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(   Super Genius breaks out of its cell after hearing about monkeys on the loose nearby   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County wildlife rescue, Wildlife Works, escape attempts, Genetic testing, Dog, window seal, Mount Pleasant  
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2022-01-28 12:38:35 AM  
Wiley Coyote?
Coyote sly?
Coyote Gone!
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2022-01-28 1:36:12 AM  
Never underestimate the call of the wild.
2022-01-28 1:45:50 AM  
At least now they know what it is.
2022-01-28 1:46:18 AM  
For any of you who sent donations and would like a refund due to this event, please just contact us by phone or email and we will send the money back to you

They must be new to this. What you say is that the animal absconded with the funds, leaving the animal rescue unable to pay its bills. That way more money will come in, instead of you sending money back.
2022-01-28 1:49:28 AM  
Rules of Acquisition:
#1: Once you have their money, you never give it back.
2022-01-28 2:10:54 AM  
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2022-01-28 2:14:20 AM  
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2022-01-28 2:28:33 AM  
Animaniacs de monkey song
Youtube z6dE8k1ym3w
2022-01-28 2:42:40 AM  
2022-01-28 2:53:36 AM  
Youtube DN50qaJS7Rg
2022-01-28 2:58:06 AM  
IDK but whatever it is, I want two Norwegians in a helicopter to deal with it since Sarah Palin has Covid-19.

That's the creepiest damn dog-like thing I've ever beheld, it seems smarter than the woman that found it. I'm glad it doesn't have thumbs.
2022-01-28 3:04:18 AM  

Incontinent_dog_and_monkey_rodeo: [Fark user image image 490x591]

These go to 11
2022-01-28 3:17:06 AM  
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2022-01-28 3:19:46 AM  
A lot of animals react that way when they hear about macaque.
2022-01-28 3:36:10 AM  
I was wondering why Mark Madden was in jail.
2022-01-28 3:44:30 AM  
Why not both? He could be a coydog. Whatever he is, he's got bad mange.
2022-01-28 3:58:49 AM  
That dog crate looks like it wouldn't hold a 1 year old infant. A wild dog might be as smart as a 2 year old. I hope they put their donations towards actual wall mounted cages.

/I remember asking my 2 year old to get me a coke from the fridge
//Thanks kiddo! You are now officially smarter than the dog.
2022-01-28 4:14:01 AM  
The animal had been rescued with the help of a woman who saw it outside her home in Fairfield Township and thought it was her neighbor's dog.

Good thing there wasn't a Log from Blammo nearby.
2022-01-28 8:15:24 AM  
Nature will uhh, find a way....out
2022-01-28 8:39:29 AM  
It's the offspring of a domesticated dog and a coyote. Probably a mutt domestic with some hound and maybe even some cattle dog. A pure coyote is likely not ever sick or tired enough for you to handle, plus its' features are common to coydogs.
2022-01-28 8:45:58 AM  
The question is not whether it is a dog or a coyote. The question is whether it is a domesticated dog or a wild dog.

When I was a kid in the 70's we had a dog move onto our property that was bigger than a German Shepherd. He never let anyone, not even my mother touch him. My mother assumed it was because previous owners had badly abused him making him fearful of people. Around fifteen years after he arrived, he became sick. My mother petted him for the first time and realized he couldn't stand. Male relatives helped load him in a van and take him to the vet. The vet said "He's got extremely advanced cancer. . . . Oh, and did you know this dog is part wolf?"
2022-01-28 9:58:50 AM  
With helpful Facebook photo montage of an empty crate. The news has video of the animal, why no put on Facebook?
2022-01-28 10:21:36 AM  

NobleHam: Why not both? He could be a coydog. Whatever he is, he's got bad mange.

The horse paste they give for a case of mange usually kills the mange mites (same as human scabies mites) in one dose.  The lack of fur for now remains a problem.

2022-01-28 11:43:39 AM  
Lol, they put a potentially wild animal in one of those collapsible cages and shocked it got out? We used to zip tie ours cause the dog figured out all she had to do was stand up and push and it would just all pop out.
2022-01-28 2:37:41 PM  

foo monkey: [Fark user image 485x679]

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2022-01-28 2:38:24 PM  
When I read the headline I though for sure Sebbie Gorka had gone to join his people.
2022-01-28 3:11:41 PM  
I was going to say that any dog that could escape like that had to be at least part coyote, but then I remembered my SIL's beagle who escaped the vets office, getting out of a cage and through 2 locked doors, to find his way home.
2022-01-28 7:24:32 PM  

Hillbilly Jim: I was wondering why Mark Madden was in jail.

I was wondering if any Yinzers would bite on that.
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