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(Tech Central Station)   Electoral shedding -- not a disease affecting poll workers, but a way John McCain could actually become president after an electoral-college tie   ( divider line
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19863 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 28 Oct 2004 at 7:04 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-10-28 2:23:53 PM  
I voted for the guy, so here's hoping...
2004-10-28 2:27:47 PM  
I'm in favor.
2004-10-28 2:27:51 PM  
TIE '04
2004-10-28 2:32:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-28 2:35:48 PM  
While McCain might reject this and throw his support behind Bush, he might seize the opportunity, much like Aaron Burr did in 1800

Yeah, but look what happened to Aaron Burr.
2004-10-28 2:36:16 PM  
Sweet...Go McCain!

I'm all for THAT one.
2004-10-28 2:40:42 PM  
Lets all get behind McCain... father of the 527s! Whoo hoo!
2004-10-28 2:44:17 PM  
A tie would be a spiffy idea, but if you read further down towards the end of the article, anyone could shed their votes to someone completely radical which would hold the GOP together and BAM! Bush is back in anyway.

We need to get rid of this antiquated system and go for popular vote or at the very least voter run-off.
2004-10-28 2:49:44 PM  

I'm all for getting a new system but its going to take a lot more than talk. The politicians aren't going to do anything about it. Why would they? They've mastered manipulating the current system to keep them in power.

That leaves us with a constitutional convention. AKA a circus (these days).

I think change is only going to come with voting differently. When we start taking power away from the 2 main parties they will desparately listen to what we have to say.
2004-10-28 2:52:02 PM  
Seth_J: I agree. Which is why I'm voting 3rd party for all except President (I just can't stand Bush, didn't like him in 2000 and absolutely HATE his policies now) and I'm revoting for Gov. of my state. I think she's done a pretty good job. Other than that, if I've never heard of you, never saw a political ad from you and you're of a 3rd party, you get my vote this time around.
2004-10-28 2:55:04 PM  

That's the kind of 3rd party voting I can get behind. Get the third parties going at the grassroots level.
2004-10-28 2:58:29 PM  
Quick1: If everyone did that, it would really start shaking things up, imo.

I have never voted a straight ticket in my life, but I have always choose between the two main parties. This election cycle has been the worst I've ever seen in my life (since I was only 7 when Nixon came up for reelection) and it has made me so weary, they all (Repubs & Dems) can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
2004-10-28 3:09:20 PM  
The system is fine. Without it, there'd be chaos even worse than 2000.

McCain... why the hell not? I like him.
2004-10-28 3:19:04 PM  
I would vote for McCain.
2004-10-28 3:27:45 PM  
Quick1, suebhoney

Thats exactly what the socialist party did. There was no reason to invade the US - just start a socialist party and start putting the candidates out there. People like what they hear and start voting for them. Now you have both GWB and JK promising socialist programs.

Here's the logic I have come to accept:
One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. So if you want change do something different.
2004-10-28 4:00:00 PM  
I'd be happy with McCain.

I'm Thera, and I approve of this message.
2004-10-28 4:12:35 PM  
If that happens, I'll walk backwards, from here to DC, naked, all the while "talking my butt cheeks" to thank each and every Democrat along the way.

Or I'll just sit home saying WTF? Did that really just happen?
2004-10-28 4:13:22 PM  
If you really want third parties to be a viable voting option that can actually have a consistent impact on the system, you need to be pushing your state and federal officials for instant runoff voting or some other similar system.

Under the current system, in the vast majority of cases, voting for a third party is just masturbation--it makes you feel really good for a little while, but produces nothing of any lasting substance, other than the occasional mess.
2004-10-28 5:47:29 PM  
I'd support McCain.

I'm Jim, and I supp-hey look, boobies!
2004-10-28 7:11:00 PM  
If Kerry can't win, then let's do this.
2004-10-28 7:11:30 PM  
won't happen

Kerry in a landslide

you heard it here first
2004-10-28 7:11:50 PM  
I blame Ramon Burr for this...
2004-10-28 7:12:45 PM  
McCain will never be president... Dream on....
2004-10-28 7:12:50 PM  
all your votes are belong to us
2004-10-28 7:12:56 PM  
I predict:

2004-10-28 7:15:28 PM  

No, sir, Aaron Burr didn't like it.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-28 7:15:39 PM  
Are you referring to the duel which got him charged with murder, or his conspiracy that got him charged with treason? Nice to know we have a model for all current politicians though.
2004-10-28 7:17:01 PM  
Nice to know my vote doesn't count.
2004-10-28 7:17:17 PM  
I predict:


/in France
2004-10-28 7:17:31 PM  
GIS Unlikely

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-28 7:18:24 PM  
Wow, what a simple efficient electoral process...not.

Give me a parliament anyday. Nice simple system which WORKS!
2004-10-28 7:18:54 PM  
McCain.... McCain.... where have I heard that name.... isn't he the guy with a black child?
2004-10-28 7:19:15 PM  
Strangly i think i would prefer someone that i know nothing about over both Bush or Kerry...

But i was gonna vote for a ficus plant this election anyways...
2004-10-28 7:19:43 PM  

At least he was charged. Nowadays, all they do is pardon each other.
2004-10-28 7:20:04 PM  
I'd definitely vote for McCain.

We already know he can yell really loud. What's the difference between his yell and Kerry and Bush screaming all the time to get their fans riled up? Nothing.
2004-10-28 7:20:39 PM  
Ah yes, all very interesting. How many of the electors are required by state law to vote for their guy?
2004-10-28 7:20:57 PM  
Does John McCain fall under the category of Anybody But Bush? OK then. I'd take McCain,

but that ain't gonna happen. Kerry's got it in the bag...assuming the GOP election fraud doesn't fark things up.
2004-10-28 7:20:58 PM  
McCain lost big credibility points with me when he went out and whored himself for Bush's reelection. McCain should have stayed out of it, especially considering the crappy things Bush's campaign said about him in the 2000 primary. McCain made himself appear to be nothing more than a tool without principle, just like Powell.
2004-10-28 7:21:00 PM  
What's all this about Burr? Didn't he always win?
[image from too old to be available]

/that article made my head hurt, but I could definitely support McCain becoming President
2004-10-28 7:21:31 PM  
McCain would be an awesome President!

Strongly Pro-life
Pro-Business voting record
In favor of large, tough military
Promotes common-sense enviornmental ideas, none of that wishy-swishy stuff

Actually, I guess the only question is how would you trick the libs into supporting him?
2004-10-28 7:21:44 PM  
Verrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

But sthupid.
2004-10-28 7:23:06 PM  
Kerry's got it in the bag? Anybody who "knows" their candidate will win is a Farktard.
2004-10-28 7:23:58 PM  
You see, Iraq? This is how it's done. It's as simple as that. Now good luck.
2004-10-28 7:24:04 PM  
I'm hoping for a landslide either way. We're screwed whoever wins so I don't really care. A farking moron leading us to shiat or a farking panderer who hasn't done shiat in 20 years in the senate who now suddenly has all the answers (yah, right). If its close, all the asshat lawyers from the side that loses a close state will be filing against said close state. I'm not looking forward to the battle after the votes are counted.
2004-10-28 7:25:31 PM  
I think a lot of people don't want a slick politician in office. When you think about it, many Presidents have been pretty rough around the edges. Who are the people going to vote for? Someone who trips over a word now and then, or someone who obviously spends 6 hours a day talking into a mirror?

I think Bush is going to win. It will be close, but he'll win.
2004-10-28 7:26:11 PM somewhat
2004-10-28 7:28:14 PM  

won't happen

Kerry in a landslide

you heard it here first

Show your face here after election day

and don't whine LOL
2004-10-28 7:29:43 PM  
OK, a Farktard or just delusional.
2004-10-28 7:29:46 PM  
I think kerry is going to win the popular vote, as democrat registrants are up 300%

But this will be contested in court, heavily.
2004-10-28 7:31:04 PM  


/me resumes sticking his head um his ass
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