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(Some Guy)   Thirty-three ways to enjoy the evening: The Official 2004 Election Drinking game. Feel free to add your own. Details in thread   ( divider line
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2004-11-02 5:56:05 AM  
Here's a little 2004 Election Drinking Game I worked up this morning while "working." Enjoy, and feel freed to add.

1. Any time a state is declared for a candidate with
less than 1% of precincts reporting - 2 drinks
2. Someone says "Palm Beach," "Dangling Chads," or
"2000 Election debacle" - 2 drinks.
3. Any report of voter fraud - 1 drink.
4. Geraldo Rivera - 3 drinks
5. Someone refers to Ralph Nader in a negative way -
1 drink.
6. Anyone mentions Michael Badnarik - 2 drinks.
7. 2 networks call a state for different candidates -
3 drinks.
8. Al Gore interviews - 2 drinks.
9. Tim Russert gets out a dry erase board - 2 drinks.
10. "Flip flop" - 1 drink.
11. Someone mentions the possibility of an electoral
tie resulting in a Bush-Edwards administration - 3
12. Someone references Michael Moore or Swift Boat
Vetrans For Truth - 2 drinks.
13. Karl Rove is referred to as a political genius -
3 drinks.
14. "Mekong Delta" - 2 drinks.
15. "Falafel" and "O'Reilly" come up in the same
conversation - 4 drinks.
16. "Dixville Notch" - 1 drink
17. Someone refers to a poll from The Christian
Science Monitor.
18. "Liberal media" - 3 drinks.
19. Gideon Yago pretends to be a real journalist - 1
20. Jon Stewart calls someone a dick - 2 drinks.
21. A swing state is called for a candidate - 3
22. "Fair and Balanced" - 1 drink.
23. A shot of John Kerry "playing" a sport - 2
24. A shot of George Bush wearing a cowboy hat - 2
25. "Osama Bin Laden" or "The War on Terror" - 1
26. "The most important election in our lifetime" - 2
27. Teresa Heinz Kerry appears to have played her own
special drinking game - 1 drink.
28. "Partisan Hackery" - 2 drinks.
29. John Edwards appears with his perfect hair - 1
30. Dick Cheney appears with his lesbian daughter.
Did I mention she was a lesbian? - 2 drinks.
31. "Married up" - 2 drinks.
32. Al Sharpton seems to be the voice of reason in a
conversation - 1 drink.
33. Florida goes for your candidate - finish the

Have fun! Can't wait for the "2004 Presidential
Election Recount Drinking Game!"
2004-11-02 6:08:02 AM  
It's gonna be a happy birthday pass out fest tonight. This game will kill.

Thirty three options? Are you TRYING to kill me?
2004-11-02 6:10:59 AM  
Commercial break
2004-11-02 6:22:13 AM  
Not trying to kill exactly...but it will help us all forget.
2004-11-02 7:44:25 AM  
i think a 'breath....drink' rotation might be easier.
2004-11-02 4:15:42 PM  
anytime u see an American flag...
a shot of Jaeger
2004-11-02 4:46:06 PM  
How many drinks for #17??
2004-11-02 4:51:28 PM  
Also, how many drinks for the totally random, non-sensical Dan Ratherism??
2004-11-02 5:14:16 PM  
hahaha, i'm taking this to the bar with me.
2004-11-02 6:02:25 PM  
"Press the red button" - 2 drinks

/for UK farkers
2004-11-02 6:05:19 PM  
A winner is actually declared on Nov 3. - Chug a bottle of 151
2004-11-02 6:07:23 PM  
I'm just resigned to having a hangover tomorrow. I hope it's due to celebratory champagne as opposed to wallowing in Rolling Rock despair!
2004-11-02 6:08:23 PM  
Celebrity endorsement - 1 drink
Springsteen talking politics while playing his guitar with his eyes closed - 5 drinks

Yay, voting.
2004-11-02 6:08:29 PM  
LOl thats awesome, can't wait to play tonight!
2004-11-02 6:09:39 PM  
OK...This is what I came up with, earlier this week.

Pony up to the TV with your favorite beer, and if applicable, your free Chipotle burrito. (It will help soak up the alcohol)

Warning:You should not play this game if you have not voted. If you have not voted yet, do it now. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Welcome back...

1)Before you begin, you declare your alignment (No not the Empire or the Rebels, or the D&D alignments.) It is advised that you write down your alignment on a card infront of you so you and your friends do not forget.

2)After establishing sides, find your favorite broadcasting station (for more fun, find one that likes to premptively declare states.)

3)When a state is declared for your party you drink the number of electoral votes in seconds (this is why we recommend beer)

4)Now, If a state flips over you drink double, and if it flips back you drink the normal time.

So in conclusion,

Whoever wins the election, it doesn't matter, you're drunk!
2004-11-02 6:09:42 PM  
I briefly flirted with the idea of watching the election results with friends, but you've really have to be doing it with a bunch of hardcore political freaks. I've instead opted to go see Saw and check the results when I get home, I can't see much drama going on anyways.
2004-11-02 6:09:48 PM  
I propose that anytime someone refers to the "swing states" or uses the word "battleground", there should be drinking. Also, "too close to call" is a good phrase, as is "voter intimidation"...
2004-11-02 6:09:51 PM  
"Too close to call."

1 sip otherwise you'd have been smashed for weeks now.
2004-11-02 6:10:48 PM  
1 shot per state your candidate wins, *or* 1 shot per 10 electoral votes.

/liver of steel
2004-11-02 6:11:10 PM  

Open mouth, insert drink, end of story
2004-11-02 6:11:22 PM  
13. Karl Rove is referred to as a political genius -
3 drinks.

If anyone seriously refers to Karl Rove as being a political genius I'm beer-bonging that bottle of 190-proof polish grain alcohol that's sitting in the back of my liquor cabinet. That guy's a chump.
2004-11-02 6:11:29 PM  
Florida, Ohio, or New Mexico is decided, tonight, by more than 3 points - 3 drinks (for each instance)
2004-11-02 6:12:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 6:13:33 PM  

"A winner is actually declared on Nov 3. - Chug a bottle of 151"

depends on for whom its called...if the wrong guy, its 151, a few vicodin tabs and perhaps a $2,000 hooker to help escort my soul from its mortal coil...
2004-11-02 6:14:35 PM  
take a shot for every reported case of this:

Due to expected rain and high voter turnout, a new issuance has just come out:

Republicans and Libertarians vote Tuesday
Democrats and Greens vote Wednesday.

2004-11-02 6:15:28 PM  
I just get really stoned.

/has an exam in the morning.
2004-11-02 6:15:29 PM  


Though, I did want to watch Princess Bride or RObin Hood Men in Tights after that movie.
2004-11-02 6:15:35 PM  

haha naah, If it comes to that, I'm spending the rest of the month on friendster trying to mary a hot Canadian.
2004-11-02 6:16:41 PM  
OH SNAPS, that is a great idea :) Never thought of that one.
2004-11-02 6:19:29 PM  

I propose that anytime someone refers to the "swing states" or uses the word "battleground", there should be drinking. Also, "too close to call" is a good phrase, as is "voter intimidation"...

No one will make it past 15 minutes of coverage. Liquor stores will run out. Advil stock will go through roof Nov. 3
2004-11-02 6:20:32 PM  
Ok, here's the best option -

Anytime u drink one drink - one drink

/infinite loop, anybody ?
//question is just getting the FIRST drink
///vote for me - one drink
2004-11-02 6:22:18 PM

2004-11-02 6:22:36 PM  
When they show President Bush, you chug a beer.
When they show Laura Bush, you enjoy a mint-julip.
When they show John Kerry, you sip a wine-spritzer.
When they show Tereza Hienz-Kerry, you take cyanide.
2004-11-02 6:23:42 PM  
you need a game to drink?
2004-11-02 6:24:59 PM  
Everytime a VP is mentioned, take a shot.
2004-11-02 6:25:00 PM  
2dshooter and squeevey :

I'm from California! Are you trying to kill me????
I've already had alcohol poisoning this year!
2004-11-02 6:29:41 PM  
You don't need to drink it all at one instance, just add it to the count. Last year this thing went till 4 or 5am.
2004-11-02 6:29:54 PM  
ah rawn, then you'd better not watch foxnews, cuz that bottle'll kill you
2004-11-02 6:32:26 PM  

That's the whole idea!! What better way to celebrate civic responsibility than to completely destroy yourself?
2004-11-02 6:35:15 PM  
2004-11-02 06:11:22 PM AhRawn this is for you:

13. Karl Rove is referred to as a political genius - 3 drinks.

13.5 Karl Rove is referred to as the Anti-Christ - 3 drinks.
2004-11-02 6:37:43 PM  
34. Anytime the media mentions: "undecided voters"-- 2 drinks 35. Anytime you hear: "every vote counts"-- 1 keg!!! (drink for the electoral college)
2004-11-02 6:38:25 PM  
Just drink till you pass out. You will feel less pain then if you actually watched the coverage.
2004-11-02 6:40:55 PM  
I propose a simplification.

1. Kerry wins - Drink everything in sight.
2. Bush wins - Drink everything in sight.
3. Someone else wins - Do not have anything to drink. Proceed in a calm, orderly fashion to the nearest large field and wait for aliens/jeebus/UN black helicopters to come and pick us all up and take us to our new homes.

/Welcoming his Badnarik-voting alien overlords.
//Voted for Kodos
2004-11-02 6:41:22 PM  
It's gonna be a looong night.

Could somebody post a boobies link or something?

OR better yet, DRINK for every boobies link posted - now with voting enabled
/always wanted to say that


oops, forgot voting - now enabled - mods delete previous
2004-11-02 6:42:35 PM  
How about "politics of fear" - 1 ?
2004-11-02 6:44:55 PM  

You made me laugh. I count that as one shot. Vodka. Done.
2004-11-02 6:48:31 PM  
Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.
2004-11-02 6:56:23 PM  
I sense that I will not be able to get to 4. Something I've not felt since...

Vote Quimby
2004-11-02 7:00:49 PM  
take one drink for each billable hour racked up by election dispute lawyers.

/pre-dial 911
2004-11-02 7:00:59 PM  
Every time you turn on the tv, drink. That is essentially what you are saying with this system.

Here's the thing. Every time they show a person putting a ballot into whatever system that placde uses - 1 drink.
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