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(Slate)   The Supreme Court is about to make Ted Cruz a half million dollars richer, pretty much just because it can. So, working as expected, then   ( divider line
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2022-01-20 10:31:25 AM  
Bribes for everyone!  The rich aren't powerful enough in politics.

The Supreme Court is acting physicists.  "Assume an electorate of equal influence on a frictionless slope"
2022-01-20 11:38:43 AM  
Not sure how this will make the MAGA people rich but they'll be all for it.
2022-01-20 12:03:03 PM  
That will buy a lot of Cancun trips.
2022-01-20 3:04:36 PM  
FTA: Does this case actually matter to anyone besides Ted Cruz?

Duh. Because also earlier FTA:

Wealthy benefactors can therefore furnish postelection donations as a kind of legal bribery, lining a candidate's pockets rather than filling his campaign's coffers.

A ruling in favor of Senator Cruz would likely facilitate such "legal bribery", and therefore matter to anyone who wants to bribe federal officials within the color of law.
2022-01-20 6:26:48 PM  
Remember, just because you get paid lots and lots of money for voting a certain way doesn't mean you were bribed, that's just how voting works, people who like your policies support you, and if you happen to choose policies that are liked by people who have lots and lots of money, that's just free speech working.

Also, you can't accept a gift of over $50*, because that might unduly influence your decision making, and we wouldn't want Congress to have the appearance of impropriety.

/This is what SCOTUS would like you to believe, apparently.

*, Fark doesn't like the link, for some reason.
2022-01-20 7:12:39 PM  
Wish they'd decide he is a Canadian born citizen, and not a natural American, and therefore end his dreams of being President.
2022-01-20 7:13:30 PM  
Abolish the supreme court.  Problem solved.

And if you say "you can't do that", then have Biden drop a nuke on the supreme court and state " I control the country now, if you oppose, you get nuked".  You can't counter annihilation by atomic fusion weapons.  Just nuke the shiat out of the opposition.
2022-01-20 7:15:22 PM  
This supreme court is illegitimate, and its ruling should be overturned. Except, of course, the rulings that I agree with.
2022-01-20 7:15:35 PM  
Citizen United made bribery legal.

This was a forgone conclusion when you mix expression with expenditure.
2022-01-20 7:15:42 PM  
If this goes through, we can officially stop pretending this Supreme  Court is legitimate right?
2022-01-20 7:18:57 PM  
Since we just did this two hours ago, I'll wait for the second repeat. The first repeat is usually boring.

*off to submit a trolly Manchsinema headline*
2022-01-20 7:20:34 PM  

CCNP: This supreme court is illegitimate, and its ruling should be overturned. Except, of course, the rulings that I agree with.

1 positive ruling and an upteenth amount of negative ones. I wonder how that CNN commentator feels about Maine being forced to fund religious Christian schools, a public high school coach being allowed to indoctrinate the crowd with a midfield Christian prayer during the game, Jews not being allowed to adopt children in Tennessee because they aren't Christian, Abortion being banned, and other cases which will probably go the bad way?
2022-01-20 7:21:04 PM  

Fart And Smunny: If this goes through, we can officially stop pretending this Supreme  Court is legitimate right?

Only if you disagree with this ruling
2022-01-20 7:21:49 PM  
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2022-01-20 7:44:33 PM  
Well your democracy was nice while it lasted. Enjoy your kleptocracy America.

Laws for sale!
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