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(CNN)   Crematory weirdo leaves corpses all over property   ( divider line
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5155 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Feb 2002 at 4:21 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-17 04:25:05 PM  
Repeat from yesterday.
2002-02-17 04:28:38 PM  
That's WAY farked up
2002-02-17 04:29:43 PM  
Thank you Dr. Pepper, because of your vigilance people can be saved the confusion of trying to remember where they had seen this before.
2002-02-17 04:33:16 PM  
It's not a repeat for me, because I didn't get around to reading yesterday's version. :)
2002-02-17 04:33:41 PM  
'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike
You know it's thriller, thriller night
You're fighting for life inside a killer, thriller tonight

2002-02-17 04:39:29 PM  
can anyone tell me how this qualifies as a state of emergency for Walker County?
2002-02-17 04:41:18 PM  
Same here Trowshep! Went back to work this past week so between that and caring for Tyler I don't have much time to FARK anymore. :)

Man this is some whacked-up crap. Perhaps this guy's a necrophile...?
2002-02-17 04:43:29 PM  
I know i'm gonna get flamed off the roof for this, but...

Why the big commotion? These people were already dead... sure, it's weird, but c'mon... It's not like he hurt anyone or anything.
2002-02-17 04:43:36 PM  
Anybody see that unsolved mystery or whatever about the guy who stole the body out of the cemetary and put it in his house and did all sorts of stuff with it?

sorry about the runon, too much Caffeine
2002-02-17 04:45:14 PM  
Holy crap. I just realized that Walker county is about 10 minutes from where I live.
2002-02-17 04:47:39 PM  
Now that's what I call a sticky situation!
2002-02-17 04:48:10 PM  

somehow i thought this would be a bunch of crazy hillbilly white folks run amuck. i pictured leaterface.

it was a soul brother disrespectin the dead?

i just thought it would be white people.

i'm white.

ok. thanks.
2002-02-17 04:48:55 PM  
leatherface too.
2002-02-17 04:52:25 PM  
isn't like 99.9 percent of 'weirdo' crimes perpetrated by white men between the ages of 30-45? I know I read that statistic somewhere...
2002-02-17 04:53:40 PM  
What, you don't think only white men can be crazy cannibalistic necropheliacs! Shame on you, that's not PC.
2002-02-17 04:54:54 PM  
White man, him farked up...
2002-02-17 04:55:37 PM  
In the name of equality, a mexican must now carve his name into the back of some homeless people and an asian should hold a puppet show featureing dead people's hands.
2002-02-17 04:56:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-17 05:15:14 PM  
Whats the big deal? Just pile em up and throw a match on em. corpses go poof!
2002-02-17 05:15:48 PM  
I wonder if the guy did it because it was too expensive to go through the cremation process?
2002-02-17 05:18:34 PM  
From what I heard, the place reported a broken burner (or whatever it's called) a few months ago, and they just never got it fixed, they just started throwing the bodies in a shed.
2002-02-17 05:24:20 PM  
I've also heard that GA has no laws concerning the disposal of corpses, so the guy will have to be charged with fraud.
2002-02-17 05:30:13 PM  

It says that there were signs indicating some corpses had been there since before 1994.
2002-02-17 05:34:44 PM  
"Hey Bob, you gonna finish cremating those bodies today?"

"Nah, I'll just put that job on the back burner for a while."
2002-02-17 05:41:59 PM  
Maybe the guy likes to crack open some cold ones. . .
2002-02-17 05:42:58 PM  
That's what happens when funerals are now nothing more than a "business".
2002-02-17 05:50:24 PM  
"By law, bodies transported across state lines must be embalmed, which cuts the smell."

You know...I was just getting ready to fire up the post-Daytona 500 grill & throw some ribs on when this article, and in particular that line, shattered my appetite.

..think I'll get Chinese take-out after all
2002-02-17 05:55:44 PM  
Whoa...did an entire Monty Python skit just disappear before my very eyes?
2002-02-17 05:57:58 PM  
Sorry Mr. Invisible Force.
2002-02-17 06:04:18 PM  
hiro-protagonist, i like the name. good book, btw. real good book.
2002-02-17 06:05:57 PM  
Mother: Ray can you please burn those corpes today?
Ray: Shoosh I'm playing Playstation i'll do it tomorrow.
2002-02-17 06:09:29 PM  
Nestor fought the filters, and the filters won.
2002-02-17 06:22:58 PM  
I heard this on TV whilst I was stoned, and I wasn't sure if it was actually true... Now thanks to FARK I know just how disgustingly true this is...
2002-02-17 06:36:40 PM  
"Counselors have also been called in to help family members, few of whom had ever heard of the crematory."

CNN must have fired their copy editors..
2002-02-17 07:18:39 PM  
Look, the oven was broken I tell ya. Whaddya want me to do? Eat them?

2002-02-17 07:55:02 PM  
Hey, Nestor,
What's it like in the future? flying cars? land- traveling airplanes?
2002-02-17 08:59:28 PM  
Cheshire- Hooray for cannibal the musical. Makes light of even the grossest situation.
2002-02-17 09:07:06 PM  
Authorities quickly identified some of the bodies as a result of a 1994 law requiring bodies be identified before burial or cremation. Legislators passed the law after floods in south Georgia caused dozens of caskets to rise from cemeteries and float away, Ray said

2002-02-17 09:11:03 PM  
2002-02-17 09:32:14 PM  
The bodies were pilin' up during the tenure of both the father and the son. Imagine the creepy life the son must've had as a kid. They're probably about to solve a lot of missing pet cases....
2002-02-17 10:08:28 PM  
Azrael: It says that there were signs indicating some corpses had been there since before 1994.

That's just sick. It's bad enough having dead bodies everywhere, let alone leaving signs for tourists.
2002-02-17 10:14:37 PM  
CNN says the cops are going to consider dredging the lake next door because they think there might be MORE bodies dumped there.
2002-02-17 10:26:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-17 10:27:56 PM  
Ray Brent Marsh: One guy you could never gross out at the dinner table.
2002-02-17 11:07:40 PM  
"A skull to your right, a leg bone to your left"

Do the hokie-pokie and turn yourself about....
2002-02-17 11:13:39 PM  
Now people are coming forward to say their urns have wood chips in them... Guess they should have checked the contents earlier:

"Grandma? That you in there?
2002-02-17 11:17:32 PM  
boast postin' fool
now that's funny!
2002-02-17 11:59:40 PM  
And I thought my mother was guess I will have to pick up her remains....
2002-02-18 12:08:54 AM  
The Kyoto protocol prevented me from polluting the atmosphere. Yeah, that's the ticket........
2002-02-18 04:24:35 AM  
boast postin' fool
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