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7532 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2002 at 6:50 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-16 06:51:55 PM  
2002-02-16 06:54:47 PM  
2002-02-16 06:57:33 PM  
WTF was that supposed to be? Should I be laughing now? Crying? I am very confused....
2002-02-16 06:58:38 PM  
I demand my two minutes back
2002-02-16 07:00:46 PM  
Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody!
2002-02-16 07:01:01 PM  
This is getting old and was never good to begin with.
2002-02-16 07:02:08 PM  
He has a computer...
2002-02-16 07:03:07 PM  
Okay, I've ignored all the strong bads before. This is the first one I actually clicked on. What did I miss? Is there a plot involved?
2002-02-16 07:08:24 PM  
that was pretty lame
2002-02-16 07:09:12 PM  
This one's only funny if you know who The Cheat is, or rather if you know that he's another character and that there's no real particular reason SB forwards it to him. And also if you know that The Cheat is referring to Strong Mad (Strong Bad's brother) at the end of the IM conversation. Other SB emails are better... but all are funny if you know the characters. And Javaman, go to and look at the characters and toons and other emails if you want to get caught up.
2002-02-16 07:09:22 PM  
I want to know what happens with the Cheat in the food court. Why do they just stop like that? How rude.
2002-02-16 07:11:54 PM  
This little video is funnier

Radio host wants to feel like a criminal.
2002-02-16 07:15:47 PM  
I didnt know you were supposed to turn on the volume. Oh WOW! so much better now. TEH GAY.
2002-02-16 07:20:24 PM  
Something tells me that even knowing the previous plotlines won't help much. Suck. Suck. Suck. That is all.
2002-02-16 07:37:37 PM  
Okay...this is the first Strong Bad link I've clicked on, now can someone explain to me WTF???
2002-02-16 07:42:12 PM  
Homestarrunner is the funniest flash on the 'net.

But you have to read the character profiles and such to really appreciate it.
2002-02-16 08:00:03 PM  
We need a new icon how about [Don't click here]
2002-02-16 08:23:43 PM  
I love these emails! and so does my imaginary friend Mojo! Isn't that right Mojo!!!
2002-02-16 08:25:32 PM  
I can't even use words, so, two symbols:
O.K. that was 3. sue me.
2002-02-16 08:28:23 PM  
2002-02-16 08:37:20 PM  
Also the first StrongBad I've checked...... you people just don't get it. It friggin ROCKS!
2002-02-16 08:38:18 PM  
Man, that was hilarious! The rest of the site has some good stuff too - Strong Bad sings is pretty good.
2002-02-16 09:29:30 PM  
StrongBad is great, but you do ahve to be a little warped in order to appreciate it.
2002-02-16 09:30:18 PM  
oops .... have .... friggin typos
2002-02-16 09:44:01 PM  
Who is Strong Bad? And why is he single?
2002-02-16 09:48:25 PM  
Uhhh.. anyone notice they are posting ANYTHING on furk these days? getting duller and duller
2002-02-16 10:20:50 PM  
it updates every monday, no need to put it up on fark every week.
2002-02-16 11:04:57 PM  
Osama bin Laden laughs at Strong Bad.
2002-02-16 11:34:29 PM  
Uhhh.. anyone notice people are getting biatchIER on fark lately?
2002-02-16 11:41:06 PM  
Like my opinion matters but that was funny, but only after I watched the other dozen or so SB emails, then it made more sense and the original posting was even funnier.
2002-02-16 11:42:20 PM  
> 02-16-02 11:34:29 PM Xgxlx
Uhhh.. anyone notice people are getting biatchIER on fark lately?

Yeah, they have been. Take a look at the whiners profile and check the dates, most are (like myself), post 9-11.
2002-02-17 12:55:10 AM  
Who thinks this is funny and why does it keep getting posted?

I'll bet this is the same kind of situation as with the ice skating fiasco. Someone has made a deal with one of the moderators to get this crap posted here.....

2002-02-17 01:00:04 AM  
OK YOU FOOLS, HERE IS THE DEAL. If you haven't gone through the whole site, it isn't funny. Strong Bad is my hero.
2002-02-17 01:55:31 AM  
anyone who doens't understnad the strongbad clicks, check this out..

The Offical Homestar Runner Website

it's a flash cartoon website made by little asian kids. i enjoy the special edition "dvds"
2002-02-17 02:00:04 AM  
you bunch of silly, whining, wankers.
2002-02-17 02:44:37 AM  
My favorite has to be either the one from Trevor the vampire, or the one where he finally kills Homsar.

Heh, anyone know where Strongbad got his name from? I e-mailed him and told him, and he told me where I got my name from, it hurt
2002-02-17 02:46:47 AM  
This site is cool!!!!! Give it a chance....go to to get more info.
2002-02-17 02:54:38 AM  
There's more cartoons and stuff.... my god... I spent 2 hours just looking at the Old Stuff archive and the various main pages. The cartoons, games, argh! Must read it all!
2002-02-17 03:24:07 AM  
So.. I read the headline "New Strong Bad email".. Now in that, um, well, sentence?, phrase? i see no relevant..erm.. words... that give me some sort of context to go by. It means nothing to me. I came to read the replies... Still nothing. What is this a link to? Isn't the effing headline supposed to mean something and tell me why i want to click the link? Or is this more "forget that game from Prototypeproject, create a ride dude, even wit da hydros dawg." inside B.S., that only you guys blessed with the ability to function with a low IQ understand? Eff all of you idiots who can't convey a simple idea or bit of information with written language, and eff Fark for perpetuating the stupidity, allowing such idiocy to prevail, and for letting stupid, stupid links get posted.
2002-02-17 03:40:50 AM  
Tuxedo Krillin-

Why don't you do us all a favor and quit your biatching!!!
If you actually take the time to open the link, you will find that it is a cool site.
2002-02-17 03:49:24 AM  
Or i won't. It's all a matter of opinion. You may love it. I may not. Some people think South Park is "kewliez". I think it's a load of crap. Some people like popular music. i think popular music hurts society. It's all opinions. My opinion versus your opinion. Opinions, opinions... My opinion is that a headline should give you an idea of what the link is about. I don't go blindly clicking every link i see on Fark just to see what it is. That's what a headline's for. To give me a clue as to what's on the linked page. If this is some web cartoon, say so. If it's a game, say so. If it's news, say so, and tell me a bit of what it it's about. Don't just post a string of four random words and expect me to want to blindly investigate.

And "biatching" is what i do; haven't you figured that out yet? ;)

Boredom makes people do strange things.
2002-02-17 04:30:42 AM  
I like to think that I have a well developed sense of humor. This isn't funny, it's not even stupid not really funny funny like Weird Al or a Naked Gun movie. I'm farking stoned out of my gourd and this isn't funny. It's just dumb. Which is sad because they put so much work into everything else. I watched worms come out of that things mouth on the main page so many times, sick dude.
2002-02-17 07:10:07 AM  
It is more like Brak funny. Or maybe even Monty Python funny to a small degree. It is like Brak in that it is just random funny. Doesn't make sense, but works. If you think of the cartoons like a saturday morning kids show that is made for adults, you will see it as it is... It has pop-culture references that 20-somethings will see. But it is innocent, Brakian humor at its best.

Oh well, there went my pitch...

2002-02-17 07:19:40 AM  
Strong bad's name is from "Tag team Wrestling"
2002-02-17 10:42:27 AM  
I love it even more when I find out that most of you whiny ass biatches hate it.
2002-02-17 01:01:15 PM  
No, you see, this cartoon sucked. Monty Python is cool. You can't compare this shiatty cartoon to Monty Python. It just doesn't work.
2002-02-17 10:08:02 PM  
Can't believe how many people don't know what the Strong Bads are from. A classic NES game, "Tag Team Wrestling". Don't you remember the infamous "Tecchu" move, where you could smack your opponent into the ring post and they would make a hilarious digitized excruciating pain sound?

It's scary to think about how many people out there won't get to grow up on the greatest video game system of all time... the Nintendo Entertainment System. Sooooo many good games, yet most younger people today will never even bother trying them out.

2002-02-17 11:47:17 PM  

Did anyone catch the He-Man theme? StrongBad was humming it as he checked his email. Yes, it's subtle, but that's what I love about this site.
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