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(Some Guy)   "Invisible, Inc." "General Precision." "High Risk Ventures." Subby needs a clever, but generic, name for a new business. List of bad suggestions to the left. List of great ones to the right   ( divider line
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451 clicks; posted to Business » on 07 Mar 2022 at 4:20 PM (15 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-03-07 3:23:49 PM  
"Amalgamated Fuzz"
2022-03-07 3:24:16 PM  
"Nocturnal Aviation, Inc."
2022-03-07 3:28:42 PM  
Don't we need to know what kind of business first?
2022-03-07 3:32:10 PM  
2022-03-07 3:33:08 PM  
Federated Municipal Holdings
2022-03-07 3:35:34 PM  
Mammary Holdings, Inc.
2022-03-07 3:35:48 PM  
UFIA, Inc.
2022-03-07 3:38:56 PM  
AFAB- Anything For A Buck
2022-03-07 3:42:20 PM  
Bilass Unicup Corp.
2022-03-07 3:45:16 PM  

dhcmrlchtdj: Mammary Holdings, Inc.

A Juglifters Company.
2022-03-07 3:49:23 PM  

Badmoodman: Don't we need to know what kind of business first?

Does it even matter any more?

When companies name themselves bullshiat random made up words to circumvent domain squatters, you end up with names like Fleemly or Intelliment or Bizoidness or Corporology etc..

The name means NOTHING about what the company actually does.  They could be welding companies, shoe manufacturers, small appliance refurbishers, and who knows what else.
2022-03-07 3:57:30 PM  
Big Mommy Milkers LLC
2022-03-07 4:01:00 PM  
Whole Ass Corp.

(Don't do anything half-ass)
2022-03-07 4:12:54 PM  
Disinterested Handies
2022-03-07 4:19:59 PM  
2022-03-07 4:22:03 PM  
Start an insurance agency called FOAD.
2022-03-07 4:22:07 PM  
BizCorpInc LLC
2022-03-07 4:23:44 PM  
Partner Associates & Co.
2022-03-07 4:25:13 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-03-07 4:25:18 PM  
General Nanotech
Pangea Dynamics
2022-03-07 4:37:54 PM  
Fraud, Inc.
2022-03-07 4:45:30 PM  
MyBiz Inc - giving you the bizness since 2022
2022-03-07 4:45:33 PM  
Opacity Windows
Opacity Eyecare
Opacity Government Record Services
2022-03-07 4:45:47 PM  
Strategic Higher Intelligence Technologies
AeroSpace Subdivision
2022-03-07 4:46:03 PM  
My favourite is iPac in BC.

started in the 90's just after the iMac craze, iPac (integrated pro-action corp) was created, based on their mission statement, to manufacture corporate buzzwords:
"Our mission is to be an innovative and profitable company providing cost-effective, quality services that meet the economic, social and environmental objectives of our clients. At IPaC, we strive to provide practical, timely and cost-effective solutions to the varied challenges that our clients encounter as they fulfill their business needs. We understand that the future of our business is linked to our ability to provide quality service to our customers, while ensuring the safety of our employees, the public and respective job-site colleagues. We are honoured to be partners with First Nations' organizations across British Columbia. We continue to develop our relationships while we work respectfully and diligently for mutual growth. Our loyal customers have proven to be a critical success factor over the past 30 years of business. Loyalty is always earned. We work hard to fulfill the expectations of our customers and maintain a focus on adding value. We link our key resource, our people, to our customer's organization in a manner that fosters an atmosphere of professionalism and that promotes the concepts that typify high-performing teams - mutual respect and reliance, open and timely communication, mission specific and results oriented."

I think it is involved in the forestry industry, but I'm not sure.
2022-03-07 4:46:43 PM  
Invisible Inc was a fun video game. If it is still on Steam, I would recommend buying it.
2022-03-07 4:48:00 PM  
General Disarray
2022-03-07 4:49:27 PM  
Extensive Enterprises
2022-03-07 4:50:31 PM  
Amalgamated, Inc, LTD, Gmbh.
2022-03-07 5:03:50 PM  

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: "Amalgamated Fuzz"

("Amalgamated Fuzz" was one of those companies Gomez Addams was heavily invested in.)
2022-03-07 5:04:44 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-03-07 5:05:36 PM  
Gneiss Dreams
2022-03-07 5:07:21 PM  
Integrated Dynamics, Inc.

Acme Amalgamated, LLC

Epstein & Gaetz. Well known for their youth services

Consolidated Logistics In Transport. If you are looking for a man in a boat, ask about CLIT.
2022-03-07 5:11:40 PM  

Markus5: Amalgamated, Inc, LTD, Gmbh.

Amalgamated Dynamics is already taken though.   (One of my favorite biz names)
2022-03-07 5:14:34 PM  
BOA (Bunch of Arseholes) Inc

Or, computer related, for a one-man shop - DeBugger.
2022-03-07 5:20:32 PM  

First StateCorp

Almagamated External Product & Services Leasing

Simple-Co Blue Tree

Corporation for Services and Production

Jonny's BizMart
2022-03-07 5:23:06 PM  
Specific Re
2022-03-07 5:23:21 PM  
Troll, Company
2022-03-07 5:27:08 PM  
Leave Me Alone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of:
Go Away Inc. dba:
QeuysoeoiHgeoihsdfsoihWesdlhf Corp
2022-03-07 5:32:59 PM  
General Operational Associated Technologies; Specifical Expertise in Customer eXperience.
2022-03-07 5:36:00 PM  
Foundation for Understanding Client Kinetics
2022-03-07 5:38:56 PM  
Filmography Association of Rural Kentucky
2022-03-07 5:40:48 PM  
Try the hipster business name generator:

/Spyglass & Mole will be the name of my new lawn mowing business
2022-03-07 5:46:31 PM  
Technological Underpinnings Bridging Generationally Independent Relations Longitudinally
2022-03-07 5:50:35 PM  
FUCT, llc.
2022-03-07 6:08:41 PM  
Nose-Blaård, LLC
2022-03-07 6:12:46 PM  
2022-03-07 6:29:03 PM  

markie_farkie: Conglomco

... Didn't MST3K once do 'ConHugeCo'?

For some reason, my mind hears that in Tom Servo's voice.
2022-03-07 6:40:57 PM  

Shostie: Wallmaart

Headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands
2022-03-07 6:43:44 PM  
Diversified Services LLC

Literally my bestfriends dads business name growing up.
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