
2002-02-24 11:10:45 PM  
OK, I'm stupid Wellitsoun....all this because some fool couldn't spell marshmallow. Ometochtli, thank you...some people are, twenty-two words: "really farking bored to be calling me stupid for a comment I made about someone else being unable to spell marshmallow"
2002-02-24 11:22:53 PM  
Its all good mytwocents... don't start a flame war :)
2002-02-24 11:39:07 PM  
But you know what? I still don't know what the hell marshmallows have to do with liquid nitrogen...
2002-02-24 11:40:56 PM  
Freeze it. Place in mouth. Blow smoke. When smoking effect ceases, consume.
2002-02-24 11:51:04 PM  
I've plunged my arm into a vat of liquid nitrogen about as far as mid-forearm - my fingertips were a biatchilled by the tip I yanked my hand out but that was it. (Liquid N boils at a low temp and creates an insulating cushion around your hand...for a *little* while.)
2002-02-25 12:14:02 AM  
Optikeye: around my school it was either potassium, magnesium. Some dope wrapped it up in paper towels and stuck a small piece in his pocket.

Hilarity ensues.
2002-02-25 02:03:32 AM  
It's cold!

It's inert!

It's the perfect medium for Dubya's brainite!
2002-02-25 09:48:47 AM  
Peter North

The Leydenfrost effect will in fact protect your tongue, but if you let any of it touch your teeth, your enamel will shatter. I've heard about people doing that, but I have no idea how they safely get it back OUT of their mouths.

And I don't even want to think about what would happen if you accidentally swallowed some.
2002-02-25 10:48:52 AM  
Love the shaving cream idea. One question:

How do you "peel away the can"?

If I can get a good answer for my Q, I have a great application for this trick (think "bosses' office").
2002-02-25 11:44:08 AM  
that car-shaving cream one sounds like a bachelor party prank :) make sure it's not going to screw up their car too much
2002-02-25 12:15:44 PM  
they left off a bunch.. like:

Pour it on your clothes, run outside and start screaming, "I'm on fire, I'm on fire!!" (it makes your clothes steam quite a bit, doesnt hurt at all)

Pour it in your mouth and spit it out. I've done this over 100 times, lotsa fun. Don't swallow though, otherwise you win a darwin award for internal cryogenic explosion.

Pour a little water and some liq N into a coke bottle, then cap it, throw it and run like hell.

on and on and on and on.
2002-02-25 12:19:58 PM  
rootbeer: its not that hard really. Much harder to explain than it is to do. They key is to spit it out quickly, otherwise I imagine it could do some damage. There is an AMA journal article about a doctor who operated on a person who injected liq N. It pretty much expands in your stomach so quickly, it collapses both your lungs, your diaphram, and destroyes your stomach.

I used to do inorganic chemistry research. I worked with liq N daily for use in a vacuum trap for a nitrogen schlenk line setup. It is quite fun to play with.
2002-02-25 12:34:05 PM  
You know what the coldest pain type burn I've ever received is? Pour some acetone in a pyrex beaker. Then throw in as much dry ice as will fit in said beaker. The resulting mixture smokes and bubbles like regular water/dry ice, however the resulting temperature is like -78 degrees C. It bumps similar to a hot grease cooker and when it hits you, hurts just as much.
2002-02-25 01:00:30 PM  

liq nitrogen on the teeth would suck so bad, I think it would be a great torture method. Would the teeth shatter because of the expansion/contraction? The roots would be exposed like on Ren and Stimpy.
2002-02-25 03:01:17 PM  
Here's a guy who swallowed the stuff and lived to tell the tale.
Sound freaking painful to say the least though.
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