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158 clicks; posted to Discussion » and Sports » on 04 Dec 2021 at 7:00 AM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-12-04 6:50:02 AM  
Morning all. The new guy will be in the dugout for Man Utd today, but I feel like we're in a holding pattern until the summer and a permanent appointment.

The most I can hope for between now and then is some degree of competence, and Fred restored to his natural position of "not in the gameday squad".
2021-12-04 7:10:15 AM  
'Ow do?
Missed the midweek stuff but here all weekend.
The Dumpster Fire standings..
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Usual blurb on the midweek action here
The refs. Tierney & Coote both turned in seven card performances to close in on Taylor while Dean simply isn't trying this season after drawing a blank at Villa.
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The top 3 all get a run out this weekend so competition is hotting up ahead of the festive log jam. All appointments here
2021-12-04 7:29:58 AM  
After missing some of the midweek predictions I need to do really well this weekend to get back out of the bottom spot.
2021-12-04 7:34:08 AM  
Morning all. I think Chelsea will look a lot stronger tonight with Mount back in the side
2021-12-04 7:36:05 AM  
Who put a top-4 clash in the early time slot for Saturday? ::grumble::  Mornin' all
2021-12-04 7:37:31 AM  

EqualOpportunityEnslaver: Who put a top-4 clash in the early time slot for Saturday? ::grumble::  Mornin' all

Who would of thought West Ham would be in 4th in December.
2021-12-04 7:41:00 AM  
Mendy was ready to go on an adventure there
2021-12-04 7:41:22 AM  

nursetim: EqualOpportunityEnslaver: Who put a top-4 clash in the early time slot for Saturday? ::grumble::  Mornin' all

Who would of thought West Ham would be in 4th in December.

Agreed, though they did finish only two points out last season
2021-12-04 7:43:37 AM  
Well, came out of last week's predictions with a nice batch of points, with a bonus for getting the MU/AR game perfect when few others did.  So it's time for one week streak of good predicting to end.
2021-12-04 7:44:22 AM  
Morning.  My back decided my brain didn't need anymore sleep and woke me up for this match.  I would rather see the Hammers take this one.
2021-12-04 7:47:02 AM  
West Ham may be able to get through Chelsea's back line if they bring in some more blockers
2021-12-04 7:48:45 AM  
I suppose Lukaku is getting a bit of a rest ahead of the Zenit game
2021-12-04 7:51:55 AM  

Pista: I suppose Lukaku is getting a bit of a rest ahead of the Zenit game

Lukaku is the Congolese word for "glass ankles"
2021-12-04 7:52:37 AM  
Fort William's return to Claggan park saw them draw 2-2 in the El Claggico friendly against Lochaber.
Their league game at Keith today has been called off as the floodlights at Keith got farked in the storm
2021-12-04 7:58:34 AM  
Boof! Thiago Silva
2021-12-04 7:58:50 AM  
Grandpa Silva nods it home and Chelsea are in front
2021-12-04 7:58:59 AM  
About 30 minutes in. About the right time for a goal.
2021-12-04 7:59:16 AM  
Thiago opens the scoring.
2021-12-04 8:00:04 AM  
*checks fantasy team*
Yep. I picked Rudiger ahead of Silva.

2021-12-04 8:00:20 AM  
Antonio completely fluffed the defending there, and he knew it from his reaction after the goal.
2021-12-04 8:01:03 AM  
West Ham almost equalized there
2021-12-04 8:01:55 AM  

nursetim: West Ham almost equalized there

Silva with the heads up play at both ends of the pitch
2021-12-04 8:08:34 AM  
Oh shiat, penalty
2021-12-04 8:08:34 AM  
PK to Wet Spam?
2021-12-04 8:09:03 AM  
Mendy concedes a penalty?!
2021-12-04 8:09:16 AM  
2021-12-04 8:09:17 AM  
Yeah, that's a pk.
2021-12-04 8:09:38 AM  
Hammers PK.  what the hell were you thinking there?
2021-12-04 8:09:48 AM  
2021-12-04 8:09:57 AM  
And we're level. Sigh.
2021-12-04 8:10:30 AM  
As a neutral, that was hilarious.
2021-12-04 8:12:08 AM  

HugeMistake: As a neutral, that was hilarious.

It really was.  Like there's no way that's supposed to be a thing, and yet here we are...
2021-12-04 8:14:45 AM  
2021-12-04 8:14:45 AM  
What a goal off the volley by Mount!
2021-12-04 8:15:09 AM  
Have it.

Foot like a traction engine.
2021-12-04 8:15:16 AM  
Thunderous goal from Mount
2021-12-04 8:15:37 AM  
That technique was incredible
2021-12-04 8:18:32 AM  
What happened? Haavertz down and Zouma was holding his hamstring like he tore it
2021-12-04 8:19:33 AM  
Awkward fall for Havertz, might be a break?
2021-12-04 8:19:59 AM  
I don't know if either of them are coming back
2021-12-04 8:36:13 AM  
Lukaku on for Havertz
2021-12-04 8:41:34 AM  

Cyrene Valantion: Lukaku on for Havertz

Hopefully nothing serious
2021-12-04 8:45:41 AM  
Rudiger put in all that work, makes a nice pass, and his teammate Rooneys it.
2021-12-04 8:45:55 AM  
2021-12-04 8:46:09 AM  
2021-12-04 8:46:11 AM  
Blimey we're level again
2021-12-04 8:46:20 AM  
2021-12-04 8:46:42 AM  
Wow what a strike
2021-12-04 8:48:12 AM  
Bowen nutmegs Christiansen to tie it back up.
2021-12-04 8:49:37 AM  
Antonio with an awful lot of work to go nowhere on that
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