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(CBS News)   If a guy stops you on the street and tells you that Chance the Rapper wants to pay off all your outstanding debt, it's probably a scam   ( divider line
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2022-04-04 4:28:44 AM  
2022-04-04 4:36:21 AM  
Yeah, that's more Community Chest the Rapper's MO.
2022-04-04 4:54:32 AM  
PaRappa the Rapper is the only rapper I trust.
2022-04-04 4:58:30 AM  
What was it that Barnum was supposed to have said?

Found it: Chance the Rapper is the bomb yo, and there's a sucker born every minute
2022-04-04 5:27:18 AM  
fark it! I'll give him a chance.
2022-04-04 5:34:16 AM  
Well, they're bankers so can't really feel bad for them lol. These are the people "you" trusted with your money....ha
2022-04-04 5:41:09 AM  
So, the rubes have significant outstanding debt but also enough money to be rolled for thousands. The operator must have been trying a lot of marks for what he got.
2022-04-04 6:01:18 AM  

Dr. DJ Duckhunt: Yeah, that's more Community Chest the Rapper's MO.

He once gave me $10 and told me I won second prize in a beauty contest.

We were the only contestants.
2022-04-04 7:02:16 AM  
Hold up.......these two idiots work in the banking sector, and didn't understand that payments don't clear immediately?  If you've ever paid a bill or deposited a check, you can see through your online account that deposits and payments are typically "pending" for day or two.  Even longer depending on the size of the deposit or payment.
But yes, let's partially blame the banks and not the two gullible morons who were taken for a ride by some random person on the street. Their greed ultimately sunk them.  And, as the icing on the cake, they withdrew money they were going to use in the community to "pay it forward".  And yeah, I'm victim blaming because this is a case of blatant stupidity.
Pro-tip: Strangers don't want to pay off your outstanding debt.
2022-04-04 7:02:29 AM  
That's the chance you'll have to take if you want to wrap up your debt.
2022-04-04 7:02:52 AM  
But its true! I saw it on Facebook.  Ellen said I was getting a check. So did the diesel truck guy with the beard. And I'm getting a thousand dollars in  EBT even I never applied for food stamps ever.

I'm rich biach!
2022-04-04 7:12:50 AM  
Why would anyone even need that if they forwarded Bill Gates' email?
2022-04-04 7:19:59 AM  
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2022-04-04 7:36:16 AM  
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2022-04-04 7:52:22 AM  
Eminem gave my mother a foot massage.
2022-04-04 8:34:09 AM  
You gonna get rapped
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2022-04-04 8:42:10 AM  
Well hot damn
2022-04-04 9:12:45 AM  
What if he wanted do this hockey?
2022-04-04 9:33:41 AM  

Nicki Minaj's Cousin's Friend's Swollen Testicle: Eminem gave my mother a foot massage.

As long as it wasn't Marcellus Wallace's girl, he should be okay.
2022-04-04 10:12:34 AM  
Ummm apparently not!

Ibi and Lulu Cole are sisters and successful businesswomen in the financial banking industry.
2022-04-04 11:24:20 AM  
What are the odds that it's Chance?
2022-04-04 11:34:50 AM  
I hear rapper and I think stabbed in neck or trampled to death so no, no thank you. Happy with my debt. I used to think "I got biatches in the living room gettin it on" or Animal Farm but not anymore.
2022-04-04 3:53:58 PM  
Ibi and Lulu Cole are sisters and successful businesswomen in the financial banking industry.

Yet they don't know how banks work.
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