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(Toronto Star)   Nutsack squirrel hates those Jays   ( divider line
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2021-12-01 11:28:58 PM  
My backyard bird feeder sees a lot of action and is impossible for the squirrels to reach.
Mission accomplished?
Still, squirrels would come by daily to pick up the scraps dropped by the birds.

But wait, there's more.  I was out refilling one afternoon when I had a close encounter of the squirrel kind.  He sat on my deck, little paws in the usual prayer position and stared up at me with his little dark beady eyes.  And he expressed his outrage to me.  "Wtf, human?  Why feed the birds and not us?  Are we not mammals like you?  This is totally so unfair."

The squirrels get some sunflower seeds now:
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What a western blue jay might look like:
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The squirrels and jays get along just fine.  Peaceful co-existence.  As long as the free food lasts, I suppose.
2021-12-02 8:09:09 AM  
I get blue jays, gray squirrels ...and red squirrels (or used to).  There was 1 particular red squirrel that was notorious.

Normally, the jays and gray squirrels give each other enough space so they can feed.  But this one red squirrel that I named Asshole would rush in and chase everyone else away.  And then he wouldn't even eat the food or go and stash it.  He'd just sit there, guarding it, chasing everything away.  Eventually, one gray squirrel came in and put him in his place, but it took a while.

Haven't seen Asshole since early summer.  He probably got eated by one of the many cats that like to roam through my yard.
2021-12-02 8:40:09 AM  
"Our" squirrels have their choice of tens of thousands of acorns or thousands of pine cones.  Blue jays and crows fight it out for the peanuts.  I prefer the blue jays, because they don't wash their nuts in the fountain clogging the filter.
2021-12-02 5:10:43 PM  
We moved a squirrel-proofed feeder to the front of the house for easier winter access. Alas, it is now in a poition where a grey squirrel can leap on top and eat a shiatload of seeds. There is a wholeair force of sparrows that camp at the feeder, but the today the squirrel discovered the sparrows are like biplanes vs. King Kong. Our next step is the old bb gun to make war on the varmint, but this guy has a Bug Bunny aura, so we're cautious. If I can spray him with Day-Glo paint maybe the local hawk will murder him. How hard can it be to put a hit on a squirrel?
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