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2002-02-17 09:39:08 AM  
Teen body piercing, off to find pics.....
2002-02-17 09:41:45 AM  
nice grammar in the headline....try "passed"

2002-02-17 09:41:52 AM  
So what are the new laws?
2002-02-17 09:42:46 AM  
[image from members.home.net too old to be available]

2002-02-17 09:43:35 AM  
stupid article
it doesn't tell you what the law is, just what the inspiration for it was
2002-02-17 09:45:42 AM  
Can they still pierce their taint?
2002-02-17 09:49:25 AM  
"Katy, how stupid can you be?" Janeen Dalrymple recalled saying. "You don't know where that needle they put through your lip has been."

That's right, this is 1984, and you have to stay away from drugs, homosexuals and Van Halen so you don't get that death disease!

"They are not doing it for deviance. They are doing it because it makes them feel good, because everybody else is doing it."

That's funny, I always thought it was a non-conformist thing to do.
2002-02-17 09:50:35 AM  
Damnit, to avoid any controversy, there should've been a closed sarcasm tag at the end of my Weeners.
2002-02-17 09:54:05 AM  
On the end of you weener?
2002-02-17 09:54:28 AM  
past what?
2002-02-17 09:54:30 AM  
If young people want to be non-conformists, they should try becoming conservatives. It definitely pisses off most people in the educational establishment. It does run the danger of pleasing some parents, however, so maybe they'd have to conceal it at home.
2002-02-17 09:55:52 AM  
For Strunk's sake, 'past' isn't even a homonym.
2002-02-17 09:58:18 AM  
Kids nowadays are looking for new and different holes to probe.
2002-02-17 10:03:52 AM  
I'm still trying to figure out what's scarrier, body piercing in general or the law against it.
2002-02-17 10:06:02 AM  
Pin cushion heads unite, and fight these laws........
2002-02-17 10:07:34 AM  
I think 'past' is a homophone in this instance, ice.
2002-02-17 10:11:46 AM  
Well, being a person with 8 tattoos and 1 piercing, I actually agree with this law. MMe. Mersault, I too had fresh needles opened in front of me every time. However, that does not mean that every shop does that. Some put together their own needles, or reuse them. That is why you should always ask if the shop has an enclave and ask if you can use it. After all, the risk of infection can be great. And have you ever seen anyone who got a tat with a hooked needle? It's not pretty.

A lot of states have laws where you have to have your shop inspected by a health official of that state. Then you have to prominently display that license. Not all states do however. For example, Alaska has no such law. I should know, because I got all of mine in Anchorage. However, the shop I went to actually had a certification of health from the State of Hawaii because the owner felt it was the right thing to do and had someone come up.

In Florida, you have to have a medical professional present in the room while you get a tattoo. Another artist in Anchorage had a shop in Florida and his mom was a nurse and worked part time in his FL shop.

The point is, there are a lot of kids out there who will do stupid things to be trendy and be sheep. Piercings are one of them. I would be glad that a shop would turn my son/daughter away if they weren't 18 so my child would at least acknowledge to me that they were getting one so I could talk about the pros & cons.
2002-02-17 10:34:18 AM  


Ermm... anywho, if you're under 18, you should at least have parental permission. If you're THAT desperate to have a hole put in you RIGHT NOW, then you're probably very stupid and need your priorities re-aligned.
2002-02-17 10:38:26 AM  
Personally, I'm pretty happy with the holes I was born with. I've never felt the need to add any others.
2002-02-17 10:41:30 AM  
Reveal, I think you meant 'autoclave' and not 'enclave'. Good advice.
2002-02-17 10:48:48 AM  

Guess that pic was a little too far out there...
2002-02-17 10:51:26 AM  
Number one, I don't know who posted a pictures of me, but whatever.

And as one with no tattoo's but 7 piercings (not including ears: navel (3 times), both nipples, my tounge and labret), I have always made sure that the needles used were as Mme.Mersault said, opened from a sterilized package in front of me while the piercer was wearing sterilized gloves. I've never had a problem with any piercings, but I also by now know how to take care of them.

I hate when people say that I do it just to attract attention and to be "cool". The only piercing anyone can see is my labret (lip) and I usually put a reatainer in it when I'm working and whatnot. I do it b/c I like the way it looks, and most people don't even care. I'm not some "punk" kid like everyone thinks society will see me.

The piercing thing is just like the whole "bi-sexual" thing. So many little girls said they were bi-sexual just so that some guy would fark them, thinking they oculd get it on with two chicks, that now if any girl says that they find another woman attractive, some ass says something to the affect of, "...just doing it to be cool."


2002-02-17 10:52:13 AM  
a picture* sheesh. No plural.

2002-02-17 11:02:15 AM  
I wonder how the mommies in New Hampshire are going to react when they take Sweet Sixteen daughter to get her first ear piercing and are told "Sorry, you have to go to a licensed piercing establishment and pay $60 for the hoops and the procedure--we aren't allowed to do this at the mall anymore."
2002-02-17 11:03:18 AM  
I am against this.

I want as many women and teens as possible piercing and tattooing themselves. Never before has it been easier to decide if a chick is worth taking seriously or if you should just cum on her face and toss her out the door. Now, thanks to tattoos and piercing, it's like a billboard that says, "whore". I hope this trend NEVER ends.
2002-02-17 11:07:27 AM  
what about other forms of penetration?
2002-02-17 11:10:49 AM  
MidgetMindBomb I posted that pic of you because I think you look good. Didn't mean any harm by it, really. The piercing thread came up and I thought of your pic from the other day. I also liked your response the the troll from this thread that was the first time I saw you and thought you were interesting.

good rant BTW
2002-02-17 11:26:35 AM  
lol. Thanks JOHNDX. I don't mind at all really. I was just surprised to click a comments thread and find myself staring at me....

"wonder what this is....::click::"

"AH!......::breath::....that was weird"

lol. Anyways. Thanks. I think goatman has no place to insult anyone he knows nothing about.

Odietamo How exactly would tattoo's and piercing's make a girla whore? hm? I think of whore and I see a big (fake) breasted bleach blond slutty looking chick with huge lips going after someone's you-know-what. I look at the girl who walks through the mall with the dreadlocks and tattoo's and piercings and I see someone with unique tastes....someone who isn't afraid to do exactly what they like and look damn farking good doing it.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. As Shrek said, "Sometimes things are more than they seem."

2002-02-17 11:30:33 AM  
What *is* it with boys who can barely get a date trying to make themselves out to be pimpmastahs? (When you become of age, Odie, just FYI to avoid future problems--you mean a billboard that says "slut." You have to PAY a whore. Word.)

Mme, a lot of kids just don't know any better, and it's not like most parents are teaching them "If somebody is going to poke a needle in you, make sure you know it's from a sterile environment." Hell, how many parents tell kids to ask that of a doctor about to give them a shot?
2002-02-17 11:31:56 AM  
I have 1 piercing, I am not whore.

Good morning, all! :)
2002-02-17 11:34:50 AM  
..click a comments thread and find myself staring at me....

Yeah, I could see that. LOL
2002-02-17 11:35:42 AM  
I have 1 piercing, I am not whore.

Me too, but uh, I am ;)
2002-02-17 11:37:42 AM  
I am not A whore.....

JOHNDX-You are a dirty filthy whore. ;)
2002-02-17 11:41:34 AM  
heh, I knew I missed ya for a reason.

And yeah, just for you baby.

[image from coolgraphics.com too old to be available]

2002-02-17 11:45:52 AM  
"Body piercing has been around for many years, but until about five years ago it didn't affect people on the right side of the tracks"

So they only care about this now that its their daughters? That really disturbs me.
2002-02-17 11:47:39 AM  
JOHN- thank ya sweety! It's too early for me to come up with something for you. I had a LATE night.
2002-02-17 11:49:56 AM  
Kylie , I believed you at first, and then I looked at your profile pic, and, well . . .

Just kidding.
2002-02-17 11:52:40 AM  
Hey, so what I like to flash strangers.......does that make me a BAD girl? ;)
2002-02-17 11:55:53 AM  

You rule, man!!
2002-02-17 12:02:22 PM  
BAD girl=Good ;)
2002-02-17 12:03:42 PM  
this was such a bad article. didn't state what the laws were, didn't give any real reasons for passing them.. and i dont know if they could have found anyone more unintelligent and biased to talk about it.

"Katy, how stupid can you be?" Janeen Dalrymple recalled saying. "You don't know where that needle they put through your lip has been."

"Body piercing has been around for many years, but until about five years ago it didn't affect people on the right side of the tracks"

"They are not doing it for deviance. They are doing it because it makes them feel good, because everybody else is doing it."

can i beat this woman? PLEASE?
2002-02-17 12:27:51 PM  
"They are not doing it for deviance. They are doing it because it makes them feel good, because everybody else is doing it."

And that's a reason to stop people from doing it?! Are you farking kidding me?! I'm sorry. I thought this was America.
2002-02-17 12:28:17 PM  
MidgetMindBomb, don't get me wrong. The pics of you in your bio... you are quite the hottie... cute round little nose, lovely light eyes (grey, blue?), a luscious neck, lovely shoulders...
It's a damn shame you ruin it by having a piece of metal stuck in your face. When people look at you their eyes are drawn (for good or ill) to the metal, not to you.

To each thier own tastes. I guarantee you most here will agree with you. I'm just telling you what I see and how most men I know act. If you advertise that you don't respect your body, and therefore yourself, why would an intelligent person respect your mind? But, again, to each their own. Maybe that doesn't matter to you.

Most guys I know (and me especially) would be happy to sleep with you and put up the pretense of dating you but they'd never actually take you seriously or date you once a different opportunity came along.

I see a big (fake) breasted bleach blond slutty looking chick with huge lips
This is very judgemental of you. Having said that, I can't agree with you more! I can't stand fake breasts or lips (again with the stuffing something artificial in the body) and I'm not really fond of fake died blondes, which is most of them. I point out the judgementalism on your part just to illustrate, people make the same kind of judgements about you that you're making. Don't hate me for having identical behavior as you.

dreadlocks and tattoo's and piercings and I see someone with unique tastes
But when everyone has them, how are they unique? Then they are just sheep following a trend. Been to a concert lately? Been, well, anywhere really? Tattoo and piercing shops can't keep up with demand right now, or for the last few years. There isn't anything unique about it anymore.

Tats and piercings are, more often than not, (and I'm not saying this is you, I'm generalizing) a way for a girl with low self-esteem to pretend to be bold and unique while (in her mind) distracting people from looking at her, instead looking at the tattoo or the piercing. Which is a shame, especially in your case.

When you look at that girl in the mall, you see her dreads, her piercings, her tatts, but you don't see _her_.

As Shrek said, "Sometimes things are more than they seem."
Great movie. And an excellent point. Here is the one major difference. Shrek looked frightening and wished to be judged for the person he was inside, despite his ugliness. Tattoos and piercings change the person that is there originally into something artificial. You, for instance, are lovely, as I said. Shrek was ugly. The princess was beautiful to begin with but ugly in the end. (Everything being relative and all.) But the princess didn't MAKE herself ugly or choose to alter who and what she was out of some belief that she had to hide behind decoration. Would I still love the princess I had met once she changed? Absolutely. But if she CHOSE to make herself large, green and bulbous because it was "unique" and showed her independence? Not likely. But I've never done a green chick, so I'd probably sleep with her.

Sorry to offend if I still have. It seems better than being a liar. And I'm sure more than enough people compliment you on the same shiny piece of metal in your face too many other girls have.

YOU seem very nice. YOU are extremely pretty. To me, it's a shame. Sorry. * shrug * I'm probably the one who has missed out, not having called them the night after.
2002-02-17 12:28:53 PM  
I disagree with this law. Just because they have an age limit set doesn't mean that its going to stop the shops from doing the work on underage kids, or worse, having them go about other means of getting the piercing.
2002-02-17 12:30:39 PM  
As pointed out, it's an autoclave.. Also you should never ask if you (the customer) can use it...

What you should ask is if you can check the test records for it; If memory serves me right, all autoclaves must be tested at least once monthly to make sure they are in proper working order. The method of testing is checking to see if the autoclave can kill a certain spore.

There are a few other things to look for, when picking a piercing shop:

Use of sterile gloves, which should be changed if there is a risk of contamination (touching a non-sterile surface), or when working on multiple customers.

Use of a "hard surface disinfectant" both in the piercing booths/rooms and the shop at large.

One item per autoclave bag (needles, ring openers, etc..)

Also fairly important is how the jewelry is marked; materials and compounds used (not just Stainless Steel, but either 316 or 316 LVM Stainless Steel.) As well as the selection of "starter jewlery"; Generally speaking, the only two materials that should be used in fresh piercings should be (316 or 316 LVM) Stainless Steel or Titanium. Anything else generally should be avoided.

Finally, the best advice I can offer for picking a piercing shop is this: ask questions. Ask the employees and piercers; ask yourself if they put you at ease. Talk to people who've had piercings done there.
2002-02-17 12:35:30 PM  
Mythago, funny, I don't recall any claim I was a stud. I didn't think it was relevant.

"pimpmastahs"? When _I_ become of age?
"Pimpmahstahs". I see.

"slut." You have to PAY a whore.
Well, technically you have a point. But if you are the woman being called it, do you really care that much about the technicalities?
Besides, how do you know my point wasn't they were trying to make money from it?

Bothering with details like this seems odd, given that the best way to react to my hugely offensive post was to write it off as just that.

Which, since I've now started to actually address the topic seriously, I apologize to all for. I should have put that in a manner that was less crude. Still, the sentiment us true.
2002-02-17 12:36:14 PM  
People need to pierce themselves to be unique?

Having an inherent fear of needles, I suppose I'm destined to be mundane.

2002-02-17 12:42:19 PM  
1."You don't know where that needle they put through your lip has been."...
2."the needle came from a sterile package that the artist wearing surgical gloves opened in front of me."....
3."Don't judge a book by it's cover."...
4."I posted that pic of you because I think you look good."

1, that is so true... when I had my nips done needles were in packages SEALED ! Is this chicks mom that dumb ??

2, see 1.

3, exactly BOMB, but too many people do that. I have my tounge and both nips done, I am clean cut and shaven... no noticable tatts either...just one for now. Unless I am at a pool party or getting it on, it's all for me.

4, I agree. Very cute !

2002-02-17 12:43:59 PM  
"Katy, how stupid can you be?" Janeen Dalrymple recalled saying. "You don't know where that needle they put through your lip has been."

Don't they have to sterilize their needles or something? I would think in this day and age, there would be some sort of requirement. Does anyone know anything about that?

Oh, and MMB, you are a hottie. :)
2002-02-17 12:50:42 PM  
Kylie, I have 1 piercing, I am not whore.
*ahem* Um, interesting profile pic. Your argument has um... made me see the error of my ways?

Panicman,So they only care about this now that its their daughters? That really disturbs me.
I don't see why. Parents should be responsible for monitoring their own children. Now that it's affecting theirs, they are reacting. Although I don't agree with legislation I see the concern. If the white trash parents had monitored their white trash kids and stopped this trend in the first place little overprivileged Tabbitha and Tommy SUV wouldn't be emulating it right now.

But as I said, I'm all for piercings and tatts.

WilEKyoT, thanks!

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