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2002-02-22 10:11:30 AM  
Howzit? Aloha from the state that brought you Magnum PI, poi and a reward seeking purse finder
2002-02-22 10:11:30 AM  
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2002-02-22 10:12:13 AM  
A good lesson was learned. Don't try to help anybody.
2002-02-22 10:12:45 AM  
here we go again. Let's see how long it takes for Texans et al to complain about immigration laws and claim that all immigrants are criminals.
2002-02-22 10:12:59 AM  
Damn,thats rough.
2002-02-22 10:13:55 AM  
If I would have found her purse I would have taken all the money, and threw the purse in the ocean. Then I would have laughed about it whilst spending all her money!
2002-02-22 10:16:13 AM  
I won't be returning any purses I find. That woman needs to be permanently put down, along with the rest of that group. Bunch of ingrate @ssclowns.
2002-02-22 10:16:26 AM  
"Lisa, I hope you learned your lesson. Never help anyone." - Homer
2002-02-22 10:19:34 AM  
Mark Anderson, 38, of San Bernardino, remained in jail without bail Tuesday. He faces one count of murder and a special allegation of using a handgun, Clem said.

Special allegation of using a handgun?? Not only did you kill someone, but YOU USED A HANDGUN!!! You're gonna fry.
2002-02-22 10:19:42 AM  
NaTaX: Did you read the article? The police dropped charges against the woman. Her brother is still farked, though.
2002-02-22 10:21:17 AM  
Guns kill people.
2002-02-22 10:23:53 AM  
It was that tightwad biatch that got that Mexicolombian killed. If she would have just given him a reward for returning her shiat, none of this would have happened. Tho, the Espanol shouldn't have gone in for $50 hard. I would have gone for $50, pled that I gave her her stuff back, and settled for something in the $20 range. If she wouldn't pay up then, chalk it up to a stingy @sshole that'll get what's coming to (in) her.
2002-02-22 10:25:39 AM  
broad, stereotypical remarks abound...
I happen to love the Mexican heritage of Texas and it wasn't the immigrant who was the criminal in this story... Merely someone who was looking for a little recognition for a good deed...
2002-02-22 10:25:48 AM  
People kill People!
2002-02-22 10:30:44 AM  
You don't ASK for a reward. A good deed is a reward unto itself, or something to that effect. I mean, shooting him was a bit harsh, of course. We don't know what happened there, but you don't return someone's property and expect a reward. That's practically extortion.
2002-02-22 10:32:16 AM  
It's sad that now anyone that reads this will think twice about helping someone when they find a purse or a wallet. Might as well just throw it out.
2002-02-22 10:32:28 AM  
I wish I lived in a society where everyone was armed. We just dont get this sort of excitement, people just punch each other.

Boring, boring boring

2002-02-22 10:33:08 AM  
Not to defend these @ssheads, but the gardener wasn't entirely innocent here... if you lost your wallet and I called saying that for $50, I'd give it back to you, isn't that extortion?
2002-02-22 10:36:45 AM  
We'd be glad to have you Harmonia. Come on over! I'm sure we can arrange some excitement for you.

2002-02-22 10:39:03 AM  
When a mate mine was a kid, he found a bag with £150 and a couple of cards in the purse inside. He wanted to keep it, but knew his parents would be suspicious about the money. So he compromises, he removes the cards and any identity, cuts them up, and hands whats left to the police. 6 months later, the booty unclaimed, he gets to keep it. He works as an accountant now.
2002-02-22 10:39:44 AM  
Been there Dogenes. I have a too vivid memory of sitting in a house in Idaho watching three drunks play with automatic weapons while arguing over who could take who in a real firefight.

I made the mistake of saying I had never fired a gun and had to threaten to slap them when they tried to drag me out back to have a go with an AK.

I know you guys are used to guns, and if I lived in a place where everyone else had one I probably would too. But I feel safer knowing our kooks only have swords.

2002-02-22 10:40:35 AM  
Hmmm...the police make no mention of any 'illegal handgun' charges. Must have been a legal weapon.
2002-02-22 10:41:00 AM  
"special allegation of using a handgun"

Damn, don't people in the lovely state of Kalifornia ever learn?? Guns are terrible things. If you have to kill someone, just turn them in to a life sized PEZ dispenser with a hunting knife like OJ did. Then they just let you go.
2002-02-22 10:43:33 AM  
people are stupid!

this is a well known point, i know. But this time it makes my stomic sick with how foolishly humans act!
2002-02-22 10:57:54 AM  
America - the land of the Free and home of the Gun.
2002-02-22 11:03:01 AM  
Omahabeef, Guns don't kill people, I kill people!!!!

2002-02-22 11:04:55 AM  

Well there's your mistake.
2002-02-22 11:08:07 AM  
1. There is a penalty for murder.

2. There is apparently also a penalty specifically for using a handgun in the commission of a murder (at least in the People's Democratic Republic of California).

3. The crime was committed in the PDRC.

4. The crime was committed with a handgun.

5. The killer will probably get a more severe punishment because of this.

6. the victim doesn't care, because he's already dead.

So why don't I feel safer about the PDRC making murder more illegal? Oh yeah, because criminals are people who don't respect laws in the first place.
2002-02-22 11:14:10 AM  
A (possibly illegal) immigrant gets shot asking for money and then runs up the tax and insurance bills for everyone while dying in a hospital. Not to mention his lawn service customers need a new serviceman.

Damn irresponsible of that messican.
2002-02-22 11:21:09 AM  
Happiness is a warm gun.
2002-02-22 11:22:55 AM  
"Guns don't kill people, it's these little HARD thangs!" - The Flash, holding up a bullet (from the final episode of the TV show)

With that being the case, why not make handgun possession legal and just outlaw the bullets?
2002-02-22 11:27:44 AM  
Not all Texans hate the mexicans or complain about them. The immegrants do alot of work that us US citizen's would not want to do. Abunch of white and black's that are citizen's would rather lay back on thier lazy asses. That white biatch and her brother probably live in a trailer park with old borken down cars and appliances all over thier yard. I hope he gets capitol punishment. The worthles fark. BTW I am white.
2002-02-22 11:50:04 AM  
Reward-seeking purse finder dies from gunshot wound

What about blouse-wearing poodle walkers? And gruff-talking kilt-wearers?

[image from pencorse.freeserve.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-02-22 11:51:03 AM  
Ah yes.. because an armed society is a polite society, as they always tell us.
2002-02-22 11:52:46 AM  
> "you don't return someone's property and expect a reward. That's practically extortion."

You don't use the promise of a reward to lure someone to a parking lot and then shoot them in the head. That's premeditated (and therefore) first degree murder!

As for the whole "extortion" thing - she offered to give a reward. If she thought that the reward was too high or that this guy was the one who stole her bag, there were a dozen different things she could have done, the most obvious being to have a cop at the meet location. Instead, her brother-in-law killed him. Fark anyone who feels sympathy for her.
2002-02-22 11:58:09 AM  
Someguy: I didn't think anybody would get a reference as tangential as that one! Hooray for Fark!
2002-02-22 12:08:07 PM  
Bad_Sinfluence - You're trying to be funny, right?
2002-02-22 12:32:28 PM  
Folks, the guy had no right to ask for a reward. If you find someone else's property and pick it up and carry it off with any other intention than to give it back to the person or to authorities, then you are guilty of theft. Granted, the victim shouldn't go meet the thief in the parking lot and then assert her property rights while her backup sits in the car with a hidden firearm. Someone's going to get blown away like that. But Lawn Boy there wasn't "being nice" to anyone. The woman should have met him in the parking lot with a police escort.

Again, word to the wise: "Finding" property you know not to be your own, and keeping it, constitutes theft. Lilac, your friend's "compromise" was theft on top of destruction of property and possibly obstruction of justice. Isn't that nice?
2002-02-22 12:39:37 PM  
2002-02-22 12:40:30 PM  
Spend the rest of their lives
In San Ber'dino

Oh Bobby, I'm sorry you gotta head like a potato
I really am
2002-02-22 12:45:16 PM  
Whoops! Got a little carried away with the Enter key!

Jynkst: I don't believe that this was premeditated, and I don't know of many people that would lure others to parking lots with $50 in attempts to shoot them in the head. That's like saying that the purse was intentionally left around to lure a guy in so that they could shoot him in the head - not likely.

It was wrong to ask for the money, and it was even more wrong for her brother to pull out a gun. I agree with Boorite - she should have brought police when he said he wanted money out of the deal. What a sad story.
2002-02-22 12:48:35 PM  
Sad to see this, especially since it happened in the town where I grew up. My buddy runs a print shop just down the block from the burger joint where the shooting went down. I think I've passed it maybe a thousand times...


2002-02-22 12:53:08 PM  
Extortion, no reward??? Give me a break. The cost and hassle of replacing driver license, credit cards etc.. is well worth the 50 bucks.

Fry the baastard!!!
2002-02-22 01:03:40 PM  
" Mrshark
Guns kill people...."

Errr No, technically lack of oxygen to the brain kills people. When a gun is involved it generally includes
BULLETS. While ammunition HAS been known to spontaneously
ingnite, that is very rare. The bottom line here is as always, a poor excuse for a human killed another human.
2002-02-22 01:04:51 PM  
Where did it say that the guy requested $50? I mean, what I got out of it was that the people promised a reward, and he got there and returned the purse, and was like "well, what about that reward?"

"Well, this bullet's worth about $.50!"
2002-02-22 01:15:30 PM  
I wonder if Tammy and Mark anderson are related in any way with Arthur Anderson?
2002-02-22 01:23:28 PM  
Kupek, I don't know where you got that. It doesn't say whether the guy gave the purse back or demanded the $50 first. It does say that "a shoving match broke out between the two." Now, if she had the purse, I doubt she'd go starting a shoving match with the guy. I can see where he might have shoved her or blocked her way to the car because he wanted his $50, which he had no right to. You know what it is when you use battery or the threat of battery to take someone's property? It's robbery.

If, OTOH, he still had it, and she tried to grab it from him, and he shoved her, then that's still battery + larceny = robbery. Remember, it's her property.

The way I see it, a thief, maybe even a robber, got shot. It didn't have to happen, and the people who did it were reckless and stupid. But it looks like they shot a robber. It doesn't matter that he thought he was doing them a favor. Criminals often attribute the highest motives to themselves-- "I didn't mean to kill the guy" etc. The fact is (it seems) he took the woman's property and used physical force on her.

Whoever said this was premeditated murder needs to get hold of a copy of West's Nutshell series.
2002-02-22 01:57:34 PM  
$50 is a lot to ask for a purse return, hell I don't even have $50 in my wallet now.
2002-02-22 02:18:39 PM  
"He asked for a $50 reward". You don't ask for a reward. A reward is offered. Dumb gardener.
2002-02-22 02:47:38 PM  
Well, a few more of my so-called thoughts on this, and I'll give it a rest. This rambling legal rumination has direct practical consequences for you and me, Farkers, so please bear with me.

The guy shot the thief in the head. Here is the crucial question: Was he responding (or did he believe himself to be responding) to a threat of lethal force? If so, he's exonerated, in theory. If not, he's a criminal. So if, for example: The thief said something like "I'll kill you, biatch"; or the thief was so much more physically able than the woman that the prospect of a beating was a threat to life and limb; or the thief showed a weapon, or the shooter thought he showed a weapon; then shooting him in the head was a reasonable response.

If, on the other hand, the guy shot him because he was mad or to keep him from taking the purse, then he's guilty (but probably not of murder 1, unless he just drove up and popped the guy).

HERE'S the practical bit for you and me: It all comes down to what the shooter and the woman say to the cops. Since an eyewitness account has the woman in a "shoving match" with the thief, it is probably in the shooter's (and the woman's) hands to either save his case or blow it, whether he's guilty or not. So if this happens to you, Farkers, say this when asked why you did it:

"That guy tried to kill her."

"I saw him try to kill her."

"He said he was going to kill her, then he grabbed her."

etc. Disclose only that you shot because that guy was going to kill your sister-in-law (or whatever), and say you'll make a full statement when you get a lawyer and calm down. Even justified shooters make mistakes under stress. DO NOT try to tell a big story. Stick with one fact: He tried to kill her (or you or whatever the circumstances call for).

And if you're in that woman's role and someone has been shot down on your behalf, say simply, "That guy was trying to kill me, and the other guy shot him."

"I wanted my purse back and I refused to give him $50. He got so mad. He grabbed me and shoved me and I thought, this is it, I'm going to die in this stupid parking lot. Then my buddy shot him."

Simple as that.

'Course it won't work if you're guilty, because that third-party eyewitness would give a different story. Perverse thing is that it's easier to talk yourself into guilt than out of it.

My .02 bucks US. Disclaimer: Following my advice will result in serious death and injury etc.
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