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2002-02-22 05:51:35 PM  
ahhhh. fresh fark.
2002-02-22 05:52:27 PM  
FARK lives! i never thought i'd be this happy reading about a German lego player.
2002-02-22 05:53:32 PM  
I like reading about german sheister films
2002-02-22 05:53:44 PM  
Whats up with the threads today? Maybe Drew got thrown in the real jail.
2002-02-22 05:54:07 PM  
I might have enjoyed it....but it was taking for ever to load...and I thought about oh farking reterded the topic was...so I quit and went on about my day.
2002-02-22 05:54:29 PM  
What the hell am I looking at?

You're looking at now?


Yes, now.

When will then be now?

2002-02-22 05:55:20 PM  
Anyone else think of Spaceballs when they saw those images?
2002-02-22 05:55:25 PM  
happy farkin dayz are here again
2002-02-22 05:55:47 PM  
Ich bin ein dumbass
2002-02-22 05:56:20 PM  
None of MY links got posted...*SOB*
2002-02-22 05:56:22 PM  
yes, took eons to load.. I give it 20 more minutes and it will die
2002-02-22 05:58:16 PM  
You know, if you stare at that long enough, it could be interpreted as a boobie link
2002-02-22 05:58:39 PM  
^ Well THAT was random!
2002-02-22 05:58:44 PM  
That's about as close as the germans will ever get to space.
2002-02-22 05:59:02 PM  
bring in more
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-02-22 05:59:17 PM  
Ok, how did this get posted? It's not a flamewar!
2002-02-22 06:00:27 PM  
i say weeners i say weeners FLA Chickie help the sista out :)
2002-02-22 06:02:21 PM  
I don't speak German....except a few bad words, which I couldn't spell anyway
2002-02-22 06:03:48 PM  
Holy sheet. I gave this one about a one in a billion chance of getting posted. Apologies for queerness...I'm a total and complete Lego tool and thought what the hell.
2002-02-22 06:03:52 PM  
I'm guessing good 'ol Fred Hermann has never kissed a girl.
2002-02-22 06:05:07 PM  
Geeze and I thought MY life sucked. Now I feel much better...
2002-02-22 06:06:35 PM  
damn..... sweet lego =)
2002-02-22 06:08:05 PM  
Ahhhh, it was even old school lego. You can know the diffrence from the helmets. the ones with a helmet cover is new school. This was the real stuff!
2002-02-22 06:08:42 PM  
2002-02-22 06:09:33 PM  
..anyone else notice the cartographer thread has been closed down?
2002-02-22 06:09:56 PM  
If it wasn't for us, they'd be speaking German.

Legos = no sex
2002-02-22 06:11:22 PM  
I like this effect. Particularly nice.

[image from brickshelf.com too old to be available]
2002-02-22 06:11:31 PM  
I AM SO GETTING OFF!!!! GO TO CU>>>>>>>>>>>
2002-02-22 06:11:51 PM  
Mytwocents hat nette dinger
2002-02-22 06:14:33 PM  

Who reads German and can translate?

This is way cool, but I wnat to know what's going on...
2002-02-22 06:16:15 PM  
Leo laporte- Hey Drew what,s happening on fark?

Drew- Not a damn thing
2002-02-22 06:19:08 PM  
Lode_Groundrunner: they look rather hot too me...
2002-02-22 06:19:26 PM  
Cool... he's using the old space legos that were sold in the early 80's. I've got a nice big box of those that I dig out every once in a while. :)
2002-02-22 06:20:24 PM  
stop all your farking for a moment and watch the real gold medal hockey game...US vs Russia
2002-02-22 06:20:29 PM  
Am I the only one to notice that all of the lego scenes and buildings were constructed of bricks dating to the 80's. Obviously a German Gen-X'er opened up his Lego box from childhood.
2002-02-22 06:21:17 PM  
NEWSFLASH... Anthrax has been confirmed at Ft. McPhearson in Georgia... I'm looking for a web link on the story. It's on the news here in Atlanta.
2002-02-22 06:22:40 PM  
Not the gold medal game, Wallshot. (Neither was the big one in 80, either, though we did beat the Fins for it).

I noticed the circa-early '80s spage Legos, too. Reminds me of the ones I had, though not in that quantity. I think I'm feeling pangs of envy right now.
2002-02-22 06:23:05 PM  
462 nice has more dinger?

What the fark does that mean? That was thanks to av/babelfish BTW
2002-02-22 06:24:25 PM  
babelfish is wrong as i was using german slang.
essentially it means you have nice boobs
2002-02-22 06:24:41 PM  
I guess then if anyone really had the time they could type all the German into AV/Babelfish and see what this guy is talking about.....I don't care enough though.....sorry....
2002-02-22 06:26:26 PM  
Oh...I guessed legs, but that was wrong.....thanks.....;-)
2002-02-22 06:27:05 PM  
Actually, I've seen a ton of stuff like this stuff (I'm talking Legos, though I've seen a bunch of hot women like Groundrunner's posting too), and all I can say is that there's this huge online community that sells all these oldschool legos. Some of the people do real dorky stuff with them, and others (like this guy) do dorky but cool stuff with them, while others take Lego modelling seriously and do highly detailed models of anything and everything... I've seen a bunch of U-boats made from Legos, and a bunch of Panzers too.
2002-02-22 06:27:43 PM  
no problem, the legs are nice too
2002-02-22 06:31:42 PM  
Two of my frat brothers are lego addicts, they have a lego monorail going ALL around the entire apartment, and a train track that carries beer to the couch. How cool is that!?
2002-02-22 06:32:39 PM  
I prefer lego pr0n

[image from lego.porn.evilplan.org too old to be available]
2002-02-22 06:40:19 PM  
Thanks, 462, that's why I like mini-skirts.....
2002-02-22 06:41:39 PM  
[image from brickshelf.com too old to be available]
Is it just me, or is this pic a little creepy? Not that it's creepy that he'd photoshop his face onto a minifig, but that it just looks a little... wrong? Those legomen should just have that "happyface" face to them, and not be detailed.
2002-02-22 06:50:31 PM  
I love the fact that the people reading and writing on Fark are pointing at someone else and saying THEY have too much time on their hands.
2002-02-22 06:52:25 PM  
what garbage
2002-02-22 07:01:26 PM  
Pretty cool
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