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292320 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2001 at 12:27 AM (21 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-03-25 12:54:46 AM  
Wow, that was so scary it actually crashed my computer! I love Quick Time...
2001-03-25 1:12:34 AM  
Nothing happened? So does that mean that there is no good reason to buy a Playstation 2?
2001-03-25 1:33:20 AM  
Vvvveeerrryyy Sssoollwww download
2001-03-25 1:39:19 AM  
yay! a submission of made made it. i''m 2 for 5 now :]

hehe no its the trailer for Silent Hill 2, it should be working :P
2001-03-25 1:40:07 AM  
oh and its four minutes long. surprise!
2001-03-25 1:46:21 AM  
doh. i mean "mine" instead of those two "made"s. shiat i hate it when that happens.
2001-03-25 2:18:55 AM  
60 kbs download of 36.4 Mb = 10 min. But it is worth it, as i have a PS2. Yay!
2001-03-25 3:20:49 AM  
Humorously enough, that single clip was probably more entertaining, scarier, and more educational than the spectacular failure that was ''Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.''
2001-03-25 3:51:07 AM  
Hmm, 37 megs of Quicktime(still downloading)... Is that like 3-4 seconds worth of 25x25 pixel video for Quicktime? Why can''t everyone just use mpeg.
2001-03-25 7:41:57 AM  
My damned computer just says "done!" at the bottom of the screen and refuses to download.

I suspect it is a Dreamcast supporter.
2001-03-25 7:51:08 AM  
is it me, or do the artists and writers of this game appear to have just returned from a ''The Cell'' movie marathon???
2001-03-25 10:25:52 AM  
Worked fine for me (1500 kbps cable modem, 650 MHz Pentim-3). However, I only watched about half of it and got bored. Somebody want to post a plot synopsis?
2001-03-25 10:41:37 AM  
Whatever that was, it sucked and it was a waste of time. Quake''s dark and dankness meets Kubrick''s long drawn outness meets the apparent Japanese obsession with blood and guts. Don''t let Mr. Cranky see this.
2001-03-25 10:56:03 AM  
37 megabytes??
I only download at 4k a second....... that''d take forever..
2001-03-25 10:57:52 AM  
Yes, v-e-r-y slow. But I loved the first one, so I''m prepared to wait... Still don''t know if I''m gonna bother with a PS2 though.
2001-03-25 11:18:34 AM  
Off topic: Something must have gone horribly wrong when I installed Quick Time. Sound is all farked up and it crashes all the time. I haven''t bothered to re-install it though. (Because lets face it: Quick Time sucks!)
2001-03-25 12:01:44 PM  
It downloaded pretty quick for me. I thought it was pretty cool. I just wish it was for the pc and not the ps2. oh and I watched THe Cell last night and I didn''t really see a connection. The cell is more surrealist and this is just dark.
2001-03-25 12:43:59 PM  
Jesus christ!! what farking coincidence, I JUST FINISHED SILENT HILL 1 FOR THE PSONE yesterday!!!

Got the really bad ending :-( Man that game was DAMN scary!!!! I mean really creepy as hell. If anyone wants a plot analiss you should go to the Silent Hill sanitarium look it up in yahoo)where a guy that works for brady games made a 116kb txt file explaining the plot. Very interesting.

Defenetly a GOOD reason to buy a PS2, just for that game, to hell with them Final fantasy games, (ff9 sucked donkey foreskin) gona go with Silent Hill 2.

/me *weeps* I literally cried when I saw Lisa''s outcome.
2001-03-25 2:21:04 PM  
Jonathan TT:

my reference to the cell was due to the bathroom scenes and the dolls that adult men like to play with...which reminds me, the new barbies are at Toys-R-Us...
2001-03-25 3:27:42 PM  
Nice clip... I wonder if any of it is in-game? Supposedly, there''s going to be a playable version of SH2 at the Tokyo Game Show this week.
2001-03-26 12:37:57 AM  
uh... maybe that whole thing would have made more sense if i had played the first silent hill.
2001-03-26 11:22:15 AM  
seems like a tool music video made into a video game
2001-11-04 10:46:24 AM  
I love Tool
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