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2002-02-19 09:03:49 AM  
[image from us.news2.yimg.com too old to be available]
2002-02-19 09:04:54 AM  
"Man! I knew this 'faking a heart attack' thing would work. CPR this baby!"
2002-02-19 09:06:56 AM  
"This is to make up for trying to have your kneecaps broken."
2002-02-19 09:06:57 AM  
Desperate female skater attempts to enliven routine with "inflatable male love-doll" gimmick
2002-02-19 09:07:16 AM  
2002-02-19 09:07:53 AM  
"Pfffft! Canada! Who cares?? Can they do THIS?"
2002-02-19 09:08:57 AM  
"Ooops, I thought you were Matt Lauer!"
2002-02-19 09:09:31 AM  
"I dunno...are you SURE this is what the judges meant by in-line skating?"
2002-02-19 09:09:55 AM  
2002-02-19 09:10:08 AM  
"Move that hand a little lower... WOOO BABY!"
2002-02-19 09:10:09 AM  
"shiat! Ow! ow! take out your farkin' retainer!"
2002-02-19 09:10:42 AM  
"Victor, I KNOW you aren't dead...stop playing around and get up! We have to finish our routine!"
2002-02-19 09:10:45 AM  
I know he's got sex organs down there somewhere....
2002-02-19 09:11:07 AM  
Duffman can't breathe! Oh no!
2002-02-19 09:13:07 AM  
Marsha tries out for a role in 'Baywatch, Alaska'.
2002-02-19 09:13:11 AM  
*whispering* "You're farking dead, Victor. You farked us for the last time. Now stand up, smile, and enjoy your last day on earth, you clumsy bastard..."
2002-02-19 09:13:12 AM  
"Just pretend he's a man...Just pretend he's a man..."
2002-02-19 09:15:20 AM  
The Canadian couple introduces a new routine they call the 'horizontal waltz'.
2002-02-19 09:17:11 AM  
"Did the Russians get to you too?"
2002-02-19 09:19:01 AM  
"If the Americans give so much attention over a silly judging scandal think of what the introduction of hardcore pornography to figure-skating will do."
2002-02-19 09:19:42 AM  
2002-02-19 09:21:28 AM  
"Can you switch your head and your hand?"
2002-02-19 09:33:52 AM  
"Just lie very still. Maybe the French judge will go away..."
2002-02-19 09:37:13 AM  
Parabolic microphones were able to pick up the whispers: "Doesn't feel good to get kicked in the nuts by a skate, does it? Well then stop staring at other women!"
2002-02-19 09:40:36 AM  
Tonya Harding and Leonardo DiCaprio in...
Romeo and Juliet On Ice
This film has not yet been rated
2002-02-19 09:57:25 AM  
"Toe pick..."
2002-02-19 09:57:51 AM  
Oh Victor!

Despite the night of pleasure that we spent together so long ago, you have to stop torturing yourself like this. You have to move on, to find someone else. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do love you, I'm just not IN love with you. Forget about me, move on, and be happy. It's the least I can wish for you. I know you'll make someone a wonderful husband, and I hope you find that person easily; it just can't be me.


2002-02-19 09:58:11 AM  
Adding an interesting twist to their skating routine, the Canadians do a triple sow cow and then preform psychic surgery to remove Claude's stomach tumor.
2002-02-19 10:04:42 AM  
"Was it good for you?"
2002-02-19 10:30:11 AM  
Tragically, the "Princess Fiona and the Frog on Skates" routine has been performed for the last time.
2002-02-19 10:31:13 AM  
This isn't quite what I meant when I said "Blow me"
2002-02-19 10:31:17 AM  
Get your tongue out of my mouth! I'm kissing you goodbye.
2002-02-19 10:32:39 AM  
Damnit! Why are these cumberbund thingies so hard to undo one handed?
2002-02-19 10:34:41 AM  
Marilyn Chambers's debut on the US skating team was certainly a memorable one, concurred the judges.
2002-02-19 10:35:46 AM  
"Men more comfortable when female bosses touch them."
2002-02-19 10:36:17 AM  
Don't worry about the heart attack, I have a deal with the judges.
2002-02-19 10:48:17 AM  
[image from us.news2.yimg.com too old to be available]

"Are you SURE this will impress the French judge?"
2002-02-19 10:49:30 AM  
"T-T-T-Touch me... I wanna be dirty."

ARGH... voting didn't appear :)
2002-02-19 10:53:17 AM  
"Live! Live! You've never given up on anything in your life!"

for the MST fan in you.
2002-02-19 11:00:10 AM  
Oh dammit, that evil fairy said it would be a handsome PRINCE who would kiss me and wake me up...
2002-02-19 11:04:47 AM  
Tonya Harding's return to skating probably would have gone better if she had chosen someone other than Al Gore as her partner.
2002-02-19 11:10:17 AM  
"Why did that ice cobra have to bite you on the mouth...WHY!?!"
2002-02-19 11:22:07 AM  
"Holy crap my hair is stuck to the ice"
2002-02-19 11:30:44 AM  
Don't worry baby, it was fixed anyway
2002-02-19 12:10:15 PM  
for W_D_Badger and other MST3K fans:

2002-02-19 12:17:46 PM  
Olympic figure skaters engage in the difficult "Snowball" routine for bonus points.
2002-02-19 12:22:17 PM  
Oh my god! Ewwww! Grosss!!! A heterosexual girl is kissing me!!! Eww! Ewwww! Ewww! Hetero cooties! I'm gonna get AIDS!!!

-he who stacks pork
2002-02-19 12:37:40 PM  
I....I....dont know what it is...but; when I kiss you its like....Im kissing my brother.
2002-02-19 12:38:27 PM  
I knew this gay-arse figure skating would pay off one day... SCORE!!!

2002-02-19 12:40:35 PM  
In desperate for points pairs figure skaters have begun a controvercial porn move. Allowing judges (and audiences) to see more then ever before.
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