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(Twitter)   How did you hear about John Lennon's death in 1980? Who better than from Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football   ( divider line
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2021-12-08 9:09:28 PM  
Original Tweet:

2021-12-08 9:14:29 PM  
It was either Dead Week or Finals Week my first term in college; I was at a party (so probably Dead Week) where somebody had the pictures from the White album up on their bulletin board.  Someone snatched down Lennon's picture and yelled "One down, three to go!" which I guess didn't find a lot of favor.  Anyway, after about five seconds, everybody started up drinking again.
2021-12-08 9:21:04 PM  
I was 20 and in my little home listening to FM radio. DeeJay  interrupts song to say Lennon had been shot. A couple minutes later she comes on radio loudly crying to say John was dead. I was off to Europe 10 days later and remember it like yesterday.
2021-12-08 9:24:25 PM  
Well, did the Pats win?!?!
2021-12-08 9:26:42 PM  

NewportBarGuy: Well, did the Pats win?!?!

Sure, Tom Brady engineered a last minute drive that got them into field goal range.
2021-12-08 9:26:43 PM  
I was 12 and took it pretty well. Granted that was 1999 so it wasn't necessarily news to most others.
2021-12-08 9:27:33 PM  
My father told me. He said the fascists were trying to murder music itself so that nobody could ever fark again. That's how they win in the end; by stealing the very essence of what makes us human.  I was 2. John Lennon had been dead for several years at that point.
2021-12-08 9:31:40 PM  
I was up in my room, trying to make myself do my homework, and my mom (Lawrence Welk fan though she was) came upstairs to tell me.
2021-12-08 9:45:28 PM  
I was 5.  The celebrity shooting that traumatized me didn't happen for another 2 or 3 years:

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2021-12-08 9:47:03 PM  
I wasn't born for another four years.
2021-12-08 10:02:15 PM  

Naido: I was 5.  The celebrity shooting that traumatized me didn't happen for another 2 or 3 years:

[Fark user image image 352x262]

2021-12-08 10:07:30 PM  
I had gone to bed before it came on the news and radio so I found out the next morning. My mother was unusually subdued that morning, and when a neighbor drove me and her son to school, all the radio was playing was Beatles music.
2021-12-08 10:07:55 PM  
I was a freshman in college and still living at home (though that would change the following month). I was listening to the radio and heard the news, then went into the den where my dad & brothers were watching Monday Night Football, told them what I had heard, then saw Cosell announce it a couple of minutes later.
2021-12-08 10:14:00 PM  
Was getting ready for work the next morning. Went into the kitchen and turned on the radio. Sat in stunned silence as the newscast reported the shooting. Hard to believe. I was hoping John would be making a comeback and start recording more.
2021-12-08 10:29:29 PM  
It was my final quarter of college. Came home from the library and my roommate told me John Glenn had been shot and killed. Didn't find out he'd misheard until the next day.
2021-12-08 10:41:59 PM  
When I was 6, I used to beg my mother to put Sgt. Pepper on the stereo because I was too young to operate the phonograph so I knew who the Beatles were and who Lennon was. I was 10 when he got killed.
2021-12-08 10:53:46 PM  
There was no CNN back then, so the half-time show on MNF was news of the shooting, and then they replayed a very odd segment where Lennon had been a guest on MNF a few years earlier, in spite of not knowing anything about American football.
2021-12-09 2:09:12 AM  
I'm sure my parents remember this.
2021-12-09 2:11:34 AM  
I'm confused why there wasn't a sponsored bumper giving fans odds and allowing them to bet on whether or not he died.
2021-12-09 2:13:45 AM  
I had been up all night cramming for a final exam, and continued studying all day and didn't hear anything about it at all, or any other news. Then my sister picked me up from the library, and I asked her, out of the blue, if she had heard anything about John Lennon. She said no, just that he had died at the hospital. What??!! That was when I first learned he had been shot. It also cemented my family reputation for having ESP.
2021-12-09 2:14:37 AM  

Nuuu: My father told me. He said the fascists were trying to murder music itself so that nobody could ever fark again. That's how they win in the end; by stealing the very essence of what makes us human.  I was 2. John Lennon had been dead for several years at that point.

Arrrgh, I totally missed it.  How could I've been so daft.  Oh ya. I ran into a stop sign.

Was jamming with my friend when I heard the news.
2021-12-09 2:19:35 AM  
Had a lot of hs homework that night and turned on the radio--every blasted station was playing the Beatles. After a while, I was all wtf is all the Beatles music on every music station? Finally, I heard the news after about an hour of that. The next day I heard the joke: what would it take to reunite the Beatles? 3 more bullets.
I have a morbid sense of memory.
2021-12-09 2:19:52 AM  
Crikey, John Smith was kicking for the Patriots when it happened.

I remember him from when he presented the American Football programme on Channel 4 back in the day.

/heard about John Lennon's murder on the radio in the car on the way to my Aunt and Uncle's house. Watched the news on the TV there.
2021-12-09 2:19:55 AM  

NewportBarGuy: Well, did the Pats win?!?!

Miami won, 16 to 13.
2021-12-09 2:26:12 AM  
I can't believe his body has been on display for over 90 years.
2021-12-09 2:32:52 AM  
I was sixteen, and working evenings at my first "real" job (i.e., one that required a W-2 form), a low-budget grocery outlet.  My mom picked me up a little after 8:30.  I got in the car, and she quietly said, "Did you hear about John Lennon?"  The way she said it, I knew he was dead.  The car radio was tuned to KJR AM (a Seattle station), and they were playing Beatles and Lennon songs in tribute.  We stopped at the corner grocery store on the way home so mom could run in and get her cigarettes (Kent Golden Lights).  I stayed in the car and listened to the radio.  When they got to "Strawberry Fields Forever", I lost it.

The next day in school, some wit had written "Who Shot J.L.?" on the blackboard.  I was pissed; it was too soon for jokes.  After school, I walked to the nearest drugstore and bought two picture-sleeve Lennon 45s and an orange-label Abbey Road reissue.  They're still in my vinyl collection.
2021-12-09 2:34:37 AM  
'Just a football game'? JUST a football game? I see you are unfamiliar with what the future of high school education will be, Mr Cosell. One of the fine, brain-damaged athletes might run for Senate in the great state of Georgia. Think on that, Howard!

/ I'm talking about Herschel Walker
2021-12-09 2:37:37 AM  
Heard it from Cosell. My brother and a buddy were watching the game with me, and we were all big fans.

The game didn't matter anymore. I cried for hours. John was my favorite Beatle. I remember the massive impromptu memorial at Strawberry Fields in NYC, with thousands of candles.

It was a profound disturbance in the Force, unlike anything I'd ever felt before or since.

The scene in Yesterday where John is alive was incredibly jarring, yet satisfying in an "oh man, if only he weren't killed" way.

"Get Back" brought John back to life for 8 hours. Thanks to everyone involved in that documentary.

And thanks John for your gifts that live on.
2021-12-09 2:39:06 AM  
I wasn't even a WispaGold bar in my father's back pocket yet but a couple years back, when I found myself with wings clipped a little bit, he and I finally began talking to each other like human beings.

Papa Bear was a sought-after record producer and recording guy for long ages and when I asked him about this, in the sort of casually stupid way people can ask shiat they do not realize is going to have a dire emotional impact because they're clueless or self-involved or moronic (or in my case all three) he got very quiet. Very still. His eyes did a slow drift down to the surface of the table we were sitting at - very obviously he was lost in memories and I was fascinated because all this was out of character as I understood it then - and, unnerving as fark for yours truly, they filled. This is a working class Brit of the stiff upper variety, eh? Never seen my father cry before that moment and suddenly it all felt so. damn. strange.

"Damn. Dad, really man I'm sor-"

"No, Rik" - this is not my name but his preferred nickname for yours truly; I had a chronic Kipling affliction there for a while and am probably lucky he doesn't call me Mowgli or Kim or something - "it's okay. Please excuse me."

And without further ado, got up, put on his coat, paid and left Vanguard (one of my favorite places, which is of course damn close to The Dakota). 

So I never heard the story.

But it made my father cry.
2021-12-09 2:41:00 AM  
I was four days from being born.
2021-12-09 2:41:13 AM  
2021-12-09 2:46:19 AM  
Lot of fellow olds in this thread!

I too was in college when I heard the news. Later, my then-girlfriend and I went out for a pizza and a bottle of wine while we ruminated on this sad news, and remember that we both cried about it. It was probably the first and last time I remember crying about a celebrity's death.
2021-12-09 2:46:35 AM  
I was making out with husband to be.  Radio dj broke into a belly rubbing marathon and destroyed the mood.

Then hubby to be said something lame about who cares about an old hippie getting killed in NYC, and was probably drug related.  That should have been our last conversation.  Starter marriage didn't last too long.
2021-12-09 2:48:55 AM  
*reads thru thread and casually updates farkies to old-fartkies*
2021-12-09 2:49:10 AM  
Seriously, you couldn't wait 3 seconds, or about a minute of real time.
2021-12-09 2:51:26 AM  
Oh shiat, what?
I didn't know he was dead.

I guess I'll stop writing him letters :(
2021-12-09 2:52:22 AM  
I was twelve, and laser-focused on touching myself.

/pretty sure i saw it on some newsflash that nite
//always tried to stay up for carson's monologue and sometimes passed out before 10:40 pm
///... *sigh* if only i could sleep like that again. or sleep at all.
2021-12-09 2:53:37 AM  

valenumr: I can't believe his body has been on display for over 90 years.

Nah man, that's Yoko.
2021-12-09 2:57:13 AM  

common sense is an oxymoron: It was my final quarter of college. Came home from the library and my roommate told me John Glenn had been shot and killed. Didn't find out he'd misheard until the next day.

That's like some weird cousin of a misheard lyric.

"Secret Asian man" = "Secret agent man"
"John Glenn" = "John Lennon"
2021-12-09 3:05:10 AM  
I was a college sophomore, working a rush event at my fraternity when one of the brothers came downstairs and announced that a nut had killed John Lennon.
2021-12-09 3:12:59 AM  
I was watching that game and I always remember that news. Not that I cried or anything, it was just not how I expected a rock star, much less John Lennon, to die. Now here I am reliving the moment on Fark forty one years later by watching the clip on Youtube. If I could go back in time I'd have a tough job explaining to younger me what Fark and Youtube are and why I spend time on them in the future. If younger me got uppity about it I'd point out that "You spend your time watching football so get off your high horse".
2021-12-09 3:24:14 AM  
I was 8 but I don't remember a thing about it.

The only 'touchstone' events of the 80's I remember...

-Election of Pope John Paul II (interrupted Laff-A-Lympics, gorram it)
-Challenger explosion (watched it live)
-Regan shooting
-Who Shot JR?
2021-12-09 3:24:40 AM  
By being born 6 years later?
2021-12-09 3:27:42 AM  
I was at this game, I remember people talking about it in the stands and me thinking No way, I was 22
2021-12-09 3:44:30 AM  
I was in the 3rd grade.  I came downstairs for breakfast and Mom was crying with the newspaper in her hand.
2021-12-09 3:46:37 AM  
I got the news the old fashioned way - screaming headlines on the Chicago Tribune the next morning.
2021-12-09 3:54:55 AM  
It was about a month after Reagan got elected. Dark times.

Dark times.
2021-12-09 4:09:58 AM  
It was a sleepy late afternoon and I snoozed with the radio on low volume. I woke up disoriented at dusk remembering an awful dream where John Lennon had been shot. Then the radio repeated it.
2021-12-09 4:26:48 AM  
Probably sucking a Bomb Pop, I had know idea who he was.
But I can say I was alive when it happened.
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2021-12-09 4:28:45 AM  
I don't remember the day John Lennon died but I can guarantee you I crapped myself at least once.

//but not THAT old
///some of you may hang out on my lawn?
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