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(Canoe)   Referee tries to screw Canadian womens hockey team, gives U.S. 11 powerplays, Canada wins 3-2 anyway.   ( canoe.ca) divider line
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2002-02-22 08:01:15 AM  
no wait... BLAME CANADA
2002-02-22 08:07:05 AM  
CATS on Ice...
2002-02-22 08:07:17 AM  
You better watch out little America Jr. Lest you find yourself on the terrorist list.
2002-02-22 08:08:12 AM  
It's Bush's fault.
But congrats to Canada, I knew they would take us in that game.
2002-02-22 08:10:39 AM  
wow, i took that headline the wrong way...
2002-02-22 08:14:30 AM  

But really, Canadians are just unarmed Americans with health cards. Why can't we just get along?
2002-02-22 08:16:04 AM  
emmm... what's a "power play"?
2002-02-22 08:24:43 AM  
"We've had (Livingston) before and we knew we weren't going to get anything from her,".....

Provacative, what?
2002-02-22 08:29:04 AM  
ObscureCulture:The refs a girl too. Still could be interesting though.
2002-02-22 08:35:04 AM  
Us v Canada - the ref's American. Hmmm.... that makes perfect sense.
2002-02-22 08:35:58 AM  
Karen Bye crying was priceless.

Sucky US coach whining after the game with Cammi Granato was classic too. WAH WAH WAH Team Canada are optimitrists! They couldn't see fear in our eyes. WAH WAH!

Disgusting US Team puts Canadian Flag in middle of their locker room.

They SO deserved to lose!

2002-02-22 08:39:57 AM  
The American team acted like a bunch of biatches last Olympics, that's why the Canadians seem to be gloating.
2002-02-22 08:44:33 AM  
They have a freakin leaf on their flag.....
Enough said!
2002-02-22 08:46:23 AM  
Left Testicle - my point exactly. Everything comes full circle! In Nagano, Karen (that's KAR-on) Bye was a total bi-atch along with the rest of her team - that's why it was so sweet this time. Let's hope Mario and the boys can bring the gold home for the real hockey medal.
2002-02-22 08:51:06 AM  
They have a freakin leaf on their flag.....
Enough said!

Please don't get this started into the always attempted Canada bashing, we'll find loopholes in your country too.
2002-02-22 08:56:48 AM  
Loopholes?! How about gaping canyons of ridicule?
2002-02-22 09:01:07 AM  
Kreskin - Yeah, I was lmao.
2002-02-22 09:10:15 AM  
When Canada gets to the gold for mens hockey, who do you guys think they will meet? US or Russia?

I vote Russia, the US men will be disheartened after the womens loss.

BTW after the game, a womens Canadian player was interveiwed and asked the American team if they want thew flagg that was on thier locker room floor signed now!

Between her, the figure skater and Wayne Gretzky, Canada seems to be becoming a bunch of polite hard asses! This could be really interesting, screw politeness!!!!
2002-02-22 09:14:09 AM  

I may be wrong here, but I think a powerplay is when one team has fewer players on the ice because of a penalty. If my sources are correct there were in fact 13 penalties called in last nights game, not 11.

Praise Canada (my home and native land)
2002-02-22 09:17:19 AM  
I vote the US, just because I hope the Russians go home, just because it's the only way to prove Canada's team is as tough as the 74' Flyers. :)

"They're goin' home! They're goin' home!"
2002-02-22 09:19:40 AM  
Abur - two of the penalties were coincidental. An US player got sent of at the same time as a Canuck player. The 11 were penalities that the US had a 5 on 4 (5 on 3 twice) advantage.
2002-02-22 09:21:24 AM  
Penalties or not, the Canadian women deserved to win that game. They definately out played the US. If anything that was an upset, after all the US women had beaten Canada the last 8 straight games.

Besides that, if the US would have came back to win that game, think of the controversy of the US ref calling sensless penalties that interrupted the game
2002-02-22 09:23:10 AM  
Eight penalties in a row in an Olympic gold game? Between the USA and Canada & with an American ref? I watched the game and I have NEVER seen worse officiating in a hockey game. It was disgusting.
2002-02-22 09:24:28 AM  
Of course Canada won. Otherwise, they'd be whining like crazy until everyone in the farkin' olympics got a gold medal.

Keep away from Canada. They may be small, they may be frozen, but they can deluge you with e-mail if you fark with their sense of honour.

(Actually, I like Canada)
2002-02-22 09:30:19 AM  
And how fair is it that it was a AMERICAN referee! There should be a enquiry into this, the fix was definitly in!
2002-02-22 09:33:02 AM  
Thanks Kreskin, I stand corrected.

Priase Kreskin.
2002-02-22 09:34:13 AM  
I raced home to see the last two minutes of the game. Happy for our girls. But I've never seen so much crying after a sporting event in my life. From both teams.
Oh, and I can't wait for the Olympics to be over. All this bashing is unhealthy and, frankly, childish.
2002-02-22 09:36:14 AM  
Women's hockey is very unbalanced right now. The United States and Canada are in a league of their own: none of the other teams are even remotely close to them.

There is no competitive balance, and no suspense, since you automatically know both teams will be playing each other for the championship, long before the tourney begins.

It will be years and years before you see a team besides the US and/or Canada playing for the gold.
2002-02-22 09:39:14 AM  
The Hutt: Exactly. Then I can go back to saying, "Red Sox suck!"
2002-02-22 09:39:56 AM  
I was expecting Don Cherry (perennial Canadian hockey blowhard) to go out and hand that American ref a stick during the second intermission since she seemed to want the US to win so badly.

Speaking of Don Cherry, who would have thought 10 years ago that he would be more fired up about a women's game then he was about the men's team most the the games. Maybe he's getting soft. :)

2002-02-22 09:43:57 AM  
It makes sense now... thank you...
2002-02-22 09:43:57 AM  
I don't have kids but have volunteering at a hockey/ringette complex for three years....Things like this assure me that I am getting something back.

The fact is that Canadian parents have their kids in hockey at 4 and 5 years old....our programs are superior and more available to ALL children because of the socio-economic funding, a huge volunteer base and the fact that we have more arenas/community centres to service the public.

Unfortunately, most of the kids in hockey in the US are starting out in high school programs and the universities.

If American parents tossed their kids in hockey during the winters like they put them in little league in the summer then I'm sure they'd be a force to be reckoned with...

2002-02-22 09:46:24 AM  
Three cheers for the 51st state!
2002-02-22 09:49:16 AM  
The Canadians didn't win, the Americans beat themselves. Oh wait, I'm not a Raiders/Steelers/Rams fan. Scratch that.

Congratulations team Canada- well done.

Oh and Wintermute, if I may quote Larry Izzo of the World Champion New England Patriots, "Yankees Suck".
heh-heh-heh...I LOVE that...

Go Sox.
2002-02-22 09:52:48 AM  
Multiple 5 on 3's and we lost? Oh the shame of it all. I figured getting Don King on the IOC would pay off more than it has.
2002-02-22 10:00:59 AM  
Yeah, and the American team was acting all shocked when they lost-- after Canada got 26 minutes of penalties.

Canada's PK line was really great last night and they really shut down the USA. There's no excuse for losing when you have so much of an advantage. The US had more players on the ice for more than a third of the game and they still didn't win.

Pfft, those lousy whores were walking around on our flag. That was funny about asking if they wanted it signed, though.
2002-02-22 10:07:13 AM  
And if Canada had lost, they'd all be telling us how utterly meaningless this game was, because it's WOMEN'S hockey.

In the last 9 games that the US and Canada have played each other, the US has a 8-1 record. Glad to see at least some of the players from the country that invented the sport can still play. See you all on Sunday.
2002-02-22 10:10:40 AM  
A ref trying to steal a game away always pisses me off. Though usually it seems to happen TO the Americans, not FOR them.
2002-02-22 10:17:14 AM  
How would the US media and citizens react if the Canucks had the Stars and Stripes on their locker room floor? The problem with the US is that a bunch of lazy, ignorant, rude, hypocritacal jackasses feel that they can take the credit for the accomplishments of some other americans who are hard-working, open-minded, savvy and inventive.
2002-02-22 10:24:00 AM  
The Canadains outplayed Team USA. COngrats.

Czae-Most of the people on the olympic team started playing much earlier than that. It just depends on where you are in the US. I started playing Hockey when I was 6.

As for the mens game, Wayne "the Great One" gets the gold for 100M Whining.
2002-02-22 10:24:48 AM  
As an aside - the backup goalie on Team Canada - went to a US school (not sure which on - but I believe it was an Ivy league school) - she was there on a Javelin Scholarship!!! She then played pickup hockey with the guys and become a phenom.

While the Canada women's hockey team might be better, the US kicks as* when it comes to scholarships. Women's Javelin!!???!! Amazing!
2002-02-22 10:33:39 AM  
"she was there on a Javelin Scholarship!!!"

She could get spearing penalties from the other end of the rink. ;)
2002-02-22 10:37:26 AM  
The only reason I'm happy the womens hockey team won is so that I didn't have to listen to Gretzky cry after the game!
2002-02-22 10:40:56 AM  
Two things, I am Canadian, and I watched periods two and three.

Tne Canadian team deserved all the penalties they got. It was a decent game, but the Canadians played a dirtier one. Sure some of those calls never get made (roughing, and charging come to mind (although the Usa-ens got screwed on that charging call)) in a regular men's game, but it doesn't mean they weren't infractions of the rules.

The Canadian women broke the rules more than the USA women, so they got more penalties.
2002-02-22 10:47:16 AM  
We were elated last night when the team won, here's a pic of the family.

[image from telefilm.gc.ca too old to be available]
2002-02-22 10:47:47 AM  
Scaryduck said, "Us v Canada - the ref's American. Hmmm.... that makes perfect sense."
Well, actually everyone on the ice was American. Because last time i checked Canada was still located in North America. I could be wrong, my geography is a bit bad.
I was a bit disappointed with last nights game. The USA team was way outclassed and quite frankly, deserved to lose. The 11 power plays just makes it that much more humiliating
2002-02-22 10:54:35 AM  
Great game except for the ref this chick had no clue how a championship game should be played.Let them skate and put the whistle away.
2002-02-22 11:03:48 AM  
What? Our flag was on their floor?
Wow, that really showed us.

Congrats Canadian Hockey Chicks.
2002-02-22 11:09:13 AM  
The comment was made that in past US/Canada games, the ref puts the whistle away. The US was apparently 35-0 this season up until last night.

I would love to see body checking allowed in women's hockey. Watching the big Canadian and American women leveling Swedes and Finns all over the place would be hilarious!
2002-02-22 11:18:13 AM  
Both Canada and the Us women's teams are great. Too bad the ref was a fuggin' retard. Canada basically beat the US with 4 players; 30 mins. of penalties???? WTF?
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