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2004-10-23 11:27:32 PM  
12 votes:
I spent a few weeks up in a little deserted town called Namu, on the British Columbia coast, just left of nowhere. The town was built on an ancient Native American (either Salish or Nootka, I can't remember)settlement that has been found to be over 1100 years old.

Being that there was only two of us living up there, in an almost abandoned town, we didn't have much fuel for power, and it was in March so it got dark, and cold early in the day. Usually, I would sit up after power was off, and play solitaire (real cards, no computers up there!) till late in the evening by candle light. While sitting there, when I was thinking about my cards, I would hear voices, in a language that I didn't know. When I would listen, they would vanish. I would go back to the game, and they would re-appear. Gave me the shivers... This went on for a couple of weeks.

Then, one day, a Native fishing boat pulled into port to say hi. Seems that the Grandfather of the skipper was on board, almost a hundred years of age. Turns out he was born in Namu, before us white guys took it over. When he saw me, he got all excited, and ran over too me. He started speaking in his native tongue, and I of course didn't understand him, so his Grandson came over to translate. After listening to his Grandfather, the Grandson had a puzzled look on his face, then a big smile. He said to me, "Grandfather says that the Spirits tell him that you are welcome here. The others aren't, but you are." I guess that I went very white, and I felt a very cold shiver run up and down my body. The Grandson continued, "Grandfather says that the Spirits tell him that you understand and respect the old ways and may stay in Namu as long as you wish." Needless to say, I was very freaked at this point, but very flattered as well. I thanked them both, and went and had a very stiff drink. For the next couple of weeks I continued to hear the voices late at night until I left Namu. I haven't heard them since, but I would be curious to go back up there and see if they are still around.

I will never forget the look and excitement in that old man's eyes when he saw me that day. Still gives me shivers when I think about it.
2004-10-23 11:48:23 PM  
6 votes:
My friends and I went out to find a cool place to fool around with a Ouija board when I lived in El Paso. We ended up at an old abandoned park at the base of the Mountains. It's a place we used to go to smoke weed. Old dead trees no grass and completely unlit. We set up the ouija board in between the three of us and lit a couple of candles. We started out acting retarted asking to speak with Kurt Cobain's spirit. The board wasn't doing anything so we started asking real questions. We asked if there were any spirits there. (no I must admit it was probably one of my friends moving the pointer but they both swore they didn't) The pointer went to yes. We asked if we knew the spirit. The pointer went to yes again. We asked what it's name was. It went to R and we all thought of our friend Robert who had moved away and commited suicide shortly after the move. We then asked a question (I don't remember the exact question) that only Robert would know the answer to and it started pointing at gibberish. We then asked if the spirit was good or evil. The pointer went towards the E. It then jerked really hard and went to the S then the T then the O and as it moved close to the P we all jumped up and ran. I grabbed the pointer, and the others grabbed the board and one of the candles. On the way to the car one of us knocked over the other candle and it went out completely. We had to drive around in a circle and come back by the spot we used the board at and as we got close the candle that was completely out lit up again. We drove out towards the exit of the park and suddenly dozens of rabbits were running accross the road in front of us. There are always rabbits in the desert but I had never seen that many at one time in my life. I thought the car was going to be covered in blood and fur but when we got home the car was spotless. We decided to put the Ouija board in retirement. I am sure my friends could have moved the pointer but the candle relighting and all those rabbits were beyond explenation.
2004-10-23 11:30:03 PM  
6 votes:
The woman who owned the house before us had lived here since 1953. She fell down the stairs one day and lay there for a couple of hours until the postman noticed and got my neighbour to call 911. She died two days later in the hospital. We've owned the house for 9 years since then.

Incident # 1- On Halloween (I'm not kidding) night at about midnight (I'm still serious), my non-functional doorbell went off. I came up from downstairs thinking I was the victim of a prank. I opened the door and nobody was there. I tried the doorbell and it did not work. I went downstairs back to my PC and the doorbell rang again. Still thinking this was a prank I went to the door. Nobody there. So I grabbed a fake Samurai sword and went out the back door and down the driveway so I could just see my door but I was well hidden. I was going to scare these guys. I waited for about 10 minutes freezing my arse off, then I went back inside and grabbed a flashlight. I went into the living room where I could see the front door. I was going to shine the flashlight on these guys and scare the shiat out of them. The dog was beside me on the couch looking at the front door when the doorbell rang... while I was looking at the door... there was nobody there. I went outside and tested the doorbell again. That sucker would not work at all for me. The dog bolted under my daughters crib and wouldn't come out until morning.

Incedent #2 - I was downstairs when I heard something heavy falling down the stairs from the second floor to the first. I went upstairs and over my sleeping dog to see nothing out of the ordinary. My neighbours house and mine are attached and I thought that she had fallen down her stairs perhaps with her baby in her arms. I went next door and knocked. My neighbour opened the door like there was nothing wrong. I asked her if she was all right and explained that I heard something fall down the stairs. She said she was fine and had heard it also. She thought it was my dog running down the stairs. I agreed with her even though I know my dog was fast asleep nowhere near the stairs.

2004-10-23 11:12:00 PM  
6 votes:
I used to manage a movie theatre that at one point only had a baby monitor and lobby amera for security. Yes, that's sadness parts 1 and 2... Anyways, I upstairs one night counting the money and such whenever I realized that no ne had counted the stock in the concession stands. I looked at the camera feed and saw someone standing at register #1. I thought, "Hey it's Travis (my projectionist) I'll have him to count it. I got on the air phone and asked him to count the cnady. He kind of stood there slumped over like he was looking at the floor and didn't move. I asked him again..but he didn't move. Finally I was getting a bit miffed so I said, "Travis umm..hello??" Then he slowly looked up and then looked back at the floor.
Given that it was 3am I didn't want to wait any longer to count the stock. So I bolted down there to count the stock.
Funny enough Travis wasn't there. I counted the stock and closed house. As I started to cut the power off I heard Travis kinda of yelling from the projection booth. His slack arse had fallen asleep beside the projector. who was in the concession stand? To this day I don't know. It definately wasn't a customer. The last movie had let out hours ago. The only clue that I have to whom it was is that the land that the cinemas and the mall are located on used to be an old Southern plantation. To this day there are 15-16 tombstones kept neatly in front of the new food court.
2004-10-24 3:49:59 AM  
4 votes:
My father was a civil engineer. My mother was a spoiled rotten trophy wife. While I was still in the womb, they went and bought one of the largest houses in Plainsfield, Wisconsin.

My father travelled a lot. And the house needed work. So he hired this odd little man named Ed that used to hang out at this mom and pop grocery store to maintain the house. According to my mother's cousins, my mom used to work Ed almost to death, and then shortchange him on his wages.

One day, while my father was in town, it was snowing heavily, so he decided to drive to the farmhouse where Ed lived and pick him up. My father couldn't drive all the way up to the farmhouse, but he drove as far as he could, and then started honking his horn.

While my father was honking his car's horn, he noticed what he thought was a leg of venison hanging in the open door of Ed's barn. When Ed finally came out and got into the car, my father slapped him and told him that hunting deer was cruel. Ed told him he never hunted deer.

A couple weeks later, my father is working in Texas when he gets a phone call from my mom. She's in a panic. Somebody was murdering women in Plainsfield, and she was all alone, and she wanted my father to come home home right now.

My father couldn't do that. But he called up a neighbor, and asked him to go to Ed's farmhouse and pick up Ed. Ed wasn't much, my father said, but at least he was something. Well, the neighbor drove to Ed's farmhouse, and was rather suprised to see very nearly every cop in Wisconsin there.

I was born a full month later. My mom carried me for ten months.

Ed's full name was Eddie Gein. He was Robert Bloch's real-life inspiration for his character Norman Bates. And some years ago at a book fair, I managed to talk to the now late Robert Bloch about my family's experience with Ed Gein and he confirmed almost all of it. And although he had never heard the leg of venison story, he told me that as far as he knew, Ed never shot a deer in his life.
2004-10-23 11:01:45 PM  
4 votes:
At my old apartment, our neighbor was some female college student.. She was also a druggy and a prostitute.

One day, my mom got a letter that was meant for the neighbor, it was from a psychic hotline. It was a thank you letter, it thanked her for calling and said that her life would get better real soon... 1 week later, she was dead. (which for her is better i guess)

The night before she died, my mom had a dream.. She was in the neighbors apartment, tied to the bed, and the girls boyfriend was injecting drugs into her.

The next day, the day she died, there was a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and the boyfriend was acting weird.. It wasn't until later we found out she was dead and had died of an overdose.

My mom kept having dreams about that, we're pretty sure she was killed but the boyfriend wasn't arrested or anything, i guess they ruled it accidental.

Ever since then, weird stuff would happen. Doors would close and open by themselves, especially the basement door that was near her apartment. There were no drafts or anything.

There were other weird things that happened but I can't remember them.

I guess this isn't really a scary story or even a ghost as I never saw anything (unless that time I was high and saw Paul Bunyan in my basement was actually her.. ahhhhh!)
2004-10-23 10:59:53 PM  
4 votes:
Okay. Not the scariest ever, but certainly scary for me:

I was about 8 years old, and spending the day at my friend Becky's house. Her basement was crammed full of random crap (her parents were major packrats) so we always found fun stuff to play with down there. Right in the middle of the basement was a Barbie Dreamhouse we often played with. This particular day was also the 1-year anniversary of her Grandmother's death, which was sad- but not creepy-until...

We got thirsty and went to get some Kool-Aid. I remember where my Barbie was- taking a nap on the pink frilly bed. Becky's barbie was sitting in the living room, and the little dog was on the couch next to her. When we came back downstairs, my barbie was stuffed through a little window in the backside of the dreamhouse, Becky's was UNDER the dreamhouse in a little drawer thing, and the dog was sitting way up on the crossbeam that holds up the floor. Her mom wasn't home, and her dad was in the garage playing mechanic. Needless to say, we didn't play in the basement again for a very, very long time.

Like I said- not "The Ring" scary, but scary enough for an 8-year-old.

/my god, that was long.
2004-10-24 2:08:24 PM  
3 votes:
The older couple across the street used to live in a 19th century farmhouse. It was run down when they bought it, so they spent quite a lot of effort restoring it. One Christmas Eve, they had a lot of family over. Late at night, they heard their four year-old granddaughter crying, downstairs. She'd gone to get a drink of water, and told them 'That man - he just wasn't real'. They chalked it up to a combo of dream and imagination, and let it go at that.

A year later, family was again over to visit for the holidays, and the whole family had headed off to midnight mass, but my neighbor lady was feeling ill and stayed home, sleeping on the couch. She woke up, and it was very cold - turned out the door from the den to the back yard was wide open. This was odd, as the door was new and they'd not been able to get it to open over the thick carpeting. She was scared someone had broken in so she looked around and finding no one closed the door and went back to sleep.

She woke again to find a gemntleman standing in front of her. She immediately realized that it was a ghost, and in fact the ghost of the original owner. She asked 'do you like what we've done with your place?' The ghost smiled, nodded and disappeared. THAT was when she freaked out :)

When her family came home, she told them about it. She's also an artist and made a sketch of the 'person' she'd seen. The family assumed she'd been dreaming too, but as they began to dispute her story, an old lamp which hadn't worked for years went on all by itself.

A couple days later she went to the library with her daughter to get info about the original occupant of the house. A photograph showed that he looked exactly like her sketch - and he had died on Christmas day!

Absolutely true story.
2004-10-24 2:09:22 AM  
3 votes:
I have an old full sculpted dark-wood couch with cushions that was found in an alley in downtown Columbus Ohio back in the 70's by my step-father. It is very old. The cushions were replaced and the wood stripped and stained. My step-father had it in his house and claimed it was haunted by a mean dead bum. He married my mom and they put the couch in the basement of our house.

No one would sleep on it. No one ever needed to. We all new the funny story though. Well, I slept on it... and someone pulled my hair hard and woke me up. It continued for a few seconds while I struggled to get the covers off. My parent of course said I was dreaming of course. I was 15.

I charged them to try it. They laughed and never did.

As my mother got older, she got more into spiritual stuff and strange things. She finally decided to sleep on the couch in the basement. She too was woken up. It seems the Jiffy Man (what my younger sister named him after he scared the living shiat out of a basement full of girls having a slumber party by saying a few choice words aloud) was trying to sleep as well. My mother says two hands bunched into fists were trying to 'push her out of bed'. She ran up and slept in her bed.

My step father tried it in the 'new house' and refuses to repeat this story if you ask him.

I am now much older and have this couch in my own house in my living room. I never sleep on it or sit on it. My cats, who hate each other, refuse to get on the couch. They sleep on the opposite couch, despite their dislikes of each other. When I have large numbers of friends or relatives over, no one ever sleeps on the couch. They remove the cushions and sleep on the floor. I never tell them about the story until morning and they all just say that they felt like sleeping on the floor for some reason. They then continue this tradition. Anyone want to come sleep on my couch and try to kick Jiffy Man's ass?

I am content to have a dead bum sleeping in my living room and as long as he doesn't:
1. Make any audible noises.
2. Manifest.
3. Touch ANYTHING.

So far, he's been good.

Although friends do spill Heinekens on the couch from time to time...
2004-10-24 12:20:16 AM  
3 votes:
Here's my story, it's scared people away from my house:

One night I was sitting in my bedroom with my sister, when out of nowhere she looks up and screams. She wouldnt tell me what she saw for about an hour, but then I got it out of her: She was facing the door (it's an old house, so we have glass paned doors) and she sees a young girl about her age staring through the door, right at her.

After a while, we calm down, but notice something else strange. There's a strong sickening smell like funeral flowers going around the room of its own accord. There were no windows or doors open, so there was no draft. At first it was really faint, as if we had a scented candle across the room, but it started to get stronger. It was like one of those old ladies that wear so much perfume that you can smell them from 10 feet away, and it was like there was something walking toward us, because the smell was getting really strong. I noticed that it was super close to me, because I was starting to get dizzy from the smell. After about 30 seconds, it gets weaker for me, but my sister is starting to smell it getting stronger, like it was walking towards her.

After a while it drifts off and goes away completely. Once we calmed down for a second time, we search our room, and then the house, for anything close to that smell, but couldn't find anything. We couldn't even think why a smell would move around on its own.

But wait there's more!

About a year later, the furniture has been moved around and now there's one less bed, the mirror's facing the door, and my bed is right next to the door, so if someone were to walk by, I would see them in the mirror first.

Well I'm reading a book, sitting on my bed facing the mirror. I'm at the top of the left page, so I can see the mirror out of the corner of my eye. I see someone walk by, but I dont hear any footsteps, and there's nobody in either of the rooms connecting with the hallway. this happens a few more times (I counted 5) and I'm starting to see that it looks like a person wearing a long black coat or cloak thing with something white on underneath. I mentioned this to my sister and she gave me the weirdest look. I asked her what the girl she saw that night was wearing, and she said, "I wont tell you, because you'll freak out" (I then remembered her saying something a while before that she was wearing a white dress, and she was blond.)

Throughout the years, many weird things have happened in that hallway. For example, we have a sort of stained glass window directly across from my door, with some old hook things for a curtain rod. Since the house was built in 1905, we have an apartment building right next door, so we didnt want a constant view of them through the window. We tried hanging a large painting on there (the hooks are very long, and anything you would hang on it would be very stable) and it kept falling by itself. (The frame of the painting was not broken or damaged in any way, so it definitely could not have fallen unless someone lited it, then dropped it) One time it fell on me when I was standing at my door. The way it fell suggested that it was picked up, then dropped, but there was no one there.

Skeptic or not, I believe what I saw and experienced, and I was scared shiatless....
2004-10-23 11:51:55 PM  
3 votes:
A friend of our family recently bought a converted barn to hold art shows in. It has a stage in the middle of the barn with bleachers and a loft above that. When my family and I went to visit about a year ago, our family friend (David) wanted to take pictures of us in the barn. So we all stood on the bleachers and he took a couple of pictures and a few hours later, we left.

Two weeks later we get an email from David saying the pictures were developed.. and that they were very interesting. He had scanned them in and sent them as an attachment and in both pictures, you could see us all standing on the bleachers, but off to the side, there was this strange white fog. In the first picture, it was fairly small, but in the second picture, it was huge, and you could make out a cloak covering a skull (kinda like the grim reaper). Next time we went to visit him, we saw the actual pictures, and they were the same. He's never caught whatever it was on film again.

Another thing: When I was younger, I always thought my room was haunted. Doors would close without anyone closing them. If I had candles burning, the flame would stretch up and become very thin until it was really tall for no reason at all. And worst of all, I remember lying in bed one night on my back, and feeling hands clamp around my neck. I panicked and turned on the light, and still, the hands kept pressing tighter and tighter, so I got up and ran out of my room and up to my mother's room, and as soon as I stepped into her room, it went away. Freaky stuff.
2004-10-23 11:41:04 PM  
3 votes:
Not really that scary, but was very creepy feeling. While in Gettysburg a few years ago, I went to the battlefield and stayed until dark. Man, does it get creepy at dark there. There was just this feeling in the air of it being freezing in some spots, although it was june at the time. The thing that got me heading out of there was when I started seeing some things in the field, things that were little white orbs. I have some pictures somewhere, but I'd rather not look go get them, for a face that can be made out in one. Creeps me out every time I think about it. Anyways, not that scary, but the cold spots and orbs can freak you out.
2004-10-24 3:16:18 AM  
2 votes:
Okay, seriously, is anyone else here TRYING not to look out a door into a darkened hallway in the hopes of not seeing that farking Japanese chick thing from the Grudge right now? ARRRRRRGH!

And my scariest story:

Was in SC on vacation when I saw a bumper sticker that had "I HAVE A DREAM" with a picture of the Confederate flag flying over the White House. I think the ghost of MLK Jr actually threw up in my mouth a little.

/true story
2004-10-24 3:03:58 AM  
2 votes:
I myself have never experienced anything paranormal. I do not beleive in ghosts.

I recently climbed mount Monadnock in NH, and I failed to make it down before sunset. Halfway down it was patch black and I only had a small flashlight to see. I stumbled my way through the dark with this tiny flashlight and made it to the bottom without incident. Not one ghost.

On my way home, I got lost. On a back road I saw a weird blue glowing light on the side of the road. I turned around my car and stopped to see what it was. There was a grave on the side of the road with a little white cross! But the light wasn't a ghost, it was a weird electrical lantern of some kind on a pole.

A couple months earlier, than this, I went to a graveyard during the day to take photos for a game I was planning to work on. NOT ONE OF MY PHOTOS HAD ANYTHING STRANGE OR UNUSUAL IN IT. Wooooooo!

Years before that, when I was still in high school my sister decided to bring her freinds over one night with a Ouija board. With her knowledge, I set up an elaborate control center beneath her bed. I had a power bar with the cords from both lights and radio connected to it. The radio was turned on with a casette of creepy sounds ready to play when I plugged it in. Books on a shelf and stuffed animals along a wall were rigged with string so I could pull it and make them fall over or fly off the shelf. And finally, a little stuffed animal that was light sensitive was placed near one of the lights so it would go "woooo!" every time the light turned on.

My trap set, her freinds came over, and started to play the game. I was under the bed, and I began to control things in the room, starting off simple with a book or two and stuffed animals and moving on to creepy sounds and then lights.

The girls freaked out. One of them ran from the room in such terror she ran into the wall of the hallway and a picture fell to the floor and smashed. She refused to return to the room and my parents told her what was really going on. :-)

But like I said, I myself have never had any paranormal experiences. Though I once woke up unable to move for what felt like a minute. But that is a known sleep phenomena.

However I do have one potentially real ghost story to tell... One day I was working on my computer and I heard a commotion downstairs. I went downstairs to find my parents consoling one of the girls who lived across the street. Apparently moments earlier they had run screaming out of their house and gone to the neightbors who they generally disliked, for protection. It seems that they were in their house upstairs cleaning some stuff up, when the older sister looked down a staircase visible from where they were and saw a man standing at the bottom. The other sister then saw him as well and they ran out of the house screaming. Apparently my parents were outside when this happened so they heard them screaming. They never saw a man exit the house. the police arrived and searched the house, and they never found anyone either. The basement had glass sliding doors, but they were locked from the inside with a board keeping them shut. The windows too were locked. No door other than the one they ran out of, which went out the front of the house, existed, and that was plainly visible from the neighbor's house and our house.

I'm still not convinced to this day it was a ghost though. Call me a skeptic, but they had a poster of a guy at the bottom of the stairs. Tom cruise i think. Could their minds have been playng tricks on them even though they'd seen that poster a hundred times before?
2004-10-24 2:46:22 AM  
2 votes:
We'd been playing laser tag in the middle of the night in an abandoned 19th century cotton mill for months. Everyone had seen or heard something that we couldn't explain, but chalked it up to the intrinsically spooky nature of the activity.

One night we put the laser tag guns down and went ghost hunting. We picked a spot on the second floor where the "events" seemed to be the most frequent. We turned off all the lights, except for the bathroom light on the other side of the building, and sat in a circle facing outward, watching for something to happen. I fully expected our imaginations to run away with us after a certain period of time, so I was most disturbed when shiat started happening pretty much the moment we sat down.

The noises were incredible. There was the sound of footsteps on the floor above which seemed to stop directly overhead (many of us had experienced this), loud crashing noises very close by (with no corresponding physical effect, such as, say - something crashing!), and the like. Right about that time, my buddy sitting to the left points toward a darkened doorway and shouts "The door is opening!" This was my non-gullible level headed see-it-to-believe it buddy, and the intonation of what he said clearly indicated that he indeed saw what he described. I'd been looking the long way down the length of the floor toward the illuminated bathroom doorway, hoping to see something pass between me and it, so when I looked to his doorway, it was too dark for me to confirm his observation. I looked back just as everyone began to catch sight of It.

There are two versions of just what it was. My version, having just blinked from looking in another direction, and everyone else's version. All I can say for sure about it is that it was between us and the bathroom, and that it changed the character of the light passing from the bathroom to where we were sitting. It was like there was a translucent shower curtain between me and the bathroom door, and I couldn't make out any form because I didn't know I was looking through it when I looked back toward the door. Everyone else saw the apparition of a stately old bearded gentleman crossing the mill floor from left to right.

It was at that moment that we decided we'd had quite enough of that shiat and started shooting at each other again. Good times.
2004-10-24 2:41:33 AM  
2 votes:
One more spooky story in response to the past-life question. My dad's youngest brother had some creepy experiences that my grandma told me about. When my uncle was a kid, I guess he had some "friends" that would visit him in his sleep. He told my grandma that when he'd lay down to go to sleep, he could climb out of his body, and there'd be all these kids in his room, and they'd play with their toys and stuff. Of course my grandma assumed it was a wild imagination. She entertained his little fantasy one time and asked him what his friends' names were, and he told her all their names, and even described the clothes they wore and stuff. She had always been a bit of a history buff, so for fun she tried looking up some of the names in history books and what not. I guess after my uncle had grown up, and stopped playing with his "friends, she happened to be reading something about that Great San Francisco earthquake in the 1900s, and I think she recognized one of the names of my uncle's little friends among the names of children who had died in the quake. Then she realized my uncle was born on the anniversary of the San Fran quake. She said it creeped her out a little, like maybe he was one of those kids in a past life, just playing with his old friends.
2004-10-23 11:55:35 PM  
2 votes:
My wife and and her dad have lived in this house all their lives. When her dad died in '86 and we got the house,we were hearing bumping sounds from the living room where her dad died on the couch(long since replaced,of course). There have been a few times where lights have been turned on when we knew we left them off for the night,and some sounds like dishes being moved in the sink every once in a while.
2004-10-23 11:36:42 PM  
2 votes:
Two stories for the price of one...My grandpa and great-grandma died within three months of each other, and my mom and I were cleaning my great-grandma's house out to get it ready to sell. We were in the kitchen and heard something fall in the bedroom on the other side of the house. I went to check it out and saw that a picture of my great-grandma and grandpa standing together at his military school graduation had fallen forward, facedown (it was one of those frames that stands on a table or something leaning on the little stand).

Other story: My friend and I are watching TV in his dorm room, and all of a sudden the TV changes to channel 2 (the remote was sitting on top of the TV). We changed it back and a few minutes later it changed back to channel 2. We kept putting it on the channel we were watching and it kept going to channel 2, sometimes within 5 seconds of changing it back. Later, we starded playing cards while listening to a CD on his stereo and then the stereo switched to the radio; then the radio stations started changing randomly. Not only had the stereo gone from CD to radio function, but the little knob thing that you use to change it, had moved on its own. Forgot to mention that our dorms were built on the old site of Jane Addams Hull House, which was moved down the block to accomodate the dorms.
2004-10-23 11:11:21 PM  
2 votes:
One bright sunny day, in the dead of night,
Two dead boys began to fight,
Back to back, they faced each other,
Drew their swords and stabbed each other,
A deaf policeman heard the noise,
Drew his gun and stabbed the boys,
Now if you don't believe this lie is true,
Ask the blind man, he saw it too.
2004-10-24 12:23:47 PM  
1 vote:
Once when my and a few friends went out ghost hunting, we found ourselves at the Devils Tower in Clifton, NJ.

We are almost POSITIVE we all saw the red shape of a human figure in the very top middle window. (this person would also probably be 7-8 ft tall as well...

What was also very creepy, was that it was during the summer and it was about 75 out, and when we got within 20m of the tower the temperature dropped at least 20.
2004-10-24 10:01:37 AM  
1 vote:
My father owns a going-on-60 year old house. When I was ten years old, I was a nightcrawling home schooler. I'd stay up all night doing that day's classwork, the next days, or goofing up (usually goofing off). I could set my watch by it, at 12:30 every night I could hear the chairs squeaking in the dining room as if someone was sitting on them or getting comfortable. We'd leave the bathroom light on at night with the door open since we all hated stubbing our toes on the heater grate right in front of the door in the middle of the night, but sometimes in the morning the bathroom door was closed.

There was several times in the kitchen when I'd put a pot on a stove burner, turn around and it would end up on the floor. My stepmom was making soup one night, I was doing some pointless task (dishes). We both left the kitchen to answer the frontdoor came back and all the soup cans were turned over on their sides, one had rolled off the counter.

when we talk about those experiences, my father brings up the time his disbelief of ghosts and hauntings was turned into beliefe. He's shaving before he leaves for work. He rinses his face and before he pulls the plug in the sink he feels all the hairs on his neck stand on end. He's alarmed, he looks into the mirror and sees a shadow. Turns around, the door is closed in the bathroom and so is the window. No one is there. He turns back and the sink is draining.

People who rent that house complain sometime about their own experiences. Nothing really harmful unless you have an overactive bladder, but is fun to talk about.
2004-10-24 7:39:41 AM  
1 vote:
I swear to you this is a true story!

About 12 years ago when I was a college student, I was crazily into fine arts music, checking out CDs from the library and copying them onto cassette tapes.

One day, I was on vacation at a lake with my parents about an hour or so north of Grand Rapids, MI, and taking a morning walk out in the country with my trusty walkman, listening to one of my tapes (I think it was something by Mendellsohn).

I came upon a graveyard, and was walking up and down the rows, looking at dates, etc. All of a sudden, loud and clear in my headphones with my Mendellsohn I hear a guy say, "Are you still there?!" I stood there, skin crawling, in shock, looking all around me for what could possibly be an explaination.

I later found out that it was CB interference from a passing trucker while I was dubbing the tape! Discovering this while in a peaceful country cemetery all by myself was very freaky, though. It's a good thing I had already moved my bowels for the day!
2004-10-24 5:54:48 AM  
1 vote:
I just remembered a true? ghostly hitchhiker story that kinda involved my dad. In the mid nineties, my dad was working an extra job at a grocery store, stocking the shelves after closing. The shift ended around 2 or 3am, and the boss lived about an hour drive away in Iowa. One night the boss was driving home along some boring ass Iowa highway and he saw a young woman walking along the side of the road. Obviously not something you commonly see at 3am on a dark highway, so he stopped and asked if she was ok and needed a ride. She said yes and got in, and along they went. It was about 15 minutes into the ride, and I can't remember the details of the conversation, but at one point she mentioned the strange music on his car radio. Eyes on the road, he kinda chuckled, "what you don't listen to modern rock?" He looked over at her and she completely vanished. He immediately hit the breaks and came to a screeching halt. Got out of the car for a second and looked around panicking and saw nothing. Got back in and raced home. For a few nights he asked my dad to follow him home, because he was so terrified. My dad said he could see the tire marks on the highway where the boss screeched when the girl vanished. I think they did a little investigating on the incident, to see if anyone in that area experienced the same thing, but I don't think anything ever came of it.
2004-10-24 5:12:55 AM  
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I live a few blocks south of a cemetery - Oak Ridge, where Abe Lincoln is buried - and a few more blocks north and east of the two major hospitals here. I also live next door to an elementary school, and we get possums, raccoons, muskrats, and other animals prone to making funny noises at night around here. I get the odd weird feeling now and then, usually coming from the backyard or the house next door, but so far nothing concrete that I can't rule out as funny animal noises and such.

But something weird happened all the way across town. My brother wanted to show me around this odd little park forest situated between a cornfield, a residential area, and a commercial zone near the local mall. He says that people see/hear stuff in there, and he had just recovered from a really long streak of bad luck after trying to talk to whatever might be lurking in the woods. So he wants me along next time so we can see if anything happens.

We parked the car in the lot belonging to this little teenage hangout called the Asylum - which is gone now - and started walking along the road that leads to the forest. About halfway there this bald guy on a bike rides past us heading toward the forest, and the little mutt that was running behind him slows down and comes over to investigate us. We like dogs, so we gave him some petting, then kept going. He stayed with us, past the 'markers' under a defunct rail bridge that supposedly delineated the boundary of the haunted area, then stayed with us as we entered the woods themselves and started walking around. Several times he would stop me or him from going certain directions by blocking our paths and pressing against our legs. After a bit we stopped in a little clearing and looked at the sky...a couple of orange lights appeared, stayed utterly still for several moments, then faded. Dunno if they were stars behind thin clouds or what. The dog stuck with us when we emerged into the cornfield and watched a train on the other side, and stuck with us again when we went back into the forest to find the road and head back to the car.

And yes, again he stops us from taking certain routes, then tags along as we get to the road and walk to the rail bridge. I thank him, because at that point it seemed like he was along to guard us, but he continues to stick with us. By now we're worried that he'll follow us all the way back to the car. We're almost relieved when a couple of other people passed by us with a chow-chow and our little mutt went to greet him, but then the dog comes back just before we reach the markers. We keep walking, and halfway back to the car from the markers...what looks like the same bald guy rides past, again, heading toward the forest, again, and the dog ditches us to run after him. My brother insists this has never happened before to him, and has never heard of it happening to anyone else that's been in that forest. I tend to apply skepticism to stuff that happens even to me, but this was just...strange. I honestly think the dog may really have been guarding us.

Oh, and the neighbor's grumpy old oak tree decided to talk to me one day last year. I was out taking a walk to pick up some nice fall leaves to press, then came home and paused by the back door, under the tree, and looked up and said aloud, "And all -your- good leaves are too high for me to reach. Not fair."

The tree dropped one right on my face. And it was a gorgeous color, too. I used to be highly spooked by that tree, but now...
2004-10-24 4:49:08 AM  
1 vote:
some of the st louis farkers might know ALton, IL. Its possbily the most haunted place on earth. I used to work for the phone company...I was traing a new guy when we went to this weird old hotel(now its a antique mall) in the basement there is an old pool..well..when me and Chuck got to the basement, I saw these 2 red lights ..I figured it was a water alarm or something..aand got to work...well I was talking to Chuck..and said..Chuck what you think those red lights are.....and went back to work...I was alomost done..and then looked again..and the lights got closer to the side of the pool..I said..chuck..hand me that screwdriver..but chuck wasnt there..then I hear this thump thump was chuck running away..I looked at the pool..and the red lights looked like eyes...and this thing had a green face..(my skin is crawling as I type this) about that time, I slammed the box door and beat feet up the steps...I think I made 30 feet in 4 steps and then after I asked chuck why in the h@ll he left me alone with the monster...and he said the eyes looked at him and it felt like he was drowning....I then thrashed him with my hat for leaving me.....well...I'm again creeped out..
2004-10-24 4:13:03 AM  
1 vote:
Way late for voting, but...

I got a late invite to a Halloween party and didn't have time for a proper costume.

I hit the local Theater Makeup shop and got a white bald cap and lots of absolutely white make-up.

White T-shirt, white pants and white bald-wig. White make-up covered every exposed inch of flesh including my mustache.

Got some trick-or-treaters while getting ready for the party. The typical reaction was they took one look at me and ran away yelling "Mommy".

I hit 2 parties that night and "somehow" my eyes became red. Photographic evidence showed this totally white guy with almost glowing red eyes. Adults shunned me. They were actually afraid of me. I used that costume for several years with the same results.
2004-10-24 4:12:39 AM  
1 vote:
I have this scary Halloween story, fairly recently happened too!

I was watching this show on NBC called Saturday Night Live and this goth wannabe called Ashlee Simpson came on TV to sing and the music started up. Then she began to sing but she was too soon into the segue of the song when I saw her sing but nothing came out of her mouth!

Then like a bad Chinese dubbed martial arts movie the music started up, but this young woman didn't sing she just danced around like a fool then left off stage about a minute later like a ghost while her band members continued playing instrumental. Some had this wicked smile on their faces as they looked at each other playing the song that was to happen.

Then at the end of the show she came back on holding her face, off and on like MacCauley Culkin from those "Home Alone" movies did. Looking like a total asshat skank and blaming spirits or something from messing her up.

So I thought her sister Jessica we know HAS a 5 watt brain but this other sister isn't even bright enough to come up with a good reason and fess up to lipsynching, none the less wait on cue to sing!

So I continued to think what would farkers think of this gastly happening. Would they think this supreme idiot of the Simpson family just ruined her singing career or will they think nah, Hollywood will look out for her. *snicker*

Talk about a scary story! AWOOOOOOO! Ah! Okay kiddies not such a scary story. What you want from me!


Count Floyd
2004-10-24 2:38:02 AM  
1 vote:
I don't really have any scary stories that have happened to me. However, there are some creepy things that my family as a hole...atleast my mom's side.

My Nan's brother, my great-uncle Ed, died several years ago. He was really into Native American culture and mythology. He said that if he would ever come back to Earth as another animal, it would be a bat. Well, either the night of his funeral or the night he died (I can't remember which) Nan woke up and there was a bat in her room. It freaked out her sisters that were staying with her at the time.

Of Cats and Ghosts
My Nan and Pap used to live in this old yellow house. The people that had lived there before them told them about seeing the ghost of a woman in a white nightgown or dress. I never saw anything there, but my Aunt Myra had an experience there. As did Nan (maybe it was Myra again though). Anyway, Aunt Myra was staying with them while she moved back into town and looked for a new job. While she was staying there, she slept in this little room with a daybed in it. One night she was trying to sleep and felt something "pawing" at the bed beside her. Thinking it was Nan and Pap's cat, Mei Ling, she said, "Mei Ling, get down." It started a few minutes later and again she yelled at the cat. The third time it started yelled at the cat to stop and opened her eyes. The cat was sitting on the floor beside the bed while the pawing was still going on. The other incident involved the cat again. I forget who it was, but someone saw the cat doing the "weaving" thing cats do between people's legs. The only thing was that there was nobody standing there, but the cat kept rubbing against the air like someone was standing there.

Another incident involves my Nan again (see a pattern forming). She used to watch TV and see reports about missing people. Then, she'd have dreams about where the body could be found or where the person was being held. She was right just about every time.

From the Mouths of Babes
My cousin Emily has had a few experiences too. She just turned 5 and eventhough she has quite the imagination, these two things are beyond something she could make up...especially since one happened a year ago and the other two years ago. In January of 2002, my family's dog Lady died. One day in the summer of 2002, my Aunt Myra was changing Emily's diaper in my parents bed room. Emily (age 3) looked at her mom and said, "There's a doggie on the ceiling." When Aunt Myra told me about it, it sent chills down my spine. The other was just over a year and a half ago. Nan had died in January of 2003. Surprisingly, Emily was taking the death better than anyone else in the family. She had this tendency to remind us that "Nanny's in heavn now." Anyway, one day she and her mom (Myra) were at Pap's house. When they got home that night, Emily told Aunt Myra that she saw Nan sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette and that she looked at her (Emily) and said, "Shhh, don't tell anyone...I'm not supposed to be smoking." That creeped out a good portion of the family.

Family Hauntings
Now, the only thing that directly involves me is only creepy when you think about it a bit. The house my family lives in is practically on the plot of land that used to have Nan's house on it when she was a little girl. Before she died, she would say to us that we are living in her old backyard. Anyway, her dad "committed suicide" when she was little. I say that with quotes because he was into some fairly shady stuff and many people in the family believe that some of the crooked cops in this town killed him (this wouldn't be surprising if you knew the cops in my town). Anyway, for a long time I've felt fairly creeped out living here...even before I found out he died in what is pretty much our backyard. My bedroom is in the basement (yes, I am the quintessential stereotype of a geek living in his parents' basement), and I get the feeling someone is watching me at times. The scary thing is that my mom says the same thing...especially about the room my bedroom is in. My girlfriend has also said that she feels like someone is watching her when she's asleep in bed at night (my parents have got to be the coolest since they're letting my girlfriend live with me). I keep telling myself that it is Grandpa Holsberry and Nan watching over me though.

About Me...
I've had hundreds of dreams about ghosts being in my house and about talking to Nan since she had died. The morning that Nan died, I had a bone chilling feeling that something was wrong with her when I heared the phone ring...I was right. Also, before my dad's grandmother died (Grandma Estep), I had a dream a few nights before that she died (not to mention a dream about me dying at a school dance which has kept me out of them to this very day).

Just a quick little family tree to tie together that creepy family thing I mentioned earlier (only mentioning the people mentioned here to save space):

Grandma and Grandpa Holsberry
--Nan, Uncle Ed
----Aunt Myra
Basically all the weird stuff involves my Nan's side of the family down to, and including Emily and I.
2004-10-24 1:17:13 AM  
1 vote:
Okay, so I don't have one, as I live a dull, sheltered life. But my friend has one and he's begging me to post it for him.

Many years ago, his great grandmother passed away. His family gathered at his grandparents' house for the funeral. During this time they cleaned out his great grandmother's home, and took her old t.v. One night, he was watching this old t.v., which had belonged to his departed great grandmother. He was alone, as the rest of his family was in the basement. Then he heard a voice... coming from the t.v. The voices, they were calling his name. Then he bolted out of the room.

I don't get it either. I would have assumed it was the audio from the show he was watching. But he insists it was the voice of his great grandmother.

Scary? I dunno.
2004-10-24 1:09:28 AM  
1 vote:
I am not an easy-to-scare person. I thought all ghost stories were bull / just stories. Purebred skeptic... emphasis on was.

After some late-night TV watching, I got up, turned out all the lights and headed for bed. My average nightly routine. Turning out all the lights, my entire house was pitch black, and I was feeling my way to my bedroom (I'd lived there 18 years, I knew my way around in the dark).

Then, with no warning at all, a glowing mist came out of nowhere RIGHT in front of me. It swirled and formed into the shape of a person, about 6.5 - 7 feet tall, glowing bright off-white in a pitch-black house. I freaked out and snapped 'aware' (Not sure how to say it, I was technically awake before, but very tired at 2 AM), and fell backwards. I looked up at the towering figure, who looked to be wearing a ... long, light coat (not sure what such a thing is called (trenchcoat? not quite...)). It had no face. Just a bloody neck-stump.

I was speechless and gasping for air on the ground, just staring at it. It 'looked' down at me, then fell at and though me and the floor. I was terrified. I could not sleep for two days. It was awful.

I had terrible stomachaches after that. I thought it was just stress-nausea, but eventually I ended up in the hospital with appendicits[sp?].

I swear this is word-for-word truth.

I heard on NPR a phrase that sums it up rather well... I don't remember exact wording, but it was along the lines of "No matter the evidence, whether of not you believe in an afterlife, once a person has seen what they believe to be eveidence of such the question, for them, is answered."
2004-10-24 12:25:04 AM  
1 vote:
i never seem to post on fark, but here's a few,
i am a photographer, i've got a few from this, one weekend(i think it was thanksgiving weekend, or maybe a fall break weekend) i walk a mile from my parents house with my camera to take some pictures at this college near thier house(arcadia university) there were no students that weekend, and i figured it a good weekend to take some architecture shoots without anyone asking what i'm doing, there's a 200 year old castle on the property and i took plenty of shots of it, in a few pictures there's outlines of people in windows i know were empty, and in other pictures there's giant glares(i was using a tripod, not a flash) i went back to look and there's nothing reflecting, and there's no stains on the glass where things appeared.

another case i was in the art building at my school(millersville university) and i was working in the darkroom, it was about 2 or 3 in the morning, i'm a photo major and am allowed to stay so late, i turn out of my seperate darkroom and go to dunk a print into the developer and i see someone standing there, he was wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt, the color is hard to pinpoint since it is a darkroom but he was definetly there, i assumed another art student staying late and turned to talk to him after i soaked my print, and he was gone, i went out into the studio and noone is there, i go up and down the 4 story building and there are no students and all the studios are dark, i go outside to have a cigarette and there's noone leaving the parking lot, i was there alone, i don;t know what i saw but it wasn't a person

another case
i live in an old firehouse converted into a residence, i rent it with two other guys and we like our house a good bit, there's a door in our garage that we don;t have a key for and that's fine. one day we needed to get a reading of the water meter and our landlord couldn't come so he tells brad(my roomate) where a key is hidden, he let's the water guy into the blocked room, one day(it was about 90 outside and in our house) brad decides to check out the room and he's walking through and feels a hand on his shoulder, assuming it's the landlord come to check on something brad screams and turns around to nothing there, he then checks the door to the garage and it is securly locked. ever since then i've had problems with my alarm clock, this clock has worked for my for 3 years, but lately it won;t go off(noone hears it) or it will go off at random times during the day. i don;t know how to explain any of this but it's wierd
2004-10-23 11:54:50 PM  
1 vote:
One freaky, one actually kinda fun:

1) One night when I was still in high school, I had a horrible about watching people commit mass-suicide. It was a very graphic nightmare. When I woke up the next morning, my parents told me that in the night, our neighbor had shot himself.

2) My freshman year of college, my radio would start playing music by itself. It wouldn't turn on by itself -- the speakers would just start playing music at a pretty good volume by themselves. I figured either they were really sensitive to some radio frequency in the area, or I had a ghost who loved Classic Rock.
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