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(UEFA Champions League)   Last of the Champions League round of 16 starts today. Who goes home and who advances to the next round. Atlético Madrid travels to Manchester United while Ajax host Benfica. Games start at 4pm EDT   ( divider line
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2022-03-15 1:36:42 PM  
I like the idea of Atletico advancing, because F*CK RONALDO.  As for Benfica and Ajax, I figure Ajax will go on, as the home team and having 2 away goals from the first leg.
2022-03-15 2:22:50 PM  

harleyquinnical: I like the idea of Atletico advancing, because F*CK RONALDO.  As for Benfica and Ajax, I figure Ajax will go on, as the home team and having 2 away goals from the first leg.

No away goals this year.
2022-03-15 3:35:38 PM  
2022-03-15 3:38:08 PM  
grrrr!  Work went back to fulltime status this week.  I've so enjoyed being able to watch all the daytime EPL games and obv CL.

still can't believe how badly PSG farked up.  that was painful, and i give zero farks about PSG.  I mean, the way Mbappe scored in the waning seconds of five minutes of stoppage, on first leg, and then to collapse so suddenly on second leg.  Dude had a second half hat trick, with two goals coming what, 30 seconds apart?  when they equalized, i wrote, "PSG, dude."

he scores 30 seconds late, i said again, "PSG, DUDE".  back to back posts.
2022-03-15 4:01:20 PM  
2022-03-15 4:02:10 PM  
Atleti doing their best "we don't kneel" GOT impression
2022-03-15 4:04:21 PM  
Oblek and Elanga collide
2022-03-15 4:04:41 PM  
Oblek slow to get up
2022-03-15 4:06:12 PM  
Atletico not keen on the high jumping challenges from United. But they've all looked fine to me so far.
2022-03-15 4:09:06 PM  
Offside denies Ajax the opener.
2022-03-15 4:15:12 PM  
Elanga puts it right to Oblek's forehead
2022-03-15 4:16:58 PM  
De Gea with a long stretch to get the save
2022-03-15 4:22:28 PM  
that was nothing
2022-03-15 4:22:58 PM  
If that's a penalty I despair.
2022-03-15 4:23:39 PM  
And because of America's tradition of DST, which exists because reasons, these games start 30 minutes before the lab I teach instead of 1.5 hours. Jeebus...

/at least there's Wednesday
2022-03-15 4:42:25 PM  
ATM!  lovely goal
2022-03-15 4:43:07 PM  
perfect header into the ground gets pass de gea
2022-03-15 4:47:27 PM  
Big collision on a high cross from Onana and a Benfica player.
2022-03-15 5:05:22 PM  
Elanga nearly ties it up in the 1' of the 2nd half
2022-03-15 5:11:22 PM  
de gea's half-assed clearance comes right back to him as a shot from Atleti
2022-03-15 5:18:11 PM  
Sachez' shot always rising
2022-03-15 5:24:00 PM  
fred and llorente knee to knee
2022-03-15 5:27:34 PM  
Just tuned in to see Maguire bang his head against Ronaldo's teeth.
2022-03-15 5:28:47 PM  
Wow.  Griezman was onside for that shot?
2022-03-15 5:29:43 PM  
Felix wasted that attack, flubbing the shot while De Gea was off his line.
2022-03-15 5:31:49 PM  
Herrera fouls Varane in a promising area for ManU
2022-03-15 5:32:34 PM  
Easy grab for Oblek
2022-03-15 5:33:08 PM  
Cavani coming on shortly.
2022-03-15 5:34:06 PM  
MU not happy about the ref blowing the whistle for a man down
2022-03-15 5:34:53 PM  
Telles looked to step on the ankle...yea, that is an accident.  Here is Cavani on for Fred.
2022-03-15 5:35:48 PM  
Oblek denies varane
2022-03-15 5:36:01 PM  
Huge save by Oblek!
2022-03-15 5:39:31 PM  
Injured Koke finally subbed off.
2022-03-15 5:39:41 PM  
Benfica take the lead over Ajax.
Free kick headed in.
2-3 aggregate
2022-03-15 5:40:24 PM  
Matic may be booked here...there it is.
2022-03-15 5:42:31 PM  
Maguire off for Mata
2022-03-15 5:43:09 PM  
Dallot with the shot from distance...wide.

And now, Mata on for Maguire.
2022-03-15 5:45:39 PM  
Dalit gets a yellow to stop the break
2022-03-15 5:46:12 PM  
Dalot booked and Athletico given a breather.
2022-03-15 5:47:17 PM  
Pogba with the foul, doing United zero favors.  Looking at +4'
2022-03-15 5:48:44 PM  
United supporters screaming for a stoppage after Dalot took a blow to the head from a flailing arm.

And Fletcher booked on the ManU bench.
2022-03-15 5:49:09 PM  
Felipe on for Félix
2022-03-15 5:49:37 PM  
another ATM player down... zzzzzz
2022-03-15 5:50:08 PM  
+4' confirmed
2022-03-15 5:51:04 PM  
Mata wanted to take that too quickly.
2022-03-15 5:51:46 PM  
Foul given and Athletico can clear.  So much gamesmanship.
2022-03-15 5:52:15 PM  
Correa on for Griezmann to chew more time.
2022-03-15 5:52:58 PM  
MU's last attack here
2022-03-15 5:53:17 PM  
Last chance for United
2022-03-15 5:53:34 PM  
Oblek gets there before de gea
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