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(Some Guy that gots to know)   When my cat sits on the kitchen counter, is its bunghole touching the counter or is there some kind of furry thing keeping it off?   ( divider line
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49757 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Nov 2004 at 8:56 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-11-08 8:45:17 PM  
When you're sleeping he rubs it on your face.
2004-11-08 8:45:40 PM  
Its paws, which dig around in the litter box, definitely touch the counter, so I don't see the bunghole touching as that different.
2004-11-08 8:47:50 PM  
He licks his butt with his tongue, too.
2004-11-08 8:48:09 PM  
Jesus GoodCopBadCop just wipe off the counter before using it like the rest of us do
2004-11-08 8:49:03 PM  
they keep thier bungholes pretty damn clean. You shouldnt be concerned.

My cat licks my goatee clean.
2004-11-08 8:50:06 PM  
Get your cat off the damn counter, already.
2004-11-08 8:51:08 PM  
smell the counter?

2004-11-08 8:51:23 PM  
busted heh
2004-11-08 8:51:33 PM  

That's the problem! I'm kind of a clean freak in the kitchen and this is getting me down. My wife, being the scientific type, has suggested that I put lipstick on the cat's ass to verify if contact is being made. I'm intrigued by the idea, but not quite ready to make the leap.
2004-11-08 8:52:46 PM  
How would you explain that to the cops, eh? :)
2004-11-08 8:52:48 PM  
This whole thread makes me laugh :)

/lipstick on the cat's ass ... HAHAHAHA ... I'll pay your TF for 6 months if you video that and post it (if you're not killed by slashing claws)
2004-11-08 8:53:13 PM  
Read all the posts....

1) Cat paws were in the litter - now on the counter.
2) Cat licks his ass, then licks you

Besides... what are you putting directly on the counter anyway?
2004-11-08 8:54:13 PM  
Step 1) Use her lipstick
Step 2) Publish your findings in a scientific journal
Step 3) Profit!
2004-11-08 8:55:25 PM  
I can't resist... going green for extra help!
2004-11-08 8:55:44 PM  
HAHAHAH awesome :)
2004-11-08 8:56:12 PM  

If you don't post pictures of the lipstick experiment, I will be forced to replicate it in my own home. Without a cat.
2004-11-08 8:56:29 PM  
My wife, being the scientific type, has suggested that I put lipstick on the cat's ass to verify if contact is being made. I'm intrigued by the idea, but not quite ready to make the leap.

When that lipstick goes from cat's ass to cat's tongue to your face, you might regret the whole experiment.
2004-11-08 8:56:51 PM  
Well, there goes my sterling reputation.
2004-11-08 8:57:17 PM  

Out of curiosity, how do you decided which threads in which to pwn the submitter? Because, while this one is quite idiotic, there's been much worse over the last few months. At least this one was funny.
2004-11-08 8:57:19 PM  
HE HE...starfish
2004-11-08 8:58:03 PM  
Greenlit. Comedy Gold.
2004-11-08 8:59:01 PM  
The very definition of too much free time.

Isnt their a cheek or two (doesnt own a cat) My dog doesnt seem to leave a trail, buy he is rather furry and all.
2004-11-08 8:59:12 PM  
It's threads like this that make me love Fark :)
2004-11-08 9:00:08 PM  
I would suggest sniffing the counter. Then sniffing your cats butt. If they smell similar then you've got a problem.
2004-11-08 9:00:27 PM  
Sweet! Farkliters and cats asses!
/bookmarks this thread for future posterity
2004-11-08 9:00:45 PM  
I REALLY don't want a pet now, disgusting.
2004-11-08 9:00:52 PM  
If you have to ask, get rid of the cat.
2004-11-08 9:00:57 PM  
Ummm... either that bunghole touches the counter, or the bunghole touches the hair, which touches the counter. It doesn't really matter, there are bunghole particles on your counter.
2004-11-08 9:01:18 PM  
One of the best threads ever. I'll match Cowboy Spencer's contribution if you record it.

Seriously, people think cats are clean because they don't smell bad like a dog will. I read somewhere that cats carry more harmful germs/bacteria than dogs do. Might be BS, I don't know. I have 4 cats, and I clean the counters before I use them EVERY TIME. Better safe than sorry.
2004-11-08 9:01:40 PM  
2004-11-08 9:01:49 PM  

Thanks Jeff!
2004-11-08 9:01:57 PM  
If it's any consolation, the whole cat is as dirty as the bunghole.
2004-11-08 9:02:01 PM  

Use a spray bottle and nail Luvey in the head region while caught in the act. It only takes one actual spray. After that just showing the bottle will cause mass panic and hysteria.
2004-11-08 9:02:09 PM  
Thread over. GoodCopBadCop wins.
2004-11-08 9:02:15 PM  
Fark Liters If you find this shreading funny, remember we have nightly shows of this on TotalFark.
2004-11-08 9:02:17 PM  

Awesome, man, awesome. The title of this thread has to be the funniest, wierdest thing I've seen in a long time.

Then, POW, feline posterior lipstick. Classic.
2004-11-08 9:02:31 PM  
Oh I can't wait to see how this progresses.....
2004-11-08 9:02:54 PM  
I wanna see the claw marks resulting in puting lipstick on the cat's bunghole.
2004-11-08 9:03:24 PM  
My wife, being the scientific type, has suggested that I put lipstick on the cat's ass to verify if contact is being made.

Sounds like scientific method to me. GoodCopBadCop, unless you're pregnant, I would be so concerned. Like Jeff said, just wipe the counter like the rest of us do.
2004-11-08 9:03:33 PM  
hilarious. so ... i'm taking bets on who actually puts lipstick on their kitty.

..take that as you wish..
2004-11-08 9:03:34 PM  
Doesn't this fall under "Don't ask the question if you don't REALLY want to know what the answer is?"
2004-11-08 9:03:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
thats why they make this stuff.
2004-11-08 9:04:32 PM  
Why not make the best of it? A couple of carrots, a bollion cube and 4 quarts of water, you've got bunghole soup.
2004-11-08 9:04:38 PM  
What, no pics? Oh wait, I'll fix that...

[image from too old to be available]

2004-11-08 9:04:41 PM  
Nonono, you don't use LIPSTICK, you use MELTED CHOCOLATE! My cat LOVES it when I do that to him, so much he'll even [text censored for your protection] and five grapes.
2004-11-08 9:04:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-08 9:05:00 PM  
The cat licks its butt, and the rest of its body, cats are the nastiest things on the face of the earth.

Don't let them on the counter, or anywhere else for that matter.

That is all.
2004-11-08 9:05:05 PM  
This thread is useless without an experiment and pictures to back it up.
2004-11-08 9:05:19 PM  
When applying lipstick to your cats ass, do you finish with a lip liner? Just curious about proper cat/ass/lipstick edicut.
2004-11-08 9:05:29 PM  
Do you have a glass top table? Have the cat sit on the top and look from uderneath. Have a girlfriend do it one time, quite a interesting view.
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