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(Fark)   Welcome Fark Artists to your Fartist Friday Contest. Our theme: Show & Tell Vol. 15. Show us a favorite artwork you've created and Tell us the story behind its inspiration, materials, backstory. Share your photos, paintings, jewelry, poetry, etc   ( divider line
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2022-01-20 11:17:31 PM  
Welcome Fark Artists to your Fartist Friday Contest. Our theme is Show & Tell Vol. 15. SHOW us your favorite artwork you've created and TELL us the story behind its inspiration, materials, backstory, etc. Share with us your photos, paintings, jewelry, poetry - any art medium! Difficulty: Art you haven't entered into our contests before. Be sure to tell us about your art!

Tippy the Turtle's Tips!

Fark user imageDon't forget to tell us about things like its inspiration, materials, backstory, etc.

Contest Rules:

One (1) individual entry item per post please, and a total of three (3) entries posted maximum allowed per person.

All votable entries must follow this week's theme requirements. Posts that don't follow the theme will remain but have Voting disabled. Be sure to check the theme!

Prize: Bragging rights and a mention in the Fark NotNewsletter!

Hearty congratulations to last week's contest winner RedZone Tuba snags a back-to-back win with a strategically placed smokin' hot rubber ducky - and check out all our talented F'Artistes!

FFFUQ (Fartist Friday Frequently Unasked Questions):

Fartist Fridays are weekly creativity contests that you can participate in with things you have on hand since many of us are stuck at home right now. If you have an idea for a future contest theme please post it here or send it along to Farkback.

Why? To have fun showing off our skills (or lack thereof!) while we practice socially distancing together, and to vote for your favorite entries.

When? This contest is submitted on Thursdays with entries open immediately to TotalFarkers (membership has its privileges!), then it goes to the Main Page on Friday. Entries close around midnight Eastern on Sunday night. All times are approximate because we're all drunk.

How Does Voting Work? Check the "Enable voting for this entry" box. If you forget, just report it and ask. All entries that meet the contest theme are considered eligible for voting, so please mention if you prefer voting NOT be enabled.

Check out past F'artiste contests by clicking on the Topic Tag and check the weekly Fark NotNewsletter for info on that week's contest theme ahead of time. All skill levels encouraged (as you can see from my sample below) and most importantly: We're all in this together so let's create some F'Arts together - Fark Arts, that is.
2022-01-21 2:50:26 AM  
   Star Dancing

Dance anong the stars, my son. Light them with your smile.
Playmates in the Galaxies mix confidence with style.
Remember me with happiness, I think of you with joy.
I miss all that you mean to me, my once-and-future boy!
Recalling all the happy times grows easier each day.
The darkness that your leaving brought has slowly slipped away.
For some day, when transition calls, I'll close my eyes a while
And know that when they open , you'll embrace me with your smile.
So dance among the stars, my son. Frolic happily.
Look forward to the time that you can teach the steps to me.

I wrote this 2 years after my 11 month old son died during heart surgery to try and start healing. I went through many horrible suicidal guilt-ridden times. I was 17 when he died.
I've shared this poem over the decades with other lost parents who told me that it brought them some comfort. I hope it eases your loss just a tiny bit.
You are a hero to use your pain to reach out to help others.
Any Farker who wants to copy and share this poem with someone grieving is welcome to share it.
2022-01-21 2:51:43 AM  
     The Leprechaun
"This is the spot where I met him." Fiona's Aunt announced. "On a full moon night last summer. I was walking in the forest. It had been a very hot day, and had finally cooled down enough to take a midnight walk'"Oh boy, thought Fiona. Her Aunt was well known amongst Fiona and all her cousins for telling the most interesting stories of things she'd seen and done.Some of the cousins thought that their Aunt might secretly be a bit Magic herself. Midnight walks in the forest! Fiona could hardly wait for the day she would be old enough to have midnight adventures in the forest herself.
"I walked around this bush, and there he was! Sitting right there on that log. My first thought, of course, was of his pot of gold. All leprechauns have a secret pot of gold buried somewhere, and if you capture a leprechaun, then they have to show you where it's buried, but they are very clever at escaping and very tricky to get close to."
Fiona gravely nodded, as she had heard a few stories herself, and everyone had seen the commercials for the cereal where the leprechaun always outsmarted the children trying to catch him. Fiona figured if anyone could catch a leprechaun, her Aunt could.
"I decided to try and distract him, and quickly announced "You know, I've heard that the Irish can see 57 shades of green, but I swear that in this forest, I've counted 68! Well, quick to defend his people, the leprechaun jumped up and commenced to arguing such things as sun verses shade, seasonal changes and time of day. We wandered around the forest pointing out different plants and leaves, me defending my shades and he challenging them. He raised some good points and so did I, and finally, he had to admit to 61. By this time it was almost morning."
"And did you ever get close enough to catch him and lead you to his gold?" Fiona eagerly asked, glancing around in case he might be nearby listening.
"Well, here's the thing about that" her Aunt chuckled." By the time we'd wandered and discussed and listened to each other's point of view, why we'd come to respect each other's opinion and had become quite friendly, and you just can't turn on a friend like that, even for gold, without losing respect for yourself.
No, we parted friends, he with his secret and me with my self respect. But word travels fast here in the forest, and a friend to the leprechauns is a friend to all the magical creatures, and I walk this forest any night I please knowing I'm at peace with the critters and the creatures and the things that go bump in the night and at peace with me."
Sky Crane
August 22nd, 2010
2022-01-21 3:02:51 AM  
I wasn't able to wear my jewelry any more.  I'd been getting rashes for a year.  It took that long for me to figure out that I had an allergy, and an allergist confirmed it was to nickel.  So I picked up a beading book at the local book store, figuring I'd just make my own jewelry.  But I spent hours in the bead store, agonizing over which colors to use.  After my first few simple necklaces I gained some confidence.  This is a necklace I made about three months after I started.  It's one of my favorites and reminds me of long summer days.

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2022-01-21 3:38:59 AM  
SPOILER ALERT! A sad ending story:
A few years ago a trumpet player/child care professional facebook friend of mine put up a notice saying she would love it if she could get some help to build a little treehouse at her school. She posted a pic of an olive tree and bam I was transported in my head to when my kids were little and we had olive trees. I built them a plywood box with splinters and earwigs up about 3 feet. no skills, no money, no tools. I HAD to redeem myself I told her and we begged for money from all our friends and crowd sourced this lovely thing. wakitu,Sarah, a bass player named Gerold and I had so much fun and learned so much. When we finally finished the kids took over and loved it, they climbed all over it and she sent me picks and rave reviews from the parents and neighbors. The overwhelming consensus was that it was magical. It transformed the yard, the kids, the curriculum, the teacher and the builders.

Fark user imageView Full Size

this is probably my favorite pic of the bunch. Sarah looks like a little elf and I, well... I look like me only taller.

Fark user imageView Full Size

3 months later, the landlord sold the building and the yard and she had to close the school leaving the treehouse behind. It is still there, I can just see the roof from the shell station. She was such an amazing teacher and that was such an amazing school full of musician's kids. That magical creative learning space was one in a million and now it's gone.

To put a happier spin on it in my mind I am comforted by the fact that kids will be playing on that thing for decades to come.
here's a link to the FB photo album
2022-01-21 5:47:43 AM  
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This was the first original (not just copying instructor) watercolor I did after finishing the beginner's class I took last year.  I really enjoyed doing it and was happy enough with the results to continue doing watercolors.
2022-01-21 7:08:38 AM  
I have had these pearls for quite some time, and finally decided it was time to get designing. I love working with pearls and using them in unexpected ways. I bought the pearls at a gem and mineral show, which is sort of like walking into a giant candy store. I can't go unless I have a strict budget, otherwise I'd go crazy.

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2022-01-21 8:43:47 AM  
A client recently approached, telling me that over the years of his marriage he had made a point to give his wife "forever-flowers" - flowers made of metal, leather, etc. that never die. He asked that I make a rose out of wood, eventually choosing mahogany.
So that was precious as f*ck and what an honor to be even a small part of that tradition, but also, I didn't know if I could (never do until I try) AND I knew I was going to have to power carve to prevent this piece from being outrageously expensive (I price by time).
Power carving is something I've shied away from for purist reasons (knives and gouges, baby) but eventually, purist reasons end up limiting you. So off I went into my wood shop, got friendly with my dremel, and some weeks later, here's his wife's latest forever-flower.

Fark user imageView Full Size


Fark user imageView Full Size

Finished and posing with some not-forever-flowers.

Fark user imageView Full Size

Close-up of some petals.
2022-01-21 10:31:54 AM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

I read a book about VanMeegeren, a Dutch artist who painted fake Vermeers and fooled the art experts and the Nazis into thinking they were real. I was sorely disappointed by his fake Vermerrs because, quite honestly, they were terrible and didn't look like Vermeer's work. So I decided to make my own copy of a Vermeer in colored pencil.
2022-01-21 10:38:35 AM  
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A colored pencil drawing of a hummingbird. My normal subjects are women and cocktails, so I decided to tackle a different one for variety. I wanted something colorful, so birds were a good topic to pick and I ended up choosing a hummingbird. Put in close to 20 hours into this one because of all the details in the feathers.
2022-01-21 11:18:39 AM  
I really don't like posting older things due to the personal emotions often tied to them. So, I will post my favorite artwork that I made this week.

The first one was inspired by a book cover I saw with a cat looking up. I decided to make a play on it. It sort of reminds me of those religious pictures of people looking up to heaven that were popular in Sunday school during my youth. The white patch on it's chest is almost like praying hands. Alternatively, it could just be looking at a bird.

It was made in Krita 5 with RGBA-Wet brushes and a dynamic oil canvas.

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2022-01-21 11:37:04 AM  
My second favorite item I made this week was to test out the impression brushes in Krita. I always like koi paintings and decided to give it a go. It came out rather cute I think. You can just imagine the koi wondering if your going to toss in some food pellets.

It was made in Krita 5 with Impression 2021 v3 brushes and a dynamic oil canvas.

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2022-01-21 12:11:30 PM  
I took a community college drawing 101 course in Northern VA in the early 2000's

I had an assignment due. So I rushed home from work, took out some paper, pastels, and a sharpie and I drew this.

It took me all of 10 mins. Sprayed it down with hair spray and rushed it over to class.

I got an A+

ta da!

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2022-01-21 12:31:02 PM  
My mom dropped a not so subtle hint that she wanted a necklace my grandmother gave me. It was an inexpensive wirework necklace you could get in Tijuana in the fifties. Unfortunately it kept breaking and I had given up fixing it years ago. I made something similar, my first attempt at this type of work. This image is from before I added the chain. The original had a glass disk that was held in place with glue, this one is beads.
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2022-01-21 12:35:14 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

This is a porcelain fish pipe.  The components are thrown and then assembled and modeled.  I dipped the piece in a blue-green slip when leather hard, which I then cut away to make the patterned surface. The glaze is a white glaze that picked up color from the slip.  It's fired to Cone 10 in oxidation.  Here's a detail:

Fark user imageView Full Size

This one was among my attempts to create heirloom smoking implements.  Because of the war on drugs, a lot of what is used is disposable by nature.  But it wasn't always that way.  I got inspiration from native American pipes, as well as Asian forms.
2022-01-21 12:57:02 PM  
Two years ago my brother died from an overdose. I thought painting might somehow be cathartic and shift my internal perspectives. I enjoy experiencing art but had only tried creating it for school classes.

This is one of the first paintings I made after my brother passed, and I still think it's one of the best. It feels emotional.  Blue Swallowtail, acrylic on canvas, July 2020.

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2022-01-21 1:51:52 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

I was bored.
2022-01-21 1:52:06 PM  
My first try at turning burl wood.  It's quickly become my everyday pen.
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2022-01-21 2:20:46 PM  
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"Zikhrona Liverakha" - "May your memory always be a blessing" in Hebrew.  A tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a woman that my grandmother knew from their days in the Women's Liberation movement.

The strand is 20" of frosted black agate and lapis lazuli round beads, with fluted Tibetan silver beads.  

Fark user imageView Full Size

The center pin is constructed of sapphire, ruby and freshwater pearl beads, with a carved aquamarine flower, representing the birthstones of Justice Ginsburg and her family.  The next two pins are constructed of rose quartz, blue dyed jade and a lavender crystal rondel, representing her major cases argued before the Supreme Court, in which she argued cases where a male was the plaintiff, but the issue was one encountered by women on a daily basis. The next two pins are of vintage glass pearls, yellow dyed jade and a pale green glass bicone, mimics the jabot she would wear when reading majority decisions.  The next set, of black glass rectangular beads with gold toned daisy spacers blue and white glass bicones, represents the dissent jabot.  The pins are finished out with angels of white ABS plastic pearls and silver toned findings, representing her call for all to follow their better angels and a hope that Ruth and her husband, Martin Ginsburg, are together again in the hereafter.
2022-01-21 2:48:02 PM  
A friend who lost their cat after an illness was in need of some cheering. So, I collaborated with another friend to acquire a photo of the cat, which I think rendered into a cross stitch pattern. 12p on an oatmeal colored Aida cloth. This is the finished product. 
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2022-01-21 5:41:12 PM  
I have been trying for a while now to get better at realism in my watercolor art and have been very frustrated by my obsessive perfectionism. This was one of the few works I have done that I feel is "picture perfect" while remaining artful in interpretation. Shell included fro comparison:

Fark user imageView Full Size

I am really proud of the way it turned out.
2022-01-21 5:47:37 PM  
Last holidays gone I was tasked with creating a holiday card for the In-laws on the fly; I had been insanely busy that week and hadn't gotten very far and had already spent days working on cards and was exhausted by the work effort as I try to make all of my watercolor cards nice enough for the recipient to be proud to display (some have even framed theirs). I spent a couple of hours trying to interpret some pictures I had seen online and made this little gem:

Fark user imageView Full Size

I had posted it to another site and someone told me it reminded me of a Bill Watterson and I considered that the highest praise I have ever received. I wasn't going for that look, it just sort of happened.

Misc. watercolors on 140# Bee paper, not technically line & wash because I drew the highlights after the fact, the look wasn't right with just paint over pencil.
2022-01-21 5:52:38 PM  
This is a Civil War style "Summer Sheer" that I made, including the petticoat! I made the hair piece too.
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2022-01-21 6:57:25 PM  
And now, in my position as "Poet Laureate of Caturday"..tissue alert. I present to you, hot off the brain..

Fly free

Fly free my beloved
We had
A great run.

I will never forget,
The snuggles.
Velcroe cat

Demanding food
At all hours.

Chatting with me

Fix my bed!

Not what I want!

Ok, how about this?
That will do.

Glad to be of

Indulging you,
My old man,
My pleasure.

Growing old together
A real gift.

Oh, so many memories
Hold you in my heart forever.

You are strong.
Holding on,
For me.

Don't deny,
I know you are.

Fly Free my love,
I will hold you no

I see your Spirit
Longing for release.

My final gift to you,
All of my love
Fly Free.

Fly Free

(C)tigerose 1/21/22
2022-01-21 8:27:03 PM  
                                              The Angel Tree
"And this is my favorite tree at my favorite spot on the creek." Fiona's Aunt said with a 'Tah-Dah!' finish.
Fiona looked. It looked like several other trees lining the creek. In fact, it looked like several other trees throughout the forest on the mountain where they lived.
"Okay, why is this one special?"  she asked, hoping for one of her Aunt's sometimes silly-sometimes thoughtful-always entertaining stories.
"Well," said her Aunt, sitting down next to the tree, "This is my very own personal Angel Tree, and I'll tell you why."
Fiona settled in next to her Aunt.
"It was last Father's Day. It was hot. It was dry. It was 100 degrees in the forest on the mountain where we live. The shaded creek only came up to my knees, but running water and a slight breeze made it seem 20 degrees cooler. I was sitting at this bend in the creek where the river rock had piled up and the winter rains had left broken branches tangled up in the bushes along the creek over them looking like a cross between a Do-Do bird's nest and a hobbit fort. In fact, I even sat next to a tree amusing myself by picturing elf-like creatures behind the fort, piles of rocks and branches at hand to defend the fort from pirate rats in bark boats with leaves for sails. Then I realized that I was just being silly because I didn't want to feel sad. I was sad because it was Father's day. My first Father's Day without my father. I had come to the creek because there were people in my house. My roommate had her family over for a Father's Day dinner.They were nice people, but I missed my Daddy and I needed some time by myself. It was hot. It was dry. Did I mention it was 100 degrees? Anyway, I leaned next to the tree and thought about Daddy. He had been gone 6 months and I missed him. He had been ill along time, but at least he'd been around to talk to. We talked about a lot of things. Sports. Car repairs. Our family. He loved music and he loved a good joke,too. He knew a lot about anything I could ever ask him. The more I thought about missing him, the sadder I got. The sadder I got, the closer I leaned into the tree. I felt heavier and heavier and sadder and sadder and I wished I could cry, and I wished I could hug my Daddy one more time. Then, just as I thought I could never cry again, a drop of water fell from the tree and landed on my arm (did I mention it was dry?) and all of a sudden I felt like the tree was crying for me because I couldn't cry for myself. I hugged the tree and in that instant I felt Daddy hugging me back. The very next instant, I felt Daddy tell me "I have other places to go today" and he was gone, but I know he was here for me for that one moment. He WAS this tree and this tree WAS his angel, and my father came here for one last Father's Day with me. And you know, I called your Grammy and I called your mom and I called our brother, your uncle Lee, and they all told me that at some point in the afternoon, They each felt Daddy come to them for just a brief moment. So now you know why this is my favorite tree. It's an Angel Tree."
Fiona smiled and gently patted a spot on the tree and said "I've missed you too, Grandpa. It's good to know that you're still around watching over us."
Fiona's Aunt smiled at her and took her hand to walk back along the creek.
"Yes'' she said. "It's good to know."
(Having a no-good-very-bad-horrlble-terrible-day and forgot to enable dammed voting!)
2022-01-21 9:26:00 PM  
This is the Virgin Mary coin operated sculpture I made. You cant see it but when you insert a quarter it activates the baby Jesus skeleton inside the womb that lights up and jumps up and down to drum beat music for 60 seconds. I became a X Catholic after Father Crosser kicked me out of Catechism Class in the third grade. The nuns had kicked me out of class in the second grade a year earlier for being hyperactive. This sculpture is a return to that life and my attempt at honoring my roots. Those green LED lights are a clue that when 25 cents is inserted the inside lights up. I can show more but you gotta ask. That is a reflected standing spot reading lamp in the den you can see in the reflection. That guy is created from a Williamsburg chandler that I made with all the brass parts except for the added stand, spring and spot light.     
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2022-01-22 12:20:22 PM  
Oh, yes, I have an entry for this one:  And for a change, it's not a Photoshop.
Behold The Hash Slinging Slasher!

Fark user imageView Full Size

I love Halloween.  And every year I'm looking for new carving ideas that I hadn't tried before.  A couple of years ago, I saw that someone had done this.  So I freely admit that it's not an original idea.  But I did the work.  I figured it all out.  I put in some 4 hours to do the entire project.

As I was doing it, all I kept thinking was, "Man, I hope this works."  So when I took it into the other room and turned out the lights, I was farking jumping up and down like a little kid! It came out AWESOME!!

And it made my kids laugh like idiots.  They are both in college.  But when that Spongebob episode came out, they were still younger.  And they got the reference right away.
2022-01-22 12:42:31 PM  
hi! a few years ago I made some paper collages for my wife's birthday.

they are all handcut out of old books with xacto and glued with paste, mounted in thrift store frames.

this set was the first time i had tried to make multiple pieces in a series. before this my works were all one shot images.

anyway to this day they amount to some of my best and most intricate work. sorry if they don't come out a good size, I tried my best... you can find my instagram info in profile if you want to see more and better quality pics of my work. thanks!

Jack 8"x10" named after her cat who had died the year before
Fark user imageView Full Size

Winter 8"x10" is sort of a power image for my Mrs Gnarly Wizzard whose bday is in Feb. the main image I borrowed from was labeled  "the goddess of heresy" in the book I found it in

Fark user imageView Full Size

Hermes 3"x5" this one is named after Mrs GW's favorite mythical philosopher king.
Fark user imageView Full Size

Love 4"x6" this one has some subtle Alfonse Mucha elements. the stars form the Pleiades, which has significant occult meaning.
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-01-22 12:43:50 PM  
I spent some time studying the light that comes in from my bedroom window through a window privacy film that I put at the top of it because, well, 90's houses tend to have weird arches above some of the windows.

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2022-01-22 1:29:33 PM  

spontn80: knobmaker:

oh, now i found the text, that is very cool.



Fark user imageView Full Size

This one is a waterpipe.

Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-01-22 1:29:44 PM  
Deathrockette and I made spaghetti sauce (its own art).  It was rather messy and messed up my kitchen.   Found splatters on things randomly for months afterwards.  But our sauce was fantastic.  So I said that's it! This operation is moving outside.

I've been described as a natural artist, I like to build things out of what I find. I also like to do larger involved projects like this and my cars (rolling art).

Its been a little while collecting all the materials.  The beams and stone were a barn an hour north of me. Loaded it all by hand, with the exception  of the last 4 or 5 loads, i borrowed a loader tractor to load the big gooners then Hauled it all back with my truck and trailer, it was many trips.  Found the fence, the cinder blocks and the granite tops on craiglist in various places.

still have some lighting  to add and torches to make.   Aso had to put about 300 tons worth of fill in so far. And there's 4 concrete trucks emptied into the pad, sidewalks and steps.

The pile of stones i started with could be seen from space on google maps,
I did involve a Mennonite for the actual mortise and tenon work (those beams were too precious to screw up) and then a surgeon for two hernias but I love my art of opportunity.
That whole area was level with the top of the driveway from some perspective.

Still need to finish covering the block with something also. Built the kitchen with my time off due to a covid quarantine once I felt better but couldn't go back to work yet. There's plans for a fire pit  and maybe a new pool.

sorry, was riding in a car so i just typed.   Have a good day, and you peoples works look awesome, i hope you like mine.
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Fark user imageView Full Size

Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-01-22 2:40:53 PM  
This is a fused glass picture I did for a class given by the glass artist Tim Carey. He teaches the method he used to create a huge church window, (I think it's in Kansas). The movie Holy Frit is the story of how they did it. Great movie.
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2022-01-22 4:26:13 PM  
this my in-class assignment for level one
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-01-23 1:09:15 PM  
My girlfriend sent me some nude selfies...I painted a picture of one of them....

Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-01-23 1:23:55 PM  
Displaying all my skills...

Fark user imageView Full Size
Scene from an Imaginary Western by MïK Watson, on Flickr
2022-01-23 1:25:27 PM  
I am a rug hooker. :). During Covid last year I did this rug.  100% wool, original design approx. 3'x4'.  It was raffled off as a fund raiser for our local library.  We raised almost $500.  The rug went to a good home.  (Please do not confuse this with latch hooking.)
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-01-23 1:40:46 PM  
But I'm a better photographer than I am an artist. I mean I spend more time on the details of taking the photo than I do on the meaning of the photo

live.staticflickr.comView Full Size
'Tis of Thee by MïK Watson, on Flickr
2022-01-23 9:31:04 PM  
Kitsune on a dirty truck and some paintbrushes I found.
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2022-01-23 9:34:19 PM  
sailor moon on a different day.
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