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2004-10-24 2:05:21 PM  
Ok, so last summer I delivered pizzas in a fairly rural area which meant driving on a lot of narrow, curvey dirt roads through heavy trees. I also worked a lot at nights, so a lot of times it was fairly creepy driving out there by myself.
Anywho, one night I was coming back from a delivery and came to a four way stop where two dirt roads intersected. As I approached the intersection, I looked right for cars and didn't see anything. I then glanced left and didn't see anything just as I rolled to a stop. Then, I looked right once more only to see a woman standing about 3 feet away from my car staring right at me. Now, this woman didn't look particularly ghost-like, but she has this blank look on her face and was staring right at me. Also, I KNOW that she wasn't there two seconds before, so needless to say, after staring her in the eye for about a second, I freaked out and floored the accelerator, just about losing control on the dirt road. I drove back to the store at about 90mph and was so freaked that I asked for the rest of the night off.
I know it probably doesn't sound scary me describing it like this, but I couldn't stop shaking for a couple
2004-10-24 2:08:24 PM  
The older couple across the street used to live in a 19th century farmhouse. It was run down when they bought it, so they spent quite a lot of effort restoring it. One Christmas Eve, they had a lot of family over. Late at night, they heard their four year-old granddaughter crying, downstairs. She'd gone to get a drink of water, and told them 'That man - he just wasn't real'. They chalked it up to a combo of dream and imagination, and let it go at that.

A year later, family was again over to visit for the holidays, and the whole family had headed off to midnight mass, but my neighbor lady was feeling ill and stayed home, sleeping on the couch. She woke up, and it was very cold - turned out the door from the den to the back yard was wide open. This was odd, as the door was new and they'd not been able to get it to open over the thick carpeting. She was scared someone had broken in so she looked around and finding no one closed the door and went back to sleep.

She woke again to find a gemntleman standing in front of her. She immediately realized that it was a ghost, and in fact the ghost of the original owner. She asked 'do you like what we've done with your place?' The ghost smiled, nodded and disappeared. THAT was when she freaked out :)

When her family came home, she told them about it. She's also an artist and made a sketch of the 'person' she'd seen. The family assumed she'd been dreaming too, but as they began to dispute her story, an old lamp which hadn't worked for years went on all by itself.

A couple days later she went to the library with her daughter to get info about the original occupant of the house. A photograph showed that he looked exactly like her sketch - and he had died on Christmas day!

Absolutely true story.
2004-10-24 2:27:58 PM  
My father attended The Citadel and was a '63 grad. He was a member of Charlie or "C" Company. He told me that when he was in college, one of his classmates 'fell' down the stairwell right outside of his room. He and his roommate heard the guy hit, and dragged him into their room for whatever reason to try to help the guy who eventually died on their floor. He said that they were sure that this guy haunted that room and mentioned 'orbs' that moved about in their room. I never believed this story, but the rumor mill confirmed that the story had been around for ages as people even talked about it when I went there in the 90's (Class of '93).

When I was there, I never really thought much about it, but when I saw this link today, it inspired me to do some digging since the web kinda makes it easy. I found this:

Read the fourth article/paragraph down the page.
2004-10-24 2:37:50 PM  
jsimmons, the same thing happens to me in exactly the way you describe, or at least used to (though I've never been quick enough on the draw to predict what's being said -- I just think, "oh yeah, that's how it happened before")... hasn't happened in a while.
2004-10-24 3:03:50 PM  
I've actually had alot of experiences with paranormal stuff like this... i'll just go into a few.

1st: When I was in elementary school, I was a Girl Scout. We would go all around town and do service projects and the like. One autumn, we went to the Metlar House, a local museum that was known for being haunted. We were going to clean up the front lawn, I think. Anyway, there were two women who gave us a brief tour of the house before we went out to start raking and stuff. As we were working, the two women came outside to check on us. So we were all outside... the whole troop, our leader, and the two women who were working there. All of a sudden, I got this massive splitting headache, and I felt compelled to look up at the house. In fact, the entire troop looked up at the house at the same time, just in time to see a light go on in one of the upstairs windows and a hazy figure walk past it. We all freaked out, and one of the owners simply said "Oh, that's just John, our ghost." I later discovered that all the other girls in my troop had experienced similar headaches before seeing the ghost. It wasn't direct contact or anything, but it was pretty darn creepy for a nine year old!

2nd: Also involving the Metlar house, actually. My sophomore year of high school, my English class was doing a research paper on the Hall-Mills murder case. The Metlar house had some information on the murder, so I went with a group of friends to go check it out. After we had collected some information, we asked the woman working there if she could tell us anything about the ghosts there. (We were all pretty interested in paranormal activity.) She told us some stories, and eventually showed us this couch... she said that sometimes it looked as though there was a person seated there. I sat down with one of my friends, and as we watched, an impression appeared in the cushion as though an invisible person were sitting there. It was warm to the touch, as if something were giving off body heat. Fairly creepy.

3rd: My freshman and sophomore year of high school, I even had a few experiences around my own house. At first I was just hearing things, like the sound of a young girl crying from an empty room down the hall. Since these usually happened either early in the morning or late at night, I dismissed them as effects of being half-asleep. However, they soon began occuring more and more often, and I began hearing different noises. Once I was seated in the living room, doing my homework, when I heard footsteps start up from the basement. I was alone, and it very much creeped me out. From where I was seated, I could only see the top of the stairs that led into the kitchen, but nothing else in the kitchen. As the footsteps neared the top of the staircase, I looked and saw... nothing. There was nobody there, but I still heard footsteps continuing into the kitchen. I heard a drawer open and shut, and the footsteps went back down into the basement. I then heard a girl scream. Needless to say, it terrified me. I then began seeing the ghosts, or whatever they were. For instance, I would see a tall man in a green shirt out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked again he would be gone. I told my mother, but she dismissed it as an overactive imagination. When we moved out of the house, I discussed the "hauntings" with her again, and she admitted to seeing the "man in the green plaid shirt" as well. The really creepy thing about it was that I had never gone into detail about the man I had seen, but she described him just as I had seen him.

4th: This is getting really long, but there's one more story I want to share. A good friend of mine lives down the street from (where else?) the Metlar house. She has many ghosts of her own in her house, and is convinced that they have parties with the Metlar ghosts. I've had a few experineces at her house as well. Once we were working on a school project at her house, and we needed something from her basement. When we were down there, we heard the sound of someone vacuuming in the dining room above us. The only other person in the house was her father, and he was sleeping the whole time. Hmm. Another time, we were in her basement for some reason, and I smelled something burning. She smelled it too, but it soon went away. I walked a few feet to the right and smelled it again... but it moved again. I began following the smell, and discovered it was moving in a circle around the middle of the room. Very creepy.

That's all I have for now. Maybe I'll post more later.
2004-10-24 3:29:30 PM  
I was living in dorms at San Francisco State University. My room was near the elvators which meant that it was often pretty noisy and hard to sleep with all the coming and going. One night my roommate was out for the evening with her boyfriend and I was alone. It was very late and I was really tired and trying to get to sleep when I heard my upstairs neighbor moving around in her room. The unmistakable sound of high heeled feet walking above me, kept me from falling asleep. For a while I listened, thinking that she was either going out or had just come home and would be taking off the shoes momentarily and then it would be quiet - no problem. But the walking went on, restlessly moving from one side of the room to another, pausing only to start again. This went on and on until I couldn't stand it anymore and got up and fetched the campus directory and got the number of the person rooming above me. I was surprised when she answered the phone with a very groggy voice. Still, I went ahead and asked if she could just please take off her shoes because the noise was keeping me awake. Now she didn't just sound groggy, but a little pissed off as she told me she was not wearing shoes, wasn't walking around and had actually been asleep when I called and woke her up. Feeling like an idiot, I apologised and went back to bed and lay there, kind of quietly freaking out - especially when it finally dawned on me that all of the dorm was carpeted. There was no bare floor anywhere in the building. It doesn't seem so creepy in the retelling, but at the time the sounds of the footsteps were so clear I could actually trace the path of the person moving above me.
2004-10-24 4:12:06 PM  
Doesn't really count as a ghost story but still freaked me out. My friend and I were 17 at the time and at night there wasn't a whole lot for underage kids to do so we used to sit at the playground of my old elementary school and talk. We would stay out until 2-3 in the morning sometimes.

There is a park behind the school with a track and one evening we were walking around the back of the school around 12ish at night and this boy came riding by us on his bike. He had a grey hooded sweatshirt on so we didn't get a good look at him. We just thought it was kind of strange that he was out so late. He rode past us to the front of the school.

We kept walking and after a while returned to the front of the school and sat on the blocks in the playground talking for a bit. We were on the blocks for at least an hour. I was gazing across the parking lot while my friend was talking and I saw the boy again and he was slowly riding over to us.

When he did finally make his way up to us, we finally got a good look at his face. He must have been around 9 or 10. His face and clothes were dirty. With my stomach in my throat I asked him what he was doing out so answer. My friend asked his name, he still didn't answer. He just kept staring at us. I asked him where his parents were and where he lived, he never answered us, he just turned around and rode back behind the school.

The whole scene just scared the crap out of us so we got in the car and my friend drove me home. On the way home I saw the boy pedaling hard behind the apartment complex toward my townhouse.

I never saw him again, but I stayed up almost all night staring out my window afraid he'd show up at my door.
2004-10-24 4:18:25 PM  
I love these types of stories. Always have, always will.
2004-10-24 4:31:18 PM  
Sitting in my radio 'office' in Mogadishu, Somalia at about 9 or 10 at night when I hear a richoche sound (patwoowizzing!) *real* close by. It's all concrete and ornamental tile in the room (some old Russian tank factory with a few nicely tiled rooms [for what, I don't know]). I spun around in a panic and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Bright light emitting from a tracer round bouncing from wall to floor to ceiling to wall repeatedly.

I thought, "Duck!" but quickly realized that I'd still be in the room with the farkin' thing, so I thought, "Disappear!" It didn't work.

Eventually (hours? maybe 3 seconds?) the damned thing stopped and bounced under a metal desk. My boss came running into the room, "What the fark was all that?"

I replied, "A farking tracer came in and bounced all over the room!"

He asked, "What color?"

I replied, "Red!"

"Don't worry about it, then," he said, "That's one of ours. You gotta watch out for the green ones."
2004-10-24 4:47:28 PM  
I'm really really late but I'll add this anyway. I lived in Germany on a military base for about 6 years growing up and we lived in huge old apartment buildings that were made ~WWII. Each apartment also had a little storage room upstairs that was very small but we turned ours into a guest room. I was in about 6th grade or so and one of my friends and I were sleeping up there and trying to stay up all night. We always kept the door open so that a little crack of light could come in. The door opened up to a long echoey hallway and stairwell, and from upstairs you could hear anything that went on in the building. Anyway, it must have been around 3am or so, and we were just lying around not even saying anything. All the sudden the door just closed so the room became completely dark, both of us kept completely quiet, and the room felt like it did a full 360 degree spin, then the door opened again. Neither of us said anything for about 5 or 10 minutes and then when I asked my friend about it he said "It felt like I spun around" and our explanations of our individual experiences matched up exactly.
2004-10-24 4:53:32 PM  
Here's a link to the painter of The Hands Resist Him (aka the "Haunted Painting") if anyone's still here

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-24 4:54:31 PM  
Oops... Here it is
2004-10-24 5:20:50 PM  
Not really ghosty, but a little creepy.

My U.S. History teacher had some connections within the parks dept. here, and arranged a yearly trip for his students to spend the night on a WWII submarine that is currently beached on the side of some river. It's an awesome trip and we kids had a lot of fun, and the two little old spinster caretakers that lived above the gift shop on shore came in at dusk and told us the story of the only guy ever to die on the sub.

He was manning one of the machine guns on deck when he was strafed by a similar gun from another boat. The doctor brought him down to his bed and tried everything, but the guy was basically a goner from the get-go. Well, afterwards no one could ever sleep in his bunk because they'd wake up in the middle of the night and roll over and he'd be laying next to them all bloody.

The little old ladies loved to play tricks on us high schoolers, like throwing a plank of wood with the sailor's picture on it down the stairs so it bounced around on the pressure hull and made this huge echoing ruckus.

So fast forward to much later in the night, playing truth or dare (as high-schoolers are wont to do) and the story came up. I was really a skeptic, told everyone it was a bunch of hooey, and subsequently was dared to go lay on this guy's bed for 5 minutes. I get back there, lay down, no big deal, and some time later they told me time was up and I could come back. So I roll over to get off the bed, and see....nothing. I jump down, start walking across the room to get back to the dining room, and notice the waterproof hatch is starting to close. This is frightening because we were explicitly warned not to close the hatches because the ladies have no way to reopen them without calling somebody up there to do it for them. To help prevent this, they were all tied back with steel cables. Now, even if the cable had come off, the door would have closed hours ago. It's not like the sub was tilting, since it was beached on the bottom of the river. And none of my classmates would have been able to do it without me hearing their steps echoing the whole length of the sub, past the kitchen, instrument room, and into the room I was in. If it would have closed, I would have been stuck in this lightless room at least until morning, by myself. Not a savory situation.

Long story short, I grab the door, heave with all my 110-lb. might, send it crashing into the wall, and bolt back to the room. I caught a lot of flak for coming back ash-white and breathing hard. "No ghost, eh?"

In the morning the cable was still (back?) in place.

Wow, longer than I expected.
2004-10-24 6:31:39 PM  
I have no interesting personal stories to tell, but I do have a mildly interesting one that happened to a few friends.
On the summer of 2001, a mate of mine finally got his driver's license and wanted to go somewhere. Finally, he and a few others finally came up with possibly the last place I would have ever thought of: Stull Cemetary church, which has been called one of the "Seven Gates to Hell". He said that it was creepy and the temperature varied throught the ruin of the building, and there were all sorts of bits of graffiti and even an inverted cross on one of the walls. Other than that, nothing really out of the ordinary, though.
The tore the church down the next year. Good riddance, I say.
2004-10-24 6:34:14 PM  
This should really go under private conversation with jsimmons, but this is the first time I've ever heard/read about someone else having this same "issue" as me. What makes things more odd for me is that I will have the dreams sometimes months before it happens. But it the same way as you wrote, as soon as the conversation/scene starts to play out, I instantly recognize it.
Another interesting thing, this happened to me mostly as a kid, ages 10-17. I'm 27 now. Still happens, but much more rare. Have you ever talked to someone else that went through the same thing besides me?
For those of you reading this, I am not making one word of this up.
2004-10-24 6:47:31 PM  

I've discussed this with a few people before, usually after they say "Hey, why are you saying everything I am?" But I've never heard of someone else who has experienced it. The peak period was in my late childhood, so around 9 - 14 or so. I'm 20 now, and the last time I had it was last spring. So while I don't experience it very often anymore, I still instantly recognise that swimmy, light-headed feeling that accompanies it.

My time periods seem to be shorter than yours, though. I can't accurately measure how many days pass between the dream and the event because I don't remember the dream until the event happens. At that point I instantly think "Oh yeah, this is exactly like that dream I had about a week ago."
2004-10-24 6:51:50 PM  
My great-great-grandfather, Dr. William Andrew Whitten was a doctor for most of the Northeast Mississippi Area. Mt. Olivet is an old church that has been around for 150 Years or so. One day he was passing by the church on his way to deliever a baby, at about 9 o'clock at night, pretty late for that time. When he passed by the church, he noticed a light inside brighter than an oil lamp, the only source of light at the time. He opened the door of the church too see what it was, but as soon as he grabbed the handle, the light immediately faded. He ran from the church, got back in his carriage, and beat a retreat. Of course I'm getting this story from my Mamaw, so I have no idea how reliable it is.
2004-10-24 7:01:19 PM  
jsimmons & fletchmorg

This happens to me at times; like you, it seemed to happen more often when I was younger. It is almost always mundane things like unremarkable conversations, or an oddly-gnarled tree in a woods where I've never been before, or even just the way things are placed on a desk; never anything exciting.
2004-10-24 7:30:53 PM  
I know a psychic.

Which, of course, sounds totally ridiculous. She would agree. She's a very normal girl, majoring in neurology; we studied together all the time in highschool, and now go to the same college. She's very embarrassed about the whole thing and refuses to talk about it in public because "psychic is just another word for nutjob." The only reason I found out about it--and believed it at all--is because I was there when she knew something. And this wasn't some small-potatoes woooooOOOoo I see a car crash in Los Angeles tonight thing, either.

Long story short: we're sitting in front of the TV one night a few years ago and she suddenly jumps up and chucks her beer at the wall. Sam Adams is everywhere; I'm angry. I yell at her for a moment before realizing that she is crying. She tells me that there is going to be a huge plane crash tomorrow, and quickly dissolves into hysteria. I called in a favor for some Valium and put her to bed, wondering what was wrong.

The next day was September 11th, 2001. I've been trying to get her to figure out who's going to win the World Series all day but it's starting to make her mad.
2004-10-24 8:03:05 PM  
I'm one of those mundane precogs too ;)

1) I drove up to my parents house. My 14 year old brother walks around from behind the house and looks at me in the car.

I have a 'feeling'. I ask him "Did you put it out?". His jaw drops and he says "HOW did you KNOW I was smoking?".

I don't know how I knew...just did. He had never smoked before or since then...just one of those teenage experiments.

2) I was driving home about to top a small hill. For no reason at all, I dodge to the right, slewing my right wheels into the entry to a dirt road. As I top the hill, a guy in a tank of a car crests the hill from the other side with half of his car in my lane.

I had no idea at all his car was coming or was on my side of the road when I suddenly dodged. I was actually beginning to feel foolish and starting to get back on the road when I saw him.

3) I was talking to a friend of mine right before she on vacation. She has freaky things happen to her too. Just for kicks we asked each other what color her hotel room would be decorated in. I said "Crimson", she said "Red".

When she gets there, it's maroon.

4) I'm at work, chatting with coworkers at lunch. I have a feeling. I say, "Our boss is about to walk around the corner and talk about football."

About 15 seconds later...sure happens.

Usually its stupid little nothing precogs that happen bare milliseconds before the actual mundane event. Almost invariably I get chills and this horrible feeling of dread, goose bumps pop up on my arms.

Sometimes I do something unusual to 'break' the correctness of the event...something I am sure I did not do in the precog version.

I sounds stupid, freaky, loopy, etc., but when it happens to you often enough...what do you do?
2004-10-24 8:23:29 PM  
I heard this story from an usher at a local Cineplex: some old geezer came in to see "Collateral," but ended up in the theater that was showing "White Chicks" instead. He had a mini-stroke, and couldn't get up to leave, but never lost consciousness through FOUR CONSECUTIVE SHOWINGS.
2004-10-24 8:34:47 PM  
I don't remember the dream until the event happens. At that point I instantly think "Oh yeah, this is exactly like that dream I had about a week ago."

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble but I've been studying Deja Vu and Human Memory for my senior project. All scientific research points to that all this is, is an individual quickly forgetting than remembering. The "I don't remember the dream until it happens" is a fantastic example of this. Unless you have specific evidence that you had the dream (dreams are hard to recall anyways unless you wake up and quickly right the events down). The light head feeling comes from a release of neurochemicals (dopamine and serotonin).

Also it seems that this event happens a lot when one is younger because neuron connections are still some what flacid and trying to form. Then there is the whole issue of falsely recalled memories. If an individual has a sensitivity to hypnosis or suggestibilty, then false memories can be encouraged out of an individual. This goes to the theory that all these dreams are just yourself convincing you've seen all this before because it is similar to something else that has happened.

Or it could just be the Matrix fixing a glitch in the system.

Now as for past lives and being able to recall them in hypnosis...they're complete bullshiat. Why would recalling a previous life as a french women make a person talk in english with a horrible, inaccurate french accent. Simple answer, suggestibility. Hypnosis is nothing more than a social phenomenon, where people act how those around them expect them to act.
2004-10-24 8:42:06 PM  
A somewhat creepy thing,

Sometimes i would lie in bed awake because i could not goto sleep because of what i thought was my brothers snoring until one day we talked about it and he told me the same thing and said he thought it was me snoring, this happened a few times
2004-10-24 8:43:02 PM  

I would tend to believe your explanation, were it not for the times when I can get ahead of myself and state things correctly before they happen. Sure, everyone has deja vu, but that doesn't include accurately predicting the future.
2004-10-24 8:53:34 PM  
If this stuff wasn't happening to me I would totally agree with you. I can remember telling people about some of my dreams before hand. Also, the time at Wrigley Field was not false memories coming up. I was 26. I knew the exact location within the park, what eveyone was wearing, even who was at bat. Sue me for not journalling it and being able to pull it back up. If it was just a vague feeling of being somewhere before that would be ok, but we are talking entire conversations. I'm not some whacko nutjob who thinks he is Nostradamus, but I do think there are certain things that exist that can't be fully explained. Never seen a ghost or UFO, I don't hear my cat telling me to kill people, I don't see twins at the end of the hall asking me to come play with them, I sometimes just have a dream that happens to come true. And like my first sentance, if it wasn't happening to me, I wouldn't believe it either.
2004-10-24 8:58:25 PM  
I will also expand on what my head feals like when stuff like this happens. It is not so much a buzz as a minor headache in the fact I am thinking, "Oh shiat, here we go again."
2004-10-24 9:20:07 PM  
When I get those moments, they seem to come in clumps. Like 3 or 4 in a one week period, and then nothing for a month or two. And fletchmorg is right. Definitely ' Oh shiat, not this crap again.' Always leaving me wondering if any of them are going to be significant to my life someday.

Those that havent experienced it are of course skeptical. This isn't stuff that our brains are rewinding and replaying. Often times that's an impossibility with some of the details. For example, I might be bending over tying my shoe, and I know that when I stand up there will be a man in a blue jacket walking around the corner, even though I've never seen this man before, and have no reason to know that he'd be walking around the corner.
2004-10-24 9:30:22 PM  
Ok, so I have to agree with most of you, I'm not so sure I buy into the supernatural, but I've got a scary experience that often makes me think I do.
When I was 7-8 years old (strange- lots of people have things happen at this age), I lived in a home about 70 years old. At the time, my best friend had a birthday party and decided to play the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (only three had been out at that time), which freaked the shiat out of me. I couldn't even watch them. Also at this time, my bedroom was in the first floor back room of our 2 family home that we rented out. My bed was in a small indentation in the side wall (think a bit past the middle of the home) and just recently placed there. I started having a hard time going to sleep- no nightmares, no worries about Freddy (I kept asking myself if that was the problem, but no)....I felt like the air around me was incredibly heavy, and that something was just beside my bed, ready to reach up and choke me. I was so freaked out I couldn't move or sleep, even to get to my parent's bedroom. Couldn't even take a shower without the same feeling (shower was parallel to my bed- the other room in the back room of the first floor) during the day. Eventually my mom asked me what the problem was and I had no idea- just these horrible feelings that wouldn't go away. About three months later, we rearranged my bedroom and the problem stopped for me in the first floor.
The second floor of our house was rented out to a couple who was very friendly and offered to babysit me on occasion- I would get to sleep in their bedroom until my parents came home (front room of the second floor), except I couldn't. Every time to this day I cannot be in the upstairs apartment without feeling like something is trying to chase me and my ass just hauls out of there ASAP.
The story gets interesting here: sometime before the upstairs couple moved out, they asked my parents if anything had happened in the apartment. My dad (not wanting to lose current or future tenants) said no, why do you ask? (he knew but didn't share with them- told me much later in life when I asked) So, the guy, Charlie, tells him that on many occasions (MANY) they would be woken up in the middle of the night by a bright glowing figure at the foot of the bed which would "turn" and walk down the hallway thru the living room to the kitchen, where it would disappear while the lights in the kitchen would turn on simultaneously with the kitchen radio they had, blaring. They actually got up and followed the thing! Then, they'd turn off the lights and radio, go back to bed, and repeat the same thing a few nights in a row- over a period of 5 years. Eventually they just didn't wake up anymore to it. My dad was so freaked out, because he had had one experience before Charlie brought it up.
(Sorry this is so long by the way) Charlie and his girlfriend went on vacation earlier for a week, and my dad had made sure the doors and windows were locked when they left. One night, he and my mom are sitting in the first floor living room (same setup as upper floor), when they suddenly hear heavy ass footsteps starting above their bedroom, stomping across the living room, and ending at the entrance to the upper kitchen. My dad was freaked that it was an intruder (he was NOT into the supernatural at this point), so he grabbed a knife, went up the front stairs and unlocked their door with my mom trailing behind. 15 minutes later they come downstairs and my dad's face is totally white- everything was locked and untouched, with the kitchen light on and radio. He never told Charlie, and waited until I was in college to tell me. I was soooo freaked out. Apparently the woman who owned the house before us had hung herself in the door jam of the kitchen in the early 50's after being jilted by a lover. Guess where the head of my bed on the first floor apartment was under. Right UNDER the entrance to the upper kitchen. My mom eventually said some prayers and stuff when they were renovating because she felt like she was being watched.
One last note- the apartment was empty for a few years due to a bad economy- a neighbor called my mom and asked if she had been showing the apartment- she saw an old woman's face peeking out at her from THE KITCHEN!!! My mom told her no. They were still planning out the renovations. GAH!!!
/incredibly long but true and really scary occurrence.
2004-10-24 9:56:14 PM  
I had a good friend named Jeff. We used to party together and sleep platonically in his room. He'd always put his hand around my waist and I'd sleep by the clock to get up for work.

He died at 44 from Hodgkins. He had it since college (longest living survivor, I was told), and he lived life to the fullest every day. He and I were totally on the same wavelength. Best of friends from the day we met 3 years before.

About 3 days later I totally broke down and cried about it alone in my car on my way home from bartending, where he used to visit me. His memorial service was the next day. I went to bed (and was stone sober) and turned off the light and lay there for about 10 minutes when I started to drift off and I felt an arm come around my waist. Not 'I'm half asleep and feel something' but 'someone is in my room touching my side' full-on freakout.

I jumped out of bed thinking someone was in my damn bedroom. I hit the light on in a panic and looked around. Nothing. Then I realized what it was and felt really peaceful. No one will ever, ever convince me I imagined it. I'd lived there 12 years and never freaked out or had anything like that happen.

Jeff was just saying goodbye.

/I miss you Truxy.
2004-10-24 10:13:18 PM  
Both of my stories involve a house built in the early 1900's that we used to live in. It even had a coal room in the basement, and piping for gas lights in every room.

When my friend David and I first moved in, we were told that the little old lady who used to live there had gone a little loopy after her husband died. We found all kinds of strange stuff, like little tacks and cup-hooks screwed into the trim all the way around the bathroom, so close together that you couldn't possibly hang anything on them. There were mirrors on all four walls of every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom. One of the bedrooms had a hasp-style lock... on the outside of the door. Just lots of basic strangeness like that. The first night we slept in the bedrooms (upstairs, across the hall from each other), we went to bed about midnight, and I kept hearing someone walking up and down the hall; creak, creak... creak, creak... and stopping right outside the bedroom door. At first I thought, "Dave went downstairs for something a couple of times." But it kept happening over and over, for something like 30 minutes. I went to the door and waiting until the footsteps stopped outside again, and then yanked open the door and said, "What the heck are you doing out here?!?" A second later, Dave opened his door and poked his head out and said, "I was just going to ask you the same question..." We sort of stood there and looked at each other for a minute, and then looked up and down the hallway, and then quietly went back to bed, locking our doors behind us. It happened on and off for the entire time we lived there (several years) and we never could explain it...

The other story concerns the light in the basement. It was a very rough basement, with stone walls and a cracked concrete floor, and it always smelled like moist dirt. The only light down there when we moved in was a bare bulb in a porcelain socket hanging at the end of a couple of feet of twisted wire at the bottom of the stairs. It had a switch with a sliding rod that you pushed back and forth through the fixture to turn it off and on. It was dimly lit during the day, and pitch black at night without the light on. I got tired of stumbling down the stairs in the dark when I went to do the laundry at night, so I wired in a regular switch next to the door at the top of the stairs. The switch worked fine the first few times I used it, but then one night the light wouldn't come on when I flipped it. I grumbled around, got a new lightbulb, and felt my way downstairs in the dark. I screwed in the new bulb, but the light still didn't come on. Just for the heck of it, I clicked the switch on the fixture, and the light came on! I put the old bulb back, and it worked fine. The next day, I asked David why he turned off the switch at the bottom of the stairs, but he denied having done it. This happened several more times over the next few months, and every time he denied having done it. I figured he had just gotten used to doing it that way and didn't realize he was, so I just got into the habit of checking the downstairs switch if the one at the top didn't work. Several months later, David moved out and I lived there by myself for about a year. During that time, to my dismay, almost every time I tried to turn on the basement light, the switch at the bottom was _turned off_! I checked the light fixture carefully to see if there was any way the switch might move by itself, due to heating from the bulb for example, but it seemed to be perfectly fine and took a fair amount of pressure to flip either direction. I decided to fix the problem once and for all, so I slid the switch to the "on" position and then wrapped the fixture securely with electrical tape to hold it there. A few days later, I was going to do laundry at night, and - guess what - the light wasn't working. I grabbed a flashlight and went to check it out. I found the shattered remains of the bulb hanging from the socket, and suddenly decided that the laundry really _could_ wait until the next day. I think I was starting to lose it a little by then, but I went downstairs the next night and stood there in the dark and said to no one in particular, "Look - I guess you don't like the light on down here, do you? I'm sorry, but I really need to turn it on so I can do the laundry. I'll do my best to turn it off when I'm not down here if that will make you happy." All the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I got the distinct impression that I should go back upstairs. The next day, I removed the old light fixture and replaced it with the kind that screws right to the ceiling and has no local switch. It worked great. That night, thinking "Hah - NOW it's gonna work," I flipped the switch. Nothing. The bulb was unscrewed halfway out of the socket. I quit doing the laundry at night. Brrr...
2004-10-24 10:14:07 PM  
fletchmorg and jsimmons
I'm not saying your experiences didn't happen or are complete fables. I too use to have these little experiences when I was around 12-15 (the age theory). I'm just pointing out what research has shown so far. The problem lies in that its hard to find people actually having recurring episodes. The lab I work for pays handsomely if anyone comes forward and can provide evidence. Unfortunately we need empirical evidence, which are dream journals and eye witness testimonies.

If you're actually curious about investigating on your own then I suggest keeping a dream journal and when these events happen compare them to the events in your dream journal. I've done this a couple of times and while the cases are similar they do have significant differences when examined and compared. It could be that I was hoping to experience these "to be"s and then put more meaning than necessary when similar events happened.

My personal theory (which I plan to examine if I get into grad school) is that dreams are processing of information that result in practical and possible outcomes. Dreams seem to reflect these outcomes and are embedded somewhere in our episodic memory until a cue retrieves them prompting the "deja vu" experience. Pretty much it has to do with frequency encoding and or ability to actual recall these encoded memories.

The abilities of the brain are from being understood. All I know is that humans have an amazing ability to pick up on subtle cues and patterns which we put significant individual meanings to.

I just don't see precognition as being a realistic explanation. The future is not determined as it has not happened yet and even if you go the divine intervention explanation, we still have free will and God doesn't interfere with our futures. And besides, they seem to have real positive or negative effects as the instances last for such a short time. I believe that telepathy is possible in that we could theoretically pick up on biomechnical energy, pheromones, and subtle body cues. Telekinesis on the other...I see as more impossible as the pure physics (from what I understand of them) say its too difficult.

/this post has really digressed from scary stories
//doesn't matter since its almost two days old
2004-10-24 10:15:21 PM  

Totally believe you there. My Grandpa died awhile back, and my mom was having a tough time with it. She was sitting downstairs in the living room one night by herself and crying about the matter, all of a sudden she felt two arms come around from behind and hug her. My mom isn't someone who'd make something like this up. If you asked her if she believed in ghosts etc. she'd say no. But yeah.

But while were on the subject of weird things. The other night we were all sitting in the living room and the tv volume decided to adjust itself over the period of about 15minutes about 4-5 times. Never happened before, hasn't happened since. Our TV isn't in range of windows where our neighbors could pull a stunt either.

Nothing really ever "ghostly" has happened to me. My cousins used to claim that their house was haunted, but that's probably a bunch of B.S. It's good to have a couple cats around the house, because if you hear an odd noise, you can shrug it off thinking it was most likely the cat.
2004-10-24 10:31:32 PM  
I have thought several times to keep a dream journal of some sort. I have some crazy dreams most nights anyway. I have very detailed dreams, no matter what is happening in them. In some instances I can take control of my dream after I realize that I am dreaming. Even worse are the times that I realize I am dreaming, try to take over but things start to go to hell quickly. Those are the ones I wake up from freaked out. Speaking of:

My worst dream ever happened when I was a little kid, maybe around 8 or 10. In my dream I am kinda just floating around in the dark. Then it becomes apparent to me that there are some lights ahead. I then look around to find myself in underground cavern with pillars of rocks coming from bottomless floor with flames spewing out around them. In the middle of the cavern is a large black car, like a Cadillac, if you have ever seen the movie "The Car" it was just like that one. I had just seen part of the movie that day or week I think. Snuck into the living room while parents were watching. Anyway, I start to float towards the passenger side of the car. When I get closer the door opens up and I can't see anything inside, just pitch black. At that point I am standing right next to the car. It is then that a red hand with big claws reaches out as it calls my name. In all honesty I just gave myself chills thinking about that dream. It has been nearly 20 years and is still the worst dream ever had.

\why bother with voting, 2 days old, just reading to get input with my "issue"
2004-10-24 11:11:14 PM  
See you just proved part of my point. You have a memory that is nearly 20 year olds and only on a cue from me were you able to recall it. Then you compare it to the movie "The Car" (which curiously starred John Marley purchaser of the scary picture above ooooooeeeeeeooo) which came out in 1974. So that gives you time to have seen it when you were that young or have heard of it. So, how much of this dream memory is really you and how much has been replaced with the movie or what you think happened?
Plus many people are able to control themselves in their dreams or atleast think they do since that's part of the dream too. The dreams that are easier to recall happen right before you wake up (allowing you control and possibly explaining feeling/seeing things when you "wake").
2004-10-24 11:15:51 PM  
Welcome to Ripley's "Believe It or Bullshiat":

On a recent evening, a woman is working in the kitchen. Suddenly, she feels a burning sensation spreading across her right hand.

Meanwhile, across town, her daughter has just finished giving her boyfriend a handjob...

Coincidence? YOU be the judge!


(Apologies to Saturday Night Live)
2004-10-25 1:32:07 AM  
Enjoying this thread. Creepy woman in window and the moving pig and ouija board stories will give me interesting dreams tonight...

RE: "Seven Gates to Hell"

I wanna know where the other six are! Partly out of curiosity, but mostly so I can stay the hell away from them. The Google, it does nothing!
2004-10-25 3:22:37 AM  
Thanks a lot. Not only did I stay up way too late reading this thread but now I won't be able to get any sleep at all tonight!

Seriously though, a lot of great stories. I won't bore you with mine.
2004-10-25 7:55:34 AM  
One last post about this. The difference in that dream and the others I have is that I don't suddenly remember it while I am floating towards a car in a cavern of fire. It was a freaking nightmare!! I listed it in reference to scary stories. I remember it everytime I think of scary dreams. That movie scared the shiat out of me when I saw it. It came out in '74, I was born in '77, it was on TV. But whatever. I must get back to do some real work. Will head out this week to get journal to help with this stuff.
2004-10-25 10:26:20 AM  
I forgot to mention, this isn't ghost related but it scares the shiat out of me whenever it happens...

Sometimes I'll wake up from a nap or whatever, and I'm 100% sure i'm awake, but I can't move my body at ALL, like i'm paralyzed. The most I can do is control my breathing and maybe move my toes. It'll stay like that for a good minute or two (seems like a flipping eternity) and then i can move again. The first time this happened I thought I was dead or something. Next few times I've just waited it out, still scary as hell though.

Anyone have any clue wtf this is?
2004-10-25 12:32:41 PM  
Sounds like sleep paralysis.Seems to happen to a few people.It's like your brain wakes up before the rest of you.I think it's kind of like "the old hag"thing.People have seen an entity"the old hag" sitting on their chests holding them down.
2004-10-25 12:46:33 PM  
check this out...
2004-10-25 12:47:50 PM  
"Not only is the Universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can ever imagine."

Welcome to the Quantum Universe, kids. Just because it doesn't happen here, doesn't mean it doesn't happen somewhere. Use the Theory of "Oh?" for these tales. Don't dismiss these out of hand, or blindly accept them. Your Weeners should be "Oh?" and enjoy the story first. I lived in a house with a poltergeist roaming around. I never freaked out over the opening and closing of cabinets, nor did I try to find a rational explanation. I would just tell it to keep the noise down, and go back to whatever I was doing. Just walking the fine line between having an open mind and a hole in the head.
2004-10-25 2:12:36 PM  
Oh, great. The Electrogeist of FARK made my post say Weeners.

2004-10-25 5:45:43 PM  
Someone needs to repost the dibbuk box story from last year's contest. I freaked out hard after reading that one.
2004-10-25 6:57:17 PM  
once there was this dude i knew who was in the woods and this guy started chasing him wearing a hockey mask until he got to this old abandoned house or something where this old lady had been burned and he got scared because there were all these scratching sounds and then this voice said "WHO'S GOT MY GOLDEN ARM".
I farking shiat myself when i heard that one.
true story.
2004-10-25 8:44:18 PM
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