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2004-11-13 09:29:32 AM  
What a coincidence. Wasn't Check Your Head the last decent B-Boys album too?
2004-11-13 09:53:03 AM  
for real, thier license to ill expired in the 80's =\
2004-11-13 11:08:00 AM  
You guys don't know shiat. The Beasties still rule. Check Your Head was their weakest album.
2004-11-13 11:37:45 AM  
Corpulence is wise. Beasties rule.

/got the ill communication
2004-11-13 11:55:17 AM  
So they had to fight?

5 Buroughs wasn't that great, but how could they ever top Paul's Boutique?
2004-11-13 12:44:30 PM  
2004-11-13 01:21:47 PM  
Greetings, and welcome to 5 days ago!
2004-11-13 01:23:33 PM  
2004-11-13 01:26:21 PM  
Your mom busted in and says,
what's that noise?
Ah mom your just jealous,
its the Beastie Boys!
2004-11-13 01:26:53 PM  
Wow, this is great news I love the Beasties. Say whatever happened to that dispute between the Bboys and the Beatles, was that ever resolved?
2004-11-13 01:27:41 PM  
Thank you, Corpulence!
2004-11-13 01:27:56 PM  
yeah, the beatles all died (or are in the process...)
2004-11-13 01:28:01 PM  
Do I still neded to fight for my right to partaaaaay?
2004-11-13 01:28:04 PM  
You gotta fight, for your right to ...use samples legally.
2004-11-13 01:28:07 PM  
"5 Buroughs wasn't that great, but how could they ever top Paul's Boutique?"

So true, though some would claim that album's greatness stemmed from the involvment of the Dust Brothers.

/yo they just got my little cousin, esse.
2004-11-13 01:28:30 PM  
Word. BBs rock.
2004-11-13 01:29:12 PM  
Their deaths have little to do with the suit I think. The Beatles and Apple are still at it....
2004-11-13 01:29:47 PM  
I've got a plan to reunite the Beatles.....kill the other 2!
2004-11-13 01:30:22 PM  
hmm i'm not familiar with this sample. i'll have to listen to pass the mic when i get home from work to identify it.

oooor someone can host the mp3 so i don't have to do that.

come on. do it. you can't you won't and you don't stop.
2004-11-13 01:30:33 PM  
I think this is it:

[image from audioedit.vunct.net too old to be available]
2004-11-13 01:31:11 PM  
Isn't in the one in the background when they're saying, "cause you cant , you wont, and you dont stop"?
2004-11-13 01:31:19 PM  
I just saw the Beasties a few weeks ago, and it was one of the best performances I've ever seen. MMM is a farking legend. I think their latest album is great, I don't know what you guys are talking about.. it being weak.
2004-11-13 01:31:34 PM  
mojomonkee: Talk about service.
2004-11-13 01:32:09 PM  
Wrong. This will get shot down on appeals. Beastie Boys do not, have not, and will never rule
2004-11-13 01:32:22 PM  
My two cents: Sabotage was the best single of the 1990s, slightly shading Smells Like Teen Spirit. Same with the videos.
2004-11-13 01:32:26 PM  
Whooop whoop is the disco call...
2004-11-13 01:32:55 PM  
Any other requests?
2004-11-13 01:33:00 PM  
So are they just too lazy to create their own sounds to sample or what? Unless it's just to see what they can make from common sounds I don't get it.
2004-11-13 01:33:32 PM  
The only time they rule these days is on karaoke night. Right up there with YMCA and I Will Survive.
2004-11-13 01:34:34 PM  
"Sampling has since become a staple of many artists, especially in the rap and hip-hop genres."

I'm just wondering, would anyone who knew/cared enough about music to read the entire article need to be informed of this?

I thought the Beastie's were cool once too... when I was 13 (egads - that was almost 20 years ago). But then you have to grow up...
2004-11-13 01:37:02 PM  
2004-11-13 01:37:15 PM  
egads, indeed!!!
2004-11-13 01:37:27 PM  
I agree with Mike_Bolton they put on the greatest concert I've seen. Saw them outside Atlanta, they've been putting on shows long enough to know what the crowd wants, and the crowd wants videos of shirtless Indian men fighting with spears.
2004-11-13 01:37:56 PM  
The Beastie Boys hasn't "ruled" since they went (c)rap.
2004-11-13 01:38:51 PM  
The Beastie Boys used the sample in their song "Pass the Mic" off the 1992 album "Check Your Head."
2004-11-13 01:39:57 PM  
ClemsonChili.....My mom must be part of the "crowd"...she asked for shirless indian men fighting with spears for christmas!
2004-11-13 01:41:44 PM  
Paul's Boutique is about the greatest album ever...it'd be tough to improve from there.
2004-11-13 01:42:10 PM  
It seemed a little weak, but 5 boroughs might be good. I only listened to it once or twice before it was stolen from my car...and I'm still too poor to replace anything. At least they failed to steal my entire car.

/B-boys always have, always will be awesome
2004-11-13 01:46:52 PM  
You just couldn't make another Paul's.
2004-11-13 01:50:07 PM  
Is it me or did Vanilla Ice sample David Bowie's "Under Pressure" for Ice Ice Baby?
2004-11-13 01:51:46 PM  
If I knew they were going to get that kind of ruling, I'd of stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes.
2004-11-13 01:54:13 PM  
mmmm....It does go well with the chicken

delicious again, peter
2004-11-13 01:54:45 PM  
farking elitists. Get off the Beasties. Growing up does not mean leaving your music behind, unless you are a conformist moron who listens to what his "new" peers do simply "because". I loved the Beasties when I was 13 too. I still do and just saw them live for the first time. It took me 2 days to wipe the grin off of my face. There is nothing wrong with keeping your musical taste intact. But, hey, if Kenny G is your new cup of tea- go with it.

Anyone who even remotely appreciates rap should pay proper homage to the Beasties. If you don't like rap at all, that's fine too- but your opinion fails to count as you have no idea what the hell you are talking about (In reference to the beasties).
2004-11-13 01:55:55 PM  
"We hold that Beastie Boys' use of a brief segment of that composition, consisting of three notes separated by a half-step over a background C note, is not sufficient to sustain a claim for infringement of Newton's copyright," Chief Judge Mary Schroeder wrote in her opinion.

But if it had been five notes separated by whole steps over a background blues scale, heaven help them.

/thinks intellectual property is stupid
2004-11-13 01:57:51 PM  
This would be ten times funnier written like this:

It's official: court says Beastie Boys rule
2004-11-13 01:58:49 PM  
Paul's Boutique is my favorite Beastie Boys album. In Check Your Head they played thier own instruements, the Beastie Boys were originally a punk band.
2004-11-13 02:00:26 PM  
How can anyone agree with Micheal Bolton? He's just a no-talent ass clown.

/always funny/
2004-11-13 02:01:10 PM  
Licenced to Ill is the only album I had in LP, Cassette and CD formats.
2004-11-13 02:01:13 PM  
arent the beastie boys the ones who put a self-loading program on their latest CD which wouldnt let you rip the cd to your computer?

they can dish it out but they cant take it?

i like the beastie boys, to an extent, but they take themselves way too seriously these days.

then again, most artists do. especially if theyve been around for a decade or so.
2004-11-13 02:01:45 PM  
not much flute in punk music
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