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(KLAS TV)   Football field-sized black triangles sighted flying over cities. Bust out the tinfoil hats   ( divider line
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29286 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Nov 2004 at 4:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-20 03:03:11 AM  
hold me
2004-11-20 03:08:07 AM  
I dont know what kind of football you play, but I've never seen any game played on a triangular field...
2004-11-20 03:11:31 AM  
Bah. They can't see me under my tinfoil hat.
2004-11-20 03:17:38 AM  
From a linked site in the news story, some pretty amusing eye-witness sketches here
2004-11-20 03:29:15 AM  
The article links to this page from NIDS.

They don't seem to realize that sightings are more common over populated area and highways is because THAT'S WHERE PEOPLE LIVE. It's like noticing that more food is consumed in these same areas... OMG teh UFOs r making us FAT!

And, once again, these claims are made without any decent-quality photos (if any at all). The credibility of this kind of stuff is dropping as imaging devices have become so widespread (camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, etc).
2004-11-20 03:35:35 AM  

Come on, man. The ships are coated with a special anti-photography paint.

It's true. The paint is made out of distilled ghosts.
2004-11-20 03:43:05 AM  
nodog: Come on, man. The ships are coated with a special anti-photography paint.

It must be the same stuff the government is using against me!

I take photos at the movies, but just get a pure white screen. And when I took photos at the olympic stadium, they came out black even though I used a flash! OMFG!
2004-11-20 03:43:50 AM  
There is video of the Phoenix sightings in the video news report at the top of the page.
2004-11-20 03:44:19 AM  
For fark's sake. The pheonix lights were totally debunked as being flares dropped from a military plane of a base just over the mountains. On the show I saw, they even took footage in daylight from the exact spot that one video was taken, and by superimposing the images, showed how when each one 'disappeared' it was merely dropping over the horizon of the (invisible in the dark) mountain range, right over the base.
2004-11-20 03:50:31 AM  
I've seen it myself over the mountains here. I think it's a military plane, not flares.
2004-11-20 03:52:42 AM  

Ohh dude... watch yourself... soon they'll be making their anti-photography paint of the blood of a Fnord.


You have the right data but the wrong conclusions. Clearly the mountains are where the have their secret base.
2004-11-20 03:56:29 AM  
little miss... seriously? I'm so going outside right now to look.

Was it as big as a football field?
2004-11-20 04:05:07 AM  
Yes, seriously. And no, I don't need a tin-foil hat. ;-)

I don't understand why some people get so worked up about it. For obvious reasons, the military doesn't advertise every vehicle or craft they are using and/or testing. Why is so impossible to believe that maybe, just maybe, there could be a plane that a farker (as all knowing as some are) might not know about?
2004-11-20 04:06:58 AM  
Oh look, someone pilfered a link from
2004-11-20 04:10:54 AM  
paranoia + beer = _______
2004-11-20 04:12:27 AM  
As someone who used to live in Vegas, You have to be a complete moran to ignore the fact that the Nellis Test site takes up most of southern Nevada. Of course you're going to see wierd things in the sky evry once in a while. Everyone who's lived in central/southern Nevada for any amount of time has seen this sort of stuff. I don't see what the big mystery is.
2004-11-20 04:13:47 AM  
vaginas + flares = __________
2004-11-20 04:14:28 AM  
I dont know what kind of football you play, but I've never seen any game played on a triangular field...

43-man squamish anyone?

/pentagonal field, i know...
2004-11-20 04:15:00 AM  
"I dont know what kind of football you play, but I've never seen any game played on a triangular field..."

It didn't say football field SHAPED, stupid.
2004-11-20 04:17:22 AM  
i dont care what it is, with bush as president we MUST declare war on it and destroy it no matter what the human cost in lives!!!

/searches for tinfoil hat...
2004-11-20 04:19:11 AM  
lindseyp, I saw that exact same show. Unfortunately, the debunking got about 1% of the coverage the alleged "phenomenom" did. And (very) sloppy reporting just seems to perpetuate the myths.
2004-11-20 04:19:38 AM  
Everyone who's lived in central/southern Nevada for any amount of time has seen this sort of stuff.


I don't see what the big mystery is.

If people can't find an immediate explanation, they let their imagination fill in the blanks. My sister and I were together and saw the exact same thing. Ask me and I'll tell you it was a plane. Ask her and she'll tell you it was aliens.

Come to think of it, I'm going to make a tin-foil hat for her for Christmas.
2004-11-20 04:20:20 AM  
vaginas + flares = absolutely nothing on GIS. :(
2004-11-20 04:20:44 AM  
I'm kind of an aviation enthusiast, but can someone tell me. What the fark an 'F-126' is? I've never heard of one. Neither has google, unless it's a 'pulse massager.'
2004-11-20 04:21:19 AM  
Piss. Poor. Puncutation, Placement? ^^^
2004-11-20 04:21:55 AM  
Trust no one.
2004-11-20 04:22:24 AM  
Oh, and thanks to whomever it was that improved the lame headline....
2004-11-20 04:23:32 AM  
It must be sweeps week for local TV news.
2004-11-20 04:23:37 AM  
'Belgium was repeatedly violated by huge unidentified black triangles.'
copy+paste = out of context =D
2004-11-20 04:24:00 AM  
I for one, welcome our... nevermind.
2004-11-20 04:25:56 AM  
holy shiat! I swear I've seen these things... Or something very similar... Probably like 3-6 months ago, I was driving home from downtown here in Nashville... I lived like a quick 15 minute drive, almost all interstate down 40 West, to the Bellevue area.

Anyway, I was going past this section (White Bridge Rd. for anyone familiar) where there is a shiat load of construction going on, so there are often different lights being added to illuminate bridges they are building. I saw what looked just like that triangle, but looked like it was past (ahead of me) the bridges and further left, but couldn't tell cuz it was dark, and thought maybe it's on a crane or pole or something.

Anyway, I just kept looking cuz they seemed unusually bright and it was just really strange... I kept looking to see if they were still where they first appeared to be after I passed under the bridges, and they were still to the left and slightly ahead of me... As I was going, they continued to be less ahead, and just further left, so it was hard to keep watching as I drove, plus the trees get thicker right there.... I could still see them for a time though... They appeard to be somewhere under a mile away, and not very high, but high enough that they couldn't have been on a building, as there is nothing over a couple stories over there... Sort of just old residential neighborhoods, and some Walgreen's etc.

Wishing now I'd gotten off at the next exit and headed back. Shiat though, that's so weird when I saw that picture. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm full of shiat, cuz I probably would to, but I'm dead serious. I just remember specifically saying to myself, those are not attached to anything, which kinda freaked me out.
2004-11-20 04:28:55 AM  
Shhhhhhhh... Don't tell anybody about my glow-stick/helium baloon project.

This is classified level: Shhhhhhhhh
2004-11-20 04:30:15 AM  
but couldn't tell cuz it was dark

That's the only time anyone ever sees them out here. On moonless nights.
2004-11-20 04:33:03 AM  
This story is a conflation of several UFO stories. The article is trying to say that each of the occurences are the same or similar objects. These are however "famous" stories and anyone who follows them will know that what was seen [or claimed to be seen] at each of the different sites were totally different. For example, thing seen in Belgium was not the size of football field, and it did have lights, but those lights just happen to correspond with the FAA [international too] standard for aircraft.

Anyway, no new UFO story here, just a rehash and recombination of old stuff.
2004-11-20 04:36:31 AM  
I'm sure this is all documented on the Coast to Coast radio show... brought to you by Art Bell in his Winnebago out in the middle of the desert somewheres.

I've never actually listened to the show myself though, I'm too busy hunting black helicopters from my backyard.
2004-11-20 04:37:09 AM  
Can't imagine any craft that moves slow and silenty, can you? Oh, the humanity.
2004-11-20 04:38:54 AM  
craft that moves slow and silenty

2004-11-20 04:39:37 AM  
someone out there must have a pic...
this story is worthless without one.
2004-11-20 04:40:50 AM  
Three-Cornered Pitney anyone?

/knew there was one
2004-11-20 04:41:50 AM  
What the fark is an F-126???
2004-11-20 04:42:20 AM  
I think I saw some video and image links frostedbytes, but quickly, there are these
2004-11-20 04:43:35 AM  
little miss... I don't doubt you a bit.

Growing up in Washington I had a friend whose dad worked for Boeing. He helped design that spy plane with the big mushroom-shape on top of it. Apparently people freaked out when the first saw it, too. It's not like the military took out an ad on MNF to promote their new triangles.
2004-11-20 04:43:44 AM  
What the fark is an F-126???

probably a typo for F-16

/totally guessing
2004-11-20 04:49:56 AM  
What the fark is an F-126???

according to rumor around here, it's one of the area 51 "Blackbirds."
2004-11-20 04:55:34 AM  
craft that moves slow and silenty


That was my first guess, too. Blimps.
2004-11-20 04:55:57 AM  
He helped design that spy plane with the big mushroom-shape on top of it.

Suuuuure he did. Here's your tinfoil hat.

/Totally kidding!

There's a flight that leaves every morning from the executive airport that takes workers to the Groom lake testing facility. If you're ever bored while you're in Vegas and want to liven things up a bit, try to get anywhere near that plane....
2004-11-20 04:58:27 AM  
Rabair has it. Typo on F-16, which the Belgians have operated for 20 years now.
2004-11-20 05:01:11 AM  
"If you're ever bored while you're in Vegas and want to liven things up a bit, try to get anywhere near that plane..."

You know... I don't think I will, at that. I don't believe I've ever been that bored. I don't think I would like that version of "liven things up".
2004-11-20 05:04:59 AM  
I think it's the private plane for the leaders of the NWO (just making an excuse to use this image I created earlier today)
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-20 05:10:34 AM  
From Bonobo62's link:
[image from too old to be available]

Stealth Blimp----what a concept.
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