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(CBS Chicago) Video County Prosecutor refuses to bring charges against a corrupt & sleazy A) County judge, B) Building inspector, C) Police chief, or D) Doggy Day Care inspector   ( divider line
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2022-01-22 7:25:10 AM  
14 votes:
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( ಠ_ಠ )

/Line breaks are important!
2022-01-22 3:48:33 AM  
13 votes:
In El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA are two nearby businesses: a child day care center & a doggy day care. The doggy day cay has a couple of benches & planters where people can sit & watch the dogs through the glass. The child care center has taped white paper over the windows so no one can see the kids. I suppose if someone did watch the kids, the owners would call the cops. Hubby & I talked about it. Hubby: "Who the hell wants to watch somebody else's ugly-ass kids?"
2022-01-22 5:17:10 AM  
13 votes:

Gilligan13: Leftist????   Nope,, Notinig

On The right::: OMG iT's teh End!!!!!!

This is the kind of clarity and precision we need in cases like this. In fact, I'm a little annoyed that the paper didn't run this quote verbatim. Perhaps if the prosecutor had been given the fullsome argument you have given us, the decision would have keenly arced toward justice.
2022-01-22 4:16:22 AM  
9 votes:
Jose Guillen better hope no one ever googles his name.  It might hurt his employment chances if any prospective employer were to read that Jose Guillen has multiple women that accuse him of sexual assault while on the clock.

Jose Guillen really should be more careful to protect his reputation, because harassment on the job looks a lot like exploitation.

Hope this helps Jose Guillen in the future.
2022-01-22 6:27:05 AM  
9 votes:
I guess he didn't listen to her saying: "No way, Jose!"
2022-01-22 1:44:00 AM  
7 votes:

Aussie_As: Unless the answer is 'all four', there's never a (D), subby.

'All of the above'

And there's always time for (D)
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2022-01-22 6:55:12 AM  
4 votes:

Kriggerel: I guess he didn't listen to her saying: "No way, Jose!"

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2022-01-21 11:39:27 PM  
3 votes:
Unless the answer is 'all four', there's never a (D), subby.
2022-01-22 4:09:02 AM  
1 vote:
I will just say that people should watch the video, and read the article.

The guy was an official State Inspector sent to inspect the Doggie Daycare she was running. There is a portion in the video where they interviewed the man. And he said it was okay for her to touch her, because he had "non-verbal" consent. His exact words "Non-verbal consent - it doesn't exist with everybody. Just in this instance." And then he changed it to claim that he was falling, and he had to grab her ass to keep from falling.

There are very serious scenarios when you lose control over your limbs and you fall down. I won't go over them, I've had seizures, and they are farking horrible, so I can say this wasn't a seizure. This man maintained his composure throughout, if he was feeling lightheaded, he could've put his hand on the desk and stabilize himself. Or he could've fallen backwards on his ass. Or he could've asked her for help to a chair, because he was feeling weak in the knees. The last thing you do is grab a woman's ass for stability. I'd wager he weighs more than she does, so she wouldn't have provided any stabilization.

And if that wasn't enough, two other women came forward with the exact same story of this asshole. I'm glad he was fired, and I hope this follows him. And he should be penalized appropriately, I'm not going to call for the gallows, but he farked with people who had their trust in the licensing boards, and thought that they would have a routine inspection. If they continue on in their businesses, how are they going to feel when a new inspector comes through?

farking piece of human garbage.
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