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34890 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Oct 2004 at 8:39 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-10-29 8:39:32 PM  
Can someone paraphrase for me? Thats too many words for a friday.
2004-10-29 8:39:54 PM  
That guy must've been reading from F-911's script.
2004-10-29 8:41:57 PM  
Where are all the dems screaming that Bush is "holding him" for his reelection now? Huh?
2004-10-29 8:43:06 PM  

That is all.
2004-10-29 8:43:30 PM  
I it too hard to write out "Osama Bin Ladin" for a farking headlinee?!?!
2004-10-29 8:43:35 PM  
2004-10-29 8:43:57 PM  
I hate to say this, but he makes some good valid points.

/flame on...
2004-10-29 8:44:26 PM  
executive summary: security, freedom. pick one.

2004-10-29 8:44:48 PM  
"I'm not actually a terrorist. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express on 9/10."

/Window seat, kosher meal.
2004-10-29 8:44:50 PM  
Bush will win because of this, mark my word.
2004-10-29 8:45:30 PM  
How about dems screaming that if Bush didnt have his vendetta against Iraq we would have killed Osama back in Pakistan
2004-10-29 8:45:36 PM  
"OBL: We agreed with Mohamed Atta, god bless him, to execute the whole operation in 20 minutes. Before Bush and his administration would pay attention and we never thought that the high commander of the US armies would leave 50 thousand of his citizens in both towers to face the horrors by themselves when they most needed him because it seemed to distract his attention from listening to the girl telling him about her goat butting was more important than paying attention to airplanes butting the towers which gave us three times the time to execute the operation thank god."

2004-10-29 8:46:27 PM  
Hmm....perhaps Osama isn't dead....
2004-10-29 8:46:28 PM  
Drudge = Bin Laden.
2004-10-29 8:46:38 PM  
I don't think "security, freedom. pick one." is a valid synopsis.
But I'd agree with you. Freedom.
2004-10-29 8:46:48 PM  
Is this a bad translation or does he actually speak this incoherently?
2004-10-29 8:46:56 PM  
You call this an alternative? This guy is just as boring as the other candidates!
2004-10-29 8:47:13 PM  
The part that I found very interesting was when he was talking about the twin towers falling, and he said something like, he never imagined Pres. Bush would leave 50,000 people in the twin towers while he was talking with schoolchildren...something like that. This is REALLY WEIRD, because bin Laden is sounding like he is sympathizing with the people who died in the towers instead of referring to them as his victims of his holy war. His terminology is really really odd. Is anyone else catching this??
2004-10-29 8:47:17 PM  

But Bush won't win.

And why does Drudge constantly support Bush? I thought the whole idea of indie media was to be neutral and go for equal cynicism for both sides.

Drudge is basically an unpaid White House staffer wannabe.
2004-10-29 8:47:31 PM  
I wonder how much of the speech is truth?
2004-10-29 8:47:39 PM  
Has any Bush supporter actually attempted to defend the president's actions directly after being told about the 9/11 attack?
2004-10-29 8:47:50 PM  
George is never gonna live that one down.
2004-10-29 8:47:52 PM  
He is just lobbying for Kerry's Secretary of State

/gonna be a flame war anyway...
2004-10-29 8:48:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-29 8:49:39 PM  
I wonder how much of the speech is truth?

why would Ossama lie to US?! *gasp*
2004-10-29 8:49:54 PM  
Wow, Osama bin Laden has really poor speeling.
2004-10-29 8:50:07 PM  
what exactly is scary about this, its really just a statement of principle sort of thing
2004-10-29 8:50:23 PM  
"And free people don't let go of their security contrary to Bush's claims that we hate freedom. He should tell us why we didn't hit Sweden for instance."

Was it because of ABBA?
Or maybe it was all those hot blondes?

No, wait.. ABBA would have been a REASON to hit Sweden!
2004-10-29 8:50:28 PM  
OBL is using Moore's propaganda. That speaks to just how vile a person Moore is.
2004-10-29 8:50:40 PM  
Could some internet invalid please explain how bin Laden implying that Bush failed his country equates to an endorsement for Kerry. I know that he(Kerry)'s the alternative to Bush, but he also said that it matters not who the president is. Second, bin Laden claims to have decided in 1982 that he would destroy the twin towers. Does that mean that the "Bush is infallible" crew are going to shift the blame for that to Reagan now? Just askin'.

/I think fark is trying to break the record for number of threads to go to infinity in one day.
2004-10-29 8:50:51 PM  
It's really not Osama. It's an imposter. I read about it on TotalFark

2004-10-29 8:51:01 PM  
As a Kerry supporter, I'm more afraid of Fox News spinning this into "See, Osama loves John Kerry!!" and continuing the misdirection away from the 380 tons that are still missing...
2004-10-29 8:51:02 PM  
doggerel, leatherjuice, it seems as though your contry has neither of those at the moment
2004-10-29 8:51:13 PM  
Good Grief, OBL's turned into a campaigning politico.

Where's the AK firing desert hooligan we've all come to know and loathe?
2004-10-29 8:51:44 PM  

I recogize what bin laden is talking about in the transcript and i've never seen f/911
2004-10-29 8:52:12 PM  
Where are all the dems screaming that Bush is "holding him" for his reelection now? Huh?

This dem never screamed that considering he is not in Iraq.


Fark me, Bush is like a 12 year old Korean Starcraft player
2004-10-29 8:52:34 PM  
This is a tough call. Bush may just get his ass beat on Tuesday because people will have this fresh image of the man who was really responsible for 9/11 mocking us and telling us it could happen again. They'll think "Are we really any safer than before?"
2004-10-29 8:52:39 PM  
meh, Let's just pull out of Israel and let 'em fend for themselves.
2004-10-29 8:52:49 PM  
Thank god I'll be spending the next 3 days drunk from halloween.

By the end of it, Kerry will be president, I'll be sober, and things can go back to being hopeful here.

Still ... like control I think that we'll "find" OBL on Monday.
2004-10-29 8:52:50 PM  
Believe it or not, yes. Apparently, he was "collecting his thoughts."
2004-10-29 8:52:58 PM  
Well, only a matter of time before someone comes along accusing Sweden of being in cahoots with Osama...
2004-10-29 8:53:22 PM  
Is it Bush's fault that Osama is still loose? Yes. Is it Bush's fault that we needed to look for Osama in the first place? No. I have a relative who was a high-ranking gov't official. (Has since retired.) Appointed by Clinton. And at Thanksgiving dinner in '00 was saying how the biggest security fear the administration has is terrorism. Look at how long the 9/11 terrorists were planning the attacks, way before Bush had even announced he was running for President. Terrorism was around before Bush, it will be around after Bush. Bush didn't create it, Kerry can't fix it.

/tired of people blaming Bush for everything.
2004-10-29 8:54:30 PM  
I think it's one thing to hear Michael Moore saying that Bush's decision to continue reading "My Pet Goat" put us at risk for that much longer, and to yell shiat back at him. But to hear Osama Bin Laden say it, and to go "Wow, he must have been reading from the F9/11 script," seems to me a little too ignorant. He's the one who planned and executed the motherfarking attack. I think he's well aware of the importance of time in the events he plotted and carried through. Political party affiliation aside, you can't argue that point anymore.
2004-10-29 8:54:37 PM  
OOoooohhh...the bogeyman is going to get us.

Blah. I'm more likely to get hit by a bus tonight.
2004-10-29 8:54:56 PM  

I hate to say this, but he makes some good valid points."

I agree... Unfortunately all the politicians can say is... "Whatever he says, we think the opposite and we will kill him"... Instead of listening to what has caused this mess in the first place...

USA = Israel 2
2004-10-29 8:55:07 PM  
OoOoOoOoOoO i'm almost scared.
2004-10-29 8:55:13 PM  
Hrm, can anyone else not read this? I mean, I know it's broken English and a rough translation, but this is horrible.

OBL: So I'm saying, to Americans the you, will you won't be not electing the Evil Bush for your Kerry on the 2nd day election of November, or bombing of the house when freedom is involved be you mostly doing righteous.

And so this, say to you Americans I do, please war not be bringing on me yourselves, or you the bomb in the delivering of the street may be happening.

daz: Huh?
2004-10-29 8:55:15 PM  

I'm with you- It's a strangely sympathetic letter. I'm not sure where he's coming from. This is a slap in the face, though, a couple of days before the election. They seriously need to hunt down and kill this guy.
2004-10-29 8:55:39 PM  
2004-10-29 8:55:42 PM  
OBL is using Moore's propaganda. That speaks to just how vile a person Moore is.

yeah, that's really, really, really weird.

I also noticed this has completely knocked the really sketchy, suspect tape that ABC had planned to air completely out of the news-o-sphere.

things that make u go... "hmmmmmmm..."
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