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2004-10-23 10:56:27 PM  
One time, I had a neighbor that ended up having a standoff with the Portland Police and needless to say he didn't come out of in one piece. Anyway, once the body was removed and the apartment was being renovated (I guess a guy blowing his head off leaves quite the mess)I could hear someone knocking on the walls. Mind you, this was happening late in the evening when I knew very well that no one was inside the apartment.
2004-10-23 10:56:45 PM  
I saw the woman in White on Guam
2004-10-23 10:59:53 PM  
Okay. Not the scariest ever, but certainly scary for me:

I was about 8 years old, and spending the day at my friend Becky's house. Her basement was crammed full of random crap (her parents were major packrats) so we always found fun stuff to play with down there. Right in the middle of the basement was a Barbie Dreamhouse we often played with. This particular day was also the 1-year anniversary of her Grandmother's death, which was sad- but not creepy-until...

We got thirsty and went to get some Kool-Aid. I remember where my Barbie was- taking a nap on the pink frilly bed. Becky's barbie was sitting in the living room, and the little dog was on the couch next to her. When we came back downstairs, my barbie was stuffed through a little window in the backside of the dreamhouse, Becky's was UNDER the dreamhouse in a little drawer thing, and the dog was sitting way up on the crossbeam that holds up the floor. Her mom wasn't home, and her dad was in the garage playing mechanic. Needless to say, we didn't play in the basement again for a very, very long time.

Like I said- not "The Ring" scary, but scary enough for an 8-year-old.

/my god, that was long.
2004-10-23 11:01:45 PM  
At my old apartment, our neighbor was some female college student.. She was also a druggy and a prostitute.

One day, my mom got a letter that was meant for the neighbor, it was from a psychic hotline. It was a thank you letter, it thanked her for calling and said that her life would get better real soon... 1 week later, she was dead. (which for her is better i guess)

The night before she died, my mom had a dream.. She was in the neighbors apartment, tied to the bed, and the girls boyfriend was injecting drugs into her.

The next day, the day she died, there was a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and the boyfriend was acting weird.. It wasn't until later we found out she was dead and had died of an overdose.

My mom kept having dreams about that, we're pretty sure she was killed but the boyfriend wasn't arrested or anything, i guess they ruled it accidental.

Ever since then, weird stuff would happen. Doors would close and open by themselves, especially the basement door that was near her apartment. There were no drafts or anything.

There were other weird things that happened but I can't remember them.

I guess this isn't really a scary story or even a ghost as I never saw anything (unless that time I was high and saw Paul Bunyan in my basement was actually her.. ahhhhh!)
2004-10-23 11:02:18 PM  
We got thirsty and went to get some Kool-Aid.

Oh, the irony.
2004-10-23 11:03:03 PM  
Nice APN
2004-10-23 11:04:05 PM  
Not scary, actually kinda sweet:

My kitty cat that died a couple years ago still lurks around my house. I can be getting dressed or watching TV, and I'll hear him meow. So I call his name, and I can see him clear as day walk up and sit at my feet. He meows at me, and sometimes he rubs against my legs or headbutts my shin like he did in life and I can actually feel it; after a few minutes he walks away and I won't see him again for a couple months.
2004-10-23 11:05:56 PM  
Cheri Pi, i think you have a stray cat thats using you
2004-10-23 11:09:58 PM  
Not exactly scary, but Rod Serling enough for most people I've told: A few years ago, I was weekending at the home of a friend of a friend. He and his wife had just had their first kid, and there were baby toys all over the joint, one of which was a "Wrinkles the Dog" hand puppet that had one of those interactive voice chips. He'd say "Tickle my tummy" and laugh when you did, that sort of thing. Well, I thought the thing was a riot. I was constantly annoying everyone at the table with it, to the point when a friend of mine, in only partial mock-annoyance, started whacking the thing on the head with a rolled-up magazine. That is, until the puppet said: "STOP HITTING ME." And after a moment of rather stunned silence: "Was I a BAD DOG?" The kid's mom, slightly pale, looked at me and said: "I've never heard it say that before." I didn't mess with the pooch after that, figuring he was at least an acquaintance of "Talky Tina."
2004-10-23 11:10:40 PM  
Dare to watch this video all alone and in the dark?
2004-10-23 11:11:21 PM  
One bright sunny day, in the dead of night,
Two dead boys began to fight,
Back to back, they faced each other,
Drew their swords and stabbed each other,
A deaf policeman heard the noise,
Drew his gun and stabbed the boys,
Now if you don't believe this lie is true,
Ask the blind man, he saw it too.
2004-10-23 11:12:00 PM  
I used to manage a movie theatre that at one point only had a baby monitor and lobby amera for security. Yes, that's sadness parts 1 and 2... Anyways, I upstairs one night counting the money and such whenever I realized that no ne had counted the stock in the concession stands. I looked at the camera feed and saw someone standing at register #1. I thought, "Hey it's Travis (my projectionist) I'll have him to count it. I got on the air phone and asked him to count the cnady. He kind of stood there slumped over like he was looking at the floor and didn't move. I asked him again..but he didn't move. Finally I was getting a bit miffed so I said, "Travis umm..hello??" Then he slowly looked up and then looked back at the floor.
Given that it was 3am I didn't want to wait any longer to count the stock. So I bolted down there to count the stock.
Funny enough Travis wasn't there. I counted the stock and closed house. As I started to cut the power off I heard Travis kinda of yelling from the projection booth. His slack arse had fallen asleep beside the projector. who was in the concession stand? To this day I don't know. It definately wasn't a customer. The last movie had let out hours ago. The only clue that I have to whom it was is that the land that the cinemas and the mall are located on used to be an old Southern plantation. To this day there are 15-16 tombstones kept neatly in front of the new food court.
2004-10-23 11:12:20 PM  
Aw, shoot. "shot each other".

2004-10-23 11:12:26 PM  
ok, ill just do a short little blurb of my experience.

i used to live in danville, was right near perryville, ky where there was a huge civil war battle. all the soldiers were shipped on over to danville - where our entire block of houses were once hospitals...all the houses were up to 200 years old.

we moved in..noticed things happening here and there. muffled running in the attic, cold spots, stuff falling, weird spots in photos - all that typical crap.

my sister, who was then in college, had a room that was on the left spire of the house. she'd stay there whenever she came back from college, and me being the annoying little sister that i was..i would camp out in a sleeping bag next to her bed because she was some supercool amazing sister. i just remember one night when i went in there and she was shivering in bed, reading a book, with 3 pairs of sweatpants, a couple sweatshirts, 2 or so pairs of socks, and some was just freakishly cold in there and we never figured out why.

she didnt want to sleep in there anymore because she always got these odd dreams about these silhouettes of people above her bed....6+ men just standing and looking down on she slept in the living room that was in the new part of the house.
my bro then took over the room - all the same stuff happened to him, so he moved out.

i wanted that room so damn bad, so i started moving stuff in. mom wanted to replace the carpet and repaint it, since it was semi-crappy, so she started redecorating. we found bullet holes all over the walls (later, around the house) and a huge blood stain that was right in front of the bay windows - where the bed was. that was where they performed amputations - and then thew the body parts out the window into a pile.. - we found arm bones and leg bones under a tree we were cutting down, which was right outside that window.

in the back yard we found the remains of an old stable, and a makeshift cemetary. dead animal bones were always found in the dirt basement, and later we noticed that all the floors were tilted in different ways..we found this out when i was playing with our cats one day. the cats toys kept rolling in different ways.

it was an odd place..i loved it though.
2004-10-23 11:16:17 PM  
this was just scary no ghosts, i lived in california in 1986 & called my family every week on wed. night.

On a monday night I had a nightmare that i was in my sisters car & we went over a cliff..

the next day tuesday, I was walking in Long Beach In california, this was way before cell phone days & my boyfriend had given me a calling card, which I never used.

I was disturbed so much by the dream that I went running over to a pay phone by a gas staion & called home In New York and My sister answered!!!

She was crying & upset because she got into a car accident the day before, she was ok but the car was messed up, at least ahe was all right, but It still freaks me out til this day :0
2004-10-23 11:20:38 PM  
not a very scary story when retold, but i remember the terror i felt...

my paternal grandparents died a few years before i was born. my grandfather, a veteran of WWII, and my grandmother, who kept all their love letters from during the war, were very much in love. my grandmother died not long after her husband from a broken heart, as we like to say. she died in her living room and after she died my parents moved in, and that's where they live now.

a couple of summers ago i was still living at home going to high school. i would stay up late and talk to my friends on the internet and play on the computer. so i'm sitting in the computer room at about 11:38 pm. my parents are dead asleep in bed, and i am in the back of the house (one story, three brs, pretty cozy) in the computer room (formerly my sister's room). and it's completely silent except for my typing. all of a sudden i hear someone walking through the kitchen with boots on, so it's a very distinct ka-thunk, ka-thunk on the linoleum. for a split second i think it might be my sister coming home from work, but then i remember she doesn't live here anymore. the "entity" or whatever it was, took two steps, then it sounded as if it took a half step to bring its back foot next to the other. then i hear a rustling of papers, and then it sounds as if it pivots its feet, and that's it. for five minutes i could not move. i thought there was a robber in my house or something, i was so freaked out. i figured maybe it was a cat sitting on a lopsided chair making this noise or something so i decided to investigate. i slowly peeked my head around the corner and noticed my big labrador mutt dog chloe soundly sleeping in the living room. i looked in my parents bedroom across the hall. still sleeping. i ever so slowly walked down my creaky hallway and looked in the living room and the kitchen. the light was on in the garage, and it almost looked like someone was standing on the other side of the door, but as i kept watching it, it didn't move. further investigation, all the while my heart feels like it's going to pound out of my chest, reveals a broom in front of the door. and no cats in the house (not allowed in the house during the night).

i woke up my parents as i'm crying my eyes out because i'm so relieved that there were no "bad guys" in the house. my dad said it was probably his father, who wore work boots all the time because he was a carpenter.

looking back, i am so glad that i wasn't in the living room. i probably would have fainted or screamed so hard!
2004-10-23 11:24:40 PM  
When I was 8, living in TN, stuff would fly around my room at night. I would run downstairs to my mom's room, and we could both hear it. Books, toys, clothes, all being thrown by no visible entity. 20 years later, and I will still ask my mom every once in a while to make sure it was real. Oh, and the stuff flying around the room happened a few times. We moved not too long after it started.
2004-10-23 11:26:51 PM  
Cheri Pie

Can I get some of what you're smoking?
2004-10-23 11:27:32 PM  
I spent a few weeks up in a little deserted town called Namu, on the British Columbia coast, just left of nowhere. The town was built on an ancient Native American (either Salish or Nootka, I can't remember)settlement that has been found to be over 1100 years old.

Being that there was only two of us living up there, in an almost abandoned town, we didn't have much fuel for power, and it was in March so it got dark, and cold early in the day. Usually, I would sit up after power was off, and play solitaire (real cards, no computers up there!) till late in the evening by candle light. While sitting there, when I was thinking about my cards, I would hear voices, in a language that I didn't know. When I would listen, they would vanish. I would go back to the game, and they would re-appear. Gave me the shivers... This went on for a couple of weeks.

Then, one day, a Native fishing boat pulled into port to say hi. Seems that the Grandfather of the skipper was on board, almost a hundred years of age. Turns out he was born in Namu, before us white guys took it over. When he saw me, he got all excited, and ran over too me. He started speaking in his native tongue, and I of course didn't understand him, so his Grandson came over to translate. After listening to his Grandfather, the Grandson had a puzzled look on his face, then a big smile. He said to me, "Grandfather says that the Spirits tell him that you are welcome here. The others aren't, but you are." I guess that I went very white, and I felt a very cold shiver run up and down my body. The Grandson continued, "Grandfather says that the Spirits tell him that you understand and respect the old ways and may stay in Namu as long as you wish." Needless to say, I was very freaked at this point, but very flattered as well. I thanked them both, and went and had a very stiff drink. For the next couple of weeks I continued to hear the voices late at night until I left Namu. I haven't heard them since, but I would be curious to go back up there and see if they are still around.

I will never forget the look and excitement in that old man's eyes when he saw me that day. Still gives me shivers when I think about it.
2004-10-23 11:27:50 PM  
20 years ago, I would throw stuff around in some yolkel's house in TN. It was friggin fun.
2004-10-23 11:29:59 PM  

maybe Travis was a sleepwalker?
2004-10-23 11:30:03 PM  
The woman who owned the house before us had lived here since 1953. She fell down the stairs one day and lay there for a couple of hours until the postman noticed and got my neighbour to call 911. She died two days later in the hospital. We've owned the house for 9 years since then.

Incident # 1- On Halloween (I'm not kidding) night at about midnight (I'm still serious), my non-functional doorbell went off. I came up from downstairs thinking I was the victim of a prank. I opened the door and nobody was there. I tried the doorbell and it did not work. I went downstairs back to my PC and the doorbell rang again. Still thinking this was a prank I went to the door. Nobody there. So I grabbed a fake Samurai sword and went out the back door and down the driveway so I could just see my door but I was well hidden. I was going to scare these guys. I waited for about 10 minutes freezing my arse off, then I went back inside and grabbed a flashlight. I went into the living room where I could see the front door. I was going to shine the flashlight on these guys and scare the shiat out of them. The dog was beside me on the couch looking at the front door when the doorbell rang... while I was looking at the door... there was nobody there. I went outside and tested the doorbell again. That sucker would not work at all for me. The dog bolted under my daughters crib and wouldn't come out until morning.

Incedent #2 - I was downstairs when I heard something heavy falling down the stairs from the second floor to the first. I went upstairs and over my sleeping dog to see nothing out of the ordinary. My neighbours house and mine are attached and I thought that she had fallen down her stairs perhaps with her baby in her arms. I went next door and knocked. My neighbour opened the door like there was nothing wrong. I asked her if she was all right and explained that I heard something fall down the stairs. She said she was fine and had heard it also. She thought it was my dog running down the stairs. I agreed with her even though I know my dog was fast asleep nowhere near the stairs.

2004-10-23 11:31:45 PM  
Cheri Pi-

not to sound insensitive, but how sure are you that your cat died?
2004-10-23 11:31:47 PM  
years ago, a girl named laura smithers disappeared.. i'm sure some of you remember her. it was a high profile case.. one night i dreamt i was on the phone with her and we called my mom to find out where laura's parents were.. my mom gave us a phone number to try, but they weren't there.. so laura gave my mom her phone number and address of where her parents could find her. the next day her body was found about ten miles away.. true story.
2004-10-23 11:36:42 PM  
Two stories for the price of one...My grandpa and great-grandma died within three months of each other, and my mom and I were cleaning my great-grandma's house out to get it ready to sell. We were in the kitchen and heard something fall in the bedroom on the other side of the house. I went to check it out and saw that a picture of my great-grandma and grandpa standing together at his military school graduation had fallen forward, facedown (it was one of those frames that stands on a table or something leaning on the little stand).

Other story: My friend and I are watching TV in his dorm room, and all of a sudden the TV changes to channel 2 (the remote was sitting on top of the TV). We changed it back and a few minutes later it changed back to channel 2. We kept putting it on the channel we were watching and it kept going to channel 2, sometimes within 5 seconds of changing it back. Later, we starded playing cards while listening to a CD on his stereo and then the stereo switched to the radio; then the radio stations started changing randomly. Not only had the stereo gone from CD to radio function, but the little knob thing that you use to change it, had moved on its own. Forgot to mention that our dorms were built on the old site of Jane Addams Hull House, which was moved down the block to accomodate the dorms.
2004-10-23 11:37:38 PM  
Just a quick note to the skeptics:
Look, I'm a skeptic too. I understand that ghost stories are quite probably all a simple combination of the mind's ability to imprint connections on unconnected occurrences, the general human instinct to believe, and coincidence.

Halloween's still my favourite holiday, though, because I love ghost stories and "haunted" things. Not to mention the free candy. Just because you don't truly believe doesn't mean you can't relax for a moment and enjoy the atmosphere.

So, please, any skeptics reading here - don't be a seagull (fly in, make a lot of noise, and crap all over everything). In the spirit of the holiday, let the ghosts and odd dreams and creepy occurrences remain undebunked. Just for a little while, okay?
2004-10-23 11:38:26 PM  
mk. Back when I was Married, lived in a trailer. Older couple lived there before us, you know the joke, somebody died in the trailer. Right.

3 AM or so, we're talking about it. Sitting at the kitchen table, wife facing hallway, I'm facing the other way. She jokes around. "If you're here, show yourself".

She looks down the hall, eyes freak out, turns pale. Insists she saw something, she wants too leave right this minute. Call my buddy a few trailers away, he's still up. Phone doesn't work-static and clicking noises. Wait a minute, try again. Same thing. She's freaking, we just leave. Phone was fine the next day. Never had any other phone problems. Odd.
2004-10-23 11:39:49 PM  
My brother was a student at the University of Michigan in 1985 living in one of the student ghetto apartments. When you walked up his stairwell you came to a landing with an apartment to the left, right, and directly in front. Needless to say, you could hear everything in the neighboring apartments due to the proximity of the doors.

One night in early December, three cop cars rolled up and started pounding on the center door. My bro spied out the peephole as the cops were yelling, "Sir, we need to talk to you about your call." Apparently, the student bombed a test and decided to call a friend saying that a double-barrel shotgun in his mouth would end his school misery. His friend called the cops who then proceeded to bust down the door, frantically drawing weapons as he greeted them with said shotgun loaded. My bro saw the cops halfway in the door and in the entry pointing and yelling at this guy to drop his weapon, and then BAM...he swallowed the barrel and succeeded in his threat. The blood shot all the way out to the hallway. The police report stated that when he pulled the trigger the recoil of the shotgun angled the blast up towards his nose...which was completely blown off his face as was the front of his skull.

Happy Halloween and final exams everyone! Muuuuhahahahahaaaa
2004-10-23 11:41:04 PM  
Not really that scary, but was very creepy feeling. While in Gettysburg a few years ago, I went to the battlefield and stayed until dark. Man, does it get creepy at dark there. There was just this feeling in the air of it being freezing in some spots, although it was june at the time. The thing that got me heading out of there was when I started seeing some things in the field, things that were little white orbs. I have some pictures somewhere, but I'd rather not look go get them, for a face that can be made out in one. Creeps me out every time I think about it. Anyways, not that scary, but the cold spots and orbs can freak you out.
2004-10-23 11:43:36 PM  
Not scary but...when I was about 16 I had a saturday job. I was waiting for the bus home, and it was raining, so I took a short cut through the town hall where there was a "psychic fayre" going on (I should add, I am deeply cynical about this stuff!).

Up on the stage (which was also my route out of there) was a large crowd of people around a woman who was apparently channeling spirits, probably about 200 people there. I was behind her, and probably behind 20 people. The woman whipped around - "I feel a very strong presence". By the time she turned round I was still, but she picked me out.

She told me I had two people with me, a man and a woman, and that they were watching over me. I kind of nodded and smiled and went on to catch my bus. But when I got home, I told my mum what had happened and how this woman had described the people "with" me. It was a perfect description of my grandparents, who I had never met.

Cheri Pie - when our dog died, for a while I still saw her around the house too, though we never had "contact".

/actually bloody cynical about all this stuff.
//quite likes the idea she's being looked after.
2004-10-23 11:48:23 PM  
My friends and I went out to find a cool place to fool around with a Ouija board when I lived in El Paso. We ended up at an old abandoned park at the base of the Mountains. It's a place we used to go to smoke weed. Old dead trees no grass and completely unlit. We set up the ouija board in between the three of us and lit a couple of candles. We started out acting retarted asking to speak with Kurt Cobain's spirit. The board wasn't doing anything so we started asking real questions. We asked if there were any spirits there. (no I must admit it was probably one of my friends moving the pointer but they both swore they didn't) The pointer went to yes. We asked if we knew the spirit. The pointer went to yes again. We asked what it's name was. It went to R and we all thought of our friend Robert who had moved away and commited suicide shortly after the move. We then asked a question (I don't remember the exact question) that only Robert would know the answer to and it started pointing at gibberish. We then asked if the spirit was good or evil. The pointer went towards the E. It then jerked really hard and went to the S then the T then the O and as it moved close to the P we all jumped up and ran. I grabbed the pointer, and the others grabbed the board and one of the candles. On the way to the car one of us knocked over the other candle and it went out completely. We had to drive around in a circle and come back by the spot we used the board at and as we got close the candle that was completely out lit up again. We drove out towards the exit of the park and suddenly dozens of rabbits were running accross the road in front of us. There are always rabbits in the desert but I had never seen that many at one time in my life. I thought the car was going to be covered in blood and fur but when we got home the car was spotless. We decided to put the Ouija board in retirement. I am sure my friends could have moved the pointer but the candle relighting and all those rabbits were beyond explenation.
2004-10-23 11:49:49 PM  
11 years ago, a buddy and me were driving to the east coast. He had a new CD player boombox that started acting up during the trip, e.g. mostly the volume was fluctuating...louder, quieter, louder, etc. At some point - Ohio I think - we stopped to buy new batteries. This seemed to do the trick. Since we were taking turns at the wheel and being late at night, my buddy was sleeping in the backseat of the van before too long. The boombox was in the passenger seat with me. Before long, it started acting up again. Then, the CD starting skipping...and then jumping around to different songs. Then, it started selectively repeating lyrics over and over again - for instance, one that still sticks out in my mind was a song lyric that went "drive in the van all night" or something like that. Freaked me out because it kept playing that lyric again and again. At the same time, I was laughing out loud because I couldn't believe it. I was delirious. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the CD tray started opening and closing by itself - over and over. It had now been hours since these weird things began. THEN, it would open and close on my command. "Open." "Close." "Open." Now I was truly freaked out. I said, "If you're a demon - open." And it opened and I started praying. Right then, I hear laughter from the backseat. I have been the butt of jokes for a long long long time now.
2004-10-23 11:51:01 PM  
farkosaurus, I held my kitty in my arms as he died, so I'm pretty sure. He had feling leukemia, and had to be put down because his lymphatic system was leaking nasty stuff into his body cavity and suffocating him.

BeerNut, I do not use drugs of any kind, not even medicines. No, I don't even take aspirin. No drugs whatsoever.

Mr. Programmer I know it's not another cat using me because (1)He's sorta translucent in that ghost-y way and (2) The encounters always happen in either my bedroom or our living room, never outside. A stray cat couldn't get in and out of our house at will and (3)My cat had a very distinct way of crying; he was neutered very young, so his voice was a high-pitched kitten cry even when he was ten. Strays have a deeper meow, and louder.
2004-10-23 11:51:21 PM  
p.s. I forgot to mention, my buddy had a remote control for the boombox that I didn't know about - he was controlling everything the whole time.
2004-10-23 11:51:33 PM  
MyNameIsMofuga - the candle was evil and the rabbits were swamp gas. There is your explanation.
2004-10-23 11:51:55 PM  
A friend of our family recently bought a converted barn to hold art shows in. It has a stage in the middle of the barn with bleachers and a loft above that. When my family and I went to visit about a year ago, our family friend (David) wanted to take pictures of us in the barn. So we all stood on the bleachers and he took a couple of pictures and a few hours later, we left.

Two weeks later we get an email from David saying the pictures were developed.. and that they were very interesting. He had scanned them in and sent them as an attachment and in both pictures, you could see us all standing on the bleachers, but off to the side, there was this strange white fog. In the first picture, it was fairly small, but in the second picture, it was huge, and you could make out a cloak covering a skull (kinda like the grim reaper). Next time we went to visit him, we saw the actual pictures, and they were the same. He's never caught whatever it was on film again.

Another thing: When I was younger, I always thought my room was haunted. Doors would close without anyone closing them. If I had candles burning, the flame would stretch up and become very thin until it was really tall for no reason at all. And worst of all, I remember lying in bed one night on my back, and feeling hands clamp around my neck. I panicked and turned on the light, and still, the hands kept pressing tighter and tighter, so I got up and ran out of my room and up to my mother's room, and as soon as I stepped into her room, it went away. Freaky stuff.
2004-10-23 11:51:58 PM  
Just a couple of months ago, I woke up, stumbled into the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee, stumbled back into the bedroom, into the bathroom, and started my morning ablutions. My routine.

The minute I shoved a toothbrush into my mouth, the radio started yelling the morning show I wake up to, snooze alarm replay, and I walked back to my bed, brushing my teeth, and turned the radio off, and went back into the bathroom. While still brushing my teeth, and still half asleep, I heard a sound. I heard a little girl's voice, not really saying anything, just sort of sing song nonsense chatter.

I live alone in a quiet neighborhood. No other people in my house. At 6:00 am, it is deathly quiet, but for an occasional car driving by, or a dog barking at an early morning jogger. I know the sounds of my neighborhood, and I know the sounds I should hear in the morning. A little girl humming happily to herself is not a sound that I should hear in my house. I got chills, and felt a fear bordering on panic that put me on a hostile defensive.

I stepped into my bedroom and saw a little girl, most of her anyway. She looked to be about 8 or 9 years old, dark shoulder length hair, and she was only halfway there. A little girl is not a threat, so my hostility died. But, I was naked, and instinctively withdrew partially behind the wall that separated my bathroom from my bedroom, but I never took my eyes off her. She never changed expression, after making eye contact with me, she turned and started to move toward the door. She disappeared, faded away from the ground up, before she made the door, only about 4 feet away from where she was.

Actually, it wasn't really from the ground up, because she was wasn't all there, but it was like that.

She appeared again the next morning. I was dressed by then, and getting ready to leave, and had just gone back into the bedroom to turn off the lights, and when I turned around, she was was standing, sort of, right at the end of the hall , and she disappeared instantly.

She was never threatening, or in any way scary, other than she was there, and I had no frame of reference for this, and, frankly, she scared me just by being there. I do not rattle easily, but she rattled me to my core.

I did not believe in ghosts until I saw her.

I have not seen her since, and I am sort of disappointed. I think that maybe by being ready for her if she comes again, I might have driven her off. I am sorry for that.
2004-10-23 11:53:36 PM  
We had ghosts in our kitchen growing up. They were nice enough - they would be there just talking between 4 and 5 in the mornings.

Where we are now, we have ghosts - noisy and throwing things, but not at us and not doing any serious damage. We like them actually and holler at them and call them names and ask them to do the dishes as long as they are up...
2004-10-23 11:54:50 PM  
One freaky, one actually kinda fun:

1) One night when I was still in high school, I had a horrible about watching people commit mass-suicide. It was a very graphic nightmare. When I woke up the next morning, my parents told me that in the night, our neighbor had shot himself.

2) My freshman year of college, my radio would start playing music by itself. It wouldn't turn on by itself -- the speakers would just start playing music at a pretty good volume by themselves. I figured either they were really sensitive to some radio frequency in the area, or I had a ghost who loved Classic Rock.
2004-10-23 11:55:03 PM  

I don't think it was him. He was all the way down at projector number 8 and would have had to have walked by my office and unlock the door to the stairwell to go downstairs. That door has a weighted security henge(sp) on it so when it closes there was always a loud slam. Even with the projectors running you could always hear the door closing.
2004-10-23 11:55:09 PM  
I'm with you, Cheri. I sometimes hear my dog who died in 1995. I just say hi to him and he stays silent for a while. I find it comforting that he's still around. I really loved that little guy.
2004-10-23 11:55:35 PM  
My wife and and her dad have lived in this house all their lives. When her dad died in '86 and we got the house,we were hearing bumping sounds from the living room where her dad died on the couch(long since replaced,of course). There have been a few times where lights have been turned on when we knew we left them off for the night,and some sounds like dishes being moved in the sink every once in a while.
2004-10-23 11:56:46 PM  
Not very scary or anything, except for me because I remember it all. But here goes:

When I was little my house was haunted. We would see crazy stuff all the time. And drawers and windows would open and close. And I had a little stuffed toy that would move around by itself. One night I woke up and looked in the hallway and there was a short person in a cloak there. I hid under the covers and broke into a cold sweat and stayed still and silent for like 5 hours til morning. We used to also see someone that looked like my mom. And lots of other stuff. One time my mom had been folding clothes and had them on the couch and she walked over to tend to something she was cooking and the couch and laundry basket burst into flame out of nowhere. Like all of it at once. We packed up our stuff and left. We had our priest at the time, Father Crowe, bless our house before we went back. The clothes were all burned up but nothing else seemed touched at all. All the disturbances stopped then. We had this painting of lions in the savanna there; I think the signature said Walker. Eventually we gave it to my uncle, who was living in this house I live in now. They started having weird things happen here too when they got it, so they had a blessing too and stopped it again. I had that painting hanging over my bed til they gave it away again.

Just figured I'd share :)
2004-10-23 11:56:53 PM  
cheri pie - it seems like people can get really attached to their pets. for me, it's my childhood pets that really stick with me. i had two pets die within two months of each other last summer before i went to college. they were my cat cutie who i had since i was six or seven, and my dog sadie who we had since i was four. to this day i have a constant recurring dream at least twice a month (that i can remember of course) of both of them alive and together and playing with me and sitting with me. i rarely ever dream of my other cat and my other dog, who are alive. i guess we just like to feel like they're still with us and there to comfort us.
2004-10-23 11:57:54 PM  
Damn microsoft word not cut-and-pasting hyphens or apostrophes.
2004-10-24 12:00:49 AM  
Lazer_ninja We did eat at Chico's tacos earlier that night.
2004-10-24 12:01:19 AM  
To this day there are 15-16 tombstones kept neatly in front of the new food court.

I've often been in a graveyard paying my respects thinking "some popcorn sounds good right now." =P
2004-10-24 12:02:06 AM  
My mom used to teach in this little grocery-store converted into an elementary school, and it always felt really creepy in there--especially in this one part of the building--you felt as though you were being watched. Also, you could feel shifts in air pressure or something randomly, and just in some spots.
So one day I was in the bathroom, I had just closed the stall door behind me, and I heard this breathing noise (mind you, not a ventillation noise or door noise that SOUNDED like breathing, it was most definately breathing). At first I'm a bit creeped out, but figure it is one of the students, so I say "Ha, ha. Very funny". The noise was definately coming from this one particular placed between the two sinks. The noise continues, and I look under the stall--There were no feet anywhere. Both of the other stalls were empty when I entered the bathroom, and I would have heard someone come in. I open the door and run as fast as I can out of that bathroom.
2004-10-24 12:05:42 AM  
That reminded me of something that happened at work. Not really scary or anything, but really odd.

I do some video editing on my computer from time to time, and usually use headphones that I plug into the back of the computer. However, I also have some regular speakers that I sometimes (rarely) use. Anyway, twice I have heard what sounds like a CB radio (very much like garbled human voices with a fair amount of static, but definitely vocal) from these speakers. Both times they have been unplugged from my computer and unplugged from power. I know I'm not imagining it because other people were around and heard it one time. Also, the cables are pretty secure so they weren't temporarily bumped so they were touching something.

Just really odd.
2004-10-24 12:06:16 AM  
some popcorn sounds good right now.

I don't really have any good ones. Just enjoying everyone else's stories. Thanks ya'll.
2004-10-24 12:07:17 AM  
One time I was passing through the El Paso area with a shipment of live bunnies for the pet stores in California. My POS car died and I had to start walking, but I couldn't let the rabbits stay by themselves, so I packed them all into two carriers and started off.
I saw a group of kids playing around with a ouija board and thought I would be saved one hell of a walk when they suddenly freaked out and took off, leaving their candles behind. I stooped over and put the carriers down so that I could relight the candles to use to light my way when the bunnies made their move. Apparently I stuffed the carriers too full...silly me, and they all got out.
Then I saw headlights approaching. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't want the bunnies to get run over, so I hucked my ass over into the ditch to find a log or something to put in the way of the oncoming car.
They got there faster than I thought, and when they saw the candles, I heard high-pitched girly screaming from inside the car, and they all took off.
Which was a shame, actually, because I intended to steal their car after I killed and ate them.
2004-10-24 12:10:02 AM  
Once a rather burly friend of mine invited me to go to AnthroCon with him. AnthroCon, for those not in the know, is one of the largest furry conventions in America. I'm not a furry, nor do I plan on becoming one. Bestiality, even illustrated bestiality, scares me. (before you get your fursuits all ruffled, I realize that plenty of "furries" just enjoy humanoid animals without all the creepy sex stuff. Get over yourselves.) Part of me wanted to go just for train wreck value. The other part of me thankfully had some sense and said "no." It's not "paranormal," but it's still scary to me.

The scariest thing that's happened to me recently was a trip along a dirt road in the middle of the night. Nobody around. I could've swore that I saw someone standing on the side of the road, but I'd convinced myself that it was a trick of light and shadow (which it probably was). Then I felt something on my lap. I pulled my car over to the side of the road and screamed like a little girl, only to realize that one of my cats had found its way into my car, and had just woken up. I'm glad cats can't talk.
2004-10-24 12:12:47 AM  
Once, at my grandfather's funeral I was with my cousins playing in his old van that had a CB radio. We turn it on and start switching the stations until we hear something. What we hear is really wierd, it is this very odd voice talking to noone with this echo that repeats about 7 times. The background sounds like some mad scientist's lab sounds froma movie, kind of like vvvvvvvvv-eeeeeeeee-mmmmmmmmmm-vvvvvvvv-eeeeeeeeeeeee...

We all freaked out and jumped out of the van when it asked us what our 3 names were. Never heard it again.

Second story, my grandmother was having a dream that she was drowning, and when she woke up everyting in the room was wet.
2004-10-24 12:20:16 AM  
Here's my story, it's scared people away from my house:

One night I was sitting in my bedroom with my sister, when out of nowhere she looks up and screams. She wouldnt tell me what she saw for about an hour, but then I got it out of her: She was facing the door (it's an old house, so we have glass paned doors) and she sees a young girl about her age staring through the door, right at her.

After a while, we calm down, but notice something else strange. There's a strong sickening smell like funeral flowers going around the room of its own accord. There were no windows or doors open, so there was no draft. At first it was really faint, as if we had a scented candle across the room, but it started to get stronger. It was like one of those old ladies that wear so much perfume that you can smell them from 10 feet away, and it was like there was something walking toward us, because the smell was getting really strong. I noticed that it was super close to me, because I was starting to get dizzy from the smell. After about 30 seconds, it gets weaker for me, but my sister is starting to smell it getting stronger, like it was walking towards her.

After a while it drifts off and goes away completely. Once we calmed down for a second time, we search our room, and then the house, for anything close to that smell, but couldn't find anything. We couldn't even think why a smell would move around on its own.

But wait there's more!

About a year later, the furniture has been moved around and now there's one less bed, the mirror's facing the door, and my bed is right next to the door, so if someone were to walk by, I would see them in the mirror first.

Well I'm reading a book, sitting on my bed facing the mirror. I'm at the top of the left page, so I can see the mirror out of the corner of my eye. I see someone walk by, but I dont hear any footsteps, and there's nobody in either of the rooms connecting with the hallway. this happens a few more times (I counted 5) and I'm starting to see that it looks like a person wearing a long black coat or cloak thing with something white on underneath. I mentioned this to my sister and she gave me the weirdest look. I asked her what the girl she saw that night was wearing, and she said, "I wont tell you, because you'll freak out" (I then remembered her saying something a while before that she was wearing a white dress, and she was blond.)

Throughout the years, many weird things have happened in that hallway. For example, we have a sort of stained glass window directly across from my door, with some old hook things for a curtain rod. Since the house was built in 1905, we have an apartment building right next door, so we didnt want a constant view of them through the window. We tried hanging a large painting on there (the hooks are very long, and anything you would hang on it would be very stable) and it kept falling by itself. (The frame of the painting was not broken or damaged in any way, so it definitely could not have fallen unless someone lited it, then dropped it) One time it fell on me when I was standing at my door. The way it fell suggested that it was picked up, then dropped, but there was no one there.

Skeptic or not, I believe what I saw and experienced, and I was scared shiatless....
2004-10-24 12:25:04 AM  
i never seem to post on fark, but here's a few,
i am a photographer, i've got a few from this, one weekend(i think it was thanksgiving weekend, or maybe a fall break weekend) i walk a mile from my parents house with my camera to take some pictures at this college near thier house(arcadia university) there were no students that weekend, and i figured it a good weekend to take some architecture shoots without anyone asking what i'm doing, there's a 200 year old castle on the property and i took plenty of shots of it, in a few pictures there's outlines of people in windows i know were empty, and in other pictures there's giant glares(i was using a tripod, not a flash) i went back to look and there's nothing reflecting, and there's no stains on the glass where things appeared.

another case i was in the art building at my school(millersville university) and i was working in the darkroom, it was about 2 or 3 in the morning, i'm a photo major and am allowed to stay so late, i turn out of my seperate darkroom and go to dunk a print into the developer and i see someone standing there, he was wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt, the color is hard to pinpoint since it is a darkroom but he was definetly there, i assumed another art student staying late and turned to talk to him after i soaked my print, and he was gone, i went out into the studio and noone is there, i go up and down the 4 story building and there are no students and all the studios are dark, i go outside to have a cigarette and there's noone leaving the parking lot, i was there alone, i don;t know what i saw but it wasn't a person

another case
i live in an old firehouse converted into a residence, i rent it with two other guys and we like our house a good bit, there's a door in our garage that we don;t have a key for and that's fine. one day we needed to get a reading of the water meter and our landlord couldn't come so he tells brad(my roomate) where a key is hidden, he let's the water guy into the blocked room, one day(it was about 90 outside and in our house) brad decides to check out the room and he's walking through and feels a hand on his shoulder, assuming it's the landlord come to check on something brad screams and turns around to nothing there, he then checks the door to the garage and it is securly locked. ever since then i've had problems with my alarm clock, this clock has worked for my for 3 years, but lately it won;t go off(noone hears it) or it will go off at random times during the day. i don;t know how to explain any of this but it's wierd
2004-10-24 12:30:51 AM  
Well this isn't really scary, but it makes me want to get my tin-foil hat out.
When I was about 14, My parents and I were leaving the house at about 8 pm(night time). I could see something bright reflecting in the glass panes of the door. I turned around to see what looked like a giant silver beach ball in the air over my neighbors yard. Not very high up at all. Then it exploded, and it really looked like a beachball turned firework. Funny thing was there was no sound at all. My mom and I promptly freaked out, and my dad said something about ball lightening. Heck if I know what it was, and hopefully I won't run into it again.
2004-10-24 12:39:30 AM  
My parent's house had been owned previously by the neighborhood's Creepy Old Lady (you know, she mutters a lot and glares at kids on her sidewalk). Of course she died there. We had a few fairly typical "ghost" experiences (books and figurines mysteriously moved, weird thumping, spooked pets), so we mentioned it to our neigherbor. She showed us a picture the Lemon Verbena tree in our front yard. You could distinctly see an old woman's face, and our neighbor (who had lived there since the 1930's) said it was the spitting image of the dead woman.

I finally got fed up with the shenanigans, and took the advice of an occult buff: I told the "ghost" that, even if she didn't know it she was dead, she was, and should move on. We never had an incident after that.
2004-10-24 12:51:54 AM  
When I still lived in Virgina I went to a small community college that offered a Parapsychology class that counted for a Psych elective. We went on alot of field trips to different "haunted" places around VA. It was alot of fun but it was super creepy. The house I grew up in was haunted by an old woman who had died in the house a few years before my parents bought it. I saw her a few times, she tried to talk to me once but I screamed for my dad and she went away. He used to see her alot, he'd come downstairs in the mornings and she would be in the kitchen or in the hallway. He said she would always acknowledge him, make eye contact and then just vanish. We were the only 2 people in my family she would appear to. I remember a few years ago I went home to stay with my dad and I slept in my old bedroom. I had an old fashioned slide lock and a skeleton key lock on the door, I locked both (yes, because I was scared) and when I woke up the next morning the door was unlocked and standing wide open. There was no way anyone could have opened the door since the slide lock is on the inside. It really freaked me out. Oh, by the way, Cheri Pie isn't crazy. I had a gray tabby named Darwin I had to put to sleep (Feline Leuk) when I lived in NJ. Before I moved, I'd see him sometimes walking down the hall or walking through my extra bedroom. I knew it was him (he was pretty distinctive) and I know I'm not crazy. I think he was just really happy there and didn't want to leave.
2004-10-24 12:54:31 AM  
Something else--my sister had this really creepy porcelain doll that used to move by itself...
2004-10-24 12:55:34 AM  
Not really scary- kinda pathetic.
i had a hamster that lived a really long time, and spent about the last year of its' life whining and fretting in its' sleep- making weird tiny crying baby sounds.
i kept it in my computer room,...and listened to the thing make weird sounds constantly.
and then it died.
and it was quiet for awhile.
quite frequently i'd hear the sounds of the thing crying while i was on the computer- and it's a really stupid, unmistakable sound.
it always kind of made me feel sad to know that this poor dead hamster would want to spend eternity making stupid crying sounds in my computer room.
my mom also says that i used to wake her up in the night crying because i could hear our cat who'd gotten ran over awhile ago purring from time to time.
weird stuff.
2004-10-24 12:57:10 AM  
in pittsburgh, there is this "ghost" called Greenman, he got electrocuted, and haunts a tunnel...anyways he occupies a tunnel, hence greenmans tunnel, anyways my uncle drank beer with the dude, he is a real dude who was turned into a ghost story, so i am special...tee hee...ok and onto more farking....
2004-10-24 1:02:22 AM  
At my Grandma's house on Folsom lake in California, my cousins and I used to sleep in the downstairs living room during holidays when all the family got together. We had to be quiet because Grandpa was cranky and didn't like being woken up at night. So, we were kids and we'd get loud anyway, and as soon as we heard heavy footsteps coming down the hidden stairway (not like a secret stairway, you just couldn't see up it from the living room) we'd quiet down and just eventually fall asleep. Years later during Thanksgiving, the subject of waking up Grandpa came up, and Grandma said "You guys never woke him up. He sleeps harder than I do." Then we realized that we never heard the steps returning up the staircase. They always just came down...
I think that's the closest I have to a ghost story.
2004-10-24 1:05:12 AM  
This isn't exactly a scary story, though it was terribly startling at the time:

Anyway, I few years ago we moved into a new house and I was sharing the master bedroom with my foster-brother. Basically since moving in I had felt that my room was haunted but I mostly attributed this to missing the ghost in my old house and the fact that stories of it terrified my friends.

One night though, I had an incident that I'll not forget. I was lying in bed trying to sleep, watching a movie or listening to music, I don't remember which. Regardless, it was a Sunday night, so i was tired but knew I should attempt to sleep 'cause I had to get up early in the morning, so i was well awake when I realized something had just walked through my door. It was a "corner of my eye" sort of deal, but I knew it wasn't my foster-brother cause I could hear the heavy breathing of sleep from his side of the room. I rolled over to face the wall, away from the door (figuring denial was probably the best thing at the moment.

So anyway, I think "there's nothing there" to myself like a hundred times until I finally feel secure in rolling over, though my heart is in my throat as I anticipate what will surely be some ghoulish figure towering over me. I rolled over and open my eyes. Nothing.

I sigh with relief and close my eyes, once again trying to sleep. As soon as my eyelids dropped shut I got the sudden and intense feeling of someone standing over my bed, but I was too terrified to look. Suddenly I felt a hand on my cheek, not cold and deathly but warm and loving. I opened my eyes and there was no one there but I felt so good and at ease. Eventually I went to sleep and woke up in the morning still thinking about that hand.

Now, my foster-brother has moved out and I'm out of the master bedroom. Recently my parents have been having TV trouble in that same room (it turns on/off and randomly changes channels all on its own). Oddly enough this is the same sort of behaviour we experienced with a different tv in our old, and very haunted house.
2004-10-24 1:05:16 AM  
This is a story my Dad sent me about the inn he runs, verbatim from the email: Everything seemed in order when I arrived at Priest Lake. My manager Autumn spent an hour with me going over the job list. Then she climbed into her well-packed car with her dog Charlie Brown and said goodbye for the season. The next day Lee the cleaning lady arrived and explained her plan to deep clean the rooms to getready for the closing after Columbus Day. Lucy came the next day,
and explained the same thing. When Lucy was ready to go that afternoon, (a night without guests), she asked Are you going to be all right tonight?
Sure. Why?
Didnt Autumn tell you?
Tell me what?
Oh I shouldnt have said anything. She saw a ghost.

The story, as told by Lucy, goes like this: An evening rainstorm was coming on, so Autumn went upstairs to make sure all the windows were closed. The upstairs was fully occupied, but no guests were around. She went into the Bartoo Suite, a pair of rooms separated by the original bathroom of the Old Northern Inn. She checked the back windows, then swung around to leave the room. There he was,
blocking her way. A middle aged man in suspenders wearing a strange hat with something extra on it. He smirked. She screamed, rushed out of the room and drove straight home to Priest River, 28 miles away. She was still crying when she ran into her mothers kitchen. Lucy asked Autumn how she got out of the room I dont know. I think I ran right through him. Lucy added that a few days later Dorothy, who lives across the road and cleaned the inn for the first eight years of its operation, came down to say hello. Autumn was
eager to tell her about the ghost, but she got no farther than the part about the suspenders. Dorothy finished the description of the funny hat with something on it.

Im not trying to spice up this boring letter. Im just telling it the way I heard it.
2004-10-24 1:09:28 AM  
I am not an easy-to-scare person. I thought all ghost stories were bull / just stories. Purebred skeptic... emphasis on was.

After some late-night TV watching, I got up, turned out all the lights and headed for bed. My average nightly routine. Turning out all the lights, my entire house was pitch black, and I was feeling my way to my bedroom (I'd lived there 18 years, I knew my way around in the dark).

Then, with no warning at all, a glowing mist came out of nowhere RIGHT in front of me. It swirled and formed into the shape of a person, about 6.5 - 7 feet tall, glowing bright off-white in a pitch-black house. I freaked out and snapped 'aware' (Not sure how to say it, I was technically awake before, but very tired at 2 AM), and fell backwards. I looked up at the towering figure, who looked to be wearing a ... long, light coat (not sure what such a thing is called (trenchcoat? not quite...)). It had no face. Just a bloody neck-stump.

I was speechless and gasping for air on the ground, just staring at it. It 'looked' down at me, then fell at and though me and the floor. I was terrified. I could not sleep for two days. It was awful.

I had terrible stomachaches after that. I thought it was just stress-nausea, but eventually I ended up in the hospital with appendicits[sp?].

I swear this is word-for-word truth.

I heard on NPR a phrase that sums it up rather well... I don't remember exact wording, but it was along the lines of "No matter the evidence, whether of not you believe in an afterlife, once a person has seen what they believe to be eveidence of such the question, for them, is answered."
2004-10-24 1:09:55 AM  
Hey, does anyone believe in past lives? Anyone have any past life experiences?
2004-10-24 1:16:49 AM  
I don't think it was him. He was all the way down at projector number 8 and would have had to have walked by my office and unlock the door to the stairwell to go downstairs. That door has a weighted security henge(sp) on it so when it closes there was always a loud slam. Even with the projectors running you could always hear the door closing.
Maybe it was a tulpa of Travis?
2004-10-24 1:17:13 AM  
Okay, so I don't have one, as I live a dull, sheltered life. But my friend has one and he's begging me to post it for him.

Many years ago, his great grandmother passed away. His family gathered at his grandparents' house for the funeral. During this time they cleaned out his great grandmother's home, and took her old t.v. One night, he was watching this old t.v., which had belonged to his departed great grandmother. He was alone, as the rest of his family was in the basement. Then he heard a voice... coming from the t.v. The voices, they were calling his name. Then he bolted out of the room.

I don't get it either. I would have assumed it was the audio from the show he was watching. But he insists it was the voice of his great grandmother.

Scary? I dunno.
2004-10-24 1:18:59 AM  
once 2 friends and i were going to drink some beer at this place called hammonds rock. it is a rock formation at the top of this mountain that is creepy in itself. well about a half mile from the top we found a clearing that we figured would suit us just fine, overlooking the fine town of mount holly springs, pa. as soon as we stepped out of the car we heard a loud rustling noise in the woods. in unison we all turned to see this "thing" just hauling ass through the woods. i dont know if it was a ghost or what but it was pitch black around us and this thing was like flourescent white and seemed to be running from something. we all had a clear look at this thing from about 20 yards. all 3 of us jumped back in the car and we took off back down the mountain. after about 3 minutes of stunned silence i asked "what the hell was that?" as to which noone had an answer but we all described the same thing.

now about a year or so later i was telling my best friends brother this story, toward the end he got this funny look on his face and practically finished the story for me. apparently one of his teachers in high school had told him of the same thing happening to him in about the same spot. according to the teacher some guy had run from the cops up there and killed himself like back in the 30's. i dont know it thats what i saw or do i know at all what it was i saw but i know for sure all 3 of us saw it and a ghost is the best explanation i can come up with.
2004-10-24 1:25:35 AM  
I used to work in nursing homes and hospitals going back 12 years ago.Never had a problem till I took a job working at Maple Hurt Crinic care hospital. Little history on the house it was built by a man for his wife over 150 years ago was used for hiding war slaves as well. It's huge 5 story mansion.
Anyways once night about 2 am I was in the cellar folding laundry the other HCA was on the 2nd floor and the nurse was in the front part of the house. As I'm folding laundry I hear a man calling out saying come here I need help. It sounded like he was at the top of the cellar stairs. There were only 5 men in this hospital and all confined to bed in front of the house. I go up to see what is going on and the HCA that was on the second floor comes running down the stairs freaked out. She heard a man call for help on the 3rd floor above her. The 3rd floor was not even being used hadn't been for years. The nurse that was in the front part comes back to the kitchen where we were saying she heard a man on the second floor asking for help. The rest of that night we didn't want to go off alone too scared.
2004-10-24 1:25:53 AM  
When I was in high school we had a major school shooting my sophomore year. One of the shooters was a friend of mine and the sound designer for our theatre. The year after the shooting I was the technical director for the theatre and was the only student with a key to the space. I would go in there just to sit and think or do homework during my off hour. One day I had a really awful day with people just being creeps and went into the theatre to work on some stuff when I heard footsteps on our catwalk. The only access to the catwalk is a door in the outside hallway with only 4 existing keys (I had one, 2 teachers and the janitor had the others). Also, it is a physical impossibility to get on the catwalk without turning on the lights (which you need a key to do - to prevent students from possibly getting up there during shows). It only lasted a minute, so I thought it was my imagination. Then it started again, louder and faster. I called out, and the footsteps stopped. All of a sudden the stage lights blared on (the booth was locked, no one was in it, and the board was off) I called out my friend's name and the lights turned off, and I didn't hear anything else.

There was another time when this guy's ex best friend and I were driving down from the mountains going really fast, when a black BMW like the one this guy used to drive zoomed by us, then pulled in front of us and slowed down, making us slow down as well. No matter what we did we could not pass him, speed up, or see who it was. In about 10 minutes we hit a freak snow storm, and would have spun out if we were going faster. Just after we went thru, there was a 25-car pile up. We didn't see the BMW after getting thru the storm.

Freaky weird. And true. And stuff like that kept happening.
2004-10-24 1:26:56 AM  

Which tunnel in Pittsburgh is this? Where is it located?
2004-10-24 1:28:54 AM  
it is an old connecting bridge between i believe glassport, and west mifflin, it is out past the old allegheny co. airport....
2004-10-24 1:38:30 AM  
Living in San Pedro, CA I was nine years old and going out with my mom and dad and a little girl friend who lived around the corner to trick or treat.In that same neighborhood, lived a totally burned out former stripper/prostitute. We called her the crazy lady. Her actual name was Beverly. She boarded with a former stripper from the 50s who was about 1000 years old who took her in and tried to take care of her. Beverly often would be seen screaming obscenities in the street...talking to her fingers...the drugs killed her more than once.

Anyhow, we all walk to me little friend's house, and I get up to the porch (Ma and Dad are a little ways behind) and as I head for the door, this figure, covered in blood from head to toe comes out from behind the potted palm tree and says, "Get outta here! You can't come here! Get the F outta here." I mean she looked like "Carrie."

"No problem!" says I and bolt. "No, Margie" says Ma and Dad, "You belong here. She doesn't" My mom and dad's yelling totally scared her and she backed up to the porch swing several feet away, and we went in. My friend and I hid under her bed while all our parents called the police. Beverly had knifed herself up and down, head to toe. God only knows why. The bubble gum machines pulled up, and she disappeared.

Her caretaker confirmed that she had OD'd some weeks after that night. Every once in a while people would swear they heard her screaming her children's names--the ones the courts had given to a foster family, that Halloween afternoon.

Then, I realized it was more sad than scary.

/can't watch "Carrie"
2004-10-24 1:43:43 AM  
My most recent "paranormal" experience was last month. I don't consider this one too creepy, rather nice actually. I was at work one evening, I opened a file cabinet to put something away, and the very distinct smell of my great-grandmother's kitchen hit me. It surprised me at first, because I hadn't been in that kitchen in a few years, as my great-grandma was in a nursing home, and my grandpa had sold the house. I leaned down to get a better sniff, and it made me smile, because her kitchen always smelled so good. She died about two days after that.

/oh yeah, that was the only time that smell ever came from the file cabinet. I hope great-grandma gives me another whiff some day.
2004-10-24 1:43:51 AM  
Howard Dean

I've known a slightly different version of this for most of my life but haven't come across anyone else who's heard it since grade school.

Now if only I could find the rest of:

"a body! a body! the voice cried in pain.
"Out on your lawn in the cold, pouring rain."

I can't remember all of that one.
2004-10-24 1:45:00 AM  
Last fall I was at an art school in Florence, Italy. Everyone joked about the ghosts in it. (It was once the home of Gallileo, it could have been him)

During a one on one art critique in the printmaking studio, the french doors that are normally impossible to open (stupid italian doorhandles, grrr) burst open and a wind made its way around the room. Not like a normal breeze that makes everything ruffle at once. This 'wind' fluttered the papers consecutively as it passed around the room. My professor and I looked at each other and then nervously joked about the ghost coming to my review.

I guess we laughed a little too hard. The breeze abruptly reappeared, but it headed out the door!!!! The door slammed shut much harder than it had opened! YIKES!

I've also had dreams forewarning me of bad things to come. I knew for about two weeks beforehand that my boyfriend at the time was going to crash my car. I was napping while he drove, and woke up about ten minutes before he got us into the back end of a 5 car pileup. Since I *knew* it was coming, I relaxed completely and didn't even get a seatbelt bruise. Very strange to get out of something like that and already be over it because you accepted the outcome days beforehand.
2004-10-24 1:50:05 AM  

if you know about things that far in advance, why don't you try to prevent them from happening?
2004-10-24 1:52:20 AM  
I'll have to keep this short, night life is calling.

Scene: Old farm house, best friend, high school, sleep over.

Best friend has two beds in his room, room has two ways out, stairwell leading downstairs and a makeshift door leading to an adjoining room.

Make shift door doesn't have a normal knob setup but instead uses a "eye and hook" latch you would find on a fence gate. Best friend gets up, closes and latches said door and returns to his bed. Lights still on, both still awake. After a few minutes the hook pops out of the eye-bolt and the door swings open about six inches. WTF!?!?! sez me. Friend tells me about previous old owner who killed himself there and haunts the place. BS sez me. Friend tells me to try and close the door. Guess what. Hook and eye-bolt now no where even close to reaching each other. I called BS and my friend said to try again in the morning. Of course it worked just fine the next day and I had no problem latching the door.

Later that same night, my friend had a clock about five feet above his bed that made a loud ticking noise. Bothered me as it was totally quiet in the house otherwise and I told him I didn't like the noise. A couple minutes go by and the clock fell off the wall and hit my friend in the head. Note it fell a total of three feet and had to travel horizontally about a whole foot to strike my friend in the head.

End of creepy events for the night. My friend had many more stories about that house. Then when his fam. moved out the house burned to the ground within a couple months.

2004-10-24 1:54:07 AM  
These aren't my dreams, but they are from my cousins.

Apparently all three of my cousins have past-life dreams. They're shared dreams too. My middle cousin told me about them recently. The three of them are all knights of malta or something like that. Heavy mounted cavalry. Big horses. Shields and armor and all that. And their father is their leader/general.

My middle cousin that told me, also told her dad about it. He's had them too. Ooooooooooooeeeeeeeooooooo.
2004-10-24 1:55:15 AM  
this happend to me,i to this day i wont let anyone bring a pig of anykind in my home...

it was 1970,we lived in burbank cal, on hollywood way.
my sister had a friend spending the night,i was 6yrs tracy my sister was 8yrs, her friend was 8yrs as well.
my dad was at the next building over,helping the hippies paint their apt,mom was at work and it was after dark,we were alone. it started out to be like any other weekend night,the girls were playing in the living room,i was watching tv not far from them. the tv started to act funny,this was a old style tv that had a wire remote,not radio, it would get loud and then no sound,the picture would get big,i mean the picels would look hugh! then it would get small ,to a dot.over and over it kept happing until i tried to turn it off, no go.
while this was going on,the girls were screaming behind me,i thought they were just acting that way over the tv,
they were always screaming over something. but it sounded different,ilook over at them and their white as sheets pointing at the walls,the pictures are moving,back and forth,some spining. i join the screaming.
now the tv's real loud,our family pics are dancing on the wall,and we are just little kids, i then notice the banging coming from the walls,like someone is in the wall trying to get out,i dont know how long that pounding was going on, with all the confusion it could have been there from the start. the topper is the damn pig,everything else was kinda understandable,we have all moved a pic, changed the volume on the tv, so these were scary but within our understanding, at least thats what i think.
but the pig,it was a piggy bank from mexico,you know the big pink one with the curly tail? they still sell it over there. it moved, it ......okay it walked,no ran and rolled its eyes while running across the shelf it was on, sqealing .
i know it is nuts,i know this did not happen,it must be a false memmory, when my sister and i talk about it(which is never any more) but when we did we each had the same story.
we ran from the apt, to our father,i only remember up till we get to him,after that its just not there any more.
soon after this happend,with in weeks,that apt burnt down.
my dad says he fell asleep with a cigarette...........

im not the best story teller,what i just wrote,is true as best as i can remember.
/still no pigs in my house,ever!
2004-10-24 1:56:58 AM  

I know what is going to happen, but not exactly when. I was telling him all damn day to slow his ass down and back off from other cars. We were in the middle of rush hour traffic in Houston when we finally wrecked.

Man I miss that car. It was a present from my dead granny . :(
2004-10-24 2:01:57 AM  
wildancrazy159 :: the part about the pig is truly hilarious.. i'm sure it was terrifying at the time, but i can't stop laughing.. it sounds like something out of a cheezy horror flick
2004-10-24 2:05:19 AM  
I've had a few "seeing bits of the future" dreams like that, though they weren't accident related. When I was like 8, I remember one night I was really really sick with something, and I started having these really weird delirious dreams while I was still half-awake. I started seeing my siblings as grown-up. My younger sister was a toddler at the time, and in this dream she was about high school age, and pretty chunky, but the image kept changing from her being chunky to her being thin. Then the dream changed to a younger brother that I didn't even have yet, named John. Well, about a year later, my parents announced they were having another baby, and lo and behold I got a little brother named John. As for my sister, she grew to be pretty chunky until her senior year when she started dieting and lost a ton of weight.
2004-10-24 2:05:56 AM  
Anyone else here heard of all the ghosts at West Point? Apparently the academy is deeply haunted at multiple sites. The founder still haunts his original office, and demands that anything found in there must remain in the room. Cadets that died before graduating still walking off demerits. Little girls playing tea party in the basement of former officer's quarters that burned with the children inside. Hats floating and shoes going up the walls of the barracks by themselves.
2004-10-24 2:07:21 AM  
MissDev , out of curiousity, which school shooting are you referring to? Also, Do you think the black BMW may have prevented you from crashing?
2004-10-24 2:09:22 AM  
I have an old full sculpted dark-wood couch with cushions that was found in an alley in downtown Columbus Ohio back in the 70's by my step-father. It is very old. The cushions were replaced and the wood stripped and stained. My step-father had it in his house and claimed it was haunted by a mean dead bum. He married my mom and they put the couch in the basement of our house.

No one would sleep on it. No one ever needed to. We all new the funny story though. Well, I slept on it... and someone pulled my hair hard and woke me up. It continued for a few seconds while I struggled to get the covers off. My parent of course said I was dreaming of course. I was 15.

I charged them to try it. They laughed and never did.

As my mother got older, she got more into spiritual stuff and strange things. She finally decided to sleep on the couch in the basement. She too was woken up. It seems the Jiffy Man (what my younger sister named him after he scared the living shiat out of a basement full of girls having a slumber party by saying a few choice words aloud) was trying to sleep as well. My mother says two hands bunched into fists were trying to 'push her out of bed'. She ran up and slept in her bed.

My step father tried it in the 'new house' and refuses to repeat this story if you ask him.

I am now much older and have this couch in my own house in my living room. I never sleep on it or sit on it. My cats, who hate each other, refuse to get on the couch. They sleep on the opposite couch, despite their dislikes of each other. When I have large numbers of friends or relatives over, no one ever sleeps on the couch. They remove the cushions and sleep on the floor. I never tell them about the story until morning and they all just say that they felt like sleeping on the floor for some reason. They then continue this tradition. Anyone want to come sleep on my couch and try to kick Jiffy Man's ass?

I am content to have a dead bum sleeping in my living room and as long as he doesn't:
1. Make any audible noises.
2. Manifest.
3. Touch ANYTHING.

So far, he's been good.

Although friends do spill Heinekens on the couch from time to time...
2004-10-24 2:09:32 AM  
you know, i was just typing that i understand , it sounds funny. but i really dont think so, it still affects me to this day. damn pigs, i cant stand them........

and those horror flicks, the one that i hated the most was the Ammityville horror, it hit to close on the pig.......
2004-10-24 2:09:56 AM  
It seems that like any inborn talent, presque vu and deja vu run in my family. I have it and my cousins have it too, but my mom doesn't. Sleeping for me is like watching a very weird reality show.

Do you ever hang out with people you dont know yet in your dreams? Or go places you havent been to yet? Gets very weird when you finally get there in real life.
2004-10-24 2:15:14 AM  

the one at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. I definately think the BMW kept us from crashing. I was weird - we had driven that stretch of I-70 so many times, and I've never seen another driver behave like that, and I've never seen a freak snow storm like that, even over Vail Pass.
2004-10-24 2:15:30 AM  
The following is an old, old Scottish prayer:

From ghoulies and ghosties,
And long-legged beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliever us!

Ok, ok...ghosties, ghoulies, bumps, we've all heard of those before. But LONG-LEGGED BEASTIES? That part has always spooked me. Where on earth did that idea come from?
2004-10-24 2:17:28 AM  
The strange thing is, it really only happens to me when I get really sick with the flu or whatever, and I get a really high fever. Sounds dorky, but it's like it unlocks something in my mind.
2004-10-24 2:19:22 AM  
Oh and definitely experience the hanging out with people I've never met in my dreams.
2004-10-24 2:27:53 AM  
I used to have a black labrador; probably the best dog I ever had.

He wore a choker chain with his license and an ID tag that made a very distinct sound when they clanged together while walking, running, playing, etc. He also had a tendency to whimper a bit when he heard us pull up in the driveway.

He had to be put down after 12 years - old for a dog. But for months afterward, I could ocassionally still hear the distinctive clanging of his tag and license, as well a muted whimper whenever I came home.
2004-10-24 2:38:02 AM  
I don't really have any scary stories that have happened to me. However, there are some creepy things that my family as a hole...atleast my mom's side.

My Nan's brother, my great-uncle Ed, died several years ago. He was really into Native American culture and mythology. He said that if he would ever come back to Earth as another animal, it would be a bat. Well, either the night of his funeral or the night he died (I can't remember which) Nan woke up and there was a bat in her room. It freaked out her sisters that were staying with her at the time.

Of Cats and Ghosts
My Nan and Pap used to live in this old yellow house. The people that had lived there before them told them about seeing the ghost of a woman in a white nightgown or dress. I never saw anything there, but my Aunt Myra had an experience there. As did Nan (maybe it was Myra again though). Anyway, Aunt Myra was staying with them while she moved back into town and looked for a new job. While she was staying there, she slept in this little room with a daybed in it. One night she was trying to sleep and felt something "pawing" at the bed beside her. Thinking it was Nan and Pap's cat, Mei Ling, she said, "Mei Ling, get down." It started a few minutes later and again she yelled at the cat. The third time it started yelled at the cat to stop and opened her eyes. The cat was sitting on the floor beside the bed while the pawing was still going on. The other incident involved the cat again. I forget who it was, but someone saw the cat doing the "weaving" thing cats do between people's legs. The only thing was that there was nobody standing there, but the cat kept rubbing against the air like someone was standing there.

Another incident involves my Nan again (see a pattern forming). She used to watch TV and see reports about missing people. Then, she'd have dreams about where the body could be found or where the person was being held. She was right just about every time.

From the Mouths of Babes
My cousin Emily has had a few experiences too. She just turned 5 and eventhough she has quite the imagination, these two things are beyond something she could make up...especially since one happened a year ago and the other two years ago. In January of 2002, my family's dog Lady died. One day in the summer of 2002, my Aunt Myra was changing Emily's diaper in my parents bed room. Emily (age 3) looked at her mom and said, "There's a doggie on the ceiling." When Aunt Myra told me about it, it sent chills down my spine. The other was just over a year and a half ago. Nan had died in January of 2003. Surprisingly, Emily was taking the death better than anyone else in the family. She had this tendency to remind us that "Nanny's in heavn now." Anyway, one day she and her mom (Myra) were at Pap's house. When they got home that night, Emily told Aunt Myra that she saw Nan sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette and that she looked at her (Emily) and said, "Shhh, don't tell anyone...I'm not supposed to be smoking." That creeped out a good portion of the family.

Family Hauntings
Now, the only thing that directly involves me is only creepy when you think about it a bit. The house my family lives in is practically on the plot of land that used to have Nan's house on it when she was a little girl. Before she died, she would say to us that we are living in her old backyard. Anyway, her dad "committed suicide" when she was little. I say that with quotes because he was into some fairly shady stuff and many people in the family believe that some of the crooked cops in this town killed him (this wouldn't be surprising if you knew the cops in my town). Anyway, for a long time I've felt fairly creeped out living here...even before I found out he died in what is pretty much our backyard. My bedroom is in the basement (yes, I am the quintessential stereotype of a geek living in his parents' basement), and I get the feeling someone is watching me at times. The scary thing is that my mom says the same thing...especially about the room my bedroom is in. My girlfriend has also said that she feels like someone is watching her when she's asleep in bed at night (my parents have got to be the coolest since they're letting my girlfriend live with me). I keep telling myself that it is Grandpa Holsberry and Nan watching over me though.

About Me...
I've had hundreds of dreams about ghosts being in my house and about talking to Nan since she had died. The morning that Nan died, I had a bone chilling feeling that something was wrong with her when I heared the phone ring...I was right. Also, before my dad's grandmother died (Grandma Estep), I had a dream a few nights before that she died (not to mention a dream about me dying at a school dance which has kept me out of them to this very day).

Just a quick little family tree to tie together that creepy family thing I mentioned earlier (only mentioning the people mentioned here to save space):

Grandma and Grandpa Holsberry
--Nan, Uncle Ed
----Aunt Myra
Basically all the weird stuff involves my Nan's side of the family down to, and including Emily and I.
2004-10-24 2:41:33 AM  
One more spooky story in response to the past-life question. My dad's youngest brother had some creepy experiences that my grandma told me about. When my uncle was a kid, I guess he had some "friends" that would visit him in his sleep. He told my grandma that when he'd lay down to go to sleep, he could climb out of his body, and there'd be all these kids in his room, and they'd play with their toys and stuff. Of course my grandma assumed it was a wild imagination. She entertained his little fantasy one time and asked him what his friends' names were, and he told her all their names, and even described the clothes they wore and stuff. She had always been a bit of a history buff, so for fun she tried looking up some of the names in history books and what not. I guess after my uncle had grown up, and stopped playing with his "friends, she happened to be reading something about that Great San Francisco earthquake in the 1900s, and I think she recognized one of the names of my uncle's little friends among the names of children who had died in the quake. Then she realized my uncle was born on the anniversary of the San Fran quake. She said it creeped her out a little, like maybe he was one of those kids in a past life, just playing with his old friends.
2004-10-24 2:43:42 AM  
I have two stories:

Once when I was around 9 or 10 I was out playing in our farm's barn. My dad was at work, and my mom was back at the house, which is a good minute's walk from the barn. We have two seperate barns that are both well over a century old, and at some point in time they were attached together, so you can walk from one to the other. I was in the first barn which contains all the of vehicles and implements, when I heard voices from the other barn where the cows live. It was a man and a woman talking, and I didn't recognise the voices. I also couldn't make out what they were saying, because they were in the next barn and were muffled, sort of like how you can pick out individual voices in a large noisy crowd, but can't hear what they're saying. I froze for a few minutes, then bolted back to the house. No one except my father and I are ever in the barn, and there certainly weren't any people out there that day.

A few years later, my sister and I were getting off the school bus when we saw a man standing outside near the barn. Since the barn is so far away we couldn't make out who he was, so we assumed that it was our father. Later our father came home from work, and we told him what we had seen. My parents asked the neighbours if they'd been around, but of course they hadn't. A few days later I was coming off the bus alone (my sister had gone somewhere after school) and I saw that he was there again. I started towards him to find out who he was, and he suddenly turned around and looked at me, then started to walk towards me. I freaked out and ran into the garage, and frantically tried to unlock the door as fast as I could. I locked it behind me, ran to the kitchen and grabbed a giant knife. A few minutes later I'd calmed down and I checked around outside, but he was nowhere to be found.
2004-10-24 2:46:22 AM  
We'd been playing laser tag in the middle of the night in an abandoned 19th century cotton mill for months. Everyone had seen or heard something that we couldn't explain, but chalked it up to the intrinsically spooky nature of the activity.

One night we put the laser tag guns down and went ghost hunting. We picked a spot on the second floor where the "events" seemed to be the most frequent. We turned off all the lights, except for the bathroom light on the other side of the building, and sat in a circle facing outward, watching for something to happen. I fully expected our imaginations to run away with us after a certain period of time, so I was most disturbed when shiat started happening pretty much the moment we sat down.

The noises were incredible. There was the sound of footsteps on the floor above which seemed to stop directly overhead (many of us had experienced this), loud crashing noises very close by (with no corresponding physical effect, such as, say - something crashing!), and the like. Right about that time, my buddy sitting to the left points toward a darkened doorway and shouts "The door is opening!" This was my non-gullible level headed see-it-to-believe it buddy, and the intonation of what he said clearly indicated that he indeed saw what he described. I'd been looking the long way down the length of the floor toward the illuminated bathroom doorway, hoping to see something pass between me and it, so when I looked to his doorway, it was too dark for me to confirm his observation. I looked back just as everyone began to catch sight of It.

There are two versions of just what it was. My version, having just blinked from looking in another direction, and everyone else's version. All I can say for sure about it is that it was between us and the bathroom, and that it changed the character of the light passing from the bathroom to where we were sitting. It was like there was a translucent shower curtain between me and the bathroom door, and I couldn't make out any form because I didn't know I was looking through it when I looked back toward the door. Everyone else saw the apparition of a stately old bearded gentleman crossing the mill floor from left to right.

It was at that moment that we decided we'd had quite enough of that shiat and started shooting at each other again. Good times.
2004-10-24 3:03:51 AM  
Okay, here's another one. Not really a ghost story as much as it is eerily ironic.

Every year for the past 6 years, my wife's grandfather (who was 84) would take a trip back to Lebanon, PA where he was born and grew up. He still had a few friends out there and spent a good portion of the year there - until the weather turned bad. He had, however, lived in CA full-time since the 50s.

Before leaving for his trip in 2003, he told us that this "would be his last trip" out there and, knowing he'd said that for the last 2 years, doubted that he was telling the truth.

Last Halloween shortly after arriving at work, I got a call from my wife. She was hysterical. While he was packing his luggage, getting ready for his trip back to CA, Grandpa had a massive heart attack. He died on the way to the hospital.

My mother-in-law then had to make a bajillion calls to the funeral home. Every try calling a funeral home on Halloween? It's downright impossible, or at least it was for us.

Then we had to arrange to have him flown back to CA for burial. Grandpa used to fly out of John Wayne Airport on American Airlines because, in his words, "I don't like LAX and Delta is horrible." Once all the details were worked out, Grandpa arrived in California - via Delta Airlines into LAX.

We miss Grandpa, especially my wife who never got to tell him that she was pregnant with his first great-grandchild. She was waiting to tell him when he got back.

We now live in his house in CA which he left to my wife. Nothing strange has happened yet, but sometimes our baby will look past us (when there is nobody behind us) and start laughing for no apparent reason.
2004-10-24 3:03:58 AM  
I myself have never experienced anything paranormal. I do not beleive in ghosts.

I recently climbed mount Monadnock in NH, and I failed to make it down before sunset. Halfway down it was patch black and I only had a small flashlight to see. I stumbled my way through the dark with this tiny flashlight and made it to the bottom without incident. Not one ghost.

On my way home, I got lost. On a back road I saw a weird blue glowing light on the side of the road. I turned around my car and stopped to see what it was. There was a grave on the side of the road with a little white cross! But the light wasn't a ghost, it was a weird electrical lantern of some kind on a pole.

A couple months earlier, than this, I went to a graveyard during the day to take photos for a game I was planning to work on. NOT ONE OF MY PHOTOS HAD ANYTHING STRANGE OR UNUSUAL IN IT. Wooooooo!

Years before that, when I was still in high school my sister decided to bring her freinds over one night with a Ouija board. With her knowledge, I set up an elaborate control center beneath her bed. I had a power bar with the cords from both lights and radio connected to it. The radio was turned on with a casette of creepy sounds ready to play when I plugged it in. Books on a shelf and stuffed animals along a wall were rigged with string so I could pull it and make them fall over or fly off the shelf. And finally, a little stuffed animal that was light sensitive was placed near one of the lights so it would go "woooo!" every time the light turned on.

My trap set, her freinds came over, and started to play the game. I was under the bed, and I began to control things in the room, starting off simple with a book or two and stuffed animals and moving on to creepy sounds and then lights.

The girls freaked out. One of them ran from the room in such terror she ran into the wall of the hallway and a picture fell to the floor and smashed. She refused to return to the room and my parents told her what was really going on. :-)

But like I said, I myself have never had any paranormal experiences. Though I once woke up unable to move for what felt like a minute. But that is a known sleep phenomena.

However I do have one potentially real ghost story to tell... One day I was working on my computer and I heard a commotion downstairs. I went downstairs to find my parents consoling one of the girls who lived across the street. Apparently moments earlier they had run screaming out of their house and gone to the neightbors who they generally disliked, for protection. It seems that they were in their house upstairs cleaning some stuff up, when the older sister looked down a staircase visible from where they were and saw a man standing at the bottom. The other sister then saw him as well and they ran out of the house screaming. Apparently my parents were outside when this happened so they heard them screaming. They never saw a man exit the house. the police arrived and searched the house, and they never found anyone either. The basement had glass sliding doors, but they were locked from the inside with a board keeping them shut. The windows too were locked. No door other than the one they ran out of, which went out the front of the house, existed, and that was plainly visible from the neighbor's house and our house.

I'm still not convinced to this day it was a ghost though. Call me a skeptic, but they had a poster of a guy at the bottom of the stairs. Tom cruise i think. Could their minds have been playng tricks on them even though they'd seen that poster a hundred times before?
2004-10-24 3:06:21 AM  
We had to put my male Siberian Husky to sleep 2 weeks ago (he was 8 years old, we had him for 2 months after his family abandoned him before moving) and since then our female husky has been acting weird. She avoids "the bunker" (this den under a deck that she excavated and slept in for 9 years before we got Buck) - she'll go in, but refuses to go where he used to sleep even tho we throughly cleaned it out, raked it, and put down fresh dirt. We have two extending leashes that look exactly the same, except that one has had a hole mended and the other hasn't. If we bring out the one that hasn't been mended, which we walked Buck on, Kicha will flip out and refuse to go for a walk. She also won't drink water out of the outside bowl that Buck used.

I was sitting down in our family room the other night, on the couch that Buck used to sleep against, I had my feet up (the dogs regularly slept under our feet), and when I put them down, I swear I felt a dog laying there, and Kicha was outside.

I know that his aura is hanging around, and Kicha didn't act like this when our other dog (whom we had for 18 years) was euthanized 3 years ago.
2004-10-24 3:16:18 AM  
Okay, seriously, is anyone else here TRYING not to look out a door into a darkened hallway in the hopes of not seeing that farking Japanese chick thing from the Grudge right now? ARRRRRRGH!

And my scariest story:

Was in SC on vacation when I saw a bumper sticker that had "I HAVE A DREAM" with a picture of the Confederate flag flying over the White House. I think the ghost of MLK Jr actually threw up in my mouth a little.

/true story
2004-10-24 3:19:49 AM  
I was a staff member at a boy scout camp in the late Sixties. On saturday afternoons, after the week's campers had packed up and been hauled home, all staff members (~40) would meet in the open air pavilion and the camp director would assign us to various maintenance jobs, that needed to be done, to prepare for the new set of troops arriving on Sunday afternoon. On this particular saturday there was considerable complaining about who would do what, and the Director decided to settle the disputes by coin flipping. His first toss was to determine which group would have to clean the mess hall, or the heads. He pulled a dime from his pants pocket and flipped it up into the air. Everyone was paying attention, as those of us not subject to the result were anxious to razz the bunch that would have to mop the `kaibos'.

The dime went spinning upward and forty sets of eyes followed it's arcing path. The dime struck the rough concrete floor of the pavilion. It didn't bounce or roll. It landed on it's edge, and didn't move again.

All of us, from the fifty year old camp director to the lowliest thirteen year old mess hall worker, stood in awed, spooked silence. The camp director finally said that that was "more than enough" of a result, and there'd be no reassignments. No one disagreed, and no one would touch the dime (some arriving camper got it the following day). I've never again seen anything that has caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up as it did on that day, will never see another `thin' dime `stick it' in this lifetime, and will likely never experience so `spooked' a group mind resulting from our watching as `infinitely' long odds were casually achieved on the flip of a coin.

/sorry about the long play, but that's as voodooed as I've ever been.
2004-10-24 3:26:26 AM  
I remember a similar topic last Halloween so forgive me if this is a repost and you've already heard my story...

So, if you are sitting comfortably, then I'll begin.

When I was a teenager there was lots of stories relating to the woods around Epping Forest in the UK. One of the stories was about Copped (or Copt) Hall Click Here. Copped Hall is/was a huge mansion dating back to 1200. Legend has it that a fire broke out in the house killing a whole family. The land was later sold and the mansion rebuilt, only for it to burn to the ground, again wiping out a whole family. All that is left is the brickwork frame of the house. As its a Listed Building it can't be torn down.

I guess because of the history the place is a magnet of the macabre and a supposed haven for Satanists and other freaks on Halloween. As a kid you hear many stories of the ghostly goings on there, such as people hearing strange noises and being chased by something they could not see but could *feel*. And that's all I thought they were - stories - until I went to see for myself. I think I was 19, it was about two weeks before Halloween and me and my friend were driving around with our girlfriends, bored. For some reason we ended up at Copped Hall. The Hall is on private land so you have to park in the woods, just down from the main gatehouse, so you don't get spotted by the gatekeeper or the police.

Id only ever been as far as the gatehouse before but the others were saying we should go take a look so I agreed. We snuck through past the gatehouse and along the path at the back. The path leads through a field beyond and Id heard the path leads all the way up a small hill to the Hall at the top. It was pitch black and we were a quiet as mice until we were away from the gatehouse so no one saw or heard us. We headed on up the path and I remember I could see what was left of the roof of the Hall and the chimney stacks looming out of the darkness, highlighted by the moon behind. The path ends at a very small footbridge which leads over a motor way (the M25) just before you get to the Hall. I remember the footbridge being covered with graffiti of pentagrams and things like "this way to Hell" and "don't go into the house". Id never seen anything like that before. The girls were a little edgy at this point but we decided to press on.

When we reached the Hall I couldn't believe how big it was. There were about three or four smaller buildings dotted around the Hall; stables and such, I think. I'd been told that the ground beneath the Hall was riddled with tunnels to allow the family a way of escape, if the need arose. So me and my friend walked up to the Hall, climbed up and peered through a window on the ground floor. It looked like we were looking straight into the bottom of what would have been the cellar as the last fire had destroyed the wooded floor. Sure enough I could see about 6 alcoves or tunnel entrances which appeared to run off in the direction of the smaller buildings. Leaning right over I could seen an alcove or entrance directly beneath me, only this one appeared to head off back to the footbridge. At this point the girls were getting more edgy and saying they were hearing rustling in the bushes and trees around the Hall so we decided we'd seen enough and to get the hell out of there. The graffiti on the bridge and the tunnels in the Hall had made me slightly edgy too but I was still more concerned about getting caught by the gatekeeper than coming face-to-face with any ghosts.

When we got to the car I opened the door and the radio was on. Now that scared the shiat out of me. I know for a fact that the car was locked. I had the keys with me the whole time. And I know the radio was off when we left. I know this for sure because I wired the radio in myself so that it could only be turned on with the key in the ignition and the ignition turned round to the first click. The next day I checked all the wiring, the ignition and the radio. It was all working fine.

To this day I have no explanation for what happened with the radio but needless to say, this story still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.
2004-10-24 3:27:05 AM  
I think I sometimes know things before they happen. It's usually not very significant and it mostly happens just before the event. one silly example:

in high school, i was part of a school group that was selling raffle tickets to a dinner or something. as usual, my mom bought a couple and we sold the rest to my relatives. raffle day comes and we're all standing around watching our director pull a name from the raffle bin. it sounds weird, but even before he stuck his hand in, my face started turning red and i felt really embarassed. by the time he had selected a slip of paper, i knew it would have my parents names on it. silly, yes. significant, no.

another time i was riding on the back of a pickup truck during a parade. i had my legs dangling off the back of the truck for a good portion of the ride, but towards the end i had this urge to put my feet up under me, indian style. about 10 seconds later, the truck behind ups bumps the bed of our truck, not hard enough to do any damage, but if someones legs were there they sure would've gotten all farked up. makes me a little sick when i think about it. but this all could've been a coincidence. the raffle thing i'm not so sure about.

where was this "special ability" on nine eleven, pray tell. sigh.

ooh, speaking of nine eleven and the haunting factor, who here thinks a lot of people will be seeing eerie stuff there whenever they get the buildings up...?
2004-10-24 3:28:18 AM  
Only unusual pet death experience I have to share is from my family's two cats, an orange tabby and a gray tabby. The orange one was dying of some kidney problems, so my mom and brother took her to the vet to put her down. The vet let them take the body back home so we could bury her in the backyard. It was late in the evening, and my brother planned on digging the hole the next morning, so he put the box out in the garage for the night. I guess the gray tabby was flipping out, running all over the house, and meowing all night. Would be sappy to say something like, "Awww, she just misses her friend," but man, those cats hated each other.
2004-10-24 3:37:51 AM  
This one isn't a ghost story, just an interesting tale.

My great-grandmother was an evil old biatch, as was her husband. They were both into black magic (something we don't normally talk about outside of the family, but this is going on 80 years ago now) and the great-grandmother used to wear a hog's tusk around her neck for some sort of imagined powers. We have some of those creepy old black-and-whites of her wearing it, and they're all dressed in the frilly black of that time, etc. Fairly unsettling stuff.

Anyway, my great-granddad gathered his children around his death bed and cursed the lot of them to live hellish, miserable lives. As far as I'm aware, they pretty much have, although that could be more a state of mind after being raised by that prick.
2004-10-24 3:49:20 AM  

This is probably gonna sound stupid and made up, but I felt really ill when I woke up on 9/11. I didnt know why. I stayed home from school. About 45 minutes later my mom calls me sobbing and told me to turn on the tv. Then I knew why.
2004-10-24 3:49:59 AM  
My father was a civil engineer. My mother was a spoiled rotten trophy wife. While I was still in the womb, they went and bought one of the largest houses in Plainsfield, Wisconsin.

My father travelled a lot. And the house needed work. So he hired this odd little man named Ed that used to hang out at this mom and pop grocery store to maintain the house. According to my mother's cousins, my mom used to work Ed almost to death, and then shortchange him on his wages.

One day, while my father was in town, it was snowing heavily, so he decided to drive to the farmhouse where Ed lived and pick him up. My father couldn't drive all the way up to the farmhouse, but he drove as far as he could, and then started honking his horn.

While my father was honking his car's horn, he noticed what he thought was a leg of venison hanging in the open door of Ed's barn. When Ed finally came out and got into the car, my father slapped him and told him that hunting deer was cruel. Ed told him he never hunted deer.

A couple weeks later, my father is working in Texas when he gets a phone call from my mom. She's in a panic. Somebody was murdering women in Plainsfield, and she was all alone, and she wanted my father to come home home right now.

My father couldn't do that. But he called up a neighbor, and asked him to go to Ed's farmhouse and pick up Ed. Ed wasn't much, my father said, but at least he was something. Well, the neighbor drove to Ed's farmhouse, and was rather suprised to see very nearly every cop in Wisconsin there.

I was born a full month later. My mom carried me for ten months.

Ed's full name was Eddie Gein. He was Robert Bloch's real-life inspiration for his character Norman Bates. And some years ago at a book fair, I managed to talk to the now late Robert Bloch about my family's experience with Ed Gein and he confirmed almost all of it. And although he had never heard the leg of venison story, he told me that as far as he knew, Ed never shot a deer in his life.
2004-10-24 3:50:53 AM  
Regarding the comments from 1nerfherder1 and others about mental powers:

I have had experiences with premonitions and other "psychic"-type stuff as long as I can remember. Usually it's something pretty subtle, like my uncanny ability to tell when an incoming phone call is for me. When I hear the phone ringing, sometimes I just get a feeling that it's for me. About 8 or 9 times out of ten I'm right, and considering that there are six people living here, the odds are against me for luck.

However, the most strange experiences for me have been the dreams that I have. They used to happen all the time when I was younger, but they've slowed over the years, and now I only have a few a year. Essentially, I'll have a dream of something very mundane and unexciting involving me in my day-to-day life. For example, me having a conversation with someone, or watching something on TV, etc. I'll forget about it upon awaking, but then sometime in the next 10 days or so, the exact thing that I dreamed will happen. As soon as it starts happening, I'll suddenly remember the dream and be able to predict what will happen in the next few seconds (they're always very short, never more than 10 seconds). On a few occasions I have scared the person I was with by saying what they were about to say out loud before they did (in those cases I caught on to the vision quickly enough to get ahead of it, usually I remember the event a few milliseconds before they happen, so I don't have time to say anything).
2004-10-24 3:56:32 AM  

i've actually heard of a couple of other people who felt similar to you leading up to the morning of september 11th. either sick or uneasy. who knows.

one guy i know thought he died on the morning of nine eleven. i guess he got into a car accident in baton rouge right around the time the planes hit. he was bleeding really badly and he stumbled into a grocery store where the tv was on and everyone was standing around watching all those awful pictures. he said since he was all dazed and confused, he thought he was in hell because nothing like that could happen outside of hell. at any rate, i have no idea when he figured out he was still alive.
2004-10-24 4:00:16 AM  
i've been thinking about this thread,well trying not too ,to tell the truth. and i have a couple of more story's that i dont like all that much to talk about,but this being the internets ;) i feel a need to share the easiest one for me to deal with.
my grandfather on my mothers side died in 1976,he was a real tough old man. was a cowboy when he was a young man,and at the time he died worked for RTD in L.A ,a bus mechanic.
for aslong as i can remember his hands were stained, from working on engines for 30 years,almost black.
this was my first experince with death of a family member and i was unbelieving of the whole thing,i kept waiting for him to sit up from the coffin,but no he just layed there. i went up to view him and noticed his hands were white,i mean really white,the people who prepared his body had bleached his hands.
it freaked me out,i could not get those hands out of my mind. we buried him with a sixpack of coors,a .45,and a pack of belair cigs. had to sneak all that crap in there,was not fun.
anyways he left all his stuff to my mother,including his house. the first night i slept there,a few weeks later,i was in a sound sleep,when something touched my face,i opened my eyes to see to glowing pair of hands over my head,my granddad's hands, all bleached white!
they hovered over me for a while,then slowly went up to the celing,then faded away.
i dont feel anything about this story,not bad or good,it just was,you know? nothing like that ever happend again.
2004-10-24 4:06:16 AM  
hey jsimmons .... you're definitely not alone.
2004-10-24 4:07:44 AM  
2004-10-24 4:12:39 AM  
I have this scary Halloween story, fairly recently happened too!

I was watching this show on NBC called Saturday Night Live and this goth wannabe called Ashlee Simpson came on TV to sing and the music started up. Then she began to sing but she was too soon into the segue of the song when I saw her sing but nothing came out of her mouth!

Then like a bad Chinese dubbed martial arts movie the music started up, but this young woman didn't sing she just danced around like a fool then left off stage about a minute later like a ghost while her band members continued playing instrumental. Some had this wicked smile on their faces as they looked at each other playing the song that was to happen.

Then at the end of the show she came back on holding her face, off and on like MacCauley Culkin from those "Home Alone" movies did. Looking like a total asshat skank and blaming spirits or something from messing her up.

So I thought her sister Jessica we know HAS a 5 watt brain but this other sister isn't even bright enough to come up with a good reason and fess up to lipsynching, none the less wait on cue to sing!

So I continued to think what would farkers think of this gastly happening. Would they think this supreme idiot of the Simpson family just ruined her singing career or will they think nah, Hollywood will look out for her. *snicker*

Talk about a scary story! AWOOOOOOO! Ah! Okay kiddies not such a scary story. What you want from me!


Count Floyd
2004-10-24 4:13:03 AM  
Way late for voting, but...

I got a late invite to a Halloween party and didn't have time for a proper costume.

I hit the local Theater Makeup shop and got a white bald cap and lots of absolutely white make-up.

White T-shirt, white pants and white bald-wig. White make-up covered every exposed inch of flesh including my mustache.

Got some trick-or-treaters while getting ready for the party. The typical reaction was they took one look at me and ran away yelling "Mommy".

I hit 2 parties that night and "somehow" my eyes became red. Photographic evidence showed this totally white guy with almost glowing red eyes. Adults shunned me. They were actually afraid of me. I used that costume for several years with the same results.
2004-10-24 4:17:28 AM  
My two stories can be easily attributed to neighborhood drug addicts or my Dad's past arrests trying to terrorize us. In fact, I suspect nothing supernatural of them, but they were scary as all hell anyway.

One night, around nine or ten PM I imagine, my dad was working the late shift. In the two-story house was just my mother, my friend Darrell, my sister, her friend Mandy, and myself. I was around seven or eight at the time. So the phone rings, and my mom answers. She speaks nervously into the phone; you know how you can tell if something's wrong because of the way someone sounds. She hangs up and looks flushed. The phone rings again, and she starts arguing with whomever's on the other end, then hangs up once more. If I recall, it was around this point that the someone began banging on the front door and the front windows. cThe phone keeps ringing, the doorknob keeps twisting, and the windows keep shaking. Then it all stops. Then, we hear our big wooden gate creak open and leaves in our back yard crunch. Luckily we had the sliding glass patio door locked (and the curtain pulled) when the door started shaking, someone obviously trying to get in. My mother, my sister, and her friend at this point were understandably panicked. But then it all ceases. The phone's stopped ringing, so my mom's able to call the police department and soon after my my dad and a patrol car or two come rushing over. Whoever had been tampering with the house was gone, naturally. But the most chilling part to me, was what the woman on the phone had said. My mom later told that she sounded like my father's mother, except a little off, you know? Half asleep and dazed, I guess. But she began, during the first conversation they had (before my mother was frightened), calling my mother (named Martha) "Annabel" or some such name. Then she asked how the kids were, but she got our names wrong too. My mother had told her that she had the wrong number, but then the woman described my sister and me perfectly. This was the point where my mom became frightened and everything started going crazy. Not terribly spectacular, but a scary memory nonetheless. (And to clarify, my father's mother was alive and well at the time, so no supernatural implications there.)

The second story is, thankfully, shorter. My mother was home alone one day, and when my father, sister and I arrived home, she was in hysterics. She said that she'd been taking a shower, and when she got out, she found the bathroom door to be locked (in that house the bathroom door's knob had been installed backwards so the lock was on the outside, go figure). I don't know how long she was in there, but eventually she somehow had pried the door open with the soap dish she'd broken off the wall. She inspected the house to find only, if I remember right, the front door open, and the cushions on the couch all turned backwards so that the tags on each were facing to the outside. Nothing was stolen. The police came, yada yada. The final verdict was, I believe, that someone had broken into the house looking for money or drugs they believed had been stashed there, either because they thought my father was one of the police department's many corrupt cops, or that the house belonged to one of our neighborhood's numerous dealers.
2004-10-24 4:18:49 AM  
Now that is freaky, Coelacanth
2004-10-24 4:22:36 AM  
Hold on there folks. We don't want to offend any Christians with all this obviously Satanic material.

At my kids' school, traditional Halloween decorations and the annual 20-minute end-of-the-day costume parade are no more, thanks to legal threats by offended parents. Latest group: Wiccans, bothered by portrayals of witches as cackling, warty hags. School spokespeople insist that they aren't caving in to pressure, they just want to ensure valuable use of every minute of school time. Yeah. Everybody's a comedian.
2004-10-24 4:29:06 AM  
Cheri Pi
Wow, you actually *see* the cat?? That may be sweet but it's also pretty creepy. Have you ever tried to take a photo? That would be kind of cool.

My cat died a few years ago too, and although I haven't seen him (and really wouldn't want to), at night sometimes while lying motionless on the waterbed I feel a disturbance that feels just like when he used to jump up on it and settle down. I have other (live) cats, but when I look they are never there. My wife has felt it too, although she's usually conked out. Strange.
2004-10-24 4:40:20 AM  
I was 19, just played with a oujia board for the first time a week or two was just a toy.

I called an ex-girlfriend over to my "apartment"...(above the garage on my parents farm)....There wasn't a k-mart nearby to buy the toy from, so I made my own....because "homemade boards are a better medium", and I tell her it's "just a toy."

First attempt. We toss a book over the shoulder and ask what page lands open....the board got it right.
My friend Jenny asks if she knows anyone on "the other side", sure enough, her "suicidal uncle" provides a few precious details to scare us both.
I proceed to tell Jenny that "this is just a toy", and "Parker Brothers". makes them...."it's just a toy."
After a short break, we continue....(mid october, 1am, in the middle of nowhere)
I ask the "spirit" who we are talking to...."S-A-T-A" and I panic and throw the board in the air. "Not Santa"., I say and we take another smoke break....
One last try....."who are you?" S-A-T-A-R.
"We don't want to talk anymore, goodbye."
"We have to go"
NO. U are Wrong.
"Who is wrong? Jenny?"
"What is Jenny wrong about, her boyfriend?"
U are Wrong.

Ever had that close-call, adrenaline-rush up the spine? I grabbed her arm and we left the apartment in a flash. It took us both about an hour to calm down. We went back up with dog, and a 12 gauge. Just to get the board out of there. We drove 20 miles to dump the board, and 10 more to dump the planchette. Jenny and I don't talk much anymore......

/Never slept in that "apartment" after that....parents still live there, and I won't go up there unarmed after dark.
//Never touched a oujia board since.
2004-10-24 4:49:08 AM  
some of the st louis farkers might know ALton, IL. Its possbily the most haunted place on earth. I used to work for the phone company...I was traing a new guy when we went to this weird old hotel(now its a antique mall) in the basement there is an old pool..well..when me and Chuck got to the basement, I saw these 2 red lights ..I figured it was a water alarm or something..aand got to work...well I was talking to Chuck..and said..Chuck what you think those red lights are.....and went back to work...I was alomost done..and then looked again..and the lights got closer to the side of the pool..I said..chuck..hand me that screwdriver..but chuck wasnt there..then I hear this thump thump was chuck running away..I looked at the pool..and the red lights looked like eyes...and this thing had a green face..(my skin is crawling as I type this) about that time, I slammed the box door and beat feet up the steps...I think I made 30 feet in 4 steps and then after I asked chuck why in the h@ll he left me alone with the monster...and he said the eyes looked at him and it felt like he was drowning....I then thrashed him with my hat for leaving me.....well...I'm again creeped out..
2004-10-24 4:50:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
The Hands Resist Him
2004-10-24 5:08:46 AM  
that is a creepy painting... cool history, glad you listed the title! Thanks Ant!
2004-10-24 5:12:55 AM  
I live a few blocks south of a cemetery - Oak Ridge, where Abe Lincoln is buried - and a few more blocks north and east of the two major hospitals here. I also live next door to an elementary school, and we get possums, raccoons, muskrats, and other animals prone to making funny noises at night around here. I get the odd weird feeling now and then, usually coming from the backyard or the house next door, but so far nothing concrete that I can't rule out as funny animal noises and such.

But something weird happened all the way across town. My brother wanted to show me around this odd little park forest situated between a cornfield, a residential area, and a commercial zone near the local mall. He says that people see/hear stuff in there, and he had just recovered from a really long streak of bad luck after trying to talk to whatever might be lurking in the woods. So he wants me along next time so we can see if anything happens.

We parked the car in the lot belonging to this little teenage hangout called the Asylum - which is gone now - and started walking along the road that leads to the forest. About halfway there this bald guy on a bike rides past us heading toward the forest, and the little mutt that was running behind him slows down and comes over to investigate us. We like dogs, so we gave him some petting, then kept going. He stayed with us, past the 'markers' under a defunct rail bridge that supposedly delineated the boundary of the haunted area, then stayed with us as we entered the woods themselves and started walking around. Several times he would stop me or him from going certain directions by blocking our paths and pressing against our legs. After a bit we stopped in a little clearing and looked at the sky...a couple of orange lights appeared, stayed utterly still for several moments, then faded. Dunno if they were stars behind thin clouds or what. The dog stuck with us when we emerged into the cornfield and watched a train on the other side, and stuck with us again when we went back into the forest to find the road and head back to the car.

And yes, again he stops us from taking certain routes, then tags along as we get to the road and walk to the rail bridge. I thank him, because at that point it seemed like he was along to guard us, but he continues to stick with us. By now we're worried that he'll follow us all the way back to the car. We're almost relieved when a couple of other people passed by us with a chow-chow and our little mutt went to greet him, but then the dog comes back just before we reach the markers. We keep walking, and halfway back to the car from the markers...what looks like the same bald guy rides past, again, heading toward the forest, again, and the dog ditches us to run after him. My brother insists this has never happened before to him, and has never heard of it happening to anyone else that's been in that forest. I tend to apply skepticism to stuff that happens even to me, but this was just...strange. I honestly think the dog may really have been guarding us.

Oh, and the neighbor's grumpy old oak tree decided to talk to me one day last year. I was out taking a walk to pick up some nice fall leaves to press, then came home and paused by the back door, under the tree, and looked up and said aloud, "And all -your- good leaves are too high for me to reach. Not fair."

The tree dropped one right on my face. And it was a gorgeous color, too. I used to be highly spooked by that tree, but now...
2004-10-24 5:17:18 AM  
"Now that is freaky, Coelacanth."

Tell me about it. When I was talking to Robert Bloch, I discovered that he had talked to my mom once while doing research for his book Psycho ("Oh God, I remember that woman. She thought the book was going to be about her"). He then admitted that if he had to work for someone like my mom, he'd think about murder too.
2004-10-24 5:31:49 AM  
Gah. Ant, that painting just scared the crap outta me, which is not good when it's still dark outside. It wouldn't be good if it was daylight! Thanks a lot, man.

Anyone wanna get really creeped out? There's this freakish doll somewhere in Key West named Robert. Do a GIS...That thing oozes evil.
2004-10-24 5:47:42 AM  
that painting is truly creepy. it makes working overnights in a usually creep-free environment very freakish. so if i don't post anymore, it's a safe bet that the demon children have got me.
2004-10-24 5:48:46 AM  
Is this that robert doll?​tthumb/i mages/Robertthedoll_jpg.jpg
2004-10-24 5:54:48 AM  
I just remembered a true? ghostly hitchhiker story that kinda involved my dad. In the mid nineties, my dad was working an extra job at a grocery store, stocking the shelves after closing. The shift ended around 2 or 3am, and the boss lived about an hour drive away in Iowa. One night the boss was driving home along some boring ass Iowa highway and he saw a young woman walking along the side of the road. Obviously not something you commonly see at 3am on a dark highway, so he stopped and asked if she was ok and needed a ride. She said yes and got in, and along they went. It was about 15 minutes into the ride, and I can't remember the details of the conversation, but at one point she mentioned the strange music on his car radio. Eyes on the road, he kinda chuckled, "what you don't listen to modern rock?" He looked over at her and she completely vanished. He immediately hit the breaks and came to a screeching halt. Got out of the car for a second and looked around panicking and saw nothing. Got back in and raced home. For a few nights he asked my dad to follow him home, because he was so terrified. My dad said he could see the tire marks on the highway where the boss screeched when the girl vanished. I think they did a little investigating on the incident, to see if anyone in that area experienced the same thing, but I don't think anything ever came of it.
2004-10-24 6:08:45 AM  
Not ghosts, but spooky:

A couple of years ago my sister and I were watching TV when we heard an almightly *thump* that sounded like something pretty heavy hitting the floor upstairs - we went up into mum's room thinking a suitcase had fallen off the top of a wardrobe or anything, but nothing was out of place at all.
About half an hour later later mum came home from a neighbours - and mentioned before we'd said anything: "Joyce's neice phoned while I was there, she heard a bang from upstairs and thought one of the kids had fallen out of bed - they hadn't but the bang had woken the kids up."

Which was odd.

I've seen my dog (dead for 3 years) run into the living room then run out like he used to when he was asking to go outside - only out of the corner of my eye though.
Me and mum both heard him bark once after he'd been dead about a year.

And worst of all, I remember lying in bed one night on my back, and feeling hands clamp around my neck.

That used to happen to me all the time when I was sitting up doing homework with the lights on.
Freaked out at the time (religious upbringing so scared of "demons"), but I think it must've been to do with muscles or something... I hope.
2004-10-24 6:18:06 AM  
Not a scary story but more of a "ghost" story. When I was 19 my grandmother was dying from cancer. My father was staying at my grandmother's home caring for her and I told him that when she died to please call me right away be it day or night.

One night I woke up abruptly out of a deep sleep and I heard my grandmothers voice. She was telling me she loved me, that she would miss me but she was finally at peace. I laid there for about 40 minutes just weirded out by the whole thing.

As I was finally able to shake the whole thing off and try to go back to sleep my phone rang. It was my dad, grandma had died. When I asked him when it happened he said "about 40 - 45 minutes ago. I would have called sooner but we had to call the coroner and the funeral home first".

Just recalling that night I get a bit of the chills and that same weirded out feeling. Not that the incident scares me at all; I kind of like to think grandma did want to say goodbye to me before she left this earth.
2004-10-24 6:37:27 AM  
...Yes, that's Robert.

'Scuse me while I hide under my desk. I shoulda known better than to look.
2004-10-24 7:39:41 AM  
I swear to you this is a true story!

About 12 years ago when I was a college student, I was crazily into fine arts music, checking out CDs from the library and copying them onto cassette tapes.

One day, I was on vacation at a lake with my parents about an hour or so north of Grand Rapids, MI, and taking a morning walk out in the country with my trusty walkman, listening to one of my tapes (I think it was something by Mendellsohn).

I came upon a graveyard, and was walking up and down the rows, looking at dates, etc. All of a sudden, loud and clear in my headphones with my Mendellsohn I hear a guy say, "Are you still there?!" I stood there, skin crawling, in shock, looking all around me for what could possibly be an explaination.

I later found out that it was CB interference from a passing trucker while I was dubbing the tape! Discovering this while in a peaceful country cemetery all by myself was very freaky, though. It's a good thing I had already moved my bowels for the day!
2004-10-24 7:59:37 AM  
(I just love saying that.)

Spookiest thing I can recall -- on a quiet October night, stepping out for a smoke at 2AM and seeing a white possum rooting around in my landlord's garden. (She lived upstairs, I had a daylight basement studio) At the time I didn't recognize it as a possum -- I thought it was a huge, mutant albino rat. Ggggahhhh...

And here's the Sunday paper at my doorstep. Farewell.
2004-10-24 8:25:27 AM  
okay, here's my Hallmark moment...

I'm one of 5 kids who grew up in a semi-rural area. There were only 3 other houses close by so when halloween came along we would make our father load us into the station wagon and drive us over to a nearby neighborhood that had more houses. This was cool because it was all the same families we went to school with so everyone knew each other.

Well, one year when I was in junior high (this was before they invented middle school) and was supposed to be too cool for trick or treating, we talked dad into taking us to another area afterwards that had not seen a trick-or-treater in years. So we knocked on a door and this man opens it up all shocked that anyone came and of course he doesn't have any candy because it had always been a waste of thime. He invites us into his kitchen and goes to another part of the house and tells us to wait for him, first we get a little nervous then he shows up with a polaroid and wants to take our pictures because he's so thrilled that we came.

The best part is, he doesn't want us to be disappointed that he wasn't ready for Halloween and tells us to come back the next night in costume. So we show up he throws us a Halloween party!
2004-10-24 8:36:43 AM  

i remember when that painiting was auctioned on ebay have you got a link to the whole thing?
2004-10-24 8:43:06 AM  
One of the truly strange things that have happened to me is an unbelievable string of rather unpleasant co-incidences between certain role-playing campains I ran and the real world. The game was called Kult, a modern horror game. My campaigns took place in the real world Finland, although in a made-up city, and the characters were rather ordinary persons. I can't even remember all the freaky coincidences, but here are a few:

For the first campaign, I borrowed my downstairs neighbour's name for the main antagonist. The campaign started by him dying - a month later the neighbour hanged himself in our attic.

For a second campaign, the main setting was a house which I modelled after a house next to the apartment building I was living in. A couple of years later I ran the same campaign to another group of people in a different city - turns out that the stepdad of one of the players lived in that house. During the game there were mysterious fires in the house. About at the same time somebody tried to burn down the shed of the real world house.

In the campaign one of the important items was a small red kiddie-sized suitcase. It is surprising how many of those can there be in the world, ready to turn up here and there.

One of the characters had a really unpleasant experience about abortions. The player of the character found a wire coat-hanger that had been made into a hook in her room - I swear I didn't put it there.

One of the characters got a rather nightmarish infection in his arm. The player himself got a rash in the same place. There was a few month gap in the gaming, the rash got better. When the campaign resumed, it got worse again.

The freakiest of all: the third campaign started with the characters waking up in a sailing boat after a storm. The boat was leaking and the gps and the communications were down. Well... An ex-girlfriend and other people I knew took a sailing boat trip from Finland to Sweden. You guessed it - they hit a storm, all the navigational instruments and the radio were down and the boat was taking in so much water that they were thinking about bailing out in the lifeboat.

I started getting strong hints from people to stop running that game :)
2004-10-24 8:49:41 AM  
Ha! That's unbelievable. In a believable way, I mean.
2004-10-24 8:58:07 AM  
Tooth: it always kind of made me feel sad to know that this poor dead hamster would want to spend eternity making stupid crying sounds in my computer room.
my mom also says that i used to wake her up in the night crying because i could hear our cat who'd gotten ran over awhile ago purring from time to time.
weird stuff.

Well, know the feeling. I have had several pet rats, usually two at a time. After the second one of one pair died, I occasionally woke up to the sound of them drinking from their water bottle (that clickity-clickity -sound the things make) and tended to see from the corner of my eye something skitter under the furniture. No, I really didn't believe that I was having a ghost-rat infestation. Half-dream memories of a familiar sound and the eye interpreting things as familiar shapes. Sort of endearing and creepy at the same time, though.
2004-10-24 10:00:04 AM  
in highschool some friends asked a ouija bord what the devils favorite cereal was and it said KIX.
2004-10-24 10:01:37 AM  
My father owns a going-on-60 year old house. When I was ten years old, I was a nightcrawling home schooler. I'd stay up all night doing that day's classwork, the next days, or goofing up (usually goofing off). I could set my watch by it, at 12:30 every night I could hear the chairs squeaking in the dining room as if someone was sitting on them or getting comfortable. We'd leave the bathroom light on at night with the door open since we all hated stubbing our toes on the heater grate right in front of the door in the middle of the night, but sometimes in the morning the bathroom door was closed.

There was several times in the kitchen when I'd put a pot on a stove burner, turn around and it would end up on the floor. My stepmom was making soup one night, I was doing some pointless task (dishes). We both left the kitchen to answer the frontdoor came back and all the soup cans were turned over on their sides, one had rolled off the counter.

when we talk about those experiences, my father brings up the time his disbelief of ghosts and hauntings was turned into beliefe. He's shaving before he leaves for work. He rinses his face and before he pulls the plug in the sink he feels all the hairs on his neck stand on end. He's alarmed, he looks into the mirror and sees a shadow. Turns around, the door is closed in the bathroom and so is the window. No one is there. He turns back and the sink is draining.

People who rent that house complain sometime about their own experiences. Nothing really harmful unless you have an overactive bladder, but is fun to talk about.
2004-10-24 10:03:54 AM  
I have always lived in a house or apartment next to a cemetary. Honestly, the dead are wonderful neighbors. I used to live next to John Gotti's cemetary. Now I live next to Louis Armastrong's cemetary. When we moved in, we had a friend named Carmine help us fix the attic. He was alone in the house for 2 days when he came to us and said the house was possessed. He kept hearing footsteps in the attic. Anyway, he still needed a few more days to fix the attic. However, for those next few days, he would only go into the house with his glock pistol, like shooting at a ghost would protect him...
2004-10-24 10:06:54 AM  
The Latimerian, who didn't end up being served as embryonic fry with his mother's `chips', gets a vote for being very lucky. All of you, who haven't had the horror, should visit E.Gein's `fashion show' where belts composed and sewn of women's nipples cinch up a whole new line of meaning for `low cut'. 2004-10-24 03:49:59 AM Coelacanth ("trophy wife" grinding her heel on the fella with a license for `dears' LOL/shivers).

Can't compete with that, nor would I want to. But here's a cautionary tale that took place in the Devil's Icebox.

August of 1980 was hotter than usual in Mid-Missouri. A friend, of my brother and I, suggested we head out to Rockbridge park and explore what we could of the park's cave (aka the Devil's icebox). Though the park and cave are now easily accessible and overused by suburban daytrippers, two decades ago the area was undeveloped and unpopulated, a good place to blow herb and commune with Copperheads, Alligator Snappers, and newts, in the comfort of natural air conditioning. On entering the low ceilinged, limestone cavern I was disappointed to learn that my companions had decided it would be more `authentic' to use candles, instead of flashlights, to illuminate our way. By the flickering pools of light, that lit the narrow passage and reflected from the stream running through it, we made our way down towards the source of the cold breeze that chilled our sweaty faces. The cavern opened out into a small chamber where it was possible to stand upright. In the middle was a pool of water that fed the stream, it was no more than ten feet in diameter and, even with the light of the candles, inky black. There were a few rocks on the perimeter of the pond that were just large enough to sit on, and we were grateful for the damp perches. We sat quietly for a while, enjoying the sound of the stream as it gurgled and burbled over the chert and limestone cobbles of it's bed. My brother lit a pinner with his candle, and the odor of illegal smiles was soon wafting through the frigid humidity. Our friend wanted to know how dark it would be without the candles, so we snuffed them without a second thought. The only visual stimulation remaining was internal, random, dope generated. Initially, describing and exaggerating the spots and dots to one another was just too funny, but the absolute blackness, and our tomb like location began to etch through our herb addled ease like a tattoo needle applying a primal tint of fear.

But the blood didn't start flowing from the punctures until my bro asked "who has more matches?". Just after he asked the question, the pool began to glow a dull greenish brown. I attributed the glow to the quality of the chiba and kept searching blindly through my pockets, though I knew I had neither lighter or matches. Our friend said, in a rather too calm voice "I hope I'm the only one seeing this." I stared at the pool, the glow was much brighter. I looked back up and could make out the frantic expressions of my companions, their countenances still so vague as to be nearly incoherent, like nothing so much as pale signposts announcing one's proximity to purgatory, if not hell. The glow continued to intensify and the limits of the chamber took shape.

We stood up and, in the instant between panicked hopeless flight and heart failure, heard loud, fearsome, bubbling and splashing and the glow resolved into blinding white beams transforming the cavern into gray irregularly curved walls shiny with moisture and black with our misshapened shadows.

The voice of a woman boomed against the rock "Oh, Sh*t!!! What?!! Jesus, Bob, who's that?!!" We turned and tried to see past the lights. A man started laughing, "Bout scared us all to death!!" As our hearts slowed down and our pupils contracted it became apparent that these were spelunking scuba enthusiasts, not black lagoon demons of dope. The pair had been working their way through seasonally flooded cave passages. We scared them as much as they had us. After we had all made it back to the parking area we joked with them about our being lucky they were sans spearguns. My brother didn't tell them that he had decided, at the last minute, to leave the Charter Arms .357 Target Bulldog under the front seat of his car. Later, after a bit of reflection, imagining what could have happened had my bro packed the Bulldog became more frightening than any inadvertant subterranean socializing.
2004-10-24 10:21:58 AM  
Not quite a sighting - something a bit stranger. I read the following some years ago in Practical Wireless, a British magazine for radio enthusiasts (Spring 1962). Fortunately, I hoard old magazines. I'm also a Titanic buff.

The story concerns an Amateur Radio enthusiast in Croydon.
One evening, he was sitting by his radio set, attempting to receive a particularly faint station on the other side of the world, when he was rudely interrupted by a violent hammering on his door.

It was his next-door neighbour, complaining about interference on his television. Since there had been incidents in the past, his natural inclination was to blame the 'ham'. The radio enthusiast was able to persuade his neighbour that, since he hadn't even been transmitting, it wasn't his fault. Just to be helpful, he offered to go next door and observe the effect.

Sure enough, the picture was being interrupted by buzzing, horizontal lines. The radio enthusiast recognised the cadences instantly - morse code. The same message was being repeated over and over - CQD DE MGY..... CQD DE MGY...... Judging by the power, the transmitter was very close, and unless he was mistaken, some idiot was operating a spark transmitter.

The 'ham' was annoyed. It was clear that some hoaxer was deliberately causing interference. He contacted the authorities (the GPO in those days) who tried to find the transmitter using their direction finder equipment.

No luck - all of their DF equipment showed more or less the same direction. Wherever the transmitter was, it wasn't in the UK.

One of the GPO engineers contacted the FCC, since the signal seemed to be coming from the USA. The FCC brought their direction finders to bear, and found that the two lines of position, from the UK and the US, crossed at a point at about the latitude of New York, and somewhat south of Cape Race, Newfoundland. This point was subsequently found to be close to (but not the same as) the reported position of Titanic, that fateful night in 1912.

The signal was broad band and very noisy, similar to the sort of transmission produced by a spark transmitter. It was picked up on both sides of the Atlantic, and lasted for about two hours, after which it faded.....

CQD was the precursor of SAS, DE means 'this is' and MGY was Titanic's callsign.

It would be nice to tidy up the story by saying that the transmission came from the spot where Titanic's remains were ultimately found, but the article didn't give the actual coordinates.
2004-10-24 10:42:54 AM  
i was living with my girlfriend and her sister came to spend the night with us. it was around 2am, and they decided to head to bed. i decided to take a bath and read, something i enjoy. anyways, i had settled into my warm bath and i was reading a book. i wasnt at all sleepy, as in those days i stayed up to 4 or 5am every night- i worked the night shift at a banking center. my girlfriend was in our room and her sister was in the guest room down the hall. after awhile of reading, i heard my girlfriend and her sister start fighting in the hall near the bathroom. they were yelling at each other about something or other. i got pissed and yelled out twice for them to keep it down or the neighbors would get pissed about the noise. they kept bickering. finally, i got so mad that i threw a towel on and flung the door opening yelling at them to shut up already!

no one was there. they were both sleeping in opposite bedrooms. totally freaked me out, as i have no doubt that i heard two women bickering in that hallway. my girlfriend had told me that she saw the figure of an older woman in our bedroom one night, but i never was a believer in ghosts.
2004-10-24 11:38:16 AM  
That Robert doll in Key West is creepy. I wouldn't touch that thing for all the tea in China. *shudder*

Anyway, my own meager contribution to this thread: I work in the basement of a cancer center and arrive for work very early in the mornings. Quite frequently when I walk up to the elevator to go down to the basement, and there's nobody around, the elevator door opens for me with a ding and I don't have to break stride to step on in. Normally the elevator is pretty damn slow to come when you push the button. I don't know what to make of it. Probably just a coincidence.

I wonder why there are more tales of hauntings in modern surroundings? Ghosts seem to have excellent taste in antiques.
2004-10-24 12:16:49 PM  
Have skimmed over most of these, but got stuck on a couple like jsimmons. In all honesty, the same thing happens to me. A question, how far apart are the dreams and when they occur? I have the dreams and then completely forget about them for weeks on end. Then bam, it is happening. And before anyone says it is deja vu, these are things that could have never happened to me before. People involved in my dream conversations I don't even know when I have them. Examples:
When I was a kid I had a dream about talking to my uncle at the top some really big hill with another woman. Right behind us was a bank of really bright lights, like you would see on a 4x4 Jeep or something. It was kinda dark and really cold, I remember that my legs felt wet too. Don't remember how much later I went with my youth group over to our youth directors house do some snow sledding. I had only my blue jeans on and they were getting soaked. When it started getting dark my uncle parked his Jeep at the top of the hill and turned on his flood lights so we could see. After a run I went back up to talk to him and his wife he'd been married to for only couple of months. It was then that I realized that it was my uncle's wife who was the other person talking in my dream. And I swear two sentances into the conversation I could tell what was going to happen.
Had a dream about being in a ball park with two of my friends and another woman who looked hispanic, couldn't make out details. My girlfriend at the time was there also. We were just sitting watching the game when a vendor comes up to offer a hot dog. Flash forward couple of months, I take a trip to Chicago to see my friend who is married to a girl he met in college, she's Cuban. My other friend has flown up from Tennessee to visit at same time. We decide to take a trip to Wrigley Field. You fill in the rest. I had never been to Wrigley Field with those 4 people before in my life.
Most of the time when I start to realize what is going on my head kinda starts to hurt. I used to even try changing the outcome, just to prove it wasn't happening, but everytime it would just be what was supposed to be said, even if I just started babbling nonsense. That only freaks me out more. I have told my wife about this and she kinda believes me. But I have the same problem, the things I "see" are entirely random and have no idea when it may happen or if is just part of normal dream.
Suffice to say, I have freaked myself on more than one occasion.
2004-10-24 12:23:47 PM  
Once when my and a few friends went out ghost hunting, we found ourselves at the Devils Tower in Clifton, NJ.

We are almost POSITIVE we all saw the red shape of a human figure in the very top middle window. (this person would also probably be 7-8 ft tall as well...

What was also very creepy, was that it was during the summer and it was about 75 out, and when we got within 20m of the tower the temperature dropped at least 20.
2004-10-24 12:38:17 PM  

The dream is almost always roughly a week or so before it happens, although sometime it's been only a day or two. Like I said, this was mostly when I was a kid, so I don't have them too often anymore. I mostly forget about the dream until the event is happening, at which point it comes back. This is always accompanied by me having a head-rush, like when you suddenly stand up after lying in one position for a long time. If I'm quick enough at recognising what's going on, I can say what's about to happen before it does. Mostly though, I say it at exactly the same time, so it's not obvious to the people present that I'm predicting them, rather than repeating them. Sometimes it's a situation where I'm by myself, and that's really weird because by the time I try to do something different from what I've seen, I'm already starting to do it. Oftentimes it'll just be a view of something for a certain angle, and in those cases the whole thing is over in less than a second.
2004-10-24 2:05:21 PM  
Ok, so last summer I delivered pizzas in a fairly rural area which meant driving on a lot of narrow, curvey dirt roads through heavy trees. I also worked a lot at nights, so a lot of times it was fairly creepy driving out there by myself.
Anywho, one night I was coming back from a delivery and came to a four way stop where two dirt roads intersected. As I approached the intersection, I looked right for cars and didn't see anything. I then glanced left and didn't see anything just as I rolled to a stop. Then, I looked right once more only to see a woman standing about 3 feet away from my car staring right at me. Now, this woman didn't look particularly ghost-like, but she has this blank look on her face and was staring right at me. Also, I KNOW that she wasn't there two seconds before, so needless to say, after staring her in the eye for about a second, I freaked out and floored the accelerator, just about losing control on the dirt road. I drove back to the store at about 90mph and was so freaked that I asked for the rest of the night off.
I know it probably doesn't sound scary me describing it like this, but I couldn't stop shaking for a couple
2004-10-24 2:08:24 PM  
The older couple across the street used to live in a 19th century farmhouse. It was run down when they bought it, so they spent quite a lot of effort restoring it. One Christmas Eve, they had a lot of family over. Late at night, they heard their four year-old granddaughter crying, downstairs. She'd gone to get a drink of water, and told them 'That man - he just wasn't real'. They chalked it up to a combo of dream and imagination, and let it go at that.

A year later, family was again over to visit for the holidays, and the whole family had headed off to midnight mass, but my neighbor lady was feeling ill and stayed home, sleeping on the couch. She woke up, and it was very cold - turned out the door from the den to the back yard was wide open. This was odd, as the door was new and they'd not been able to get it to open over the thick carpeting. She was scared someone had broken in so she looked around and finding no one closed the door and went back to sleep.

She woke again to find a gemntleman standing in front of her. She immediately realized that it was a ghost, and in fact the ghost of the original owner. She asked 'do you like what we've done with your place?' The ghost smiled, nodded and disappeared. THAT was when she freaked out :)

When her family came home, she told them about it. She's also an artist and made a sketch of the 'person' she'd seen. The family assumed she'd been dreaming too, but as they began to dispute her story, an old lamp which hadn't worked for years went on all by itself.

A couple days later she went to the library with her daughter to get info about the original occupant of the house. A photograph showed that he looked exactly like her sketch - and he had died on Christmas day!

Absolutely true story.
2004-10-24 2:27:58 PM  
My father attended The Citadel and was a '63 grad. He was a member of Charlie or "C" Company. He told me that when he was in college, one of his classmates 'fell' down the stairwell right outside of his room. He and his roommate heard the guy hit, and dragged him into their room for whatever reason to try to help the guy who eventually died on their floor. He said that they were sure that this guy haunted that room and mentioned 'orbs' that moved about in their room. I never believed this story, but the rumor mill confirmed that the story had been around for ages as people even talked about it when I went there in the 90's (Class of '93).

When I was there, I never really thought much about it, but when I saw this link today, it inspired me to do some digging since the web kinda makes it easy. I found this:

Read the fourth article/paragraph down the page.
2004-10-24 2:37:50 PM  
jsimmons, the same thing happens to me in exactly the way you describe, or at least used to (though I've never been quick enough on the draw to predict what's being said -- I just think, "oh yeah, that's how it happened before")... hasn't happened in a while.
2004-10-24 3:03:50 PM  
I've actually had alot of experiences with paranormal stuff like this... i'll just go into a few.

1st: When I was in elementary school, I was a Girl Scout. We would go all around town and do service projects and the like. One autumn, we went to the Metlar House, a local museum that was known for being haunted. We were going to clean up the front lawn, I think. Anyway, there were two women who gave us a brief tour of the house before we went out to start raking and stuff. As we were working, the two women came outside to check on us. So we were all outside... the whole troop, our leader, and the two women who were working there. All of a sudden, I got this massive splitting headache, and I felt compelled to look up at the house. In fact, the entire troop looked up at the house at the same time, just in time to see a light go on in one of the upstairs windows and a hazy figure walk past it. We all freaked out, and one of the owners simply said "Oh, that's just John, our ghost." I later discovered that all the other girls in my troop had experienced similar headaches before seeing the ghost. It wasn't direct contact or anything, but it was pretty darn creepy for a nine year old!

2nd: Also involving the Metlar house, actually. My sophomore year of high school, my English class was doing a research paper on the Hall-Mills murder case. The Metlar house had some information on the murder, so I went with a group of friends to go check it out. After we had collected some information, we asked the woman working there if she could tell us anything about the ghosts there. (We were all pretty interested in paranormal activity.) She told us some stories, and eventually showed us this couch... she said that sometimes it looked as though there was a person seated there. I sat down with one of my friends, and as we watched, an impression appeared in the cushion as though an invisible person were sitting there. It was warm to the touch, as if something were giving off body heat. Fairly creepy.

3rd: My freshman and sophomore year of high school, I even had a few experiences around my own house. At first I was just hearing things, like the sound of a young girl crying from an empty room down the hall. Since these usually happened either early in the morning or late at night, I dismissed them as effects of being half-asleep. However, they soon began occuring more and more often, and I began hearing different noises. Once I was seated in the living room, doing my homework, when I heard footsteps start up from the basement. I was alone, and it very much creeped me out. From where I was seated, I could only see the top of the stairs that led into the kitchen, but nothing else in the kitchen. As the footsteps neared the top of the staircase, I looked and saw... nothing. There was nobody there, but I still heard footsteps continuing into the kitchen. I heard a drawer open and shut, and the footsteps went back down into the basement. I then heard a girl scream. Needless to say, it terrified me. I then began seeing the ghosts, or whatever they were. For instance, I would see a tall man in a green shirt out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked again he would be gone. I told my mother, but she dismissed it as an overactive imagination. When we moved out of the house, I discussed the "hauntings" with her again, and she admitted to seeing the "man in the green plaid shirt" as well. The really creepy thing about it was that I had never gone into detail about the man I had seen, but she described him just as I had seen him.

4th: This is getting really long, but there's one more story I want to share. A good friend of mine lives down the street from (where else?) the Metlar house. She has many ghosts of her own in her house, and is convinced that they have parties with the Metlar ghosts. I've had a few experineces at her house as well. Once we were working on a school project at her house, and we needed something from her basement. When we were down there, we heard the sound of someone vacuuming in the dining room above us. The only other person in the house was her father, and he was sleeping the whole time. Hmm. Another time, we were in her basement for some reason, and I smelled something burning. She smelled it too, but it soon went away. I walked a few feet to the right and smelled it again... but it moved again. I began following the smell, and discovered it was moving in a circle around the middle of the room. Very creepy.

That's all I have for now. Maybe I'll post more later.
2004-10-24 3:29:30 PM  
I was living in dorms at San Francisco State University. My room was near the elvators which meant that it was often pretty noisy and hard to sleep with all the coming and going. One night my roommate was out for the evening with her boyfriend and I was alone. It was very late and I was really tired and trying to get to sleep when I heard my upstairs neighbor moving around in her room. The unmistakable sound of high heeled feet walking above me, kept me from falling asleep. For a while I listened, thinking that she was either going out or had just come home and would be taking off the shoes momentarily and then it would be quiet - no problem. But the walking went on, restlessly moving from one side of the room to another, pausing only to start again. This went on and on until I couldn't stand it anymore and got up and fetched the campus directory and got the number of the person rooming above me. I was surprised when she answered the phone with a very groggy voice. Still, I went ahead and asked if she could just please take off her shoes because the noise was keeping me awake. Now she didn't just sound groggy, but a little pissed off as she told me she was not wearing shoes, wasn't walking around and had actually been asleep when I called and woke her up. Feeling like an idiot, I apologised and went back to bed and lay there, kind of quietly freaking out - especially when it finally dawned on me that all of the dorm was carpeted. There was no bare floor anywhere in the building. It doesn't seem so creepy in the retelling, but at the time the sounds of the footsteps were so clear I could actually trace the path of the person moving above me.
2004-10-24 4:12:06 PM  
Doesn't really count as a ghost story but still freaked me out. My friend and I were 17 at the time and at night there wasn't a whole lot for underage kids to do so we used to sit at the playground of my old elementary school and talk. We would stay out until 2-3 in the morning sometimes.

There is a park behind the school with a track and one evening we were walking around the back of the school around 12ish at night and this boy came riding by us on his bike. He had a grey hooded sweatshirt on so we didn't get a good look at him. We just thought it was kind of strange that he was out so late. He rode past us to the front of the school.

We kept walking and after a while returned to the front of the school and sat on the blocks in the playground talking for a bit. We were on the blocks for at least an hour. I was gazing across the parking lot while my friend was talking and I saw the boy again and he was slowly riding over to us.

When he did finally make his way up to us, we finally got a good look at his face. He must have been around 9 or 10. His face and clothes were dirty. With my stomach in my throat I asked him what he was doing out so answer. My friend asked his name, he still didn't answer. He just kept staring at us. I asked him where his parents were and where he lived, he never answered us, he just turned around and rode back behind the school.

The whole scene just scared the crap out of us so we got in the car and my friend drove me home. On the way home I saw the boy pedaling hard behind the apartment complex toward my townhouse.

I never saw him again, but I stayed up almost all night staring out my window afraid he'd show up at my door.
2004-10-24 4:18:25 PM  
I love these types of stories. Always have, always will.
2004-10-24 4:31:18 PM  
Sitting in my radio 'office' in Mogadishu, Somalia at about 9 or 10 at night when I hear a richoche sound (patwoowizzing!) *real* close by. It's all concrete and ornamental tile in the room (some old Russian tank factory with a few nicely tiled rooms [for what, I don't know]). I spun around in a panic and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Bright light emitting from a tracer round bouncing from wall to floor to ceiling to wall repeatedly.

I thought, "Duck!" but quickly realized that I'd still be in the room with the farkin' thing, so I thought, "Disappear!" It didn't work.

Eventually (hours? maybe 3 seconds?) the damned thing stopped and bounced under a metal desk. My boss came running into the room, "What the fark was all that?"

I replied, "A farking tracer came in and bounced all over the room!"

He asked, "What color?"

I replied, "Red!"

"Don't worry about it, then," he said, "That's one of ours. You gotta watch out for the green ones."
2004-10-24 4:47:28 PM  
I'm really really late but I'll add this anyway. I lived in Germany on a military base for about 6 years growing up and we lived in huge old apartment buildings that were made ~WWII. Each apartment also had a little storage room upstairs that was very small but we turned ours into a guest room. I was in about 6th grade or so and one of my friends and I were sleeping up there and trying to stay up all night. We always kept the door open so that a little crack of light could come in. The door opened up to a long echoey hallway and stairwell, and from upstairs you could hear anything that went on in the building. Anyway, it must have been around 3am or so, and we were just lying around not even saying anything. All the sudden the door just closed so the room became completely dark, both of us kept completely quiet, and the room felt like it did a full 360 degree spin, then the door opened again. Neither of us said anything for about 5 or 10 minutes and then when I asked my friend about it he said "It felt like I spun around" and our explanations of our individual experiences matched up exactly.
2004-10-24 4:53:32 PM  
Here's a link to the painter of The Hands Resist Him (aka the "Haunted Painting") if anyone's still here

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-24 4:54:31 PM  
Oops... Here it is
2004-10-24 5:20:50 PM  
Not really ghosty, but a little creepy.

My U.S. History teacher had some connections within the parks dept. here, and arranged a yearly trip for his students to spend the night on a WWII submarine that is currently beached on the side of some river. It's an awesome trip and we kids had a lot of fun, and the two little old spinster caretakers that lived above the gift shop on shore came in at dusk and told us the story of the only guy ever to die on the sub.

He was manning one of the machine guns on deck when he was strafed by a similar gun from another boat. The doctor brought him down to his bed and tried everything, but the guy was basically a goner from the get-go. Well, afterwards no one could ever sleep in his bunk because they'd wake up in the middle of the night and roll over and he'd be laying next to them all bloody.

The little old ladies loved to play tricks on us high schoolers, like throwing a plank of wood with the sailor's picture on it down the stairs so it bounced around on the pressure hull and made this huge echoing ruckus.

So fast forward to much later in the night, playing truth or dare (as high-schoolers are wont to do) and the story came up. I was really a skeptic, told everyone it was a bunch of hooey, and subsequently was dared to go lay on this guy's bed for 5 minutes. I get back there, lay down, no big deal, and some time later they told me time was up and I could come back. So I roll over to get off the bed, and see....nothing. I jump down, start walking across the room to get back to the dining room, and notice the waterproof hatch is starting to close. This is frightening because we were explicitly warned not to close the hatches because the ladies have no way to reopen them without calling somebody up there to do it for them. To help prevent this, they were all tied back with steel cables. Now, even if the cable had come off, the door would have closed hours ago. It's not like the sub was tilting, since it was beached on the bottom of the river. And none of my classmates would have been able to do it without me hearing their steps echoing the whole length of the sub, past the kitchen, instrument room, and into the room I was in. If it would have closed, I would have been stuck in this lightless room at least until morning, by myself. Not a savory situation.

Long story short, I grab the door, heave with all my 110-lb. might, send it crashing into the wall, and bolt back to the room. I caught a lot of flak for coming back ash-white and breathing hard. "No ghost, eh?"

In the morning the cable was still (back?) in place.

Wow, longer than I expected.
2004-10-24 6:31:39 PM  
I have no interesting personal stories to tell, but I do have a mildly interesting one that happened to a few friends.
On the summer of 2001, a mate of mine finally got his driver's license and wanted to go somewhere. Finally, he and a few others finally came up with possibly the last place I would have ever thought of: Stull Cemetary church, which has been called one of the "Seven Gates to Hell". He said that it was creepy and the temperature varied throught the ruin of the building, and there were all sorts of bits of graffiti and even an inverted cross on one of the walls. Other than that, nothing really out of the ordinary, though.
The tore the church down the next year. Good riddance, I say.
2004-10-24 6:34:14 PM  
This should really go under private conversation with jsimmons, but this is the first time I've ever heard/read about someone else having this same "issue" as me. What makes things more odd for me is that I will have the dreams sometimes months before it happens. But it the same way as you wrote, as soon as the conversation/scene starts to play out, I instantly recognize it.
Another interesting thing, this happened to me mostly as a kid, ages 10-17. I'm 27 now. Still happens, but much more rare. Have you ever talked to someone else that went through the same thing besides me?
For those of you reading this, I am not making one word of this up.
2004-10-24 6:47:31 PM  

I've discussed this with a few people before, usually after they say "Hey, why are you saying everything I am?" But I've never heard of someone else who has experienced it. The peak period was in my late childhood, so around 9 - 14 or so. I'm 20 now, and the last time I had it was last spring. So while I don't experience it very often anymore, I still instantly recognise that swimmy, light-headed feeling that accompanies it.

My time periods seem to be shorter than yours, though. I can't accurately measure how many days pass between the dream and the event because I don't remember the dream until the event happens. At that point I instantly think "Oh yeah, this is exactly like that dream I had about a week ago."
2004-10-24 6:51:50 PM  
My great-great-grandfather, Dr. William Andrew Whitten was a doctor for most of the Northeast Mississippi Area. Mt. Olivet is an old church that has been around for 150 Years or so. One day he was passing by the church on his way to deliever a baby, at about 9 o'clock at night, pretty late for that time. When he passed by the church, he noticed a light inside brighter than an oil lamp, the only source of light at the time. He opened the door of the church too see what it was, but as soon as he grabbed the handle, the light immediately faded. He ran from the church, got back in his carriage, and beat a retreat. Of course I'm getting this story from my Mamaw, so I have no idea how reliable it is.
2004-10-24 7:01:19 PM  
jsimmons & fletchmorg

This happens to me at times; like you, it seemed to happen more often when I was younger. It is almost always mundane things like unremarkable conversations, or an oddly-gnarled tree in a woods where I've never been before, or even just the way things are placed on a desk; never anything exciting.
2004-10-24 7:30:53 PM  
I know a psychic.

Which, of course, sounds totally ridiculous. She would agree. She's a very normal girl, majoring in neurology; we studied together all the time in highschool, and now go to the same college. She's very embarrassed about the whole thing and refuses to talk about it in public because "psychic is just another word for nutjob." The only reason I found out about it--and believed it at all--is because I was there when she knew something. And this wasn't some small-potatoes woooooOOOoo I see a car crash in Los Angeles tonight thing, either.

Long story short: we're sitting in front of the TV one night a few years ago and she suddenly jumps up and chucks her beer at the wall. Sam Adams is everywhere; I'm angry. I yell at her for a moment before realizing that she is crying. She tells me that there is going to be a huge plane crash tomorrow, and quickly dissolves into hysteria. I called in a favor for some Valium and put her to bed, wondering what was wrong.

The next day was September 11th, 2001. I've been trying to get her to figure out who's going to win the World Series all day but it's starting to make her mad.
2004-10-24 8:03:05 PM  
I'm one of those mundane precogs too ;)

1) I drove up to my parents house. My 14 year old brother walks around from behind the house and looks at me in the car.

I have a 'feeling'. I ask him "Did you put it out?". His jaw drops and he says "HOW did you KNOW I was smoking?".

I don't know how I knew...just did. He had never smoked before or since then...just one of those teenage experiments.

2) I was driving home about to top a small hill. For no reason at all, I dodge to the right, slewing my right wheels into the entry to a dirt road. As I top the hill, a guy in a tank of a car crests the hill from the other side with half of his car in my lane.

I had no idea at all his car was coming or was on my side of the road when I suddenly dodged. I was actually beginning to feel foolish and starting to get back on the road when I saw him.

3) I was talking to a friend of mine right before she on vacation. She has freaky things happen to her too. Just for kicks we asked each other what color her hotel room would be decorated in. I said "Crimson", she said "Red".

When she gets there, it's maroon.

4) I'm at work, chatting with coworkers at lunch. I have a feeling. I say, "Our boss is about to walk around the corner and talk about football."

About 15 seconds later...sure happens.

Usually its stupid little nothing precogs that happen bare milliseconds before the actual mundane event. Almost invariably I get chills and this horrible feeling of dread, goose bumps pop up on my arms.

Sometimes I do something unusual to 'break' the correctness of the event...something I am sure I did not do in the precog version.

I sounds stupid, freaky, loopy, etc., but when it happens to you often enough...what do you do?
2004-10-24 8:23:29 PM  
I heard this story from an usher at a local Cineplex: some old geezer came in to see "Collateral," but ended up in the theater that was showing "White Chicks" instead. He had a mini-stroke, and couldn't get up to leave, but never lost consciousness through FOUR CONSECUTIVE SHOWINGS.
2004-10-24 8:34:47 PM  
I don't remember the dream until the event happens. At that point I instantly think "Oh yeah, this is exactly like that dream I had about a week ago."

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble but I've been studying Deja Vu and Human Memory for my senior project. All scientific research points to that all this is, is an individual quickly forgetting than remembering. The "I don't remember the dream until it happens" is a fantastic example of this. Unless you have specific evidence that you had the dream (dreams are hard to recall anyways unless you wake up and quickly right the events down). The light head feeling comes from a release of neurochemicals (dopamine and serotonin).

Also it seems that this event happens a lot when one is younger because neuron connections are still some what flacid and trying to form. Then there is the whole issue of falsely recalled memories. If an individual has a sensitivity to hypnosis or suggestibilty, then false memories can be encouraged out of an individual. This goes to the theory that all these dreams are just yourself convincing you've seen all this before because it is similar to something else that has happened.

Or it could just be the Matrix fixing a glitch in the system.

Now as for past lives and being able to recall them in hypnosis...they're complete bullshiat. Why would recalling a previous life as a french women make a person talk in english with a horrible, inaccurate french accent. Simple answer, suggestibility. Hypnosis is nothing more than a social phenomenon, where people act how those around them expect them to act.
2004-10-24 8:42:06 PM  
A somewhat creepy thing,

Sometimes i would lie in bed awake because i could not goto sleep because of what i thought was my brothers snoring until one day we talked about it and he told me the same thing and said he thought it was me snoring, this happened a few times
2004-10-24 8:43:02 PM  

I would tend to believe your explanation, were it not for the times when I can get ahead of myself and state things correctly before they happen. Sure, everyone has deja vu, but that doesn't include accurately predicting the future.
2004-10-24 8:53:34 PM  
If this stuff wasn't happening to me I would totally agree with you. I can remember telling people about some of my dreams before hand. Also, the time at Wrigley Field was not false memories coming up. I was 26. I knew the exact location within the park, what eveyone was wearing, even who was at bat. Sue me for not journalling it and being able to pull it back up. If it was just a vague feeling of being somewhere before that would be ok, but we are talking entire conversations. I'm not some whacko nutjob who thinks he is Nostradamus, but I do think there are certain things that exist that can't be fully explained. Never seen a ghost or UFO, I don't hear my cat telling me to kill people, I don't see twins at the end of the hall asking me to come play with them, I sometimes just have a dream that happens to come true. And like my first sentance, if it wasn't happening to me, I wouldn't believe it either.
2004-10-24 8:58:25 PM  
I will also expand on what my head feals like when stuff like this happens. It is not so much a buzz as a minor headache in the fact I am thinking, "Oh shiat, here we go again."
2004-10-24 9:20:07 PM  
When I get those moments, they seem to come in clumps. Like 3 or 4 in a one week period, and then nothing for a month or two. And fletchmorg is right. Definitely ' Oh shiat, not this crap again.' Always leaving me wondering if any of them are going to be significant to my life someday.

Those that havent experienced it are of course skeptical. This isn't stuff that our brains are rewinding and replaying. Often times that's an impossibility with some of the details. For example, I might be bending over tying my shoe, and I know that when I stand up there will be a man in a blue jacket walking around the corner, even though I've never seen this man before, and have no reason to know that he'd be walking around the corner.
2004-10-24 9:30:22 PM  
Ok, so I have to agree with most of you, I'm not so sure I buy into the supernatural, but I've got a scary experience that often makes me think I do.
When I was 7-8 years old (strange- lots of people have things happen at this age), I lived in a home about 70 years old. At the time, my best friend had a birthday party and decided to play the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (only three had been out at that time), which freaked the shiat out of me. I couldn't even watch them. Also at this time, my bedroom was in the first floor back room of our 2 family home that we rented out. My bed was in a small indentation in the side wall (think a bit past the middle of the home) and just recently placed there. I started having a hard time going to sleep- no nightmares, no worries about Freddy (I kept asking myself if that was the problem, but no)....I felt like the air around me was incredibly heavy, and that something was just beside my bed, ready to reach up and choke me. I was so freaked out I couldn't move or sleep, even to get to my parent's bedroom. Couldn't even take a shower without the same feeling (shower was parallel to my bed- the other room in the back room of the first floor) during the day. Eventually my mom asked me what the problem was and I had no idea- just these horrible feelings that wouldn't go away. About three months later, we rearranged my bedroom and the problem stopped for me in the first floor.
The second floor of our house was rented out to a couple who was very friendly and offered to babysit me on occasion- I would get to sleep in their bedroom until my parents came home (front room of the second floor), except I couldn't. Every time to this day I cannot be in the upstairs apartment without feeling like something is trying to chase me and my ass just hauls out of there ASAP.
The story gets interesting here: sometime before the upstairs couple moved out, they asked my parents if anything had happened in the apartment. My dad (not wanting to lose current or future tenants) said no, why do you ask? (he knew but didn't share with them- told me much later in life when I asked) So, the guy, Charlie, tells him that on many occasions (MANY) they would be woken up in the middle of the night by a bright glowing figure at the foot of the bed which would "turn" and walk down the hallway thru the living room to the kitchen, where it would disappear while the lights in the kitchen would turn on simultaneously with the kitchen radio they had, blaring. They actually got up and followed the thing! Then, they'd turn off the lights and radio, go back to bed, and repeat the same thing a few nights in a row- over a period of 5 years. Eventually they just didn't wake up anymore to it. My dad was so freaked out, because he had had one experience before Charlie brought it up.
(Sorry this is so long by the way) Charlie and his girlfriend went on vacation earlier for a week, and my dad had made sure the doors and windows were locked when they left. One night, he and my mom are sitting in the first floor living room (same setup as upper floor), when they suddenly hear heavy ass footsteps starting above their bedroom, stomping across the living room, and ending at the entrance to the upper kitchen. My dad was freaked that it was an intruder (he was NOT into the supernatural at this point), so he grabbed a knife, went up the front stairs and unlocked their door with my mom trailing behind. 15 minutes later they come downstairs and my dad's face is totally white- everything was locked and untouched, with the kitchen light on and radio. He never told Charlie, and waited until I was in college to tell me. I was soooo freaked out. Apparently the woman who owned the house before us had hung herself in the door jam of the kitchen in the early 50's after being jilted by a lover. Guess where the head of my bed on the first floor apartment was under. Right UNDER the entrance to the upper kitchen. My mom eventually said some prayers and stuff when they were renovating because she felt like she was being watched.
One last note- the apartment was empty for a few years due to a bad economy- a neighbor called my mom and asked if she had been showing the apartment- she saw an old woman's face peeking out at her from THE KITCHEN!!! My mom told her no. They were still planning out the renovations. GAH!!!
/incredibly long but true and really scary occurrence.
2004-10-24 9:56:14 PM  
I had a good friend named Jeff. We used to party together and sleep platonically in his room. He'd always put his hand around my waist and I'd sleep by the clock to get up for work.

He died at 44 from Hodgkins. He had it since college (longest living survivor, I was told), and he lived life to the fullest every day. He and I were totally on the same wavelength. Best of friends from the day we met 3 years before.

About 3 days later I totally broke down and cried about it alone in my car on my way home from bartending, where he used to visit me. His memorial service was the next day. I went to bed (and was stone sober) and turned off the light and lay there for about 10 minutes when I started to drift off and I felt an arm come around my waist. Not 'I'm half asleep and feel something' but 'someone is in my room touching my side' full-on freakout.

I jumped out of bed thinking someone was in my damn bedroom. I hit the light on in a panic and looked around. Nothing. Then I realized what it was and felt really peaceful. No one will ever, ever convince me I imagined it. I'd lived there 12 years and never freaked out or had anything like that happen.

Jeff was just saying goodbye.

/I miss you Truxy.
2004-10-24 10:13:18 PM  
Both of my stories involve a house built in the early 1900's that we used to live in. It even had a coal room in the basement, and piping for gas lights in every room.

When my friend David and I first moved in, we were told that the little old lady who used to live there had gone a little loopy after her husband died. We found all kinds of strange stuff, like little tacks and cup-hooks screwed into the trim all the way around the bathroom, so close together that you couldn't possibly hang anything on them. There were mirrors on all four walls of every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom. One of the bedrooms had a hasp-style lock... on the outside of the door. Just lots of basic strangeness like that. The first night we slept in the bedrooms (upstairs, across the hall from each other), we went to bed about midnight, and I kept hearing someone walking up and down the hall; creak, creak... creak, creak... and stopping right outside the bedroom door. At first I thought, "Dave went downstairs for something a couple of times." But it kept happening over and over, for something like 30 minutes. I went to the door and waiting until the footsteps stopped outside again, and then yanked open the door and said, "What the heck are you doing out here?!?" A second later, Dave opened his door and poked his head out and said, "I was just going to ask you the same question..." We sort of stood there and looked at each other for a minute, and then looked up and down the hallway, and then quietly went back to bed, locking our doors behind us. It happened on and off for the entire time we lived there (several years) and we never could explain it...

The other story concerns the light in the basement. It was a very rough basement, with stone walls and a cracked concrete floor, and it always smelled like moist dirt. The only light down there when we moved in was a bare bulb in a porcelain socket hanging at the end of a couple of feet of twisted wire at the bottom of the stairs. It had a switch with a sliding rod that you pushed back and forth through the fixture to turn it off and on. It was dimly lit during the day, and pitch black at night without the light on. I got tired of stumbling down the stairs in the dark when I went to do the laundry at night, so I wired in a regular switch next to the door at the top of the stairs. The switch worked fine the first few times I used it, but then one night the light wouldn't come on when I flipped it. I grumbled around, got a new lightbulb, and felt my way downstairs in the dark. I screwed in the new bulb, but the light still didn't come on. Just for the heck of it, I clicked the switch on the fixture, and the light came on! I put the old bulb back, and it worked fine. The next day, I asked David why he turned off the switch at the bottom of the stairs, but he denied having done it. This happened several more times over the next few months, and every time he denied having done it. I figured he had just gotten used to doing it that way and didn't realize he was, so I just got into the habit of checking the downstairs switch if the one at the top didn't work. Several months later, David moved out and I lived there by myself for about a year. During that time, to my dismay, almost every time I tried to turn on the basement light, the switch at the bottom was _turned off_! I checked the light fixture carefully to see if there was any way the switch might move by itself, due to heating from the bulb for example, but it seemed to be perfectly fine and took a fair amount of pressure to flip either direction. I decided to fix the problem once and for all, so I slid the switch to the "on" position and then wrapped the fixture securely with electrical tape to hold it there. A few days later, I was going to do laundry at night, and - guess what - the light wasn't working. I grabbed a flashlight and went to check it out. I found the shattered remains of the bulb hanging from the socket, and suddenly decided that the laundry really _could_ wait until the next day. I think I was starting to lose it a little by then, but I went downstairs the next night and stood there in the dark and said to no one in particular, "Look - I guess you don't like the light on down here, do you? I'm sorry, but I really need to turn it on so I can do the laundry. I'll do my best to turn it off when I'm not down here if that will make you happy." All the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I got the distinct impression that I should go back upstairs. The next day, I removed the old light fixture and replaced it with the kind that screws right to the ceiling and has no local switch. It worked great. That night, thinking "Hah - NOW it's gonna work," I flipped the switch. Nothing. The bulb was unscrewed halfway out of the socket. I quit doing the laundry at night. Brrr...
2004-10-24 10:14:07 PM  
fletchmorg and jsimmons
I'm not saying your experiences didn't happen or are complete fables. I too use to have these little experiences when I was around 12-15 (the age theory). I'm just pointing out what research has shown so far. The problem lies in that its hard to find people actually having recurring episodes. The lab I work for pays handsomely if anyone comes forward and can provide evidence. Unfortunately we need empirical evidence, which are dream journals and eye witness testimonies.

If you're actually curious about investigating on your own then I suggest keeping a dream journal and when these events happen compare them to the events in your dream journal. I've done this a couple of times and while the cases are similar they do have significant differences when examined and compared. It could be that I was hoping to experience these "to be"s and then put more meaning than necessary when similar events happened.

My personal theory (which I plan to examine if I get into grad school) is that dreams are processing of information that result in practical and possible outcomes. Dreams seem to reflect these outcomes and are embedded somewhere in our episodic memory until a cue retrieves them prompting the "deja vu" experience. Pretty much it has to do with frequency encoding and or ability to actual recall these encoded memories.

The abilities of the brain are from being understood. All I know is that humans have an amazing ability to pick up on subtle cues and patterns which we put significant individual meanings to.

I just don't see precognition as being a realistic explanation. The future is not determined as it has not happened yet and even if you go the divine intervention explanation, we still have free will and God doesn't interfere with our futures. And besides, they seem to have real positive or negative effects as the instances last for such a short time. I believe that telepathy is possible in that we could theoretically pick up on biomechnical energy, pheromones, and subtle body cues. Telekinesis on the other...I see as more impossible as the pure physics (from what I understand of them) say its too difficult.

/this post has really digressed from scary stories
//doesn't matter since its almost two days old
2004-10-24 10:15:21 PM  

Totally believe you there. My Grandpa died awhile back, and my mom was having a tough time with it. She was sitting downstairs in the living room one night by herself and crying about the matter, all of a sudden she felt two arms come around from behind and hug her. My mom isn't someone who'd make something like this up. If you asked her if she believed in ghosts etc. she'd say no. But yeah.

But while were on the subject of weird things. The other night we were all sitting in the living room and the tv volume decided to adjust itself over the period of about 15minutes about 4-5 times. Never happened before, hasn't happened since. Our TV isn't in range of windows where our neighbors could pull a stunt either.

Nothing really ever "ghostly" has happened to me. My cousins used to claim that their house was haunted, but that's probably a bunch of B.S. It's good to have a couple cats around the house, because if you hear an odd noise, you can shrug it off thinking it was most likely the cat.
2004-10-24 10:31:32 PM  
I have thought several times to keep a dream journal of some sort. I have some crazy dreams most nights anyway. I have very detailed dreams, no matter what is happening in them. In some instances I can take control of my dream after I realize that I am dreaming. Even worse are the times that I realize I am dreaming, try to take over but things start to go to hell quickly. Those are the ones I wake up from freaked out. Speaking of:

My worst dream ever happened when I was a little kid, maybe around 8 or 10. In my dream I am kinda just floating around in the dark. Then it becomes apparent to me that there are some lights ahead. I then look around to find myself in underground cavern with pillars of rocks coming from bottomless floor with flames spewing out around them. In the middle of the cavern is a large black car, like a Cadillac, if you have ever seen the movie "The Car" it was just like that one. I had just seen part of the movie that day or week I think. Snuck into the living room while parents were watching. Anyway, I start to float towards the passenger side of the car. When I get closer the door opens up and I can't see anything inside, just pitch black. At that point I am standing right next to the car. It is then that a red hand with big claws reaches out as it calls my name. In all honesty I just gave myself chills thinking about that dream. It has been nearly 20 years and is still the worst dream ever had.

\why bother with voting, 2 days old, just reading to get input with my "issue"
2004-10-24 11:11:14 PM  
See you just proved part of my point. You have a memory that is nearly 20 year olds and only on a cue from me were you able to recall it. Then you compare it to the movie "The Car" (which curiously starred John Marley purchaser of the scary picture above ooooooeeeeeeooo) which came out in 1974. So that gives you time to have seen it when you were that young or have heard of it. So, how much of this dream memory is really you and how much has been replaced with the movie or what you think happened?
Plus many people are able to control themselves in their dreams or atleast think they do since that's part of the dream too. The dreams that are easier to recall happen right before you wake up (allowing you control and possibly explaining feeling/seeing things when you "wake").
2004-10-24 11:15:51 PM  
Welcome to Ripley's "Believe It or Bullshiat":

On a recent evening, a woman is working in the kitchen. Suddenly, she feels a burning sensation spreading across her right hand.

Meanwhile, across town, her daughter has just finished giving her boyfriend a handjob...

Coincidence? YOU be the judge!


(Apologies to Saturday Night Live)
2004-10-25 1:32:07 AM  
Enjoying this thread. Creepy woman in window and the moving pig and ouija board stories will give me interesting dreams tonight...

RE: "Seven Gates to Hell"

I wanna know where the other six are! Partly out of curiosity, but mostly so I can stay the hell away from them. The Google, it does nothing!
2004-10-25 3:22:37 AM  
Thanks a lot. Not only did I stay up way too late reading this thread but now I won't be able to get any sleep at all tonight!

Seriously though, a lot of great stories. I won't bore you with mine.
2004-10-25 7:55:34 AM  
One last post about this. The difference in that dream and the others I have is that I don't suddenly remember it while I am floating towards a car in a cavern of fire. It was a freaking nightmare!! I listed it in reference to scary stories. I remember it everytime I think of scary dreams. That movie scared the shiat out of me when I saw it. It came out in '74, I was born in '77, it was on TV. But whatever. I must get back to do some real work. Will head out this week to get journal to help with this stuff.
2004-10-25 10:26:20 AM  
I forgot to mention, this isn't ghost related but it scares the shiat out of me whenever it happens...

Sometimes I'll wake up from a nap or whatever, and I'm 100% sure i'm awake, but I can't move my body at ALL, like i'm paralyzed. The most I can do is control my breathing and maybe move my toes. It'll stay like that for a good minute or two (seems like a flipping eternity) and then i can move again. The first time this happened I thought I was dead or something. Next few times I've just waited it out, still scary as hell though.

Anyone have any clue wtf this is?
2004-10-25 12:32:41 PM  
Sounds like sleep paralysis.Seems to happen to a few people.It's like your brain wakes up before the rest of you.I think it's kind of like "the old hag"thing.People have seen an entity"the old hag" sitting on their chests holding them down.
2004-10-25 12:46:33 PM  
check this out...
2004-10-25 12:47:50 PM  
"Not only is the Universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can ever imagine."

Welcome to the Quantum Universe, kids. Just because it doesn't happen here, doesn't mean it doesn't happen somewhere. Use the Theory of "Oh?" for these tales. Don't dismiss these out of hand, or blindly accept them. Your Weeners should be "Oh?" and enjoy the story first. I lived in a house with a poltergeist roaming around. I never freaked out over the opening and closing of cabinets, nor did I try to find a rational explanation. I would just tell it to keep the noise down, and go back to whatever I was doing. Just walking the fine line between having an open mind and a hole in the head.
2004-10-25 2:12:36 PM  
Oh, great. The Electrogeist of FARK made my post say Weeners.

2004-10-25 5:45:43 PM  
Someone needs to repost the dibbuk box story from last year's contest. I freaked out hard after reading that one.
2004-10-25 6:57:17 PM  
once there was this dude i knew who was in the woods and this guy started chasing him wearing a hockey mask until he got to this old abandoned house or something where this old lady had been burned and he got scared because there were all these scratching sounds and then this voice said "WHO'S GOT MY GOLDEN ARM".
I farking shiat myself when i heard that one.
true story.
2004-10-25 8:44:18 PM
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