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(I Heart Radio)   This is why I don't eat broccoli. Well not this specifically, things like this   ( divider line
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2022-01-25 8:29:26 AM  
Thanks, subby. This will be useful to add to my list of reasons for not eating it as well.
2022-01-25 8:43:15 AM  
2022-01-25 8:50:30 AM  
Derek Stevens Audition - SNL
Youtube VUrbtUwsRXo
2022-01-25 8:52:47 AM  
A woman in Australia

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2022-01-25 8:53:40 AM  
Woman Shocked To Find Live Scorpion In Her Broccoli

Could have been worse.

The scorpion could have found her first.
2022-01-25 8:55:10 AM  
That's what I'd call a bonus. Fried scorpions are delicious. Being in Australia scorpions are common, and where eating scorpion is common, I'm kinda surprised she flipped out so much.
2022-01-25 8:55:10 AM  
According to an Aldi spokesperson, it is unusual to find a scorpion in their bagged vegetables

Is their Spokesman a Mr. M. Python?   Of course it'd been worse if they said "oh yeah, scorpion in the broccoli? is she sure there was just one?  We try to ensure AT LEAST three per bag."
2022-01-25 8:56:03 AM  
Meh. Extra protein.

I'll eat all the broccoli you don't.

/I recommend staying upwind.
2022-01-25 8:56:22 AM  
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2022-01-25 8:56:40 AM  
The broccoli screamed "Why?  You have doomed us both!"

He just sighed, then replied, "You knew I was a scorpion when we met. It is my nature."
2022-01-25 8:56:49 AM  
Hey! There's people who keep scorpions as pets. They'll pay money for them.
2022-01-25 8:57:09 AM  
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2022-01-25 8:57:51 AM  
She looked down and heard "Get over here!"
2022-01-25 8:57:56 AM  

Jake Havechek: [Youtube-video]

Came to see some for Choppin'.
Leaving satisfied.
Thank you
2022-01-25 8:58:04 AM  
You have to be very cautious about inspecting and cleaning your vegetables.

Contrary to what most might think, a scorpion will not just step up and announce, "HERE I AM!!"

2022-01-25 8:58:32 AM  
Sounds like the scorpion rocked her like a hurricane.
2022-01-25 9:01:04 AM  
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2022-01-25 9:02:35 AM  
even the vegetables want to kill you
2022-01-25 9:05:59 AM  
You know who else didn't like broccoli?
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2022-01-25 9:06:58 AM  
Chloe and her husband attempted to capture the angry arachnid, but ultimately, her father-in-law was able to trap it.

Translation: couple of millennial snowflakes screamed like biatches until Boomer / Gen X dad saved the day.
2022-01-25 9:18:18 AM  
FTA: "According to an Aldi spokesperson, it is unusual to find a scorpion in their bagged vegetables..."

"Unusual" is not a very comforting word here.  Just how often, exactly, does a customer find a scorpion in his or her produce?  Once a week?  Once a month?  This is an area where we are really going to want to nail down exactly what you mean by "unusual."
2022-01-25 9:19:08 AM  
Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Time for Broccoli! | truTV
Youtube ZltfxY87mww
2022-01-25 9:21:33 AM  
i like broccoli
2022-01-25 9:24:05 AM  
Roast it in the oven with salt, pepper, garlic, then spritz it with lime juice. I could eat that all day.
2022-01-25 9:31:54 AM  
Reminds me of an old joke:

A lawyer is eating dinner at a fine French restaurant. He suddenly notices there is a scorpion in his broccoli. Aghast, he jumps up and shouts to the waiter "there's a scorpion in my broccoli!" and the waiter says "no soup, radio!"
2022-01-25 9:52:19 AM  
Brocc you like a hurricane
2022-01-25 10:01:17 AM  
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2022-01-25 10:06:33 AM  
It's Australia, she should be used to stuff trying to kill her!
2022-01-25 10:10:22 AM  

amigafin: [Fark user image image 610x481]

 We use only the finest baby scorpions, dew picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in finest quality spring water.
2022-01-25 10:12:53 AM  
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2022-01-25 10:24:16 AM  
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2022-01-25 10:39:17 AM  
Wash your vegetables, they have crap on them and scorpions.
2022-01-25 1:13:51 PM  
Finally a worthy opponent for the vagina centipede.
2022-01-26 3:39:10 PM  
If someone had a shellfish allergy they could get really hurt eating one of those.
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