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(Salon)   Sorry, I wasn't listening. Why don't you pay someone to do that?   ( divider line
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2021-11-29 7:52:11 AM  
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2021-11-29 7:25:59 AM  
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2021-11-29 8:58:45 AM  
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downstairs: No.  I vent for the purpose of changing bad things that are happening.

Venting just to vent (which I understand is sort of the definition of the word, but not fully) is useless.

Don't do useless things.

*looks around fark* uh...
2021-11-29 8:16:51 AM  
3 votes:
No.  I vent for the purpose of changing bad things that are happening.

Venting just to vent (which I understand is sort of the definition of the word, but not fully) is useless.

Don't do useless things.
2021-11-28 11:28:55 PM  
2 votes:
Vent away.  Why would you care if anybody is listening to you?
2021-11-29 12:59:56 AM  
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I don't know about the ethics, but I should start up a company doing this.  It's like I am the character in Joe Hill's book Horns Everyone tells me their secrets, desires, and insecurities, from co-workers to total strangers in public.  I know everything about the people I work with because they just tell me. I know salaries, who's getting fired, who is planning on leaving and what they are going to do (legal and not), who is addicted to what, it's insane.

Strangers do it too, a man in a produce section told me about how he is worried his friends would not want to hang out with him anymore because an IED sent him home with a colostomy bag (and showed it to me in the middle of the store, ewww). A cashier replied to a generic greeting with "it's better than being on the pig farm where my step-father raped me" and then elaborated. Really serious shiat, a woman in a bar halfway through a conversation asked if I was some sort of angel or god because she wasn't afraid to tell me anything.  A VP of a trillion-dollar multinational company tried to make me manager of building they were building after a conversation (permits did not get approved).  Those are just some of the stranger ones, but it happens all the time everywhere.

I have purposefully tried not to engage people during Covid because the stories are just too heartbreaking.

Thanks for listening, $10 a month is a lot cheaper than hiring someone.
2021-11-29 9:12:51 AM  
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cryinoutloud: Exluddite: BizarreMan: Isn't that what a therapist does?
Isn't that what they're paid for?

Yeah, they get paid.  A real therapist needs lots of credentials.  An unreal therapist, like a paid listener, has no credentials.  This is about as legit as all those "drug treatment" places that offer them a place to sleep for as much money as they can cough up.

The whole idea is pathetic.  You gave up your social life to go make money--now you gotta pay someone to listen to you biatch because you don't have any friends.
Well don't come to me, because I'll tell you to get the fark over yourself and attend to your real needs, instead of just pulling out your wallet again.  Dipshiat.

I'm the poorest person in my rich town, living in a rented cabin on a very rich street.  I see trophy wives walk/jog/run by every day, as they try to keep themselves in shape for their fat old husbands.

I'm now wondering if I shouldn't put out a shingle, as a paid listener.  I'd happily relieve some rich folks of their money.  Just nod, and make little "uh huh" noises, and offer zero advice on how they can relieve the tedium of their rich lives.

I figure not everyone can afford a trophy spouse, so why not.  It's not much worse than having a "friend" dump their problems on me, and I wouldn't have to jog to keep myself in shape like a full time trophy spouse.
2021-11-29 9:44:26 AM  
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Or, you know, you could just go on the Politics tab. It's free!

/ oh, you said someone needed to listen
// forget it
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