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(Buzzfeed News)   Thousands have already suggested Facey McBookface, Throat Wobbler Mangrove, and Zucky's Bigtime Funhouse   ( divider line
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521 clicks; posted to Business » on 20 Oct 2021 at 6:50 PM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-10-20 5:45:50 PM  
Is "F*ck You, Pay Us" available?
2021-10-20 6:17:43 PM  
Uncle Zucks House of Yucks!
Mos Eisley.
Trump Reelection Headquarters.
The Thing What Killed Auntie Rachel's Brain.
2021-10-20 6:23:55 PM  
2021-10-20 6:52:53 PM  
"WARBLER", you dummy
2021-10-20 6:54:25 PM  
I assume the name change will be like Google changing to Alphabet. It's still google to everyone
2021-10-20 6:56:43 PM  
I hope his meta verse is a complete bomb and he needs to go back to Facemash
2021-10-20 6:58:43 PM  
2021-10-20 7:01:06 PM  

labman: FacePalm.

2021-10-20 7:02:27 PM  
John Birch on steroids.
2021-10-20 7:02:53 PM  
Gene Masseth
2021-10-20 7:06:06 PM  
2021-10-20 7:09:28 PM  
International House of Propaganda.
2021-10-20 7:20:30 PM  
2021-10-20 7:21:47 PM  
The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse
The Emotional Meatgrinder
The Mental Health Mutilator
A Series of Disinformation Tubes
The Psyche Manipulator
2021-10-20 7:25:34 PM  
Convicted Felon Z
antivax antifax
2021-10-20 7:25:40 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2021-10-20 7:30:58 PM  

E_Henry_Thripshaws_Disease: "WARBLER", you dummy

In reality it's spelled "Raymond Luxury-Yacht", however, it's pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove
2021-10-20 7:31:01 PM  
Dooshy McDouchebags

A proper title for all of their employees.
2021-10-20 7:32:43 PM  
Dr. Propaganda's Fake News and Fertilizer Emporium
2021-10-20 7:41:22 PM  
Destination disinformation
2021-10-20 7:41:30 PM  
They should merge with Uber and go by the combined name of UberEvil.
2021-10-20 7:54:51 PM  
I'm not saying we shouldn't do this thread more than once, but it has been less than a day since the last time.
2021-10-20 8:01:25 PM  
Sorry Zuck, once a dog farker always a dog farker.
2021-10-20 8:04:23 PM  
2021-10-20 8:07:11 PM  
As it's an offspring of Zuck I'll stick with the named after a midsized import theme...

2021-10-20 8:10:14 PM  
Out of service.


2021-10-20 8:19:04 PM  
Was Weedlord Bonerhitler not enough of a rebranding to suggest?
2021-10-20 8:26:16 PM  
I guess Altria's already taken...
2021-10-20 8:31:33 PM  

Gubbo: I assume the name change will be like Google changing to Alphabet. It's still google to everyone

Deadnaming is a hate crime.
2021-10-20 8:50:34 PM  
2021-10-20 8:53:16 PM  
Ah OK, how about

Bookey McFaceface
2021-10-20 8:58:02 PM  
2021-10-20 9:08:13 PM  

sarahthustra: Gene Masseth

The only proper answer
2021-10-20 9:27:12 PM  
the movie will be called ......"Terms of Agreement"
2021-10-20 9:42:38 PM  
ROSE. Does it really matter what it's called?
2021-10-20 9:59:04 PM  

Is that open?
2021-10-20 10:13:26 PM  
Mom's Place
2021-10-20 10:24:16 PM  

What do you mean that's taken?
2021-10-20 11:21:19 PM  

sarahthustra: Gene Masseth

Goddammit, I'm late to everything.
2021-10-21 2:08:05 AM  
2021-10-21 5:29:17 AM  
The Wall
2021-10-21 5:55:43 AM  
2021-10-21 6:27:08 AM  
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