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1294 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 21 Jan 2022 at 3:50 AM (16 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-01-20 9:08:02 PM  
I don't think many people will want to play if the prize is only 2 quid.
2022-01-20 9:11:06 PM  
Squid Game 2: Electric Squidaloo
2022-01-20 9:18:52 PM  
2 Squid 2 Game
2022-01-20 9:23:55 PM  
2 Legit 2 Squid
2022-01-20 9:34:28 PM  
Squids Games
2022-01-20 9:43:00 PM  
Snuff porn boogaloo.
2022-01-20 10:53:12 PM  
Squid Game 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold
2022-01-20 10:55:50 PM  
Alvin and the Squidmonks: The Squidquel
2022-01-20 10:58:03 PM  
I Still Know What You Squid Last Summer
2022-01-20 11:00:48 PM  

Shostie: I Still Know What You Squid Last Summer

This is a good one.
2022-01-21 3:59:36 AM  
Squid Game 2:  Squidgement Day
2022-01-21 4:11:25 AM  
The Squid Warrior
2022-01-21 4:26:49 AM  
Squid 2 : the Squiddening
2022-01-21 4:34:27 AM  
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I liked the first season, but putting out a second season kind of feels like making "Blair Witch Project: 2".
2022-01-21 5:37:45 AM  
A 2 quid game is only about $4.  Such a deal!
2022-01-21 6:10:05 AM  
Got a feeling it will suck squid ink
2022-01-21 6:22:44 AM  
Cause money grabs never upset the audience.  This is gonna be the new Saw movie but a yearly miniseries isn't it?  Can't wait for the duck duck goose elimination round.
2022-01-21 6:31:46 AM  
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2022-01-21 7:04:05 AM  
Squid Game 2: The Wrath of KHAAAAAANNNNNNN
The Squid Strikes Back
Squid Game 2: Die Squider
2022-01-21 7:17:43 AM  
The mollusk, the prawn and the squiddly.
2022-01-21 7:43:50 AM  
Rogue Squid: A Squid Wars Story
2022-01-21 7:52:39 AM  
Zomg zquid rush ';..;'
2022-01-21 8:18:32 AM  
What made SG work was a few specific things;

The first few episodes were intriguing.
The guys in the suits w/ the masks were (and intriguing).
That Escher set was amazing.
And childhood games that end murder was intriguing.

Other than that, it was TV; stereotypical characters (good guy, bad guy, good girl, bad girl, wise old man etc, etc)  subplots that went nowhere, and in the end, a cop-out. Rich white people? that's the villain?? That was low-hanging fruit.

I was thinking it only a government would have the resources to get away with that.

How do you coverup 500 missing persons in one night?

The guys in suits would have been soldiers following orders. (but they were what? guys on drugs living in little boxes?? how do you hire them?)

When I saw the organ harvesting subplot, I thought "oh thats the reason for the whole thing", but no.

And those cremation faculties running night and day, you would have been able to smell that at sea.
2022-01-21 8:46:17 AM  
It is completely un-needed, but they really have no choice.
It was too successful to leave it alone.

I loved it, flaws and all.
2022-01-21 9:03:51 AM  
Squid Game: Catching Fire
2022-01-21 9:13:00 AM  

Hopefully they continue to take notes from Kaiji and at least mix it up. But I imagine the same plot, and same reason.
2022-01-21 9:21:37 AM  

AppleOptionEsc: Why?

You have to a$k?
2022-01-21 11:18:47 AM  
Diary of a Wimpy Squid
2022-01-21 11:19:45 AM  
I might watch it, but I don't see where they can go plot-wise.

I like how they made such a big deal about the slightest knowledge of the next game being such an unfair advantage, yet nobody thought to study the graffiti on the walls.
2022-01-21 11:34:37 AM  
Am I the only one who found it gratuitously violent but still boring?  Gave up after 3 episodes.
2022-01-21 11:41:09 AM  
This is only the beginning... after that, we can look forward to:

Squid Gam3
Squid G4me
5quid Game
Squid 6ame

Then... the inevitable darker and grittier teen reboot for the CW crowd: Skwid Gamez
2022-01-21 12:05:16 PM  

Xander_CDN: Am I the only one who found it gratuitously violent but still boring?  Gave up after 3 episodes.

Same here.

Also couldn't deal with the utterly sh*tty voiceover work.

Not interested - the rest of you have fun.
2022-01-21 12:06:55 PM  
in the words of colin mochrie
crap crap crap

/series was the suck
2022-01-21 12:24:19 PM  
you knew it was coming no matter how much they halfheartedly denied it
2022-01-21 12:24:37 PM  
play squid games, win squid prizes
2022-01-21 12:35:03 PM  
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2022-01-21 2:12:40 PM  

For the glass platform game, they all surely would have died if that glass-blower guy hadn't figured out what he figured out, and then wouldn't the game have come to a premature end with no prize-winner? And would the donors have been ok with that?

Still loved the show, just don't spend too much time thinking things through.
2022-01-21 7:42:32 PM  
"Hey here's this show about the explotative grind of capitalism!"

"Also here's a second season because despite everything the first season was trying to say, it made me rich and I have no principles beyond cash yay!":
2022-01-21 10:48:51 PM  
PNo need for a second season. As much as I enjoyed it, the entire allure behind it all was the mystery. If they insist, they need a plot and formula change, which is really hard to do. One of the few shows/movies to be successful was Aliens. After Alien, had they tried the same thing, it would have bombed. The fact they could go into more of an action/suspense route while maintaining its ominous sci-fi horror roots worked.

Squid Games has to do the same thing with a 2nd season. Make it a game within a game in the real world outside the confines of The Games. Keep the mystery and suspense while amping up the action. The cop should still be alive, the winner of the Squid Games, and the Game Master. What is beyond that? How will these characters develop? They need to all eventually team-up to take down a shadow government.
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