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(Slate)   Today's Slatesplanation: It's not Republican politicians who are responsible for American democracy being in peril. It's their conspiracy-addled voters. Who are pandered to by said Republican politicians. Wait a minute. This Slatesplanation sucks   ( divider line
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2022-01-06 3:53:31 PM  
It's never ok to be a Treason Weasel Mr. Contrarian
2022-01-06 8:53:38 PM  
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2022-01-06 8:53:42 PM  
For starters, they've fully latched on to the lie that Democrats stole the 2020 election.

Did they all simultaneously come up with that idea by themselves unprompted?
2022-01-06 8:55:31 PM  
No it's the politicians and their corporate backers. They cultivated this shiat on purpose. They're only repeating what their corporate media masters are telling them.
2022-01-06 8:57:55 PM  
Our voters want us to lie to them! What are we supposed to do, tell them the truth?
2022-01-06 8:58:27 PM  
Pretty sure it's Republicans who are passing voting restrictions and peddling the idea that state legislatures can appoint their own electors over the people's wishes, but you do you, Slate.
2022-01-06 8:58:28 PM  
2022-01-06 8:58:48 PM  
Set the deflectors to maximum.
2022-01-06 9:01:16 PM  

I want that sauce Morty!: No it's the politicians and their corporate backers. They cultivated this shiat on purpose. They're only repeating what their corporate media masters are telling them.

I think that's mostly correct. The money wing of the Republican party set up right-wing media to control the base. But the problem is they actually aren't very good at it. They have to tell outrageous lies to keep the narrative going. And it's been going for a very long time. So there are people who filtered up from the base into positions of power that actually believe "trickle down theory" and that the gays are after our marriages and that there's a secret black crime wave and on and on. So the base keeps getting crazier because the people control them keep getting farther from reality.

The money people in the GOP didn't want Trump to be President. They didn't want 1/6 to happen. But the insane wing of the party did and they don't have anyone to really control them. The people at the top have to pretend they're happy that a bunch of terrorists tried to kill them on 1/6 and that controlling a pandemic is bad, actually. Because if they don't they'll get crushed by the crazies they created.
2022-01-06 9:01:22 PM  
The talking heads told them to reject the evidence of their own eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.
2022-01-06 9:01:34 PM  
Every Republican needs to just go the fark away.
2022-01-06 9:04:54 PM  
The Republicans are absolutely chasing a tiger.  It is the voters.  Get out there and talk to people, it is not hard to find voters saying stuff even crazier than the craziest thing an elected politician says.  This doesn't excuse any politicians, of course.

Unfortunately the Republican party got these people aggravated and engaged over many years and now they are dealing with the consequences.  They can't let these voters go.  They will vote in the primaries.  The party has no ability to kick them out.  And it's a two party system.  Anyone who wants to be a Republican but is disgusted by these voters has no power to create a new party.

It took about a century for the Republican party to get their presidential preference primaries on the books in all 50 states.  That guarantees their nominee will be one of the only two nominees with a chance of winning the presidency.  You can't duplicate that in 4 years.  No power hungry person would ever walk away from it.
2022-01-06 9:07:11 PM  
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2022-01-06 9:10:40 PM  

SloppyFrenchKisser: [ image 660x374]

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I mean, the contents are right, but we shouldn't have to look at that dumb ass face unless absolutely necessary. Or at least if it was ever said out if his prolapsed asshole lips.
2022-01-06 9:12:21 PM  
The sickness they peddle has it's roots in the needs of their self-absorbed voters, but they feed and are fed.
2022-01-06 9:14:28 PM  

SloppyFrenchKisser: [ image 660x374]

The actual quote is fake of course, but has become "truth" if you're a Republican running for office. The American populace is remarkably stupid, intellectually lazy and self centered. Easy marks for winning elections and grifting rubes.
2022-01-06 9:24:07 PM  
I just started a good book called ,, A lot of people are saying",  really goes to this point
2022-01-06 9:30:26 PM  
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2022-01-06 9:31:23 PM  
It sounds to me like what they're saying is the Republicans are almost irrelevant as it has become entirely about Trump. Their voters don't even know or care who they are voting for as long as the person is for Trump and contesting the election. Nothing else matters. It's almost like they're NPCs at this point, unless they object like Liz Cheney, then they're done.

We've seen single issue voting before but now it's really dialed in. If you haven't personally met people whose reality is just flipped on its ass and live in an alternate facts world(but aren't necessarily stupid or uneducated) it would be almost unbelievable that this situation exists currently.

They aren't voting for Republicans anymore, they're voting for their conspiracy theory. Things like abortion and immigration are side notes to the main issue of Trump being the true winner of 2020.
2022-01-06 9:51:00 PM  
tried to cripple the House committee investigating the attack on the Capitol.

Remember when Republicans tried to stonewall the formation of 9/11 commission? Ain't nuttin changed.
2022-01-06 10:04:54 PM  
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2022-01-06 10:48:27 PM  
It's not their politicians, it's their voters?
Their voters become their politicians.
There really isn't any difference.  How many bills have Booberry or Marj written or promoted?  Yeah... not legislators, just assholes, and I be they didn't even vote.
2022-01-06 10:49:28 PM  
Opportunists and rubes, whose to blame? Gotta blame the rubes as it's really not hard to smell bullshiat. Fark the goddamn republican voters. Fark em good and hard for electing these farking arsehats.
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