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(Onion AV Club)   The best holiday music of 2021. But thing will beat Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime   ( divider line
    More: PSA, Bing Crosby, White Christmas, Christmas music, Christmas, Charlie Brown, family's annual holiday music sampler, Christmas controversy, Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack  
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689 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 08 Dec 2021 at 6:05 AM (7 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-12-08 3:09:57 AM  
Is "thing" a large blunt object? Because that's what I want to smash my radio with every time that farking McCartney song is played.
2021-12-08 6:07:45 AM  
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2021-12-08 6:08:38 AM  
Butt thing?
2021-12-08 6:13:58 AM  
only a teaser is out for now, but this will be played on repeat for the rest of the month when it does drop this weekend
에일리(Ailee), 휘인(Whee In) - 홀로 크리스마스(Solo Christmas) LIVE CLIP TEASER
Youtube 2sz7x32Y38w
2021-12-08 6:16:22 AM  

jaytkay: Butt thing?

♫you make everything....poopy♪
2021-12-08 6:17:03 AM  
I'm still alive in my Whamageddon pool.

2021-12-08 6:21:20 AM  
The Thing?

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2021-12-08 6:50:12 AM  
A slideshow of Youtube videos set up so that the video keeps playing but the controls for it disappear when you move to the next slide?

Congratulations AVClub, you've outdone yourself this time.
2021-12-08 6:58:35 AM  
Thank you, Thing.
2021-12-08 7:02:24 AM  
The first one's catchy. It's reminiscent of the credits music in Miyazaki children's films. The rest, while inoffensive, are forgettable.

This classic's always on rotation.

RUN DMC - Christmas In Hollis (Official HD Video)
Youtube OR07r0ZMFb8
2021-12-08 7:11:20 AM  
I love this. It's from several years ago.

Butch Walker - Santa'Self (F*ck Your Christmas Party)
Youtube qRHt7d47lg0
2021-12-08 7:15:39 AM  
Nope, sorry, this is the best Christmas music of this year...
SABATON - Christmas Truce (Official Music Video)
Youtube HPdHkHslFIU
2021-12-08 7:17:38 AM  
Kacey Musgraves - A Willie Nice Christmas feat Willie Nelson
Youtube SvLKpnklneg

Christmas music thread? Alrighty, I enjoy this cheeky ode by Kacey Musgraves with assistance from Willie Nelson.
2021-12-08 7:29:30 AM  
How about creepiest...
Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé - Baby It's Cold Outside
Youtube 6bbuBubZ1yE
2021-12-08 7:51:26 AM  

jaytkay: Butt thing?

It's always butt thing.
2021-12-08 7:58:44 AM  
Well, since we seem to be sharing favorite offbeat Christmas songs released this year or not. Caught a Royal Bliss show a few years ago when they opened for The Struts. I'd suggest looking up more of their stuff, but this one was really fun.

Royal Bliss - I Just Want You(For Christmas) Lyric Video
Youtube VpcoXnB5uRE
2021-12-08 8:18:41 AM  
One hour's worth of Brian Setzer Christmas Songs for your party.

Christmas with Setzer.
Youtube whtsa8J0PgU

You're welcome
2021-12-08 8:37:26 AM  

toddism: I love this. It's from several years ago.


Haven't listened to Butch in a while, but that was pretty fun.  Thanks for sharing it.
2021-12-08 8:51:01 AM  
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2021-12-08 8:58:16 AM  
The best of Christmas is "Butt stuff"?

Boy howdy, have I been missing out...
2021-12-08 9:04:37 AM  
How in the world am I the first one to post this? And I'm not even into comic books...

static.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2021-12-08 9:11:36 AM  
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My three vinyl-collector sons are presently fighting over who gets to "borrow" my copy of this.
2021-12-08 10:02:36 AM  

jaytkay: Butt thing?

Youtube yXaUXYkKi88
2021-12-08 10:23:09 AM  
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo (Timeless Version) (Official Music Video) [HD]
Youtube MHioIlbnS_A
2021-12-08 10:24:37 AM  
The Little Drummer Boy
Youtube hiRjmD9h-YY
2021-12-08 10:36:59 AM  
"but thing"?

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2021-12-08 10:41:40 AM  
Best Waitresses Cover Ever...

Kylie Minogue - Christmas wrapping
Youtube 75b_9ktJNPI
2021-12-08 10:46:26 AM  
The Kinks - Father Christmas (Official HD Video)
Youtube fPPCPqDINEk
2021-12-08 10:53:06 AM  

pc_gator: Best Waitresses Cover Ever...


Kylie as a waitress on Christmas:

i.pinimg.comView Full Size
2021-12-08 11:12:09 AM  
DMX - "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Remix
Youtube AXca4WcCzlo
2021-12-08 11:22:30 AM  
There can be only one best song:

The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York (Official Video)
Youtube j9jbdgZidu8
2021-12-08 11:24:01 AM  
"Is there a more tired playlist than your family's annual holiday music sampler?"

As a matter of fact, yes. Ultra pretentious cool-because-they're-obscure collections of drivel compiled by wannabe edgy click wranglers for an irrelevant hipster blog. (Some with shocking profanity!)
2021-12-08 11:44:51 AM  
Got Fairytale already so adding:

Robert Earl Keene's Merry Christmas from the Family
Youtube P37xPiRz1sg
2021-12-08 11:45:23 AM  
Ok.  Can't upload two videos.

Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) (Official Music Video)
Youtube KIhIBFPtnoc
2021-12-08 11:53:10 AM  
dammit subby. i went through that whole slide show  jazzed about a Christmas song called, But Thing.

apparently that's just you fronting to be me with such terrible typos.
2021-12-08 12:09:57 PM  

batlock666: [Youtube-video]

"Because after hours of labor and finally getting baby Jesus to sleep, the one thing Mary *really* needed was for some kid to come and perform a drum solo..."

/stolen from an FB meme
2021-12-08 12:15:32 PM  

pc_gator: Best Waitresses Cover Ever...

as bad as "Simply Having..."is, this is the Christmas song I absolutely can't farking stand.  Mariah Carey's song sucks but i can tune it out.  the millisecond i hear this song, I do a shoulder roll to hit the off / scan button.

That godamn saxophone riff and mumbled lyrics.  god i hate this farking song.
2021-12-08 12:18:12 PM  
Nick Lowe - "I Was Born In Bethlehem" (Official Audio)
Youtube gwvfwkqagrI
2021-12-08 12:51:49 PM  
I feel I've been summoned
2021-12-08 12:57:00 PM  

swahnhennessy: I'm still alive in my Whamageddon pool.


Me too. Was a 5 year plus champ until my wife took me out. I retaliated with a Christmas Shoes tactical nuke. It's the only way to be sure...
2021-12-08 1:31:50 PM  
My all time fave. Best played at the end of Christmas night:

364 Days - The Murder City Devils (Official)
Youtube WA6Uel6RwqY
2021-12-08 1:42:54 PM  

STRYPERSWINE: [Fark user image 850x660]

Watching it now.  Amazing stuff.  All of them insanely talented....except Ringo who just sits there with a dumb look on his face.
2021-12-08 3:33:23 PM  
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2021-12-08 4:35:12 PM  
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Ugh sorry ran out of pixels.
2021-12-08 4:35:49 PM  

snowybunting: There can be only one best song:

[YouTube video: The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York (Official Video)]

The absolute best Christmas song ever written.  I will die on this hill.
2021-12-08 5:04:07 PM  

SurfaceTension: How in the world am I the first one to post this? And I'm not even into comic books...

[ image 200x196]

Fark user imageView Full Size

Fark user imageView Full Size

I was also surprised at how far I had to scroll.

Thank you for your service.
2021-12-08 5:27:23 PM  
What does Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew, the ever lovin' Blue Eyed Thing have to do with Christmas?
2021-12-08 5:43:28 PM  
Paul McCartney fangirl here.  I still think I'm going to marry him when I grow up, and I'm 57-years old.  I don't have all of his catalog, but I got a lot of it on vinyl, CD and digital.

"Simply" has it's cheeky Paulie moments and he sings a couple of notes that still makes me moist.  The video looks like every other family holiday gathering I remember. It's neither the best or the worst Christmas or McCartney song history.  But I do enjoy the memes!  Because I can laugh at my future husband like that.

The McCartney song I absolutely cannot listen to ever again is "Freedom".  "Simply" is farking "Eleanor Rigby" compared to that dreck.
2021-12-08 5:44:07 PM  
'Simply having' is without a doubt, the shiattiest xmas tune of all times. My 2cents.
2021-12-08 7:08:29 PM  
Gonna see this guy on the 22nd!!!!
LITTLE DRUMMER BOY - "More cowbell" version
Youtube A3NYrJMSh88
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