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(USA Today)   The best moments from the first BTS concert in two years. Spoiler: it's the silence   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Grammy Award, BTS' LA concert highlights, second showof the group, Squid Game, Megan Thee Stallion surprises crowd, BTS' ARMY, BTS members, K-pop group's legion  
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2021-11-29 9:42:56 AM  
"It the silence."


I know nothing about this boy band but am I missing a joke somewhere?
2021-11-29 9:52:30 AM  

darch: "It the silence."


I know nothing about this boy band but am I missing a joke somewhere?

Subby hates boy bands and doesn't proofread his headline.

So subby is, in fact, the joke.
2021-11-29 9:57:18 AM  
Bite me Subby. I like BTS. And I'm a prog rock musician snob.

It's catchy, colorful eye candy with lots of good dancing. Its harmless fun. I may be an old fart with a stick up his ass who turns his nose up at anything not written in 13/8, but I'm not dead. Not yet anyway.
2021-11-29 9:57:18 AM  
These Kpop groups have the same gross, vaguely creepy, obviously-manufactured, "yes we're rich and famous but please HELP US WE'RE PRISONERS" vibe that the old American boy bands had, only multiplied by like ten thousand
2021-11-29 10:35:03 AM  
2021-11-29 10:38:08 AM  
I went to a BTS concert before the pandemmy. My favorite part was the light sticks. You connect them to an app and then tell the app what your seat is. They control everyone's lights centrally to make a light show in the stands. It ruled my ass off and I wasn't even stoned.

Youtube vkRKZLUwWkc
2021-11-29 10:43:43 AM  
Cortez the Killer (Live)
Their Neil Young cover?
2021-11-29 11:15:50 AM  
bachmann turner soverdrive?
2021-11-29 11:17:44 AM  

evilmousse: bachmann turner soverdrive?

My brain will never not interpret it as "Bind Torture Strangle."
2021-11-29 11:46:37 AM  
What amuses me is in Asia these groups have a definite shelf life. The performers go in knowing this and, unlike Disney starlets, usually have an exit plan. This group got lucky and found a Western audience to extend their time in the sun but following groups will likely not be as strong eventually falling in to the anime convention circuit.

It's not my thing but more than a few students wandering through the food court have shirts with the band members on the front. It's their right to enjoy it until the next big trend pops up.
2021-11-29 12:25:15 PM  
I probably would never listen to their music while doing normal everyday stuff, but their tracks/stages in Beatsaber are farking amazing.  Perfect music for that kind of game.
2021-11-29 12:26:28 PM  
Ugh.  My oldest was a huge BTS fan.  around.......summer 2019, wife bought tickets for the May 2020ish Rose Bowl concert.  TIckets, airfare, hotel.  Would have been my oldest's first "real" concert.  COVID farked the world in the ass in Feb 2020, BTS cancelled the show.

Early 2021, they reset the date to like, Aug 2021 or some such.  midsummer, they had to cancel the show entirely.

they then re-set the date from the Rose Bowl to SoFi or whatever, stadium.    "We will do our best to give you the same seating area or you can take a refund."  we chose the refund, and the wife said the other day, "yeah, BTS just played the new LA stadium....that was supposed to be the Rose Bowl show we had tickets to....."
2021-11-29 12:44:48 PM  

darch: "It the silence."


I know nothing about this boy band but am I missing a joke somewhere?

They're a complex mix.  The actual songs, the ones in English at least, aren't badly written.  I've seen great covers from other people.  They're good dancers. On some level, their voices aren't objectionable.

But the whole thing is brain numbing if you try and watch it.  Too many people on stage.  No instruments.  Very little done to hide lipsyncing.    Too much fan squealing over who's cutest, even if that's genuinely the basis of all boy bands.

I kind of get why people like them, but it won't, can't, be me.
2021-11-29 1:52:12 PM  

darch: "It the silence."


I know nothing about this boy band but am I missing a joke somewhere?

Apparently they are now doing Depeche Mode covers.
2021-11-29 1:55:34 PM  
I will definitely support them because when I was stuck over in Seoul during quarantine it was right after the album released so that was everywhere and one of the fewer things I could listen to/follow easier on TV. That and the chicken noodle soup ads featuring the song with Becky G. Just missed running into them when they filmed their Palace feature for Tonight Show, I was going there that night and discovered it was closed for event, but wasn't strong enough in the language to understand why
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