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(HousingWire) Video G4techTV celebrates "Halo 2 Day" on Nov. 9th. Gamers around the world call in sick. Red vs. Blue is there   ( g4techtv.com) divider line
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2004-11-08 01:17:49 AM  
2004-11-08 12:51:12 AM Freakman

In other news, whatever happened to Morgan Webb posing in Playboy?

Well, it was never a done deal, they just proposed the idea to her. She declined. But check out the Maxim and FHM sites. they're the closest your going to get.
2004-11-08 01:18:19 AM  
fark G4TechTV. Bring back Leo Laporte and get rid of all those farking shiatting shows.

Bastards killed the best channel out there.
2004-11-08 01:18:24 AM  
meh. here is the console FPS im waiting for.

[image from images.ea.com too old to be available]
2004-11-08 01:18:41 AM  
*rolls eyes*

As great as I'm sure Half-Life 2 will be, I seriously doubt it's going to make people "forget" about Halo 2. All other factors aside, there are too many Halo fanboys for that to happen.
2004-11-08 01:19:43 AM  
All I have to say is that during Christmas break, I will have trouble spending my time between my Gamecube, PS2, XBox, and PC and I will have forgotten about school. Damn game publishers for putting out so many good games at once.
2004-11-08 01:20:59 AM  
I'm not going to have trouble. I've already spent too much money as it is.

I have my DS preordered. By the time I buy that and a game or two for it, I'll be tapped out for the season.
2004-11-08 01:21:27 AM  
I didn't like doom 3 either sadly. :( I even bought a geforce 6800 gt just for that game.. and i didn't even finish it... i got bored... but you gotta admit the graphics are awesome. I'm about to preorder half life 2... which will probably be good.

Back to the halo thing though, halo never lived up to the days of playing doom 2 multiplayer... i loved it so much... i just sorta feel like most of the people that act like halo was the end all be all of FPS missed the first round of good multiplayer action and didn't even realize it existed... so they don't understand why we're not that excited about halo's multiplayer

2004-11-08 01:21:32 AM  
halo 2! yay! i'd play half-life 2 but i'd need a new processor... shiatty celeron..
2004-11-08 01:25:18 AM  
ok, halo can't really compete with the big PC FPS games, i'll take quake 3 or unreal over halo anyday, but can any of the haters in here name any FPS for any console that's better than halo?

all those bond games were mediocre at best (storywise they were great, but gameplay was brutal), and all of the PC -> Console conversions have been pretty worthless, IMO...
2004-11-08 01:25:48 AM  
awexome: Dosent fail anywhere? how about level design and more then 5 different textures? Daikatana beat it there. (I was going to say doom beat it there, but hell, doom beats alot of things. I had to use something that SUCKED).
2004-11-08 01:26:23 AM  
You know what? I love any quality game. I own and play the shiat out of San Andreas, I'll be at my local Game Stop at midnight tonight and I have the deluxe edition of Half-Life 2 preordered. Is there something that I'm missing? Should I hate one of these games because I'm too much of a fan boy?
2004-11-08 01:27:30 AM  
uh...my birthday is on nov. 9th...i don't have an xbox tho so mr. 40oz will have to console me i guess...
2004-11-08 01:27:43 AM  
saneman... your right it is the BEST console fps... but i don't think its the best one overall
2004-11-08 01:28:07 AM  
I'm still convinced that the main reason Halo got so much attention, and still does, is due to the money microsoft threw into it. It did nothing revolutionary from what I saw (granted, I only played half of the single player, but quite a bit of multiplayer), but did do what other games had already done over again (mostly on pc) but in a format people hadn't seen before (console). Thus, suddenly having vehicles is awesome, or actually being able to fight your friends rocks. Which the pc crowd has been doing for years. Always catching up....
2004-11-08 01:28:32 AM  
I like King's Quest I
2004-11-08 01:29:43 AM  
I get the feeling "best console FPS" is a descriptor about on the same level as "sexiest grotesquely disfigured freak".

Ah, hell with it. Ima go play some Planescape: Torment.
2004-11-08 01:29:52 AM  

40's off all the consolation anyone could ever want or need, if used properly....
2004-11-08 01:31:38 AM  
eh...off really means offer, if you're reading in the correct context....
2004-11-08 01:34:00 AM  
no unreal fans in here?
2004-11-08 01:34:01 AM  
All the people ragging on Halo 2 have one thing in common: They haven't played it.

I'm trying to blaze through GTA:SA before Halo 2 hits, but I'm not going to make it. Oh well. To anyone who manages to convince themselves that GTA:SA multiplayer is superior to Halo 2's...I salute your prodigious powers of cognitive dissonance.

Master Chief > CJ
2004-11-08 01:34:51 AM  
Ive been playing this game all day. The akimbo weapons is a big change as is the huge emphasis on vehicles. The covenant politics is alright
2004-11-08 01:35:58 AM  

I'm not expecting Halo 2 to be the best game ever. Hype among all things kill a game. Bungie hasn't said ANYTHING about the game up until a few months ago. Everyone has been running on trailers up until then. If you read up on Fable anywhere - you'll know that the creators promised more than they could handle and pretty much shot themselves in the foot. Bungie has done no such thing, and therefore Halo can not in any way flop. If you're not a fan of the genre or the universe - then just stop. It's as simple as that. I'm not a fan of Half-Life basically because I simply don't think it's fun. It might have more of this or better this - but it doesn't play the same way. To compare the two would be like comparing soccer to football. Both get Ball A to Goal B, but they are so radically different you still can't compare them no matter how much you hate this one, that one, or both.

As far as multiplayer is concerned, I haven't met a person who has played Halo on a LAN and not had fun. People who hate video games in general enjoy Halo. My uncle - who hates TV giggled like a girl when I taught him how to fire a rocket. The game is going to have it's flaws - name one game that is flawless. I loved Goldeneye, I was even a fan of good old Doom - but nothing brought home the fun Halo has. Not since Starctaft.
2004-11-08 01:38:28 AM  
After listening to a few of the Halo/Xbox vs. PC comments I just want to add that Halo was originally developed as a PC game an was highly anticipated untill Microsoft bought it up to bolster their console. So it was a PC game ported to Xbox and then ported back to PC a year later.
2004-11-08 01:39:22 AM  
Wow, guess what?

You're like that guy who barges into a homestar runner thread and starts lamenting about how badly homestar runner sucks, and how everyone who likes it is stupid, etc.

You don't like it?

Tough Titties
Tell me, what was it about *Goldeneye* that made it good? The fact that it's old, and that you can now praise it without endangering you're oh-so-precious PC superiority?

Bah, you Console-PC purists make me sad. I, too, was once like you, when I used the super-nintendo. I believed that Sega sucked, and that it was bad, and nothing on that system could possibly be good. I then bought a dreamcast, and realized the error of my ways.

Do you know why people like Halo? Because you can pick it up and play with your friends. It's not hard to learn, and it's not hard to play. Perhaps that's why people don't like it? Because they're overcompetitive? Because it doesn't playing and playing and playing to get l33t h4><0R $|<1|_|_z, and beat people?

And when I play, I don't have to keep reading about how much I'm cheating, or about how big the guy on the other end's dick is, or what he claims he did to my mother, or what my sexuality is.

You complained about 2 weapons? HAH! I actually liked that. It was far more realisitic that way, that you weren't carrying elevently-billion weapons, at least two of which were the size of your torso. You had to pick and choose the weapons that suited your playstyle best. Are you a good sniper? Go for the pistol and sniper rifle. Do you dodge fire to get in there face? Shotgun is your man.

So cry me a river.
2004-11-08 01:39:51 AM  
lol i don't hate halo... i don't even dislike halo... your getting defensive on me...

i just compare halo to masturbation and playing FPS on the computer to sex...

both are fun, but sex is better
2004-11-08 01:39:52 AM  
Originally it was a Mac game of course as Bungie has always been pretty Mac friendly. Has anyone else played this yet?
2004-11-08 01:40:49 AM  
Ahh, I love videogame flamewars. So much fun.


"Halo sucked ass. If you seriously thought that was an enjoyable experience I also bet you voted for Bush"

That has got to be the stupidest thing I've seen on Fark for a while. I hated Halo (Overrated as hell, shiatty multiplayer and the single player mode was too short and cheesy) and I voted for Bush. Next?


"I played gta online multiplayer back when it was still a standard feature of the game (before all this 3d stuff.)"

Amen to that, brother. GTA lost it when the third game in the series came out. Why couldn't they keep it at an overhead view with multiplayer built into it? This was how it should have stayed! (Yes, I know the modern games have the overhead view, but the feel isn't the same)


"Eh. If you hate Halo, and like video games, it just basically sucks to be you. I can understand if you don't like shooters, but aruging the FPS-for-PC-only war is futile now. There are adapters, jackass, but your keyboard wont save you, the controller simply feels more natural."

Sucks to be me? It sucks to say that a game is overrated? It's the truth, man. Go get a Macintosh emulator and play the Marathon trilogy. Those were Bungie's best games. Hell, I never even played any of them in multiplayer, and I know I missed out on a lot because of that.

First person shooters still reign supreme on PCs. Adapters, you say? Hmm... you say adapters for the console, I say modifications for the PC. Halo on the Xbox does have a mod available for it but from what I understand, it doesn't allow you to play games on Xbox live (though I don't have Live and I have no desire to get it).

Halo's storyline sucked (FPS games don't need a storyline though, just like any game), the dialog was corny and forced, and it was too short. Overrated.

So then, what games are good? Go with some of the classics. The Doom games, Quake 2, Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, Timesplitters 2, Perfect Dark are a few. Halo is not worth the money. Never has been, and never will be. Period.
2004-11-08 01:43:33 AM  
awexome I kind of have a similar story. I hate video games and the only one I will play is Halo and H2 when it comes out.

Potac Halo and Halo 2 run in 480p which is HDTV you just need a tv that accepts that signal and the hdtv pack that you can get for $20.

I am hyped though playing H2 on my X1 projector at 100 inches along with my loud ass surround sound system. This is gonna be sweet.
2004-11-08 01:43:36 AM  
LOL, but masturbation won't give you a disease or wind you up paying child support.
2004-11-08 01:44:11 AM  
Why did G4 ruin TechTV?
2004-11-08 01:44:20 AM  
this is unrelated... but I've been playing Rome:Total War as of late and it is the most addictive game since i wasted 3 years of my life playing ultima online... (btw before EA bought it was the best game ever made)
2004-11-08 01:46:45 AM  
I really don't get the whole "Halo sucked and only sold well because there was nothing else to play on the Xbox," deal. By that logic, all shiatty games would sell well if they were released during a dearth of good titles, or shiatty movies would do well on a weekend that no good movies opened. Halo has sold so well the world over, and the Halo community is so damn strong, for a reason other than "there was nothing else to play on Xbox." The PC port sucked, so don't base it on that. I don't base my views on HL and Counter Strike on their respective PS2 and Xbox ports

Whatever. I can see some people not liking Halo. Look at Halo vs, say, Doom. Aimed at two very different people. Halo can engage you with a good story, rock-solid and simply fun action against a great AI, it can have some comic relief with the grunts screaming and the Marine's yelling, and you can just tool around in the warthog if you want, in these giant areas that are simply fun to drive around. All that adds up to, for me, is an immensely fun game that my room mates and I have been playing non-stop since freshman year, be it co-op, split-screen, or LAN. Then you have Doom 3 ... cutting edge graphics, tons of gore, a game that takes itself so damn seriously that, for me, it ceases to be fun ... well, fine, go ahead and play that one, PC gamers. I'll be having a blast with Halo 2 while you juggle between your flashlight and gun in yet another dark military corridor.

As for Half-Life, well, I loved the original, and if I had the money, I would definitely upgrade my PC to run HL2. But I simply don't have the money. So maybe I'll play it if it comes to Xbox, maybe in 4 years I can get a PC that will run it well enough.

Don't be hatin' on the other games. Different strokes for different folks. All I know is, Halo is hella fun for me, and the sequel looks to be hella fun too, especially on Xbox Live. Which is why I'll be at EB at midnight tomorrow, and I won't be in class Tuesday, and I honestly don't know of any other game that would capture me the way Halo 2 is going to.
2004-11-08 01:47:14 AM  
tech tv used to have this low budget nerd appeal to it... but then they started trying to be sorta racy... like they would cuss more, and then martin sargent had a show and everytime i watched it he would make some kind of inneundo about dildos... i dunno it just got alot different... now that its G4Techtv, its all about games, which is cool but its all grungy looking people on there too... the screensavers with leo and patrick was the best show on tv...
2004-11-08 01:47:37 AM  
Im torn here, because I never got into gaming, even when I was a kid, I'd just rather be outside with a football, so Im tempted to step up and mock the nerds.

on the other hand, victoryismine is here, and shes one of you. and shes insanely hot.

what to do, what to do...
2004-11-08 01:48:15 AM  
2004-11-08 01:48:18 AM  
Oh yeah, and Scubagon:

I agree. I loved Halo and voted for Kerry.
2004-11-08 01:53:48 AM  
Dark Bastion Kerry sucks, Halo sucks, and you suck.
2004-11-08 01:58:37 AM  
Halo is a good game, especially for us college students, but it seriously is the most over-rated game ever made. If just listen to some people discuss Halo, you'd think it was the most revolutionary game to ever be put forth by God himself. If it were not for the fact that you could connect Xboxes and get 8-16 players at once, it would not have the stature and fan-base that it does today.

I've always felt it was just your run-of-the-mill FPS with the nifty feature of being able to drive vehicles, but it just happened to come out for an emerging console system that would have otherwise died without it. In addition to this, it had the most bland weapon selection ever conceived. I mean, every FPS game these days has a pistol, a shotgun, a machinegun, a rocket launcher, and a scoped rifle. The alien weapons were simply lame and ineffective against human players, and no one I knew ever even bothered with those. The manufacturers did not attempt to even create one unique weapon (aside from maybe the Needler, which was the most impotent weapon ever). After everyone became accustomed to the multiplayer strategies, the fact that everyone would use a pistol really made me tire of the game quickly, because it essentially turned the game into a contest to see who could shoot the other player in the head the fastest (and even if you were the winner of the games, it seemed pretty lame due to the repetitiveness of it all).

The connectability of multiple Xboxes to result in large multiplayer sessions basically made it a must-have for students living in the dorms or any other student housing areas. It's as if no one ever heard of LAN before this game, since no one ever bothered to get some big Quake or Half-Life games going on with the computers that everyone had, but the second this game came out, everyone was purchasing routers and hubs and CAT5 cable.

That having been said, I am looking forward to Halo 2, because it is a great deal of fun to play in the giant multiplayer games against friends (and preferable not against people who are failing all of their classes because they sit around playing Halo all day, perfecting their pistol head-shot abilities). It also looks as if they may have added some cool weapons this time around...
2004-11-08 01:58:39 AM  
Ah, Potac, that's not nice!

Yeah, well, my vote didn't matter anyway, Delaware went to Kerry, if I voted or not. I don't wanna turn this into a political discussion here, but I'd love to see the killing go on only on my screen, against aliens and demons from hell or another dimension, rather than in Iraq. They're about equally real ...

2004-11-08 01:58:50 AM  
So then, what games are good? Go with some of the classics. The Doom games, Quake 2, Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, Timesplitters 2, Perfect Dark are a few. Halo is not worth the money. Never has been, and never will be. Period.

You hated Halo, but liked Timesplitters 2? Wtf? Timesplitters 2 had no farking story and the controls were absolute shiat. God I love trying to snipe while wrestling with the joystick because the crosshair keeps trying to recenter itself. Pfeh.
2004-11-08 01:59:14 AM  
Yea screw the IAOD. Im off school for that day!
2004-11-08 02:02:56 AM  

Single player was only boring if you meant it to be. If you've seen the fabled 'Warthog Jump' videos, you know what I mean. I will give the repeditive level design to you, that did happen, but wait... the same thing happened to Doom 3. I've yet to play a PC game (and yes, I have a well capable PC) that gives me the level of satisfaction Halo does.

Try Unreal, Half Life or FarCry (NOT Doom3). None have repetitive levels.. Halo singleplayer was quite boring without even trying...I wanted to love the game and only stuck it out because of the story - the gameplay was sooooooo boring.

The warthog videos are not byproducts of a good singleplayer, they're just cool vids from people messing around with the game.
2004-11-08 02:05:58 AM  

I think you're missing the point with the weapons. They were generic, not bland, and the whole point was the balance of them. Other FPS games, at the time, were going for "bigger, better, bloodier" weapons, and whoever got the tri-quad-buttfarkin'-rocket-hose would win. Not so in Halo. The 2 weapon limit and the inherent strengths and weaknesses of all the weapons had to be taken into account, forcing the player to strategize. Also, anyone that thinks the plasma weapons are useless against humans, well, they eat through shields, and that's why I always surprise people with the "fully charged plasma pistol bolt/single human pistol shot to the head" kill.

Again, the whole LAN thing, sure, you could play CS and Quake and Doom on a LAN (and we did), but it was a lot more fun to get 4 guys in 4 rooms together, drink and yell and, you know, HAVE FUN playing the game.
2004-11-08 02:09:32 AM  
Screw taking the 9th off. I took the whole week off for this.

2004-11-08 02:11:27 AM  
Every morning theres a halo hanging above the corner of my girlfriends four post bed. I think if everybody reads this we could all realize that life is very fleeting and my meat really need beating. Thanks you for your time.
2004-11-08 02:11:29 AM  

Timesplitters 2 is a much better game than Halo. Again, YOU DON'T NEED A STORYLINE FOR A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. You DO NOT NEED A STORYLINE FOR ANY GAME. You play a game to play a game. You want a story? Read a book.

Halo was too slow. The pacing was godawful. Timesplitters 2 was fast paced and it had much better multiplayer options to it, not to mention a map editor. Halo didn't have that.

It's a matter of taste. And as for the control issue, the controls work just fine for me. I have no problem with them at all.
2004-11-08 02:17:46 AM  
Doesnt one need a supercomputer with a quantum harddrive to run Half-life 2?
2004-11-08 02:19:32 AM  
Surely, this can't possibly suck any worse than GTA day, right? Then again, I probably shouldn't underestimate how low G4TechTV is willing to go.

They really should just give the viewers what they really want... Morgan Webb jumping around in the nude all day.

[image from bones3d.com too old to be available]

Or maybe not, assuming any of their target audience has a brain cell left to share amongst itself.
2004-11-08 02:27:07 AM  
AgentPothead showed his real ignorance...farktard,i love Halo,great game...didnt vote for Bush...make your assumptions when you can back them up dumbass
2004-11-08 02:32:09 AM  
I'm sticking to GTA. I kill people on the street for no reason! Plus, I'm about sick of co-workers assuming I'm buying it, FPS belongs on a computer, and the first Halo sure didn't change my mind.
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