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26645 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2004 at 5:34 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-10-25 5:13:23 PM  
2004-10-25 5:28:48 PM  
Just for the record, I would like for all of you "tuners" out there to know, that just because you have installed a muffler with an exhaust pipe large enough to stick my leg down, it does not mean that your 92 civic is now a "race car".

This should be painfully obvious when I manage to leave you at the line when the light turns green while driving my son and his 8 friends to soccer practice in my wife's 2001 Caravan.
2004-10-25 5:36:58 PM  
Three cylinder power!
2004-10-25 5:38:31 PM  
I'm embarrassed for the car...
2004-10-25 5:38:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-25 5:38:53 PM  
This should be painfully obvious when I manage to leave you at the line when the light turns green while driving my son and his 8 friends to soccer practice in my wife's 2001 Caravan.

can i get an amen !!!!
2004-10-25 5:40:34 PM  
But once they get going.....I mean....but....

/got pulled over for doing 75 in my Metro so there! :-P
2004-10-25 5:42:59 PM  
Going downhill with a tail wind doesn't count, KJUW98
2004-10-25 5:43:57 PM  
I had a metro for a commuter... It was so horribly slow, I had to advance the timing all the way and run it on premium gasolineto make it anything but miserably slow... the timing advance eventually led to the nick name, dubbed by my friends, "the Detonation Station"

/... haha, good times...
2004-10-25 5:44:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Que lastima..."
2004-10-25 5:44:27 PM  
Apparently they aren't really Geo Metros. The Geo Metro had three cylinders and the Chevrolet Chevy has 4.

But anyway, hot rodders have always gone after whatever they can get their hands on for cheap. At $7200 new, I'd probably buy one for a daily driver.
2004-10-25 5:44:53 PM  
2004-10-25 5:44:55 PM  
"got pulled over for doing 75 in my Metro so there!"

it can do more then 60?

"ralanprod" you missed something. that huge ass uselss wing. that, and the folgers can muffler dont do a damn thing to your car kids. it just makes you look like a dumb ass. remember that next time you decide to rice out your moms civic.
2004-10-25 5:45:07 PM  
Honda -> Ricer.

Chevy -> Tacoer?
2004-10-25 5:45:13 PM  
I had to drive one of those back when I was taking drivers ed. Once going up a steep hill it wouldn't even go above 20 mph. It was just pathetic.
2004-10-25 5:45:26 PM  
For the record, it should be supe'd, as in super charged
2004-10-25 5:45:49 PM  
i had a Geo Prizm, which is 1/2 a step up from a Metro...

i hated paying for gas for the damn thing, let alone paying for a new paint job and extra chrome....good grief, there has to be a limit!

and i agree about the whole muffler is the most annoying attachment for a car if i ever saw or heard one...i would rather be behind a low rider who has to slow down to a stop to "roll" over railroad tracks than hear another one of those rice burning, ear drum rupturing things...YOUR CAR STILL SUCKS ASS!
2004-10-25 5:46:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

...not available for comment.
2004-10-25 5:46:38 PM  
The Damned

Honda -> Ricer.

Chevy -> Tacoer?

Nope, pretty sure it'd be fueled otherwise

Chevy -> Beaner
2004-10-25 5:46:53 PM  
Next thing you know you'll start seeing these with spoilers and fancy rims:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-25 5:47:47 PM  
My mother had a Geo Metro, and I drove a Geo Prizm (when they were still Geos). I only had to borrow her car a couple times to appreciate the awesome power of the Prizm. Kickass!

/carless now and happy
2004-10-25 5:48:02 PM  
clevershark, at least those are turbocharged.
2004-10-25 5:48:24 PM  
GIS for "mexican rice"

Icky. Why are those bugs included?
2004-10-25 5:48:40 PM  
Anybody have a Chevrolet Chevy picture? I can't find one...
2004-10-25 5:48:59 PM  
Those crazy Mexicans.
2004-10-25 5:49:33 PM  
Wow....just wow.
2004-10-25 5:49:47 PM  
Newsflashiatake a ride around Northern Virginia sometime. The DC side.

Oh. This "hot rod craze" (BWAH HA HA!) has caught on in the ole' USA as well!!!
2004-10-25 5:50:00 PM  
clevershark, at least those are turbocharged.

I know... actually I want one!!
2004-10-25 5:50:35 PM  
Isn't "Chevrolet Chevy" a bit, er, redundant?
2004-10-25 5:50:59 PM  
What's the point of having a 'tuned' vehicle if you can only sneak two or three of your cousins across the border at once?

Bet the Border Patrol can still catch you with a pick-up.
2004-10-25 5:51:17 PM  
Geo Metro's, Cavaliers, and 'Chevys' should never EVER go near a tuner shop. Might as well start souping up he pinto hatchback. I'm getting awfully annoyed at the tuner community moving from cars worthy of tuning to cars that can be tuned cheaply, regardless of safety or reliability. You want a tuner? Buy a tuner. You want something that will save you gas money? Buy an Echo. For christ sakes, I'm tired of hearing civics in 3rd gear at 6000 RPM doing 45MPH. That's not fast, for those of you who were born under a rock. Buy a frikin' neon r/t, learn to drive it, kiss all these rice/crap domestic (i.e. ford, chevy) money sumps goodbye. (Pontiac and Saturn need not apply, as they have begun a complete turn around of their model lineups)
2004-10-25 5:51:34 PM  
The Damned Wins.

/Los Icy Hot Stuntaz reference in 3..2..
2004-10-25 5:51:55 PM  
Best comment on such vehicles: No matter what you do to it, a car with 15" wheels is not a sports car.
2004-10-25 5:52:06 PM  
not really since a chevy was the name of a car made by Chevrolet.

now if they called it the Chevrolet Chevrolet then yes, i would think its a bit redundednt.
2004-10-25 5:52:17 PM  
I ordered a brochure for smart cars way back in 2000... along with the brochure was a letter regretting to inform me that they weren't DOT approved...

/still wants a car that they sell out of large tubes...
2004-10-25 5:52:40 PM  
Worthless w/o more pics
2004-10-25 5:53:29 PM  
Mexican Hot Rod is a great name for a band, or a hot sauce.
2004-10-25 5:53:46 PM  
Y'know, they don't call the place "Mexico" for nothin'.
2004-10-25 5:55:54 PM  
"Hey, Estrogina! Yeah, you in the (snicker) race (laugh) Metro...Pull over before I stomp on your car (hahahahahah)"

Without a doubt, the lamest idea for a "tuner" yet.
2004-10-25 5:55:57 PM  
Geo Prism = Toyota Corolla
The only difference was some minor changes to the suspension settings. I'd call that more than a 1/2 step up from a metro (Which were made by Suzuki in Canada).
2004-10-25 5:56:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/can't beleive no one posted this image yet.
2004-10-25 5:56:26 PM  


It's a sad day when my gf's Sentra can be considered a "muscle car" (compared to these, at least).

//Thankful for my .030 over 327 w/killer Crane Cam, Edelbrock, Mallory, etc.
2004-10-25 5:57:14 PM  
My saturn SC2 could kick that car's ass!
2004-10-25 5:57:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

virtually identical
2004-10-25 5:58:30 PM  
Whew! I drive a Geo Prizm and would have mighty bummed if a bunch of clones with furry dashboards and little jesuses everywhere started showing up in my city.

Prizm = Corolla

Metro = shiat
2004-10-25 5:58:57 PM  
As for all of you fart can ricers, Fast and Furious wannabees, and Chevy Chevy bling bling idiots, you can go suck ass. Will stick with my 35 yr old beetle convertible any day of the week. Has a hell of a lot more class.

\got nuthin
2004-10-25 5:59:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-25 5:59:47 PM  
Jeebus, I've driven two metros. One with no A/C in Texas. Fark is SUCKED to be poor.
2004-10-25 6:00:19 PM  
2004-10-25 05:51:55 PM MensRea

Best comment on such vehicles: No matter what you do to it, a car with 15" wheels is not a sports car.

I beg to differ.

I have a 1977 Corvette with factory 15x8 rims, road racing suspension, 294 lb-ft at the wheels (not finished dialing it in yet). It shares garage space with my 1970 hotrod Porsche 911 with factory 15x6 Fuchs all round and a spare set of 15x7 rears and 15x6 fronts with racing rubber.
2004-10-25 6:00:39 PM  
Old Suzukis are easy to work on. Pretending they're fast is funny though.
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