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(Washington Post)   Bush wants knowledge of WTC out of public eye.   ( divider line
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2002-02-23 10:26:58 PM  
2002-02-23 10:27:11 PM  
Welcome to the misinformation age.
2002-02-23 10:31:16 PM  
Of course he wants it out of the public eye. He wants to get re-elected, not indicted.
2002-02-23 10:36:59 PM  

Ok, all the stuff I heard about the CIA and Bush being complicit in the 9/11 attack I took with a big ole grain of salt and chalked up all of it to paranoid conspiracy theory... but what the fark?!?!

If he doesn't want people to suspect he is up to something then why does he keep acting like a child who broke his mother's vase and is trying to hide it?
2002-02-23 10:37:18 PM  

You are ignorant. I hope to God you aren't American, if you are you should be deported to some third-world hell hole, cause you sure don't seem to like it here. Did you read the article? He isn't asking for investigations to be limited as a whole, just limited to intelligence committes. These committes don't air everything they know to the public, becuase thise investigation will delve into spy tactics and etc. of the US Govt.. The idea that Bush allowed 9/11 to happen is absurd, go stroke the dick of communism you whore.
2002-02-23 10:39:21 PM  

Since you didn't read the article let me show you the most important part:

"The president said the inquiry should be limited to the House and Senate intelligence committees, whose proceedings are generally secret. Senate Democratic leaders want a broader investigation, involving some committees that would be free to air their findings. The focus of the committee probes is likely to center on intelligence failures preceding the terrorist attacks that killed about 3,100 people."

Would you like the intelligence gathering methods aired to the public? Cause the terrorists are in the public to.

Yeah sure, lets air the methods of the CIA to the world, they the CIA would be 100 times more likely to fail next time.

2002-02-23 10:39:37 PM  
My, children, such words!
2002-02-23 10:40:37 PM  
Ah, I should be deported for exercizing Freedom Of Speech.....
I don't have to like Bush to Love America.
2002-02-23 10:41:20 PM  

Sorry for the harsh language, but you see I have this thing about people spreading their ignorance.
2002-02-23 10:41:46 PM  
Yes the Bush admin is obviously trying to engineer a huge cover-up by asking two congressional committees to investigate. It's also very suspicious that he's asking the intelligence committees to investigate intelligence failures as opposed to other committees that are obviously much more qualified like the Committee on Education and the Workforce or the Committee on Ways & Means.

2002-02-23 10:42:00 PM  
The most important part of the article is this:The focus of the committee probes is likely to center on intelligence failures preceding the terrorist attacks that killed about 3,100 people."
2002-02-23 10:43:04 PM  

I'm tired of you middle-class teenagers that hate American, cause you guys just have it so bad don't you? Did you even read the article? It renders your comments null and void.
2002-02-23 10:43:14 PM  
Ness19 Why shouldn't there though be investigations into why there were not fighters in the air once it was discovered that the planes were off course and not responding. This has been my biggest question.

My father was in the air force and the first thing he said about 9/11 is that Air National Guard should have been scrambled and taken those 747s down. Standard procedure for flight control when an aircraft goes off course and is not responding is to scramble a jet fighter and intercept the plane to communicate through visual signals (or down it if necessary). I personally want to know who was asleep at the wheel and have them brought up publicly for their mistake.
2002-02-23 10:44:37 PM  

Did you forget about the sentance before that? About wanting intelligence committes to investigate intelligence failures? You don't want the public knowing about the intelligence gathering methods of the US. If you can't understand that there is no hope for you. You just want to believe in a world that is like your video games and nothing will change that for you.
2002-02-23 10:45:41 PM  
Ness19 you farking noob... shut the fark up

I have already read the article, do not insult my intelligence or go insulting people here because you do not agree with what they have to say.
2002-02-23 10:45:53 PM  

If those planes had been shot down your story would be different. "Who the hell do they think they are shooting down a plane full of people!? Surly there is another way!"
2002-02-23 10:46:48 PM  
Ah, Ness, you are giving me the reaction I have longed for all day. I am not middle-class, not a teenager,not an "American"hater, not a liberal,I read the article,and I stand by my original comments. Flame-On!
2002-02-23 10:47:13 PM  
Well I'm not gonna sit around and talk about this. What pisses me off about this is the misleading headline. People see it and assume Bush wants to end investigations, when in fact all he is doing is asking for the proper committe to investigate it. Then all you crazy people start these moronic theories about how Bush is responsible for 9/11.
2002-02-23 10:49:11 PM  
"You don't want the public knowing about the intelligence gathering methods of the US."
You are right. What I DO want is the public knowing about the LACK of intelligence gathering that could have possibly prevented this whole mess.
2002-02-23 10:49:49 PM  
I don't understand - isn't it better to publish all of the secret documents in the public domain so the crazy terrorists can read it too?
2002-02-23 10:50:28 PM  
Code A and all his Commie friends don't care about American lives.

They want the CIA exposed and dismantled to give the International Communist Conspiracy an upperhand.

Traitors, all of them. They should be beheaded for Treason against the Constitution and America.

We need a so-called 'reign of terror' to eliminate the Communists in America.

2002-02-23 10:50:28 PM  
Ness19 Shows what you know. if you go back through my posts you will find that I do not simply bury my head in the sand and hope for a peaceful solution out of things. If I was Bush I would have ordered those planes shot down and taken the farking heat for it. Because it would have been the correct thing to do. Lose 200 lives instead of 2000, seems like a deal to me. I want to know why those planes were not shot down, they could have been shot down easily, we have the contingencies in place before 9/11 for just such an incident of rogue pilots or run away planes. I want to know Why those contingencies were not put into effect.
2002-02-23 10:50:30 PM  
I had crazy theories WAAAAY before this article was posted!
I love a barbeque
2002-02-23 10:51:53 PM  
Emeril... Communism *snicker* oh come on... communism is just so... gauche
2002-02-23 10:53:05 PM  
Remember to ask why Bush okayed all of the bin Laden family escorted out of the US by private jet during the no-fly directive, despite the CIA's objections.
2002-02-23 10:54:30 PM  
Code_Arch: I have been following your comments throughout Fark for a long time now, just thought I'd say "You Da Man".
2002-02-23 10:55:13 PM  
Ness19: "You are ignorant. I hope to God you aren't American, if you are you should be deported to some third-world hell hole...go stroke the dick of communism you whore."

You sound like Stalin, wanting to deport someone whose views you disagree with.
2002-02-23 10:57:49 PM  
enron and the wtc are going to be the things that fark bush over for re-election. this ought to be fun.
2002-02-23 10:58:37 PM  
Who better to audit the methods of the Intelligence Committee than they themselves.

If they couldn't see the flaw before, what makes them think they can see it now?
2002-02-23 10:59:48 PM  
...and it's a very good thing independant parties are investigating on their own. At least until Ashcroft shows up to silence them.
2002-02-23 10:59:59 PM  
Ok... I just want to dispell a long standing myth here. There is no communist conspiracy any more. After the cold war ended all the communists just had nothing to party about anymore. No the new conspiracy that will bring about the downfall of the US is Facist Anarchist Governmental Conspiracy... also known as the fag conspiracy. Something that an old farker by the name of Jello Boy (though his name is no longer spoken here and the filter has probably nixed the name for something stupid, because the conspiracy already has a hold over Fark). Yes thats right the fag Conspiracy is out there and it is very real, hiding itself among the homosexual community to spread its ideas that undermine the very values all Americans hold true and dear.

Fear the fag Conspiracy!!!!
2002-02-23 11:04:09 PM  
I think we should combine the two
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Bush wants knowledge of 'gay' NYC penguins out of public eye.
2002-02-23 11:04:21 PM  
Ness19: No matter how well off you are, your blind alliegance to your corporate right-wing masters is selling the futures of your childern.

As the gap between the top 0.5% and the rest of America grows, your upper-middle-class born spawn will slide back down into the mud with the rest of the poor that already live there.

When your corporate masters have consumed every resource, human and otherwise here, they will not stick around and rebuild the society or economy you helped throw away.

They will take thier untouchable wealth and move to the next profitable location while your grandchildren starve in the street.
2002-02-23 11:06:44 PM  
I think Ness is gone. Got a little too hot in here.
2002-02-23 11:07:01 PM  
unfortunately, I'm cynical enough to think Ness is right on ONE thing.

If those planes had been shot down your story would be different. "Who the hell do they think they are shooting down a plane full of people!? Surly there is another way!"

Maybe not HIS story, but oh boy you'd better believe that it would be the MEDIA's POV for a while, and a lot of bleeding heart idiots. I've heard that often enough.

"Wah, wahhh! Surely there is another way."
"Ok then, what would YOU suggest?"
"I don't know, something, something other than that! Wahh!"
"So you don't have a better idea either, huh?"
2002-02-23 11:11:37 PM  
Yeah but whiners like that usually find another thing to whine about. You just have to give enough time.
2002-02-23 11:12:32 PM  
bush didn't allow 9/11 to happen

he orchestrated it

2002-02-23 11:12:58 PM  
What is the name of the remote control device that was installed on a number of commercial jets? The one that was developed to avoid this very thing? The one that could be controlled from the ground and perform the very same maneuvers we saw the mud-hopper-trained highjackers perform?
2002-02-23 11:15:50 PM  
Sorry Shadowman... those are still in development and are not expected to be in jets for a couple years yet.
2002-02-23 11:16:13 PM  
"Daschle said the probe will start with the Intelligence Committee in an effort "to limit the scope and the overall review of what happened.""

Limit the scope and overall review... Does that mean we don't want to investigat the whole thing, and will not look at all the data afterwards?
2002-02-23 11:21:43 PM  
*sniffs* I love the smell of flamewar in the morning!

*grabs popcorn*

Aww, Ness left already? It was turning out so well.
2002-02-23 11:24:01 PM  
Quickl dont be sad we still got Emeril
2002-02-23 11:24:34 PM  
I give Ness a score of 3. He's good, but not Jello Boy good.
2002-02-23 11:25:07 PM  
Maybe they paired up to get those Billy Goats Gruff, Jarl.
2002-02-23 11:28:31 PM  
shame... it seems Emeril and Ness have left... and I was hoping to get a good bite from one of them for that Facist Anarchist Governmental Conspiracy... *sigh*
2002-02-23 11:30:57 PM  
Well Code, you could always go over to that China/Christian thread and try the "Zionists controll the government" conspiracy.
2002-02-23 11:32:09 PM  
OOOooooohhh.... nah... I don't like getting into flame wars about religion and stuff. People take that shiat really seriously.
2002-02-23 11:34:02 PM  
So the trolldance-show is over for now. Anyone care to discuss this in a civilised (is that correctly spelled, btw) manner? Or shall we go on with Commie vs Rightwing fascist chanting...
2002-02-23 11:36:27 PM  
Project Homerun.
We know that the military organization responsible for protecting American skies --- the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) -- did not show up on September 11, leaving the skies wide open for the remote controlled jets to work their deadly havoc.
The very people who left the American skies open for
the 9-11 attack -- NORAD -- are among the world's leading experts on remote controlled aircraft.
Since 1959, NORAD personnel have been installing remote control units in a variety of aircraft and remotely controlling those aircraft in sophisticated aeronautical maneuvers, including combat practice.
See "Thwarting skyjackings from the ground," written by Alan Staats for Facsnet, and posted on October 2, 2001. (Facsnet is an education service provided for its reporters by Associated Press.)Controlling the aircraft from the ground is nothing new. The military has been flying obsolete high performance fighter aircraft as target drones since the 1950s. In fact, NORAD had at its disposal a number of U.S. Air Force General Dynamics F-106 Delta Dart fighter aircraft configured to be remotely flown into combat as early as 1959 under the auspices of a
program known as SAGE. These aircraft could be started, taxied, taken off, flown into combat, fight, and return to a landing entirely by remote control, with the only human intervention needed being to fuel and re-arm them.
NORAD uses a network of ground-based radars, sensors and fighter jets to detect, intercept and, if necessary, engage any threats to the continent.
2002-02-23 11:40:35 PM  
Anyone see Michael Moore on The Daily Show? He was talking about Bush's close friendship with that Enron Guy Lay, and he also stated that Bush got support from the Bin Laden family for his first oil company. He also hinted at a conspiracy involving the Bush administration in some way connecting them to 9-11, but I don't have the transcript so I don't know the details.

It was a great interview, because you could just feel the room go cold. The show went from great comedic moments to really uncomfortable seriousness.

Anyway, did anyone else see it, and do you happen to know if any of Moore's claims can be verified?
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