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(CNBC)   Some people don't appear to be able to catch covid. Science has some guesses as to why   ( divider line
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3442 clicks; posted to Main » and STEM » on 03 Feb 2022 at 9:10 AM (34 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-02-03 11:04:34 AM  
I envy people that don't get sick.

*Knocks on wood for me and people I know now.*
2022-02-03 11:17:51 AM  
My dipshiat boss might be one of them. He claims his wife caught the 'rona two times and he has yet to catch it himself. And all it does is inflame his MAGAtitis, cuz naturally everyone else is exactly like him.

Or he's a lying sack of shiat. I'm going with the latter myself.
2022-02-03 11:25:50 AM  
A couple who are very close to us -- he got COVID, their son got COVID, she didn't. Their response after they realized he was sick included a 7 hour automobile trip together. (All 3 had been vaccinated and boosted and their illnesses were relatively mild. If 100 degree fever and pain like a broken bone is mild.)

Back in the day, some people didn't get plague. Genetic luck.
2022-02-03 11:30:04 AM  

yakmans_dad: A couple who are very close to us -- he got COVID, their son got COVID, she didn't. Their response after they realized he was sick included a 7 hour automobile trip together. (All 3 had been vaccinated and boosted and their illnesses were relatively mild. If 100 degree fever and pain like a broken bone is mild.)

Back in the day, some people didn't get plague. Genetic luck.

Damn. I'm on lockdown for another few days with my case and I had an annoying head cold for 3 days, slight dry cough and a lot of tiredness.

/bless you vaccine inventors
2022-02-03 11:43:32 AM  
Because I eat apple-flavored horse paste by the tub. mmmm mmm good.
2022-02-03 12:12:55 PM  
My wife & I both tested positive in December of 2020 after I came back from a work trip to the Boston area just before Christmas.  I had no symptoms and wouldn't have known except she showed the standard symptoms (loss of taste & fever).  We think I brought it back with me, but she could have picked it up at a grocery store as well.

I was in China for about 3 months total during 2012 and was sick multiple times with cold / flu like symptoms.  So my theory on why I didn't get sick with Covid or any of the vaccine shots is that while in China I was exposed to some SARS type virus so my body already knew how to fight them off.  The people who don't get sick from Covid may have been exposed to another virus that has a similar enough makeup that their body will stop it before it gets bad.
2022-02-03 12:25:14 PM  
I'd think if you play for the Houston Texans that would make you immune from COVID. They can't catch anything.
2022-02-03 12:33:13 PM Full Size
Can the research be used to help this poor woman?
2022-02-03 12:46:07 PM  
However Kundu also cautioned that, "while this is an important discovery, it is only one form of protection, and I would stress that no one should rely on this alone. Instead, the best way to protect yourself against Covid-19 is to be fully vaccinated, including getting your booster dose."

Well, too late, you published this story. They will be gassing on about it the same way my tiger repelling rock works. And those who actually are more resistant to it, will be blathering on the same way that someone who has 1 billion dollars to their worth started with a small 10 million dollar loan.
2022-02-03 1:01:59 PM  
I'm vaxed and boosted. I've never been particularly "sanitary" with covid. Oh yeah, I wear a mask when its mandatory, but that's about it. I'm surprised I haven't gotten it. I'm sure I've been enough situations that one would expect to get it. Grocery shopping without a mask, etc. One son( not vaxed) has had it twice.

/having now jinxed myself, I'll come down with it tomorrow.
2022-02-03 1:23:07 PM  
I'm a shut-in these days. Do most of my work over the internet. Can't catch it if I'm not exposed to it.
2022-02-03 1:23:16 PM  
It's only one data point, but I was exposed directly for 6+ hours in a room full of people, all of whom (all vaxed & boosted) were infected except me, including people seated further away and with less close contact with the unknown-at-the-time "patient zero".

I'm not going to risk my health on it, but if someone was doing a study near enough by and wanted a blood sample, I'd give it to them, for Science.  I couldn't believe I didn't have so much as a sniffle.
2022-02-03 1:31:12 PM  
My in-laws had 5 people living in a small house. 2 of them caught it at them same time but not the others.
2022-02-03 1:48:37 PM  
Two specific immunoglobulins (M and G1 I think) may be the key. Those with low levels had far worse outcomes from COVID. A BBC science podcast last week.
2022-02-03 2:37:26 PM  
My vaccinated 10 year old  just tested positive today so I'm getting a kick.....
2022-02-03 2:44:22 PM  
I tested positive in July - after getting the J&J vaccine in March.
Mrs. Poet was by my side the entire time, never tested positive.
/ Another anecdotal data point
// Had what felt like a bad head cold that lasted 3 days, a little feverish
/// Got boosted (Moderna) in October, fingers crossed no more breakthroughs
2022-02-03 3:14:25 PM  
I've been seriously wondering if Im one of these people lately. Both pre & post vax I've had tons of exposure. Multiple family outbreaks, multiple work outbreaks, lots of close quarter contact. Taken tons of tests, never got it. Of course Im not stupid & am not gonna rely on the fact I "might" have elevated T-cells and am triple jabbed.
2022-02-03 3:15:42 PM  
I've been around Covid positive people many times and not gotten sick myself, and neither have my kids. None of us have tested positive yet. I don't pretend that this will always be true. The kids mom has had it 3 times.
2022-02-03 4:58:04 PM  
Decades ago I was working on a project to figure out how colds moved through families.  I was part of the group that was drawing maps of families using software that was looking at a complex database.  That data showed that for some years data the overall shape of the resulting data was consistent for similar families over a given year but the next years data would look different.  Some years there was a strong genetic link, others none which I'm guessing has to do with the stain of colds at the time and past history and some genetics.  I found it odd that allergies followed the same patterns of some of the colds if the time frame was changed from a few weeks to a few years. My theory is that I expect allergies are spread by a yet to be detected cold like virus that has no immediate major symptoms. It wouldn't surprise me if a similar virus did minor damage to the Alpha or Beta cells in the pancreas.
2022-02-03 5:11:18 PM  
Because even coronaviruses have standards
2022-02-03 5:28:27 PM  
Like the governor of California, they didn't inhale.
2022-02-03 5:28:50 PM  
How about immune systems that took millions of years to evolve so that there is both genetic and environmental variations. Those people who caught the right lottery ticket can't catch it.  The first smallpox vaccination was discovered because milkmaids who had caught cowpox were immune to smallpox. That's environmental variation showing different people have different virus histories.  Stephen Crohn's partner was one of the first to contract HIV and eventually die from AIDS.  Stephen Crohn's white blood cells lacked the feature that allowed HIV to enter them so he was genetically immune to it and never showed symptoms.
2022-02-03 6:47:07 PM  
I'm counting on my virulent cases of syphilis and herpes to kill any covid that gets near me
2022-02-03 7:25:32 PM  
My wife caught covid before any vaccines were available, but I didn't even though I was in very close proximity to her.

Of course, since then we have both taken advantage of every opportunity to get vaccinated.

Belt and braces, right?
2022-02-04 10:40:12 AM  
My wife had the sniffles and her doctor told her to get tested.  Her rapid test came back COVID-19 positive.  I immediately got a rapid test and it was negative.  Let's just say you're not only in close contact with your spouse but if you were in contact with the general public in the same way you'd get arrested.  How could I not be COVID-19 positive unless there was something wrong with the test?  We both got a lab test and had the same results. 

My one year vaccine anniversary is coming up and I've been boosted.  I think it's stupid not to be vaccinated and fear for the people I know who won't get it. Even if I knew ahead of time I'm immune to COVID-19 I'd still get vaccinated.
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