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(ESPN)   Redskins defeated by Packers 28-14 in last home game before the presidential election. Since 1936, this has predicated a loss for the incumbent   ( divider line
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11681 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 31 Oct 2004 at 6:04 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-10-31 4:29:24 PM  
Bush's response: "We are winning the war in FedEx Field".
2004-10-31 4:33:41 PM  
The officials had to step in and call back a touchdown. Let's hope Tuesday is cleaner.
2004-10-31 4:40:40 PM  
the first 3 or 4 submissions were amusing, now its just looks like desperation.
2004-10-31 4:42:23 PM  
yes, those folks who wanted everyone to know about weird al's parents were just...desperate.
2004-10-31 4:42:31 PM  
You have to admit if the shoe were on the other proverbial foot, well, you know...
2004-10-31 4:44:21 PM  
I agree with WalkingCarpet, you guys would be all over this thing, so grin and bear it.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-31 4:49:24 PM  
And you guys would be telling them to knock it off.

so stop the whining...

/happy the Pack won.
2004-10-31 4:50:11 PM  
We're not whining, you're whining, and you won't stop. Geez. Stop farking if it annoys you.
2004-10-31 4:55:09 PM  
I'm not whinning, you're whinning. You're whinning that I'm whinning, so stop whinning about me whinning if you don't like whinning.
2004-10-31 5:03:37 PM  
Who shot who in the what now?
2004-10-31 6:06:59 PM  
Of course this means that Kerry will win. I cannot imagine any sports-related curse being broken this year!
2004-10-31 6:07:08 PM  
God hope that it's true...
2004-10-31 6:07:28 PM  
Correlation, yes. Prediction, not so much.
2004-10-31 6:07:42 PM  
2004-10-31 6:08:09 PM  
Go Pack!
2004-10-31 6:08:57 PM  
patkelly wins
2004-10-31 6:09:13 PM  
2004-10-31 6:09:35 PM  
shoot, i wanted them to win. Go dubya!!!
2004-10-31 6:09:44 PM  
2004-10-31 6:10:04 PM  
Yee-Ha... I had this game circled after reading about it on Snopes! Go Pack!
2004-10-31 6:10:05 PM  
I'm getting so goddamn tired of hearing about this "trend." I bet I could find 20 statistical trends that have
"predicted" the exact same thing since 1936 but have turned out differently this time around, if I really wanted to.
2004-10-31 6:10:17 PM  
woo hoooooooooooooooooooo

Brett Favre: Defender of Democracy
2004-10-31 6:10:31 PM  
Go Kerry, Go Javon Walker on my fantasy team!
2004-10-31 6:10:39 PM  

My headline :(
It was the foxsports recap too hehe

2004-10-31 6:10:41 PM  
I agree with Yakivegas.

Yes, there is a correlation. I don't believe in predictions. Predictions are B.S.
2004-10-31 6:10:55 PM  
Then again, the Red Sox won and the Steelers are at least for the moment two TDs up against the Patriots.
2004-10-31 6:11:07 PM  
earlier today kerry was spotted eating pie out of a hot cocoa sampler box...makes you think eh?
2004-10-31 6:11:35 PM  
Yeah, patkelly wins already. Sorry guys. You can all stop now.
2004-10-31 6:11:40 PM  
I submitted this with a better headline.
2004-10-31 6:11:48 PM  
I call shennanigans on the headline. In 1936, FDR was the incumbent, and he won in 1936.
2004-10-31 6:11:51 PM  
Anyone Think Florida Will Demand A Recount
2004-10-31 6:11:58 PM  
Ok... when last I saw it was 20-14 (Packers leading) in the 4th. How did the packers loose 6 points?
2004-10-31 6:12:21 PM  
crap. This was the first time I rooted for the 'Skins.
2004-10-31 6:12:49 PM  

Make that 3 TDs
2004-10-31 6:12:59 PM  
Bones666 is dumb.
2004-10-31 6:13:01 PM  
Here comes the science?

This seems like a correlation between skirt lengths and the stock market performance. Not a likely cause/effect relationship, but interesting nonetheless.


General Patton was right. Screw the Russians.
2004-10-31 6:13:05 PM  
That may be so, but I think the Sox sweeping the world series definately shows that something screwy is happening to the laws of probability.
2004-10-31 6:13:31 PM  
Correlation does not indicate causation.

The first lesson of Psych 101.

(That said, as an extremely concerned Canadian, am rooting for Kerry... desperately).
2004-10-31 6:13:31 PM  
Other trends:

No President has ever had a net job loss and been reelected.
No President had ever had an approcal rating below 50% and been reelected.
No President without winning the popular vote in the first election has been reelected.
2004-10-31 6:13:59 PM  
Try reversing the teams
2004-10-31 6:14:08 PM  

Since 1936, this has predicated a loss for the incumbent

2004-10-31 6:14:09 PM  
Like many Gaybos, I don't give a flying fark about football but the Redskins fans look like they're a fun bunch.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-31 6:14:45 PM  
Green Bay is so awesome. I must agree with Patkelly, it wouldn't be much of a suprise if yet another trend is smashed.

/G. Dub '04
2004-10-31 6:15:03 PM  
And with Kerry's home team winning the World Series I think Chimpy's gonna be creamed.

/I don't mean in his pants because of the joy of winning, either.
2004-10-31 6:15:07 PM  
This was the first time I rooted against my favorite team, the 'Skins.

"Hooray, I'm for the other team!" - Schoolhouse
2004-10-31 6:15:11 PM  

My friends and I discussed this. We decided the trend isn't necessarily a curse, just a coincidence. Maybe its good karma for the Kerry camp, but it means jackpoop.
2004-10-31 6:15:14 PM  
That may be so, but I think the Sox sweeping the world series definately shows that something screwy is happening to the laws of probability.

The patriots are losing :o

all bets are OFF.
2004-10-31 6:15:33 PM  
Wouldn't the Redsocks win negate this?
2004-10-31 6:15:35 PM  
Reread headline bones...i got caught by the same thing.
2004-10-31 6:15:55 PM  

too bad this isnt exactly a guarantee.
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