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(CNN)   For all folks giving up on the U.S. and moving to Canada, you've got a long wait ahead of you   ( edition.cnn.com) divider line
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2004-11-03 04:24:32 PM  

yikes! and I was disgruntled when I was paying 20-25%
2004-11-03 04:25:06 PM  
Unless you're making 100,000/yr+, tax rates here are only 2% above the federal middle-class tax bracket in the US.
2004-11-03 04:25:22 PM  
If anyone actually flees their country cause of a fairly elected offical they are teh ghey!
Grow up! Its just an election.

Erm, Hitler was "fairly elected". Those Jews that left in time sure were "teh ghey".

2004-11-03 04:25:31 PM  
Hehehe, I can go back to Canada anytime I want... but I'll continue to siphen cash out of the US and steal jobs from Americans for a little while longer. Consider it payback for voting the chimp back in...
2004-11-03 04:25:41 PM  
Spiffy up your prayer rugs!

2004-11-03 04:25:52 PM  
If anyone needs a boost, I'll be on the U.S. side of the fence waiting to send you over. We'll have a hoist for the fat ones. My fee is a sixer of Labatt's. If we're caught, my cousin's a cop and I'll plant dope on you. Good farking riddance.
2004-11-03 04:26:27 PM  
Who said anything about Canada?

...I always find this flip-flop amusing. "America! Love it or leave it!" ...pause... "You CAN'T LEAVE!!!!"

Mmmmmkay... whuteva.
2004-11-03 04:26:31 PM  
"Hard-working honest people" !!??

Don't they know these are Democrats we're talking about?

/relax - it's a joke
2004-11-03 04:26:34 PM  
There is always Mexico, I hear it's lovely this time of year.. You just need to know how to Swim..better yet, don't learn and drown....
2004-11-03 04:26:46 PM  
I've said it before, and said it again. Despite CNN's warnings, if any of you Washingtno state liberals are ready to move to Canada after yesterday's mandate, I'll drive you up there personally.

PS -- hippies must shower before entering car.
2004-11-03 04:27:08 PM  

Practically free health care though.
2004-11-03 04:27:15 PM  
I was wondering how Canada's wellfare system would hold up to a horde of unemployed, stoned "students" who were too lazy to vote and now must seek refuge from their parents' basements in Amerika.
2004-11-03 04:27:17 PM  
I just moved here with my wife who got a job. If I have an opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship, I am going to do it. I am already applying for Irish citizenship (my grandfather was Irish) just to cover all the bases. In a couple years I'll be able to live anywhere from Tacoma to Tallinn (Estonia).

Yes it is cold and yes, the health care system is not perfect, but I moved from Rochester which had 60 murders with less than 200,000 people to one that had 20 murders with over 500,000 people. That, and I live in Vancouver now and won't have to shovel 10 feet of snow this winter, so the cold argument is moot. The fact is, I feel safer here, educational opportunities are better here and while the health care system is creaky, at least they all sit down to try and fix it instead of letting it fall apart completely like it is doing in the United States.

The election was fought on values and, well, I value diversity and equality and, while I am a Christian, I don't value my state enforcing morality on the apostates. So for me, Canadian values seem more American than anything else.

Finally, if my kids are ever drafted to go fight illegal wars, (I mean Iraq, not Afghanistan) I want them to have a choice in Canada or Europe.
2004-11-03 04:27:21 PM  
i can wait
2004-11-03 04:27:23 PM  
If you leave the US now, the terrorists win.

2004-11-03 04:27:29 PM  
First off, it was democrats who started the draft bill this past year, and only two people voted for it, both democrats and not even the one that wrote the bill. We won't need a draft now that Bush is elected because the troops like serving for him. If Kerry had been elected, many would have not re-enlisted, and therefore we would need a draft.

Second, all that want to leave.....YOU BUNCH OF TIT BAGS!

*sniffle, sniffle* the repubwican are winning so I'm weaving *sniffle, sniffle*

2004-11-03 04:27:47 PM  
Come on people, stop being gloomy gusses. We lost and that's the end of it. W is our King and we should start falling in line. I'm going to make the first step. Starting today for instance, I hate faggots.

Let's unite, and cleanse
2004-11-03 04:27:58 PM  
Well, I dont think Im headed to Canada just yet... Hey but atleast if I get shot/sick/stabbed/whatever in Canada I could basically goto a hospital and get my shiat fixed, that FREAKIN COOL! If the any of those things were to happen to me right now... I would be shiat out of luck! I dont got no money for insurance... much less money to pay a damn hospital... So I would just slip back into uncounciousness and kiss my ass goodbye, all thanx to Blue Cross Blue Shield! ASSHOLES!!
2004-11-03 04:28:08 PM  
keep your damned whiny Balwin brothers too.

2004-11-03 04:28:12 PM  
OverDosis: I would imagine that some of that research is a little dated. Three years ago the Canadian Dollar was at $0.65. Since Bush has been in office, it's climbed to $0.80.

By the time he leaves office, we may not even accept American money at par...
2004-11-03 04:28:29 PM  
By the way, it's no so much the government, it's people's attitudes, much like the ones in this thread, that make me want to leave.

Just read some of the smug, self-righteous, comments that some of you jackasses have posted in this thread. Tell me again why I would want to live in a country full of people that behave this way?
2004-11-03 04:28:33 PM  
I can't imagine moving that far north. It must be freakin COLD up there BIG TIME.

Ja man, I tink I be movin to Jamaica instead . . .
2004-11-03 04:28:43 PM  


BTW, I agree...except I'll up the ante. 1 out of every 5 million.

Gotta love whiny ass Dems. Put up or shut up I say. Hell, I'll even assist in the moving process if one person is actually gonna do it. Just tell me the time and the place.

/Isnt a GOP either.
//Independant all the way.
///Supports the president, however, he is the leader of the greatest country evar
2004-11-03 04:28:44 PM  
I bet it's easier to get into Poland.
2004-11-03 04:28:59 PM  
Whatever you do, don't move to Vancouver.

It doesn't have clean water, and abundant supply of pot, free healthcare, and little or no gun crime... oh and it's certainly NOT the best city in the world in which to live.
2004-11-03 04:29:52 PM  
I despise our policy on non-refugees, once a board has legally decided you do not apply you should be gone. As it stands now anyone who doesn't want to leave simply doesn't - they take the sanctuary of the church or just ignore the gov't because our boys won't just go grab an illegal immigrant and treat them like the criminal they are.

Except for that I love my country dearly, well, after healthcare gets a shot in the arm and we spearhead some kind of national geisha program.
2004-11-03 04:30:00 PM  
You know, there are thousands and thousands of expatriated Americans out there who are perfectly happy to NOT live in the U.S.

And I'm hoping to become one of them.
2004-11-03 04:30:17 PM  
Petrograd - Have fun! hope your butt don't hurt from the door hitting you.
2004-11-03 04:30:35 PM  
Ok, the asshole won, can I refer to him as "The DUHb" for the next 4 years? please? I want Republican permission while you pricks are in a good mood.

I am just kidding about the prick part
2004-11-03 04:30:41 PM  
Alec Baldwin surrenders
2004-11-03 04:31:10 PM  
First off, it was democrats who started the draft bill this past year

Because Rangell is f'in brilliant -- this was a beautifully planned preemptive move. By making current Representatives vote [almost?] unanimously against it, it means that they can't bring it up again, or they'll look like enormous hypocrites.
2004-11-03 04:31:34 PM  
I agree. I can't remember hearing any Republicans threaten to move if the DEM candidate won. What a bunch of weeners.

Please, people. If you are going to be wimpy enough to threaten to leave if your team loses the vote, and your team loses the vote, please do us all a big favor and follow through. Some of us voted for Bush just to get rid of your worthless ass.

I relished the idea of getting Alec Baldwin and his ilk out of this country in 2000. But, alas, in typical Democrat fashion, he lied to us and still lives among us.
2004-11-03 04:32:00 PM  
cry0fan, are you shiatting me? Do you really believe that citizens considered "average" in other countries have it better than those considered "average" in the US?
2004-11-03 04:32:00 PM  
My wife's co-worker and her husband officially filled out immigration forms today to move there.

They said they're willing to wait.

I think that's a little extreme, but, hey, they apparently like fishing or something.
2004-11-03 04:32:02 PM  
I tried applying for a job at a university in Canada two years ago, but the application went right into the circular file. Apparently I could only be hired if "no qualified Canadian applied for the job." No matter if I was the best applicant, if Gord Six-pack applied for the job and even looked like he might be able to do it, I was outta luck.

At the very same time I applied for a university job here in the States which wanted double the experience. I was hired within a couple of weeks.

PS: I have a master's degree from the Canadian university which rejected me.
2004-11-03 04:32:27 PM  
UM.. Do we REALLY want to move to Canada, people? I mean..I don't want to be surrounded by any Celine Dions, Shania Twains or Alan Thickes, which is why i don't visit Vegas or watch crappy sitcoms. Of course, we're the land o' Britney..so. Choose the lesser of the two evils. or go to Australia!

/not hatin' on Cananananda
//likes Alanis (ironic, eh?)
///Thickes are worth 7 weight watcher points
2004-11-03 04:33:23 PM  
Hey Republicans! Free beer and burgers in Canada! Come on in! Many minorities to oppress! (build wall, lock gate) So long suckers!
2004-11-03 04:33:30 PM  
Say Gelatinous...since you like to compare Bush to Hitler, quizz me this...

How many American civilians have been killed on American soil by the Bush Administration?

How many American civilians have been killed on American soil by any other Administrations in the last 20 years?

[image from archives.cnn.com too old to be available]

Kind of resembles an oven, doesn't it?
2004-11-03 04:33:54 PM  
Boy, the JACKASS count is growing quickly in this thread. It's pretty clear why Americans are just about universally disliked, if not hated.
2004-11-03 04:34:08 PM  
Well, whatever happens to the US (be it a nuke or biological attack) we deserve. Stupidity is it's own reward.
2004-11-03 04:34:55 PM  
oh no, we can't let them go north. who's going to protest everything because its not what they want? who's going to get the government to pass regulations on big buisness to make us more free? who's going to take a pecentage of my paycheck to give to some fat women with 5 kids? the list can go on so please think about the us before you go.
2004-11-03 04:34:55 PM  
Vieri: Ditto what you said. But I pay 54% tax!!!

/still make lots of money and happy to pay it to live in the best country in the world for 10 months of the year..
//Half American...Calls Maui second home.
2004-11-03 04:36:17 PM  
Petrograd... you shouldn't lie like that about Vancouver... you know it's more crime ridden than LA.
2004-11-03 04:36:39 PM  
You Americans should know that what you call "liberal" is vastly different from what we call "liberal".

Canadians don't consider Democrats like Kerry to be "liberal". If he was running in a Canadian election, he would probably be slightly right of our "Conservative" party.

Our version of "liberal" is a lot closer to the Dean Howard/Al Sharpton variety.

So, anyways, don't come up here. We have more than our fair share of left-wingers. Don't need anymore.
2004-11-03 04:37:17 PM  
I guess I get to keep my nickname for a bit longer. It's a shame America has just proven to the world that we really are a bunch in inbred farktard asstwats. We've just let the biggest crooks of our generation know that facts, truth, and honesty don't matter. Do whatever you want so long as you can find someone else to blame. fark Bush.
2004-11-03 04:37:22 PM  
Remember- Mass suicide is always an option.
2004-11-03 04:37:27 PM  
Is there some kind of dangerous door between the US and Canada that hits people's asses?
2004-11-03 04:37:37 PM  
I think everyone is being a jackass because leaving the USA just because of an election is a bit much. So you didn't get your choice in the election, big deal. You don't love your country enough to stay anyway? If Kerry had won, I doubt anyone would head for the borders.
Kind of wierd how the conservatives seem to be the tolerant ones, here....
2004-11-03 04:37:40 PM  
I qualify for singapore permanent residency already, but internet censorship sucks. As does a defacto one party system.
2004-11-03 04:37:41 PM  
I'm moving to Japan.

when speaking of asian chicks go straight to the source.

\Was moving reguardless of winner
\\voted for Kerry
\\\Would do so again
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