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(Fox 43 Pennsylvania)   Pig kidney successfully attached to human body. Scientists realize this could help them really bring home the bacon   ( divider line
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313 clicks; posted to STEM » on 20 Oct 2021 at 9:02 AM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2021-10-20 7:52:53 AM  
What about their snouts? Asking for a friend....
2021-10-20 8:26:21 AM  
So only Gentiles can get this done?
2021-10-20 9:05:14 AM  

The Googles Do Nothing: So only Gentiles can get this done?

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It's 2021. If you're dumb enough to still be following bronze age dietary restrictions then I have no sympathy.
2021-10-20 9:27:31 AM  
Bacon kidneys.... sweet Christmas!
2021-10-20 10:22:28 AM  

kdawg7736: What about their snouts? Asking for a friend....

It's been done
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2021-10-20 10:26:55 AM  
Sounds like these pigs are even more expensive than the Jamon Iberico pigs. How much does that bacon cost?

Seriously though this a huge step and the animal rights people who don't like this can FRO.
2021-10-20 10:47:45 AM  
With a headline that vague, they might as well have just dipped one and glue and thrown it at a passing orphan.

HA HA, we successfully attached a kidney to a human ol' bean.
2021-10-20 10:53:21 AM  

The Googles Do Nothing: So only Gentiles can get this done?

I would like to get one of those corkscrew penises... read that wrong but it's still true.
2021-10-20 11:03:25 AM  
No one lives forever
Youtube llKiTvpnvzM
2021-10-20 11:45:54 AM  
"Ooooh, liver next please!" -
2021-10-20 11:53:11 AM  
Ummmmm, not well worded there subby. A knife can be successfully attached to a human. Actually, anything can be successfully attached to a human with enough velocity.

Now if you said transplanted that would change things entirely
2021-10-20 12:35:30 PM  
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2021-10-20 12:39:29 PM  
Subby isn't wrong the kidney was "attached." Whole bunch of people didn't bother to read the article. But then this is fark.
For those who don't want to bother reading the article...
"Surgeons attached the pig kidney to a pair of large blood vessels outside the body of a deceased recipient so they could observe it for two days. The kidney did what it was supposed to do - filter waste and produce urine - and didn't trigger rejection."

/Not subby
2021-10-20 2:18:51 PM  
Amnesia: Machine for Pigs Full HD 1080p/60fps Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary
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2021-10-20 3:44:21 PM  
Youtube frWk9-MsZDQ
2021-10-20 6:18:28 PM  
I don't know how I feel about getting my innards replaced with something I might enjoy eating.
2021-10-20 7:14:34 PM  
Thats amazing.

From the other link:

"The other issue is going to be: Should we be doing this just because we can?" Maschke said.

No, tou should do it because it will save literally millions of lives.

Plus save countless families from difficult surgeries.

My mom and brother have both given me kidneys, and while I think overall it was not a bad experience for either, it was long, arduous, difficult, and in the end painful. This could be spared many people.

And hearts, thats game changing. Cadaver hearts are rare, and rejection rates fairly high. If it rejects you just slowly die.

This is game changing research. I wish it could be faster but it is what is is. Science is hard, and slow. It needs to be, to do it right.

But maybe some day I'll have a kidney nicknamed bacon.
2021-10-20 8:37:16 PM  
Sign me up for a pigney transplant!
2021-10-21 7:33:34 AM  
O' Lucky Man - Pig Scene
Youtube T6hWLiGfCGI
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