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2002-02-21 02:24:27 PM  
I knew it! I knew it! Now I know that the military is trying to make me... wait a second. Why should I tell you?
2002-02-21 02:24:33 PM  
Yes! I knew it! I knew it!
2002-02-21 02:25:28 PM  
With one of those, I could broadcast Hendrix solos from my ass.
2002-02-21 02:25:30 PM  


2002-02-21 02:26:13 PM  
I love the voices in my head - they keep me company...
2002-02-21 02:26:17 PM  
2002-02-21 02:26:48 PM  
Did you hear that?
Nevermind, it's gone now.
Did you hear that?
Nevermind, it's gone now.
Did you hear that?
Nevermind, it's gone now.
2002-02-21 02:27:20 PM  
Why is it always the goal of the military to use it for inflicting pain????
2002-02-21 02:28:35 PM  
Lode - um, because that's what the military is for?

But still:

American Technology is also working on a stronger version of the technology called Directed Stick Radiator, Croft said. This "acoustic assault rifle" is shaped like a gun, but instead of bullets, it dispenses high-decibel sounds that would cause discomfort or even pain.

Croft said the company is developing prototypes of the debilitating weapon that could be mounted on a jeep and used for crowd control. "It could be a very effective first-level deterrent," he said.

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2002-02-21 02:29:14 PM  
I don't know how entertaining it would be to have voices in my head that only I could hear. I'll stick with headphones thank you very much.
2002-02-21 02:30:18 PM  
The military, however, is investigating using it to confuse opponents or even inflict pain.
The military kicks ass
2002-02-21 02:30:19 PM  
MMmmm. Imagine being able to 'talk' directly into the car of the idiot that just cut you off on the highway because she was putting on lipstick....

It could become more annoying than the laser pointer. Comedians on stage getting heckled by someone no one else can hear....
2002-02-21 02:31:20 PM  
I could have a lot of fun with one of these just outside a psych ward at a hospital.
2002-02-21 02:32:04 PM  
must...reach... for .... tinfoil ....hat .... must ..... reach ......
2002-02-21 02:34:21 PM  
Actually, if you guys want to know the truth (and let's face it, you slobs couldn't find the truth if you had a wet paper bag and a blowtorch), "voices in your head" are actually guardian angels giving you advice on what to and what not to do. The majority of them are people who have already passed on, and are simply helping out those still in the mortal world. Occassionally, they can take on physical form and interact with you, but you'll usually not be able to tell who and what they really are. You shouldn't be creeped out by them, unless of course you think about the fact that they've seen you naked and everything you do...everything.

Thankfully they're just out to do a job and most are very good at it. Don't believe guardian angels exist? Then answer me this one question: How the heck do you explain Steve Guttenberg?
2002-02-21 02:35:10 PM  
I'll help fund your project, Johnz16. That's the funniest idea I've heard today.
2002-02-21 02:36:47 PM  
The prank possibilities are endless......
2002-02-21 02:39:43 PM  
They just had to throw farking Bono in at the end of a perfectly cool article. I'll agree with The Onion when they say he is in need of a major cock punch.

Altho I'd still be interested to see how this guy can get sound to sound decent thru one of these. Sure talking and cheesey displays might work, but to get low frequencies to remain ultra-directional is quite difficult. That why u can usually throw a subwoofer wherever and it still sounds ok.
2002-02-21 02:39:46 PM  
And how is this NOT "SCARY" ???
2002-02-21 02:40:54 PM  
Digitalchris: After reading this article I sent the URL around the office saying it was the coolest thing ever. Your idea tops it. Being able to tell off other drivers would be the most satisfying use for this technology. I think I'll expand my job search to include longer commutes now.
2002-02-21 02:41:28 PM  
cause it is farking cool. think of how music will become 3d in a couple of yrs. i was working on a program to do some insane audio tracking and playing, but this is rad. just farking rad.
2002-02-21 02:42:58 PM  

I agree. Need a sponsorship? Talk to me. Let's see ... Glaxo Smithkline, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Bayer ...
2002-02-21 02:44:37 PM  
Put this into a Teddy Ruxpin bear, you'll be able to convince milions of elderly Japanese that the bears are demonically possessed!
2002-02-21 02:49:11 PM  
I have this voice in my head everyday telling me to stop wasting time on fark and get some work done. Oh..it's my boss.
2002-02-21 02:49:17 PM  
How did you know there were voices in my head? ARE YOU LISTENING!?!?!?!?
2002-02-21 02:52:12 PM  
I am real happy this guys are on our side. Just imagine if Cobra Commander ever get hold of this kind of technology. He would even have to waste the ammo trying to not kill G.I.Joe
2002-02-21 02:55:42 PM  
I wonder why SLAYERSWINE hasn't posted in here yet - he claims to have several voices in his head, including one Chinese man named Li...
2002-02-21 02:57:39 PM  
am i the only one who thought of the brown sound south park episode?
2002-02-21 03:01:27 PM  
"the kids in the back seat enjoyed heavy metal while the parents relaxed to elevator music."

What the hell kind of 50's weenies did they dig up for this?
2002-02-21 03:07:05 PM  
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am a schizophrenic,
and so am I.
No, you are not.
Yes, I am!
Oh Yeah ?
(SLAYERSWINE flails on his floor trying to choke himself to death)
2002-02-21 03:07:56 PM  
I heard about this already in Discover magazine...

...a few years ago.
2002-02-21 03:10:48 PM  
The Audio Spotlight emits sounds in the 60-kilohertz range, which, according to Blackstock, is well above the 20-KHz limit of human hearing.

Only according to him, eh?
2002-02-21 03:13:43 PM  
JoeShow : That was my first thought... the "Brown Noise".
2002-02-21 03:19:47 PM  
The device transmits a narrow beam of ultrasound (blue), which, due to the inherent nonlinearity of the air itself, distorts (changes shape) very slightly as it travels. This distortion creates, along with new ultrasonic frequencies, audible artifacts (green) which can be mathematically predicted, and therefore controlled. By constructing the proper ultrasonic beam, this nonlinearity can be used to create, within the beam itself, an audible sound beam containing any sound desired.

Anyone else think this reads like something from timecube.com?
2002-02-21 03:26:17 PM  
"Mr. Worf, the Borg have stolen our music beam technology!"
2002-02-21 03:42:14 PM  
This would be great for those nutso old people that say they hear voices.

Point it at them and just say things like:


or make a little scraping noise or something.

The possibilities are truly endless. Heck you could probably drive people insane with something like this.

A place where I worked once had these strange lighting fixtures in the ceiling. They were a perfect semisphere. It caused some very odd acoustics; when you tapped or scraped your foot it bounced around and sounded like it was coming out of the ceiling. And the ceiling was about 10 feet up.
2002-02-21 04:18:39 PM  
"The Audio Spotlight converts ordinary audio into high-frequency ultrasonic signals that are outside the range of normal hearing. As these sound waves push out from the source, they interact with air pressure to create audible sounds."

I may remember wrong, but if you play an ultrahigh frequency sound wave very loud, you can induce hedaches and dizziness in a victim. A sound very subsonic, played loud enough, can rupture internal organs! I bet that's what the military is playing with.

(end conspiracy theory)
2002-02-21 04:30:43 PM  
I like how the guy who wrote the article seems to think that "air pressure" and "sound waves" are different things.
2002-02-21 04:47:28 PM  
Cars are the perfect target for this technology... But think of all of the restraining orders that will have to be rewritten. "Your honor, the defendant was told to stay 200 yards away from my client, but with this device he has been whispering obscene U2 songs into her ear every day."

Let me go change my windows to something with a different vibration frequency so you can't yell at me, or listen to what I say inside. Granite comes to mind.
2002-02-21 05:24:59 PM  
This technology sounds to me like it's the equivalent of what a laser does to light - projects it in a linear fashion. I would imagine that there are health risks associated with it.

-he who stacks pork
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