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(Lebanon Enterprise)   The Fark state's State Troopers set up roadblocks to distribute candy to people who aren't wearing seatbelts   ( divider line
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4313 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2002 at 12:50 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-21 12:51:56 PM  
MMMM! Candy!
2002-02-21 12:52:14 PM  
The donuts were saved for the troopers
2002-02-21 12:53:02 PM  
Yummy....cream soda flavored Dum Dum's are the best!!!
2002-02-21 12:53:06 PM  
When Kentucky gets electricity, it will be a pretty cool state.
2002-02-21 12:53:27 PM  
Just an excuse to see exactly what those students are smoking at lunch time...
2002-02-21 12:54:31 PM  
"You don't have any drugs or guns in the car do you? You don't mind if I look, just to make sure. No? Why not? If you don't have anything to hide you shouldn't mind if I just look around."

2002-02-21 12:54:49 PM  
Tonight I am going to hand out balloons to people who fart on the train.
2002-02-21 12:54:51 PM  
someone is gonna choke on a dum dum, get into a car accident, then sue the whole damn state and WIN.
2002-02-21 12:55:55 PM  
"Drivers wearing seatbelts were given Smarties and drivers that weren't were given Dum-Dums"

Actually, that's pretty cool. Here, they'd get a damn $90 ticket for being an asshead.

In other news: Driver arrested for asking the Trooper when given a Dum Dum, "Sir, does it have cream filling?"

2002-02-21 12:56:46 PM  
Giving candy to people not wearing seatbelts....
i always got a ticket. It's not fair...
2002-02-21 12:57:09 PM  
Aren't the drivers without seatbelts already obese?
2002-02-21 12:57:13 PM  
They should have told people ahead of time. That way you could have taken off your seatbelt or put in on depending on your candy preference.
2002-02-21 12:58:33 PM  

That's Comedy!!!!!!
2002-02-21 12:59:47 PM  
So...that's free candy for moving violations in Kentucky? I like it.
2002-02-21 01:01:18 PM  
Yet another example of what happens when a department can't figure out how to use its extra budget money.

Then again, perhaps they saved a tree or two by not having to file all that ticket paper-work!

Not that i'm complaining, i'll take a Dum-Dum any day!
2002-02-21 01:02:59 PM  
The girl in the picture should give me some candy.
2002-02-21 01:03:06 PM  
This seems like a ridiculas waste of time, and candy for that matter. I wear my seatbelt and I would rather have dum dums.
2002-02-21 01:03:27 PM  
So, what do they do at DUI stops? Soda for designated drivers, and a koozie for anyone with an open container?
2002-02-21 01:04:05 PM  
When they catch folks at rest stops giving each other oral treats, they should hand out Blow-Pops.

You sure got a purty mouth.
2002-02-21 01:04:32 PM  
You are all assuming the Dum-dums are a reward. The article didn't say where the troopers were putting them.
2002-02-21 01:08:58 PM  
Okay, so how many of you wear your seat-belts on a regular basis? (Good, that's safe.)

But how many of you take the trouble to thread the belt through each and every loop on your pants? (Hmm, now that's REALLY safe!)
2002-02-21 01:09:06 PM  
the FARK state; that must be Colombia, right?
2002-02-21 01:10:50 PM  
nestle's crunch for the fender benders and mounds for all the pretty girls?
2002-02-21 01:12:36 PM  
Do ya get Juicy Fruit if you have a rainbow sticker?
2002-02-21 01:13:48 PM  
You think they been around awhile?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-21 01:13:49 PM  
Zero for accident victims.
2002-02-21 01:15:05 PM  
When Kentucky gets indoor plumbing, it will be a pretty cool state.
2002-02-21 01:15:58 PM  
You mean it's *legal* to drive around in some parts of the US without a seatbelt on?

Whoa... I wouldn't like to imagine an average-weight american accellerating through a windscreen at me ;-)

2002-02-21 01:17:11 PM  
Do you get a really big ding-dong for a felony?
2002-02-21 01:20:12 PM  
FruitBAtYou mean it's *legal* to drive around in some parts of the US without a seatbelt on?

Rural Kentucky, hell I think you can marry your sister there. So I don't think seatbelts are a huge concern.

And damn, DumbDumbs are way better then crappy smarties. Who would want chalk candy when you could have a lollypop.

And yes, I know from experiance, I have family from northern Kentucky and Sothern Ohio.
2002-02-21 01:22:15 PM  
you have got to be kidding me!!! Who submitted this?? That is my hometown...I actually still own a house there that I rent.

Oh, crap...I said that aloud didn't I. Hey, but look at it this way...Maker's Mark comes from the same county...
2002-02-21 01:23:28 PM  
I have a POPCORN flavored Dum Dum. It's been in my desk for approx 6 months. I'm afraid of it.
2002-02-21 01:26:12 PM  
I thought the article came from the Lesbian Enterprise. Guess I need to read more carefullly.
2002-02-21 01:41:53 PM  
"Drivers wearing seatbelts were given Smarties and drivers that weren't were given Dum-Dums."

And blondes are taken into the back seat of the police van and made to perform the 'breathalyzer'.
2002-02-21 01:47:11 PM  
In other news...stock for Spangler Corporation (The company that makes dum dums) is up by 40 percent
2002-02-21 01:48:40 PM  
2002-02-21 01:56:57 PM anyone that works w/ me can attest, I keep an abundance of candy in bowls on my desk...for the wandering people that want to give me something to do...I distract them w/ sweets. Damn, I shouldn't say that...a lot of people I work w/ read fark...managers and all. point...I have dum dum's as well...and I can not force anyone to take a popcorn flavored dum dum. Notice how it is cleverly printed like it is cherry flavored w/ the red print and all. What a marketing ploy...give it a nasty flavor and make it look like a cherry.

Now wait...that last statement reminds me of a girl I used to date...
2002-02-21 02:01:31 PM  
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: "Are you allowed to eat Smarties, Private Pyle?"

Private Pyle: "Sir, no, sir!"

Hartman: "And why not, Private Pyle?"

Pyle: "Because my seatbelt doesn't fit, sir."

Hartman: "WRONG! Because you are a disgusting fatbody, Private Pyle!!"
2002-02-21 02:05:14 PM  
Enphinitie: Yes, they do try to disguise the popcorn flavored ones and they ARE terrible...kind of like the popcorn flavored Jelly Belly's...
2002-02-21 02:16:52 PM  
The rest of the story. When she ran out of candy guys wearing seatbelts were given blowjobs and guys not wearing seatbelts only got had jobs.
2002-02-21 03:17:10 PM  
FLA Chickie...bleh!!!! nasty jelly belly's are the worst. You go to the store and pick up a pack and then start eating them...then you figure out you got the pack that has all these crappy flavors in it. Who in their right mind thinks popcorn is a good candy flavor??? Give me cherry...or strawberry...watermelon...raspberry...chocolate...not popcorn...not even buttered popcorn... one liked the popcorn Jelly Belly's I had in my office once either. Just like the nasty dum dum's...they end up in the trash...
2002-02-21 03:17:47 PM  
I agree, Johnz16. I love DumDums, and always wear my seatbelt. Maybe they'd make an exception.
2002-02-21 03:40:58 PM  
"Drivers wearing seatbelts were given Smarties and drivers that weren't were given Dum-Dums."

Much funier when you're from a country that doesn't have candy called dum-dum, my first thought was about the bullets sharing the same name. Cop: "If you don't wear a seatbelt, I'll put a dum-dum bullet through your head for your own safety..."
2002-02-21 07:19:49 PM  
This have anything to do with obese people not having to wear seatbelts?
2002-02-21 09:10:35 PM  
So, like, there's no real crime in Lebanon, KY? They have to set up roadblocks to see if people are wearing seatbelts?
2002-02-22 12:15:04 AM  
Oh nevermind it's Kentucky
2002-02-22 01:29:47 AM  
2002-02-22 10:33:37 AM  
MommyWoman...Lebanon is are correct. I grew up in the same county and went to high school there. I still own a house I rent there. It can be quite an odd place. Don't tell anyone where I'm from tho...
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