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(MSNBC)   Syracuse University offers class devoted to the hip-hop star's life   ( msnbc.msn.com) divider line
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2004-11-04 02:21:11 PM  
I am honored and quite proud that a class is being taught on my sensationalist lyrics, unique style and fashion and leadership role within the hip-hop community, the 29-year-old rapper said in a statement.

Uh huh.
2004-11-04 04:30:50 PM  
The class is one of a growing number of courses being offered by colleges and universities around the country that look at the growth of hip-hop as a cultural movement.

I have nothing against Kim, but come on--she's famous only for her skanky clothes and implants. Couldn't the class focus on hip-hop artists with talent and credability (Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, etc.)?
2004-11-04 05:15:45 PM  
as one of the few Hip-Hop heads here at Fark..allow me to retort

She represents everything that is WRONG with the Hip-Hop culture. she degrading to women, vulgar, ignorant, materialistic..etc.
I agree with what Fighting said.. couldnt they have picked a better artist? why not The Roots? Russell Simmons?

This article will get flamed to high hell, and it should.. but before any of you people spout off against the entire Hip-Hop community.. this doesnt represent all of us, just a fraction. Unfortunately her music and image is what the few outside of the know see.


this is not good at all.
2004-11-04 05:47:22 PM  
Well said, Dr.Knockboots. She's just like the popular girl in 5th grade--everyone only notices her because she's loud, rude and a former prostitute. Okay, the girl in 5th grade wasn't a prostitute, but you get what I mean. The squeakiest wheel, et.al., and that's what the world considers "hip-hop." Or what the fashion mags present to the world.

Studying Lil' Kim as a hip-hop icon is like having Lipton Cup-A-Soup for your Thanksgiving meal.
2004-11-04 05:53:38 PM  
I'll be so glad when the kids get bored with this whole rap fad and find something new.
/Yes, I know
2004-11-04 06:01:34 PM  
Wonder if she'll get dressed up for the occasion...

[image from mi.bpcdn.us too old to be available]
2004-11-04 06:04:10 PM  
Clueless Idiot + $$$ = Lil Kim
2004-11-04 06:05:35 PM  
All I know is that Foxy Brown must be pissed.
2004-11-04 06:06:33 PM  
When I went to school, I took a class called in the life and times of L'Trimm.

My final paper was called. "Tigra and Bunny: Who Likes the Cars with Boom More?"
2004-11-04 06:07:02 PM  
Does this include a seminar on swallowing so much jizz, you have to have your stomach pumped?

/'cause she did, you know.
2004-11-04 06:11:02 PM  
\Witholding tuition payment for son attending Syracuse. . .
2004-11-04 06:16:15 PM  
bonita_applebaum - are you sure that wasn't Rod Stewart?

/heard it in the 5th grade...
2004-11-04 06:17:05 PM  
bonita_applebaum --

Yeah....I heard that too but I disregarded it as one of those "Marylin Manson sucks his own dick" kind of rumor. Anyhow...this is retarded.
2004-11-04 06:21:49 PM  
Well, there goes the value of my degree.
2004-11-04 06:22:07 PM  
The Bubb Rubb Soundboard should be part of the curriculum.
2004-11-04 06:23:08 PM  
wow.. didn't take long for the experts to name drop what they think "real" hip hop should be defined as.
2004-11-04 06:24:39 PM  
Man, that Bill Cosby is so racist!
2004-11-04 06:26:03 PM  
The Syracuse course requires students to read Kims song lyrics as literary texts

"We just swervin, in the dark blue Suburban
Drinking Bourbon, with Heinekens for the chaser
Police'll never chase us we too fly for that
Processed and fingerprinted we too dime for that
I be, flirtin for certain, wearin short skirts and
but ain't no d--ks insertin see, that's the difference
between me and other b---hes, they f--k to get they riches"
Lil' Kim, Hard Core

Yeah, she's a regular Shakespeare, alright...
2004-11-04 06:28:58 PM  
This just in: Value of Syracuse degree dropping like Enron stock.
2004-11-04 06:31:45 PM  
hrhr foxy brown, i bet she's planning beyonce's death.
2004-11-04 06:32:59 PM  

They won't pick The Roots because they're farking boring. David Banner, now there's man who should get a class.
2004-11-04 06:37:36 PM  
[image from dudes.super-site-1.com too old to be available]
he wrote all her lyrics
2004-11-04 06:38:27 PM  
Life of a hip-hop star? Don't they end up as red dwarves, just like regular stars?
2004-11-04 06:41:23 PM  
I would enroll in History of Mc Hammer, or how to completely FARK up your stardom.
2004-11-04 06:43:38 PM  
Well if kids are too stupid to handle a real education, I guess they should just dumb-down the courses.

Soon you'll be able to get a doctorate by having sex with a nurse.
2004-11-04 06:43:50 PM  
Ooops, I think I must have accidentally clicked on yesterday's Fark.

Wait, you mean this got greenlighted today?!?!?!?
2004-11-04 06:44:26 PM  
... and you guys were making jokes about the course on hockey literature being taught at the University of Victoria.
2004-11-04 06:44:26 PM  
I go to Syracuse...and i have this professor for a different class (which is god awful I might add)...and now I am required to go hear her speak.

Dear God - Help me.
2004-11-04 06:45:00 PM  
"Well, we were going to choose Mr. Fargo because he has four degrees and seventeen years of job experience. Then I noticed that you took Pointless Classes 101, Lil Kim, A Mofo Experience Like No Other, Biatchhhhhh at Syracuse. Clearly this was a useful class. You get the job."
2004-11-04 06:56:59 PM  
well its not like i had much faith in the american educational system in the first place. The funniest/saddest part about this is that kids are paying tens of thousands of dollars (I dont know the actual tuition at syracuse, i'm curious in case anyone could enlighten me) for this shiat while I pay the equivalent of about 500 US per year to take real classes in a great school.
2004-11-04 06:59:02 PM  
Validates the evolution of Ebonics as a required language in prep school.

Wonderful, just pharking wonderful.
2004-11-04 07:00:04 PM  
cha cha, dont remind me...
2004-11-04 07:01:11 PM  
yea i go to the OTHER school in syracuse. too bad it's so pro-catholicism and pro-bush.
2004-11-04 07:02:30 PM  
Well, you have to have something all the communications and "undeclared" majors can actually pass...
2004-11-04 07:02:56 PM  
swarm18 - nice basketball team...i mean...triple digits
2004-11-04 07:06:04 PM  
Although, this is probably targetted more towards their "scholar" athletes.
2004-11-04 07:09:35 PM  
Say what you will, Chuck D. has written poetry with his lyrics that should force Maya Angelou to be embarassed.
2004-11-04 07:16:48 PM  
Can we ban Fark submissions that are just complete ripoffs from the original story's headline please???

/got nutin to say about the story
2004-11-04 07:18:09 PM  
Chuck D was the man. Too bad he stopped w/ the awareness rap 8 years too late
2004-11-04 07:19:14 PM  
or mos def, wyclef, roots, BEP.... all of these peeps are beautiful lyricists... not to mentio, in all of his glory.. Marshall Mathers
2004-11-04 07:19:41 PM  
And liberals mock Republicans as uneducated rednecks??? If you call this pathetic class an education, you might want to look in the mirror!
Whats next, political graduate classes in P.Diddy?

You've come a long way baby!
2004-11-04 07:20:14 PM  
Honestly, if you're going to do a class on a hip hop artist, why the fark would you choose Lil' Kim? She has about as much talent as Vanilla Ice on a quaalude bender. Now a Notorious BIG class, that would hypnotize em...
2004-11-04 07:20:36 PM  
I would go w/ the eloquent philosophical nature of the lyrics of NWA. Or something.
2004-11-04 07:38:48 PM  
Dear Syracuse Academics,

I can't think of a worse representation of hip hop than Lil' Kim. Way to fark this one up. This is like hiring the Amish to run your Computer Science department. Or Matt Drudge to teach Journalism classes. In other news, I will soon be sending you an application to teach Child Care classes. Keep in touch.


Michael Jackson
2004-11-04 07:40:56 PM  
"Honestly, if you're going to do a class on a hip hop artist, why the fark would you choose Lil' Kim?"

I suspect that Professor Thomas is hankerin' for a lil' taste of lil' Kim. ...Along with fodder for his proud, profound, and platymapustic writings on The Black Struggle(TM).
2004-11-04 07:48:09 PM  
I thought that's what a Criminal Justice degree was for

/didn't rtfa
2004-11-04 07:48:56 PM  
It is hard to believe that garbage like this qualifies for
college credit. What major does this fall under?
African studies? Journalism? The history of skankdom?

Orange you glad you don't go to Syracuse?
2004-11-04 07:52:51 PM  
Syracuse is still an excellent school for some areas, as in Journalism, Environmental Science, et. al.

This is obviously not their strong point. But... it's just one class. One worthless class does not make the whole school worthless.

[brother is an alumnus of SU/Newhouse and Lemoyne, long time Orange fan]
2004-11-04 08:06:04 PM  
And people wonder why Democrats lost
2004-11-04 08:11:55 PM  
Fo real do? That's the shizzle my nizzle..hey, that's IT!! The next wave in education can be "Izzle 101" The Basics of IZZLE. IZZLE in the workplace. IZZLE with breakfast. Hmmm
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